Apex Legends leaker claims class overhaul and Legend reworks may come in Season 16


Recent leaks have claimed that Respawn Entertainment may bring a major overhaul to both classes and Legends during Season 16 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends leaker

With Apex Legends receiving few updates to close out 2022, the community is already speculating what Season 16 may have in store for the battle royale.

Some leakers have claimed that Respawn Entertainment is looking to make some big changes to World’s Edge by removing some major parts of the Fragment POI.

However, it seems World’s Edge isn’t the only thing getting changed if leaks are to be believed, as one leak claimed Respawn is planning a major class system overhaul alongside multiple Legend reworks.

Apex Legends leak claims massive class overhaul in the works

The leak comes by way of content creator Thordansmash on Twitter, though the name of the original leaker seems to have been omitted.

Thordansmash tweeted out an image of leaked info with the caption: “The new classes in Apex Legends have another leaker putting out info about them…and I’m all for it. Pathfinder finally getting a solid rework baby.”

The leak claims that Respawn is planning to overhaul Apex’s current class system away from Attack, Defense, Support, and Recon to give roles a bit more variation. According to the leak, Respawn is planning to add the “Assualt” and “Skirmisher” classes to differentiate Attack Legends.

Additionally, Defense Legends like Wattson, Caustic, and Rampart will now be classified as “Control” Legends, while Gibby and Newcastle will shift to the Support class alongside Loba and Lifeline.

Finally, the leak claimed that Pathfinder and “possibly even Mirage” will receive reworks when these class changes arrive.

As for the two new roles, Assualt and Skirmisher, Assault Legends “will get red bins AND extra inventory ammo” while Skirmisher Legends will include more Legends mobility and “hit and run type” Legends, like Wraith and Mirage.

The leak also referred to Thordansmash and claimed that they had “said all of this before in the past and this lines up perfectly to what I’ve heard, read, and been told.”

Of course, these leaks are still unconfirmed so fans should definitely view them with some skepticism. Regardless of if they are true or not, Apex Legends’ class system could definitely use an overhaul after nearly four years and over 15 new Legends added to the game.