Top 10 Coolest Planets In Starfield


In case you didn’t notice, Starfield is a pretty big game, probably the biggest that Bethesda has ever created. And that’s thanks in no small part to the 1,000 different planets that you can explore.

Here, we’re going to be looking at 10 of the most bizarre planets that people have found. Of course, if you have enough Starfield Credits, you can drive various ships to reach these planets.

Top 10 Coolest Planets In Starfield

1. Earth

Despite the thousands of planets Starfield has on offer, our own planet Earth may be the most unique of all.

Despite being known as the blue planet, this version of Earth has fallen into some hard times. Sometime before the Settled Systems was established, Earth lost its atmosphere and was reduced to a great big bowl of dust shortly afterward.

Despite this sounding about as interesting as watching mud crab sunbathe, Earth still has a lot to offer. Scattered throughout its surface are many landmarks and Starfield Items that hearken back to a simpler time.

Some books, such as Oliver Twist, can give you clues on where they have already discovered the Pyramids of Giza, the London Shard, and the Empire State Building.

Visiting these locations will also grant the player a snow globe to keep as a souvenir, so don’t worry about your hard efforts going unrewarded.

2. Maal V

Found on the outskirts of the Settled Systems, Maal V is a beautiful planet that hosts all sorts of biomes. From overgrown swamplands to calm forests, Maal V is definitely not lacking in beauty, but it’s a diamond in the rough for sure.

And that’s mainly thanks to the planet’s inhabitants. Most of the alien species you’ll come across are going to have super high levels and don’t hesitate to turn you into a human granola bar. Stay clear of this planet if you’re anywhere below level 60, because these creatures will one-tap you all the way back to Oblivion.

Although the saying goes that fortune favors the bold, that does not apply to Maal V. The planet is absent in rare resources, making it a full errand to come here for exotic materials. But that doesn’t make the journey here useless.

Whether it’s for farming experience, testing weapons, or just establishing humanity’s dominance, the flat open landscape and abundance of enemy creatures make Maal V the perfect hunting zone.

3. Procyon III

Despite its heat, or lack thereof, Procyon III is a contender for the best planet to set up an outpost. The planet has plentiful amounts of Water, Copper, Argon, and Fluorine.

Procyon III may already sound like a diamond in the rough, but it doesn’t end there. The planet is also rich in Neon and Tetrafluorides, which are some of the rarest resources in the game.

And to top it all off, Procyon III is gorgeous to look at. Its snowy woodlands are perfect for a cozy base. And if you’re having a hard time finding it now, then don’t worry, as the main story will eventually take you there, anyway.

Overall, what you have is a planet that’s rich in resources, beautiful, and easy to find. It checks all the boxes for a perfect base. So, the next time you’re in the Procyon system, be sure to place a beacon on this planet.

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4. Nesoi

If resources aren’t the main priority, but rather a place to hang up your suits and call home, then there’s really no place like Nesoi.

Named after the island goddesses in ancient Greek mythology, Nesoi is rather fittingly found in the Olympus system. With its large grasslands and flat terrain, Nesoi is the perfect place to set up an endgame base. And unlike other planets mentioned on this list, Nesoi’s temperatures are perfect for human conditions.

Best of all is its location. Thanks to the system it’s found in, Nesoi sits well within reach of each of the major cities. Although it’s not exactly ideal for a resource-gathering base, it still comes with a plethora of basic and rare resources, such as Iron and Uranium. And getting from place to place won’t cost as much fuel as the other planets mentioned.

So, if you’ve somehow finished this game and the new game plus and don’t know where to rest your weary heads, there’s no better place to call home than Nesoi.

5. Porrima System

Based on the real life star system with the same name, the Porrima System hosts a large selection of lush plants and points of interest. And with too many to choose from, it would be a shame just to pick one for this list. So, we’ll start with Porrima IV.

This planet is being heralded as one of the best places to set up a base in the game. And although the planet on its own is not a bad choice for an outpost, I don’t think it holds a candle to its moon, Porrima IV-d.

This moon is rich in exotic resources like Uranium, Plutonium and Neon, but that’s just us getting started. If you’re the gambling type, then you might want to set your eyes on the Red Mile, a CD establishment that hosts an arena like gauntlet for anyone brave enough.

If you are hoping to take a more innocent vacation, then this system has got you covered.

Paradiso is a picturesque beach resort found on the surface of Porrima II.

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6. Hyla II

If your time in Paradiso has left you with an acquired taste for tropical lakes, beaches, and palm trees, then Hyla II might be the planet for you.

Thanks to its warm temperature and high carbon levels, Hyla II is rich in flora and fauna, which makes it stand out against the majority of rocky and barren planets. It’s also rich in rare resources, making it a choice spot for an outpost.

But be warned, as Hyla II is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Carnivorous ant-like creatures prowl the planet’s lush swamps, waiting to hunt any unsuspecting ship captains they find. Even a view from air isn’t safe, since the planet’s orbit is known to solicit unexpected visits by the Crimson Fleet.

But like building your homestead in Skyrim, conquering Hyla II is worth the effort.

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7. Eridani II

Found on the very edge of the Settled Systems, we have Eridani II, a midgame planet that’s rich in resources and beauty.

Eridani II has a very similar landscape to that of Earth. It did before Earth turned into a sampers. But I think Eridani II is much cooler. Because not only does this planet have the grasslands, mountains and beaches that Earth had to offer, but it’ll hold a special place in the hearts of Halo fans.

That’s because Eridani II is based on the real life Epsilon Eridani.. Those who are Halo savvy will know that that’s the planet reach from the Halo game of the same name.

So, although the alien life seems to all be friendly, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you stumble upon a covenant presence. And although any Easter Eggs are yet to be found, it wouldn’t feel out of place, especially considering who owns Bethesda now.

8. Sumati

With its peaceful lush forests and the abundance of resources, Sumati sounds almost too good to be true. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living and instead opt for an outpost in the great outdoors.

So, long as you land in an area marked as a coniferous forest, you’ll be met with beautiful blue trees as far as the eye can see, making it easy to build a hidden base away from prying eyes. And if homesteading isn’t up your alley, then you’re still in luck, because this planet is filled with valuable resources.

Wood, Water and various other valuable resources are plentiful on this planet. So if the die for views and rural living isn’t to your liking, then your visit to this planet will not be in vain.

Sumati is ultimately the perfect place to settle for the more introverted types that want to live out their days in the settled systems as a hermit, away from the noise of the city or people in general.

9. Triton

If larger-than-life mountains are what you’re after, then you don’t have to explore much further than our own solar system.

Triton is the largest and most interesting of Neptune’s 13 moons. Despite its superficial similarities to our own Moon, Triton holds its own when it comes to the massive peaks. Some of its mountains are capable of reaching.

Combine this with a relatively low gravitational pull and you have a recipe for endless fun. With the building mechanics, I’m sure you can create an obstacle course that would give the Red Mile a run for its money.

And thanks to its freezing temperatures, the planet has a distinct surface that makes it look like it’s been dusted with Colombian grade moon sugar.

So, although building a base here would be pretty cool, I wouldn’t recommend putting your nose near the ground.

10. Muphrid IV

If you’re looking for a starter base that doesn’t look like some rocky hell hole from Morrowind, then Muphrid IV might be the planet you’ve been looking for.

Located on the upper edge of the Settled Systems, Muphrid IV is not exactly outstanding when it comes to resources. Most of the items and materials you’ll find here are going to be the typical Iron, Aluminium and Argon.

But what this planet lacks in resources, it makes up for with stunning views over grassy highlands that make building a base of any size trivial. The local flora is also relatively peaceful.

There are a few territorial creatures to keep in mind, but most of them are just going to mind their own business as long as you do the same. What we’re left with is a calm planet that’s perfect for building the home base of your dreams.