Diablo 4 Season 2 Leveling Is So Amazing! - Best Vampiric Powers & Leveling Tips


Diablo 4 Season 2 leveling is so amazing that I am having a blast all the time.

This guide will walk through my best Vampiric Powers in early game, my actual leveling experience in Season 2, and my key preparations to beat the Capstone Dungeon and enter World Tier 3 at Level 34. Let’s get it started!

Diablo 4 Season 2 Leveling Is So Amazing! - Best Vampiric Powers & Leveling Tips

Best Vampiric Powers In Early Game

First, I spent around one hour playing with the seasonal Vampiric Power system.

In conclusion, it is always best to start with the Seasonal Quest in order to unlock the Vampiric Power system right away and choose to unlock new Vampiric Powers from the 3 selections to get access to the ones we need as soon as possible.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Vampiric Powers

My best Vampiric Power recommendations for Sorcerer in the early game are:

  • Domination, which instantly kills injured non Elites and chain explosions. Look at how fast monsters are wiped.
  • Infection, which adds good extra damage.
  • Hemomancy, which is a powerful full screen AOE that triggers the Lightning Explosions so easily. It is also a great source for health regeneration that saved my life a couple of times.
  • Anticipation, which enables us to have almost 0 Cooldown Ultimates with the help of overflowing energy and Resilience to largely improve our survivability.

With Disobedience, I can tank Level 50 at Level 35 without a problem. I used some major powers that require 6 Pacts in the beginning. But whenever I updated my gear, I lost the major powers pretty easily. So, I recommend to use these minor powers in the early game that upgrading gear won’t lose Vampiric Powers.

Also, the Blood Harvest Event is too amazing. I got lots of early game legendaries by opening those chests. The keys to open the chests are pretty easy to farm, too.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest Event

Farming in the Blood Harvest area also completes whisper quests. We get one million Diablo 4 Gold by just completing one round of whispers. I am never short of gold to do anything in the game.

While the Blood Harvest Event gives us tons of gear upgrades, the XP farming speed in the area is not ideal. I recommend going back to the Domhainne Tunnel to farm XP fast, after completing one round of whispers, so that we get both XP and gear upgrades lightning fast.

The Blood Harvest area will change after one hour and we can do the quests again. Farming in the area also gives us lots of Potent Blood that I already unlocked more than half of the Vampiric Powers at level 34.

Leveling Through Oneshot Everything

I have to say that my leveling experience is just too good.

My Domhainne Tunnel run in Season 1 was around 4 mins and it got halved to around 2 mins in Season 2. To be honest, even just farming this tunnel doesn’t get me bored because I am continuously leveling up so fast.

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World Tier 3 Prep & Run

I tried to challenge the World Tier 3 Capstone Dungeon early, but to my surprise, I was able to beat at Level 34 without any Elixir.

The main difference is that I used Ice Blades Enchantment plus 3 Ranks Conjuration Mastery for a 12% damage boost, as I have on average 4 concurrent Conjurations when the Ultimate is active.

I also put 3 ranks to Glass Cannon as I have Resilience to largely improve my survivability. And I recommend to get Aspect of Disobedience on Amulet and Aspect of Control on a Two-Handed Weapon. Putting Disobedience on Amulet makes us super tanky when we have max Disobedience Stacks.

The skill point progression from level 35 to level 50 can be found under the skill tab with the leveling path turned on. I was expecting to pass the dungeon at around level 40.

But I was super lucky that I got a drop of a close to max value Disobedience on amulet and got a good two-handed weapon that has 420 item power with Intelligence and Core Skill Damage stats that I imprinted an Aspect of Control for 200% effect.

Skill Gear & Vampiric Power

With all that, passing the dungeon is still not easy. The final boss alone took me around 4 mins to beat.

When we are at around Level 42, we will have around 500 item power gear. It would usually be a good time to try the Capstone Dungeon with the skill tree plus the aspects.


I’m loving the leveling experience and it’s so much fun. I highly recommend giving Season 2 a shot and I can’t wait to level up more and try out the endgame bosses.

If you are curious about the mechanics of these new endgame bosses in Season 2 and what unique items they will drop, you can just click on the link that appears above.