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Master These Tips To Quickly Upgrade Your Crafting Skill Lines In Elder Scrolls Online!

In this guide, we’ll dive into the tips for upgrading your Crafting Skill Lines in Elder Scrolls Online. There’s no better time to dive into it than during Zeal of Zenithar! Get ready to master Crafting Skill and really reap the 100% Inspiration boost for your new crafting character!

Take Advantage Of Loadouts

Each character starts out with 2 free empty loadouts at Armory Station, take advantage of this extra gear and either have a loadout dedicated to crafting or leave one empty so you can change to a blank build for free.

Leaving an empty loadout can be a big help when you're short on Skill Points early on, so you can fully upgrade one craft at a time and re-target your points as needed to help you save a lot on ESO Gold costs.

Skill Points provided in the late game are enough to easily unlock everything eventually, so you don’t need to split up your crafts with multiple characters. In fact, if you plan on collecting Motif books and completing Master Writs, it can be more beneficial to keep a dedicated crafting character.

Master These Tips To Quickly Upgrade Your Crafting Skill Lines In Elder Scrolls Online!

Boost Your Inspiration

Inspiration refers to the experience gained from crafting. You can gain Inspiration by breaking things down, crafting items, researching traits on weapons and armor, discovering consumable traits, and completing Writs.

Zeal of Zenithar’s 100% Inspiration Boost will give you an immense advantage while it’s active. If you have any CP points available, be sure to put some into Inspiration Boost Passive to get up to another 30%.

On top of this, ESO Plus Members also include a 10% Inspiration Boost in their subscription, and characters who are Orcs will benefit from another 10% Inspiration Boost. Regular XP boosts don’t affect Inspiration, though.

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Meticulous Disassembly

Another CP skill you can benefit from if you have the points is Meticulous Disassembly, which will generate more materials from all the gear you’ll be breaking down to upgrade.

ESO Plus Members will have an easier time crafting as they have bag space where they can store materials, but you can strategically use the bank and alternate character’s inventory to organize your crafting materials.

Upgrading Crafts

Now, let’s look at each craft and how to upgrade them!

Alchemy Upgrades

Alchemy is upgraded by crafting Potions and Poisons. The higher the rank of a crafted Potions, the more valuable it is, and this is the easiest tree to upgrade if you have enough materials. If you don’t have a craft bag, then you’ll need to spend more time farming Alchemy Reagents and Solvents, combining them in bulk until you reach the next rank of Solvent Proficiency Passive.

Once you’ve leveled up your skill, use the next level of Solvents and continue the process until you reach rank 50. Certain levels of Solvents are harder to find, so just keep using the highest level Solvents you have or can find.

Note that always use Reagents that are not used in any important Potions and Poisons to ensure you don’t waste Ingredients that you can sell or use later. It’s worth noting that crafting with 3 flowers gives the same XP bonus as 2 flowers, so don’t waste your materials!

If you plan to use your character as a primary crafter, take the time to learn traits while leveling, as characters that complete Daily Crafting Writs require limited trait knowledge.

Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Skill Lines Guide

Provisioning Upgrades

Upgrading Provisioning is second only to Alchemy in terms of difficulty and is very similar overall. You need Ingredients and Recipes to cook. At Guild Traders you can find Ingredients you need, and Chef and Brewer NPCs also sell basic Recipes.

When you reach the threshold to upgrade your Recipe Improvement Passive, its inventory will be updated to include level matched recipes, which are the recipes you need to complete Daily Writs, but you can also use them to upgrade Provisioning.

Upgrading your Recipe Improvement Passive as you level, and cooking the highest level of food, will give you more Inspiration.

Enchanting Upgrades

The final consumable crafting discipline is Enchanting. This discipline takes much longer to level up than the other two, as Enchanting is primarily leveled by deconstructing glyphs.

If you have friends or guild mates who also want to level up this skill tree, you can trade crafted glyphs together to speed up the leveling process. Glyphs crafted by other players will give you extra Inspiration, and the higher the level, the higher the quality of the deconstructed glyphs, making your gains even better.

You can even find a crafter who will craft glyphs with your materials, or just get crafted glyphs from Guild Traders.

If you don’t want to find someone to craft with, you can always go to XP farms like Zombie Beach to get trash glyphs for deconstruction.

You can also learn rune traits by crafting glyphs, which will increase Inspiration Boost at higher levels, so learning traits can be helpful in the final stages of the upgrade tree. But like Alchemy, this isn’t necessary unless you plan on doing Master Writs.

Equipment Crafting Upgrades

The last 4 equipment crafts (Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Jewelry Crafting) all upgrade in a very similar way, mostly through deconstruction, with the fastest way to upgrade being breaking down equipment with the intricate trait.

White quality intricate gear increases Inspiration by 280% when deconstructed. You’ll find intricate gear regularly as you complete content, but you can also get it directly from Guild Traders, and you’ll also receive intricate pieces regularly in Daily Writs.

As with other crafts, crafting items and completing Writs also grants Inspiration, and you can even deconstruct equipment you pick up as you level up.

How To Improve The Efficiency Of Trait Research?

Unlike consumable crafts, you can also upgrade equipment crafts by completing Research. When you research a trait, you’re actually deconstructing the item to extract the trait.

Research cooldown timer is different for each item, however. The first time you research an item, it takes 6 hours to complete the trait unlock. The time doubles for each trait after that, with the 9th trait taking 64 days without any boost.

With ESO Plus, however, the research time is reduced by 10%. But more importantly, mastering the passive skills in each craft tree reduces the timer and allows for simultaneous research.

If you have all passive skills and up to 3 research timers at once, the 9th trait will only take 30 days. If you research 3 items and then remove the research passives, the clock will continue to run for all 3 items but will revert to the longer timer.

The first few traits will not be greatly affected by the time reduction, but over time the difference will become very noticeable.

Therefore, it is recommended that you research the traits that are important to you first so that you can get them early and quickly. Master crafters and players who want to make their own gear will eventually want all the traits, but if you just want to research traits for use in transmutation, it is not necessary.

Elder Scrolls Online: Trait Research Guide

Hireling Mail

As mentioned above, crafting materials are obtained through deconstruction, but you can also use Hireling Passive to receive mail containing materials. Note that Alchemy and Jewelry do not have a Hireling option, but the other 5 crafts do.

You will receive Hireling Mail every 24 hours after the daily reset, but you can only receive it if you are logged in. So, if you are offline for a few days, you will only receive 1 day’s worth of mail. If your mailbox is full, you will still receive automatically generated mail, but not mail from other players.

Mail will now expire after 6 days, though, so be sure to claim it if you let it pile up. You will only receive Hireling Mail if a character with a passive skill signs in for the first time that day. If you have no Skill Points, you will not receive the mail and will not be prompted until the next day.

Keen Eye Passive

Besides mail and deconstruction, you can also pick up materials generated throughout the world. Keen Eye Passive works for all crafts except Provisioning, and it will make them easier to spot by giving them a glowing effect. But you can find Provisioning materials in lootable barrels, sacks, and crates in the world.

Also, about half of the materials you pick up from Resource Nodes are based on your character level, and the other half are based on how many points you have in the top passive skill in the crafting trees, but the passive level does not affect these drops.

Final Tips

Finally, on exiting, make sure you have research traits enabled, and if you have enough points, enable Hireling Passive. When deconstructing items, make sure you use Deconstruction Passive.

After learning all about them, I found that Jewelry and Enchanting are the hardest disciplines to max out, but the more gold you are willing to spend, or the more time you spend farming, the faster you will upgrade. You just have to make sure to deconstruct items instead of selling them when you upgrade. Anyway, hopefully these tips will help your crafter level up faster. Good luck!

Conversation With Newb World: His Story With New World

Dear adventurers, hello everyone! We all know that you can meet other fellow adventurers through Community Convergence. Today I would like to introduce you to a long-time player who is passionate about the story of Aeternum - Newb World. He has been sharing his legends, guides, and unique community events with a wider audience of adventurers on his YouTube channel.

When he’s not updating material for series like New World, he’s also running daily missions, working toward top tier trophies, or posting whatever the mood strikes him. Let’s talk to Newb World about his story with New World.

Conversation With Newb World: His Story With New World

While reading this interview, you can also choose to have New World Coins to complete the game process in New World faster and increase your character's abilities.

Meet New World For The First Time

Newb World recalled that New World itself found it interesting during the preview period. At first, he was just a game console player. When he got a relatively good computer, he took advantage of a New World discount to get this game, but he didn’t expect to become addicted to it.

He said that he has now played 2,000 hours of gameplay, but he still feels that he has not finished it yet. He looks forward to logging in every day and finds it easy to come up with video ideas.

The Beginning Of Creating A Channel

Talking about the beginning of Newb World channel, he said that he had never thought about creating this kind of content until he discovered that he really liked the game. He humbly said that he felt that he was not good enough to make a wonderful guide. So now he starts more with different small projects. For example, before the transmog was released, his videos would show the effect of each element on each weapon type.

Newb World bluntly stated that New World’s viewing data is much better than his other previous channels. He found his own joy in working on capturing footage, editing and experimenting with different content for over a year. His current goal is to create at least one video a week on his day off. He added that the positive comments in the community were the biggest motivation for my decision to stay and continue creating.

About Transmog’s Competition

When Transmog was released, Newb World held a competition with some random people. The fun and unique look these guys bring inspired Newb World to take video creation to the next level. He also said he would like to collaborate with some content creators he likes, which shows that he also needs to better integrate into the community.

He sincerely thanks DannehTV, itsGlaive, BDLG, TrickTrick, Goddess009, Savvvo, JoshsTip, and vXBlackSwanXv for participating in the competition.

From the time the idea for Transmog competition came up, Newb World built an enormous stage and judging system at home. He also needs to coordinate everyone’s schedule, receive all submissions, tally judges’ scores, and finally start editing. That sounds like a lot of work. He would also like to thank some people at Maramma who provided him with additional video footage.

He was proud to work with these guys and make such a great video together. He will never forget the emotions he felt with everyone and the entire community.

Story With New World

After the game showed the end of the main story quest (MSQ), Newb World realized that he was just rushing through the story in order to get through it faster. Sometimes he doesn’t remember what happened on Aeternum, so he wants to lead other adventurers in the community to dig deeper into the legend.

For his series, Newb World said he often needs to stop to avoid going too far. After he clears the level, he is always eager to go to the community and tell other adventurers, and wants to take them to explore other updated regional stories. What impressed him most was Ebonscale and Shattered Mountain.

Connection To New World

Since Newb World started this channel, he initially wanted to make the story more personal, so in the first episode he used the first person narrative. But then he felt something was not right, and now, in order to get a deeper understanding of the character’s heart, the story should be narrated in the third person.

Newb World gave us an example to show the importance of the third person. When he received Barkimedes’ Puppy as a reward for an Amrine Excavation quest, he thought about how it could fit into the character’s narrative. Because it was mentioned before that Jin-Jae gave the protagonist a house, Newb World naturally connected this puppy with the previous main plot.

Favorite Part Of New World

He said his favorite part was Isabella arc. Isabella is made more human after a recent update in which her backstory with Father Russo was fleshed out in the main story quest (MSQ).

New World Isabella

When he first walked into the old version of the main story quest (MSQ), all he could think about was defeating her. But this time, he and some of the other adventurers began to empathize with her and feel sorry for her. “I can only imagine how much I will feel as I learn more about this legend.” he lamented.

We look forward to Newb World launching more New World stories and new series in the future, which we will focus on throughout the community integration. Thank you for your support and see you in the game.

5 Essential Points To Note For Necromancers In Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn

In Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn, Necromancer class presents challenges, particularly in terms of survival, damage mitigation, and essence generation. However, with the right understanding, all of these things can become easier. Let's take a look at some key content that Necromancer players should be aware of in Diablo 4 Season 4!

5 Essential Points To Note For Necromancers In Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn

Attack Speed

Achieving optimal attack speed is crucial, especially for minion-based builds aiming for a 100% attack speed threshold. While many players often prioritize the Aspect of Frenzied Dead, offering a substantial 68% boost, it's essential to understand the mechanics behind it. Every time your summoned minions deal damage to an enemy, they gain 23% attack speed, requiring 3 attacks to consistently stack this bonus to its maximum potential.

However, focusing solely on boosting minion attack speed can lead to a neglect of your own attack speed, which can affect your overall effectiveness in battle. To address this, consider incorporating attack speed bonuses into your gear. By strategically allocating attack speed on your gear and leveraging bonuses from Paragon Board and Tempering, you can ensure that both you and your minions benefit from increased attack speed.

Don't overlook the subtle yet significant 5% bonus hidden within the Flesh-eater node in Paragon Board. While seemingly modest, this bonus can make a noticeable difference, especially when combined with other sources of attack speed enhancement. By optimizing attack speed across your gear and skill allocations, you can maximize your damage output and efficiency in combat.

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Damage Reduction

When it comes to damage reduction, pay special attention to skills and Paragon Boards. Take the Decrepify skill as an example. Many of us only invest a single point, providing a flat 20% damage reduction. However, by allocating additional points, you can increase this reduction to 24%. What makes Decrepify stand out is its consistent 12% reduction in damage, regardless of your proximity to enemies.

Additionally, Aspect of Hardened Bones is another valuable source of damage reduction. It provides increased damage reduction for both you and your minions, making it beneficial for any Necromancer build. Whether you're focusing on Infinitymist, Bone Spear or other builds, this aspect offers straightforward damage reduction.

While some may argue in favor of using the Blood Golem for its 30% damage reduction, it's essential to consider its triple damage aspect. The Blood Golem's triple damage output, combined with a 50% damage boost, offers a significant damage increase. Therefore, prioritizing aspects that enhance overall damage output may be more beneficial.

Moreover, players often overlook the bonuses available on the Paragon Board, such as the Darkness glyph. This glyph provides a 2% damage reduction per Shadow damage instance, up to 10%, making it particularly useful for Shadow Mages. Even without directly dealing Shadow damage, your minions can provide this damage reduction, offering additional protection.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Territorial glyph

Another strategy involves investing points in the Wither Paragon Board to gain a 10% damage reduction. By allocating points strategically and considering adjacent boards, you can maximize this damage reduction potential. Choosing the Territorial glyph offers a 10% damage reduction against nearby enemies, further enhancing survivability.


Ensuring maximum resistance to all elements is essential for survivability, yet many Necromancers overlook this stat. Utilizing glyphs strategically is key to boosting resistance effectively. Prioritize glyphs like Darkness and Corporeal to enhance resistance rather than armor. For instance, the Corporeal glyph provides a 150% bonus to magic damage, translating to increased Elemental Resistance.

Besides, glyphs like Amplify in the Flash-eater Paragon Board further enhance resistance to all elements, synergizing well with other boosting glyphs. Alternatively, you can allocate points into the Necromancer or Scent of Death Paragon Board for specific Elemental Resistances, particularly Shadow and Poison.

However, maximizing resistance over the Paragon Board offers more flexibility, allowing you to focus on rings with intrinsic Elemental Resistances. By streamlining resistance enhancements and minimizing the need for specific gear stats, you can ensure comprehensive elemental resistance without the hassle of micromanaging individual resistance values.

Lucky Hit Chance

Lucky Hit Chance can be a source of confusion for many players, especially when it comes to its practical application. Take the X'Fal's Corroded Signet, for instance, which promises up to a 50% chance for your damage over time effects to erupt, dealing damage. While these sounds promising, the reality of Lucky Hit Chance is often more complex.

The Blight skill has a 40% Lucky Hit Chance. However, this percentage isn't as straightforward as it seems. Lucky Hit Chance effects from damage over time are divided by 6 because of their duration of over 6 seconds. As a result, the actual chance of triggering the X'Fal's Corroded Signet from Blight is significantly lower, typically around 3-4%.

Diablo 4 Season 4 X'Fal's Corroded Signet

Similar challenges arise with other abilities like the Corpse Explosion and Blood Mist, especially when dealing with Desecrated Ground, which has its own base Lucky Hit Chance of 9%. While it's possible to maximize Lucky Hit Chance to trigger X'Fal's Corroded Signet consistently, it often requires significant Diablo 4 Gold investment and may not yield reliable results.

Consider the Wither node, as it offers a chance for your Shadow damage over time effects to explode for bonus damage, providing a consistent source of additional damage without relying on Lucky Hit Chance mechanics. By strategically allocating Intelligence gear and mastering the Wither node, you can significantly enhance your damage output in Shadow builds.

Uber Uniques

Finally, the last one we will discuss is Uber Unique items, which often raise questions among Necromancer players will be explored. Powerful items like the Grandfather or Andariel's Visage cannot be utilized by Necromancers. The same goes for the Harlequin Crest.

In a minion-focused build where your primary damage dealers are skeletons, golems, and Army of the Dead, the Harlequin Crest's skill enhancement does not significantly benefit these abilities. Instead, other aspects such as cooldown reduction for the Corpse Tendrils or bonus damage for Blight in a Shadow build may prove more valuable.

The Ring of Starless Skies, known for its multiplicative 40% damage increase. Opting for this ring over relying solely on minion damage boosts can result in a substantial overall damage increase for both you and your minions. Additionally, items like Tyrael's Might offer valuable damage reduction benefits, particularly useful against formidable foes in higher Pit levels.

Interestingly, Necromancers are among the classes that require the least reliance on Unique items. Even without specific Unique gear, Necromancers can excel, with Tier 70 Pit levels being a viable farming option with no extensive Unique item acquisition. This freedom from reliance on Unique items allows for greater experimentation and customization in building your Necromancer class.

These 3 Underrated Builds Will Make You Unstoppable In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

Welcome, fellow players! Here are 3 overpowered builds for the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that you probably haven't explored yet. These builds will help you conquer obstacles and triumph over challenges. Despite being lesser known, they offer substantial strength and are surprisingly accessible for newcomers.

These 3 Underrated Builds Will Make You Unstoppable In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

Night Comet Build

First, I will go over one of the most popular Night Comet build. Obviously, this outstanding magic build will feature the Night Comet that most enemies can't dodge. The secret of this spell is that it is partially invisible, which makes bosses and enemies with dodge features unable to avoid the impact of the spell.

This build is perfect for a very balanced close to mid-range experience because you can charge a spell or spam it depending on the scenario you are facing. To break the game with this build, we need 2 Staff of Losses at +25. This weapon has a passive effect over Night Comet, boosting its damage by 30%, and it stacks with another Staff of Loss, granting a huge damage boost.

We also need any seal we have available to cast our main buffs. I recommend using the Alberich's Robe in its altered version, the Traveler's Gloves and Boots, and the Festive Hood in its altered version as well. However, you can choose any armor that you like by investing in some Elden Ring Runes.

The most effective talismans for this one are the Ritual Sword Talisman, the Magic Scorpion Charm, the Godfrey Icon, and the Graven-Mass Talisman.

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, we will use the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and the Greenspill Crystal Tear.

Elden Ring Night Comet Build

Smashing all those bosses will be impossible unless you use 40 on Vigor, 35 on Mind, 35 on Endurance, 99 on Intelligence, and 33 on Faith. The Golden Bow and Howl of Shabriri are going to be your main buffs, and we need the Terra Magica and Night Comet, which is indeed the major source of damage for the build.

Nightrider Glaive Build

Next, we have the old Demolisher, one of the most fun builds in the Elden Ring so far. The Nightrider Glaive has an amazing performance. Many players use this weapon with Flame Strike ash of war, and the effect is pretty good. But if you use this weapon with the Spinning Strikes, this build will go crazy and destroy all bosses in seconds.

This build is really amazing because it allows you to buff your weapon with any element you want. In this case, I recommend using the Bloodflame Blade, but you can use whatever weapon buff you want. The thing is that with Bloodflame Blade, you will build up the blade and deal fire damage at the same time.

The Nightrider Glaive must be upgraded to +25 with the Spinning Strike ash of war on the heavy affinity, and we are going to use the Clawmark Seal to get the most out of Bloodflame Blade and to cast our main buffs. I'm going to be using the Beast Champion armor set with the Scale Gauntlets to have enough power so my attacks won't get interrupted.

The most important talismans for this build are the Ritual Sword Talisman, the Millicent's Prosthesis, the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia Talisman, and the Shard of Alexander. However, an excellent alternative is the Lord of Blood's Exultation. You can replace any talisman you don't want to use with this one.

Elden Ring Nightrider Glaive Build

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, the Thorny Cracked Tear and the Stonebarb Cracked Tear are really effective. However, the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear is amazing as well.

To get the best performance of this build, we need 40 on Vigor and 35 on Endurance. We will level over strength to 80 and fate to 60. The Golden Bow, Howl of Shabriri and Bloodflame Blade are going to be our main buffs.

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Death Ritual Spear Build

Moving forward to the next one, which is the amazing Death Ritual Spear build. The Death Ritual Spear is a very underrated magic weapon with an incredible, unique skill capable of obliterating the toughest enemies of the game in seconds.

We will need the Death Ritual Spear at +10, and the Azur's Glintstone Staff to cast our spells faster or any other you find in your inventory, and any seal we have available to cast our main buffs. The most effective armor set for this build is the Spellblade Set because it will boost our damage when using the skill by 25%.

To boost our damage to the top, we need the Ritual Sword Talisman, The Shard of Alexander, the Magic Scorpion Charm, and the Old Lord's Talisman. This last talisman will increase the duration of our buffs by 30%.

In our Flask of Wondrous Physick, we will use the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and the Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear. However, if you need more control in the boss fights, the Stonebarb Cracked Tear is always a good option.

The next stats will make this build shine: we need 40 on Vigor, 30 on Minor Endurance, 71 on Dexterity, 52 on Intelligence, and 33 on Faith. The Golden Bow and Howl of Shabriri will be our main buffs, while the Terra Magica is also perfect support incantations for this build.

The Tides Of Time Unique Belt Is Ideal For Pathfinders In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

In Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis, a significant number of new unique items were introduced, including some exclusive drops from Uber bosses. Among them is a new drop from the Uber Shaper boss called the Tides of Time, which is the unique belt we're going to talk about today.

The Tides Of Time Unique Belt Is Ideal For Pathfinders In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

Tides Of Time Explained

The Tides of Time belt is a new Unique themed around flasks in POE 3.24. It grants a very substantial increase to life and mana recovery from flasks, a 100% increase to each. It also provides 25% increased flask effect and grants flask charges, similar to the Pathfinder ascendancy.

The difference being that these stats apply their flask charges to specific flask types, and each of these stats rolls between zero and 3 flask charges gained every 3 seconds: one for life flasks, one for mana flasks, and one for utility flasks.

Build Options

This new Tides of Time unique belt will have 2 powerful use cases in the Path of Exile 3.24:

  1. Non-Pathfinder Builds: The Tides of Time will serve as either an entry-level belt to be replaced with the Mageblood at a later stage of progression, or be used to enable permanent unique flask uptime on those non-Pathfinder builds.
  2. Pathfinder Builds: The builds will empower and use multiple unique flasks simultaneously while benefiting from the huge amount of increased life recovery from flasks modifier combined with Master Surgeon.

Path of Exile 3.24 Master Surgeon

Non-Pathfinder Builds

Let’s first discuss those non-Pathfinder builds with the Tides of Time. This belt can provide access to permanent uptime on flasks as an entry-level option to the builds, which may later use the Mageblood. These builds will need to invest in increased flask duration and increased flask charges gained modifiers to sustain flasks permanently outside of normal mapping.

In the Necropolis League, Tides of Time unique belt with 3 utility flask charges gained every 3 seconds is going for about 3 Divine Orbs, whilst a Mageblood with 4 flasks enabled is about 138 divines. Enabling permanent flasks via the Tides of Time will require varied levels of investment depending on your location on the passive tree.

Non-Pathfinder Ranger builds will have it the easiest, as they can spec into a lot of charge generation and flask duration near their start location on the tree. The only increased flask charges gain stat obtainable on the passive tree is the Essence Extraction wheel located at the Mind Over Matter keystone. However, this wheel does provide a sizable 35% increased flask charges gained.

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Permanent Flask Uptime

If you're trying to enable permanent flask uptime with the Tides of Time, you'll likely want to make use of 1 or 2 cluster Jewels, as these can grant the required stats you need anywhere on the tree. There are life and mana recovery from flask clusters or clusters which provide flask duration, both of which are medium-sized cluster jewels.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Tides of Time

The Spiked Concoction cluster jewel notable provides access to the Alchemist's Genius buff, which grants 20% increased flask charges gained and 10% increased flask effects for 4 seconds when using a flask. You can pair that with the Fasting notable for another 20% increased flask charges gained.

The potential of permanent uptime on flasks like Progenitus on something like a Juggernaut or Champion is crazy, not to mention other unique flasks such as Taste of Hate and Coruscating Elixir.

Pathfinder Builds

However, I think the true potential of the Tides of Time is realized on the Pathfinder. This belt can provide an entire Pathfinder ascendancy notable for other ascendancies, but the Pathfinder just has the tools available to really push this belt to its limit.

A Pathfinder with the Tides of Time and Master Surgeon and a small amount of points invested into flask recovery on the tree will reach 4,000 plus life recovered per second from their life flask alone. The Tides of Time belt has several powerful stats, making it competitive with very expensive crafted belts. In specific setups, the Tides of Time is outright superior to Mageblood.

To maximize the potential of the belt, a setup utilizing at least 2 unique flasks, Progenitus and Taste of Hate, is recommended. The Pathfinder's Master Surgeon provides constant life recovery, synergizing well with the belt's abilities. Additionally, the belt itself offers a 25% increased flask effect gain.

For Pathfinders, employing a cluster Jewel for Alchemist Genius and acquiring all increased flask effect nodes on the passive skill tree can result in an impressive 80% increased flask effects for Progenitus and Taste of Hate.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Dying Sun

With the flask effect, it’s possible for a Pathfinder with the Tides of Time to actually keep up a well-rolled Dying Sun permanently as well. With the 80% increased effect, it will provide skills to fire 3 additional projectiles, and some increased area effects. Importantly, the Dying Sun is also a ruby flask. It will also provide plus 9% to maximum fire resistance.


In setups where you utilize multiple unique flasks while maximizing life recovery from flasks, the Tides of Time stands out. Progenitus and Taste of Hate aren’t the only options because of the ample flask charges you can generate.

Pathfinders synergize the belt's charge gain with the ascendancy to maintain 2, 3, or even 4 unique flasks. Leveraging Master Surgeon for substantial life recovery boosts, the Tides of Time proves incredibly potent. This belt offers significant utility and power, especially when paired with a Pathfinder.

Don't Miss Out This Insane Flurry Multishot Marksman Build In Last Epoch 1.0!

In the Last Epoch 1.0, Marksman proved to be quite powerful. So today I’m going to bring you this Flurry Multishot Marksman build, specifically for the endgame. Currently, this stands as the top all-around build for the Marksman. It also ranks among the best builds in the entire game.

Don't Miss Out This Insane Flurry Multishot Marksman Build In Last Epoch!


The gameplay involves channeling Flurry. Through both Flurry and Multishot specializations, you can gain additional procs of Multishot, leading to some of the best AOE screen clearing any class or build has to offer.

You can be confident it’s more than capable of dishing out enough single target damage as well. Your attacks can Slow and Knockback, furthering your DPS uptime. It can also interrupt or reposition enemies as well, and you need to be mindful of that if you’re fighting a boss with mechanics.

In addition, this build quickly applies armor shred and physical resist shred to boost the damage the longer you’re able to stay on targets like bosses, so you can see it’s a solid boss killer. This build only gets better while running the Monolith Echoes.

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Skills & Specializations

First, let’s take a quick look at Flurry and Multishot in terms of the specialization tree:

Flurry: This skill is going to be transformed by Boundless Blows into a channeled skill. So we’re just going to hold this ability down, and then it’ll have a chance to proc Multishot every 6 attacks.

Multishot: Thanks to Readied Arrows, also can be shot while you’re using Flurry in this case. So we’re just getting a number of Multishot being cast automatically just for holding down the Flurry button. This means the foundation of the build can simply be seen just by holding down Flurry.

In fact, if you use no other skills, just channeling Flurry is going to give you a barrage of arrows to melt everything on your screen. Now you may feel somewhat vulnerable in this build because of Flurry being a channel skill.

Shift: We also run Shift with this build, and Shift is not only for mobility but survivability as well, as you can quickly dash to another spot, repositioning your character. The better you are at repositioning yourself and avoiding this damage, the stronger and more powerful this build will become. However, one thing we are going to take is going to be Sleight of Hand, and this is going to actually cause Shuriken to deploy when we use our Shift.

Last Epoch Shift

Shuriken: The Shuriken will eventually spiral around you and become a shield. This is going to actually give you additional duration along with increased armor while the Shuriken are active. When you Shift, you’re actually getting some additional defensive properties as well. If you’re keeping up, that means that Flurry is going to trigger Multishot and Shift is going to trigger Shuriken.

Smoke Bomb: The final ability that you’ll actually actively cast, and this will really only be on bosses or more difficult rare enemies, is going to be Smoke Bomb. This is going to actually allow you to apply Silver Shroud.


So let’s talk about a few of the items that will increase the effectiveness of this build. If you possess ample Last Epoch Gold, consider enhancing certain items.

The first item is Xithara's Conundrum. This is really powerful despite it removing the ability to leech health or the health regen as well. The 25% more physical damage appears to work multiplicatively and dramatically boost your damage more so than you could get from a physical damage increase on a rare or exalted amulet. If you roll legendary potential, that’ll just further the capabilities of making this a powerful item.

Drelkor's Compass is going to give you flat physical damage, really strong for amplifying the damage cost of this build. It’s also got increased stun chance, which is tremendous for survivability.

Last Epoch Drelkor's Compass

Sonmia is again another item with stun. On top of that, when you kill a stunned enemy, a different nearby enemy is stunned for 2 seconds. This is part of the reason why enemies just never reach us, aside from bosses, which are immune to the stun effect.

This helmet also has Ward Retention, which works really well with the Silver Shroud stacks that we gain. Once we get up to 1,000 Ward per proc, this will help you retain that and again increase your survivability.

Forge Guard is a Level 7 item, and I would actually rate this Arrowguard as one of the best quivers in the entire game. The chance of receiving a Glancing Blow from Arrowguard pairs really well with passive like Cloak of Shadows. This is another talent that we’ll be capping out as we have the available points.

The rest of the item slots, and that’s whether you use rare, exalted, or even other unique items, can be filled out with defensive-type properties. Worry about your defensive properties first, and then increase your offensive capabilities. This build does so much damage already that you don’t really need to add much to that.

The Warrior's Bronze Belt of Insulation with elemental resist and reduced cooldown speed, allowing you to shift more frequently. Just increasing your mobility is really powerful. The bonus of this one is that have increased physical damage.

The boots in this case, nowhere are they required. It’s going to give a tremendous amount of dexterity thanks to the legendary potential rolled in them. But on top of that, getting some additional dodge rating. You’ll be very surprised at how much damage this build can do.

Idols & Blessings

The reduced mana cost just furthers our sustain, and + 4 arrows with Multishot will synergize incredibly well when you have Idols like this Hydra's Ornate Majasan Idol of the Eagle that increase the damage per arrow with Muitishot. Other Idol slots can be filled with increased stun duration and resist at the same time.

You’re going to be looking for resist, especially as you work your way through the Monolith to acquire blessings, and blessings that have resist on them are going to be really popular and powerful choices for your character.