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The Tides Of Time Unique Belt Is Ideal For Pathfinders In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

In Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis, a significant number of new unique items were introduced, including some exclusive drops from Uber bosses. Among them is a new drop from the Uber Shaper boss called the Tides of Time, which is the unique belt we're going to talk about today.

The Tides Of Time Unique Belt Is Ideal For Pathfinders In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

Tides Of Time Explained

The Tides of Time belt is a new Unique themed around flasks in POE 3.24. It grants a very substantial increase to life and mana recovery from flasks, a 100% increase to each. It also provides 25% increased flask effect and grants flask charges, similar to the Pathfinder ascendancy.

The difference being that these stats apply their flask charges to specific flask types, and each of these stats rolls between zero and 3 flask charges gained every 3 seconds: one for life flasks, one for mana flasks, and one for utility flasks.

Build Options

This new Tides of Time unique belt will have 2 powerful use cases in the Path of Exile 3.24:

  1. Non-Pathfinder Builds: The Tides of Time will serve as either an entry-level belt to be replaced with the Mageblood at a later stage of progression, or be used to enable permanent unique flask uptime on those non-Pathfinder builds.
  2. Pathfinder Builds: The builds will empower and use multiple unique flasks simultaneously while benefiting from the huge amount of increased life recovery from flasks modifier combined with Master Surgeon.

Path of Exile 3.24 Master Surgeon

Non-Pathfinder Builds

Let’s first discuss those non-Pathfinder builds with the Tides of Time. This belt can provide access to permanent uptime on flasks as an entry-level option to the builds, which may later use the Mageblood. These builds will need to invest in increased flask duration and increased flask charges gained modifiers to sustain flasks permanently outside of normal mapping.

In the Necropolis League, Tides of Time unique belt with 3 utility flask charges gained every 3 seconds is going for about 3 Divine Orbs, whilst a Mageblood with 4 flasks enabled is about 138 divines. Enabling permanent flasks via the Tides of Time will require varied levels of investment depending on your location on the passive tree.

Non-Pathfinder Ranger builds will have it the easiest, as they can spec into a lot of charge generation and flask duration near their start location on the tree. The only increased flask charges gain stat obtainable on the passive tree is the Essence Extraction wheel located at the Mind Over Matter keystone. However, this wheel does provide a sizable 35% increased flask charges gained.

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Permanent Flask Uptime

If you're trying to enable permanent flask uptime with the Tides of Time, you'll likely want to make use of 1 or 2 cluster Jewels, as these can grant the required stats you need anywhere on the tree. There are life and mana recovery from flask clusters or clusters which provide flask duration, both of which are medium-sized cluster jewels.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Tides of Time

The Spiked Concoction cluster jewel notable provides access to the Alchemist's Genius buff, which grants 20% increased flask charges gained and 10% increased flask effects for 4 seconds when using a flask. You can pair that with the Fasting notable for another 20% increased flask charges gained.

The potential of permanent uptime on flasks like Progenitus on something like a Juggernaut or Champion is crazy, not to mention other unique flasks such as Taste of Hate and Coruscating Elixir.

Pathfinder Builds

However, I think the true potential of the Tides of Time is realized on the Pathfinder. This belt can provide an entire Pathfinder ascendancy notable for other ascendancies, but the Pathfinder just has the tools available to really push this belt to its limit.

A Pathfinder with the Tides of Time and Master Surgeon and a small amount of points invested into flask recovery on the tree will reach 4,000 plus life recovered per second from their life flask alone. The Tides of Time belt has several powerful stats, making it competitive with very expensive crafted belts. In specific setups, the Tides of Time is outright superior to Mageblood.

To maximize the potential of the belt, a setup utilizing at least 2 unique flasks, Progenitus and Taste of Hate, is recommended. The Pathfinder's Master Surgeon provides constant life recovery, synergizing well with the belt's abilities. Additionally, the belt itself offers a 25% increased flask effect gain.

For Pathfinders, employing a cluster Jewel for Alchemist Genius and acquiring all increased flask effect nodes on the passive skill tree can result in an impressive 80% increased flask effects for Progenitus and Taste of Hate.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Dying Sun

With the flask effect, it’s possible for a Pathfinder with the Tides of Time to actually keep up a well-rolled Dying Sun permanently as well. With the 80% increased effect, it will provide skills to fire 3 additional projectiles, and some increased area effects. Importantly, the Dying Sun is also a ruby flask. It will also provide plus 9% to maximum fire resistance.


In setups where you utilize multiple unique flasks while maximizing life recovery from flasks, the Tides of Time stands out. Progenitus and Taste of Hate aren’t the only options because of the ample flask charges you can generate.

Pathfinders synergize the belt's charge gain with the ascendancy to maintain 2, 3, or even 4 unique flasks. Leveraging Master Surgeon for substantial life recovery boosts, the Tides of Time proves incredibly potent. This belt offers significant utility and power, especially when paired with a Pathfinder.

Don't Miss Out This Insane Flurry Multishot Marksman Build In Last Epoch 1.0!

In the Last Epoch 1.0, Marksman proved to be quite powerful. So today I’m going to bring you this Flurry Multishot Marksman build, specifically for the endgame. Currently, this stands as the top all-around build for the Marksman. It also ranks among the best builds in the entire game.

Don't Miss Out This Insane Flurry Multishot Marksman Build In Last Epoch!


The gameplay involves channeling Flurry. Through both Flurry and Multishot specializations, you can gain additional procs of Multishot, leading to some of the best AOE screen clearing any class or build has to offer.

You can be confident it’s more than capable of dishing out enough single target damage as well. Your attacks can Slow and Knockback, furthering your DPS uptime. It can also interrupt or reposition enemies as well, and you need to be mindful of that if you’re fighting a boss with mechanics.

In addition, this build quickly applies armor shred and physical resist shred to boost the damage the longer you’re able to stay on targets like bosses, so you can see it’s a solid boss killer. This build only gets better while running the Monolith Echoes.

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Skills & Specializations

First, let’s take a quick look at Flurry and Multishot in terms of the specialization tree:

Flurry: This skill is going to be transformed by Boundless Blows into a channeled skill. So we’re just going to hold this ability down, and then it’ll have a chance to proc Multishot every 6 attacks.

Multishot: Thanks to Readied Arrows, also can be shot while you’re using Flurry in this case. So we’re just getting a number of Multishot being cast automatically just for holding down the Flurry button. This means the foundation of the build can simply be seen just by holding down Flurry.

In fact, if you use no other skills, just channeling Flurry is going to give you a barrage of arrows to melt everything on your screen. Now you may feel somewhat vulnerable in this build because of Flurry being a channel skill.

Shift: We also run Shift with this build, and Shift is not only for mobility but survivability as well, as you can quickly dash to another spot, repositioning your character. The better you are at repositioning yourself and avoiding this damage, the stronger and more powerful this build will become. However, one thing we are going to take is going to be Sleight of Hand, and this is going to actually cause Shuriken to deploy when we use our Shift.

Last Epoch Shift

Shuriken: The Shuriken will eventually spiral around you and become a shield. This is going to actually give you additional duration along with increased armor while the Shuriken are active. When you Shift, you’re actually getting some additional defensive properties as well. If you’re keeping up, that means that Flurry is going to trigger Multishot and Shift is going to trigger Shuriken.

Smoke Bomb: The final ability that you’ll actually actively cast, and this will really only be on bosses or more difficult rare enemies, is going to be Smoke Bomb. This is going to actually allow you to apply Silver Shroud.


So let’s talk about a few of the items that will increase the effectiveness of this build. If you possess ample Last Epoch Gold, consider enhancing certain items.

The first item is Xithara's Conundrum. This is really powerful despite it removing the ability to leech health or the health regen as well. The 25% more physical damage appears to work multiplicatively and dramatically boost your damage more so than you could get from a physical damage increase on a rare or exalted amulet. If you roll legendary potential, that’ll just further the capabilities of making this a powerful item.

Drelkor's Compass is going to give you flat physical damage, really strong for amplifying the damage cost of this build. It’s also got increased stun chance, which is tremendous for survivability.

Last Epoch Drelkor's Compass

Sonmia is again another item with stun. On top of that, when you kill a stunned enemy, a different nearby enemy is stunned for 2 seconds. This is part of the reason why enemies just never reach us, aside from bosses, which are immune to the stun effect.

This helmet also has Ward Retention, which works really well with the Silver Shroud stacks that we gain. Once we get up to 1,000 Ward per proc, this will help you retain that and again increase your survivability.

Forge Guard is a Level 7 item, and I would actually rate this Arrowguard as one of the best quivers in the entire game. The chance of receiving a Glancing Blow from Arrowguard pairs really well with passive like Cloak of Shadows. This is another talent that we’ll be capping out as we have the available points.

The rest of the item slots, and that’s whether you use rare, exalted, or even other unique items, can be filled out with defensive-type properties. Worry about your defensive properties first, and then increase your offensive capabilities. This build does so much damage already that you don’t really need to add much to that.

The Warrior's Bronze Belt of Insulation with elemental resist and reduced cooldown speed, allowing you to shift more frequently. Just increasing your mobility is really powerful. The bonus of this one is that have increased physical damage.

The boots in this case, nowhere are they required. It’s going to give a tremendous amount of dexterity thanks to the legendary potential rolled in them. But on top of that, getting some additional dodge rating. You’ll be very surprised at how much damage this build can do.

Idols & Blessings

The reduced mana cost just furthers our sustain, and + 4 arrows with Multishot will synergize incredibly well when you have Idols like this Hydra's Ornate Majasan Idol of the Eagle that increase the damage per arrow with Muitishot. Other Idol slots can be filled with increased stun duration and resist at the same time.

You’re going to be looking for resist, especially as you work your way through the Monolith to acquire blessings, and blessings that have resist on them are going to be really popular and powerful choices for your character.