Lost Ark Build Guide: How to Be A Remarkable Summoner?


Lost Ark offers many different classes for players to choose from, including the newly added Summoner. This new advanced class is a type of mage that summons elemental spirits to fight for her. She also has access to powerful earth, lightning, and water spells that wreak havoc on enemies. However, the Summoner class is not for everyone. She is fragile, very slow compared to other classes, and difficult to master.

The Summoner offers excellent mobility with ranged options and high damage for consistency and burst. All of her spells have an AoE component, allowing her to wipe out entire hordes with one cast in many situations. Giving the Summoner the best build possible will help counteract her negative aspects, making her a force to be reckoned with in Lost Ark.

2022122716162555How to Be A Remarkable Summoner in Lost Ark?

Engravings For The Summoner

To complete the best build for the Summoner, players must ensure they use the proper engravings. As soon as their Summoner reaches level 50, they must equip these engravings to complete the build. From the class-specific options, they will need to choose the Master Summoner engraving, which reduces the cost of elemental bullets and increases damage and crit probabilities.

Keen Blunt Weapon

Inflicts additional crit damage but has the chance of dealing 20% less damage.


Receive a damage bonus per ability used.

Hit Master

Increases damage when attacking from the side.


Additional damage to higher tier enemies and bosses but at the cost of +20% damage inflicted by them, making it more effective in the endgame.

Skills For The Summoner

The best plan of action is to choose the Master Summoner Build. For raids, players will get the maximum flexibility possible out of their Summoner and have consistent burst damage. The only problem with this build is that it can be highly immobile and challenging for some players.

While other options can prove easier to manage, they won't offer the same in damage output. The Master Summoner is the favored option by many players for this reason. There are specific skills and tripods for these skills that will make this build the best.


For the Summoner, Shurdi is a small light elemental. She can summon this elemental, and it will move with her for 20 seconds. As it moves with her, it causes 130 damage to nearby enemies.


  • Shining Growth
  • Faltering Shurdi
  • MP Recovery

Effects At Maximum Level

  • Increases Crit Rate of Summoner +11.8%
  • Increases summon rate by 8 seconds
  • All party members' MP recovery increases by +40% during summoning


The Elcid skill summons two lily elementals, or Elcids. They will fly around for 10 seconds, attacking any nearby enemies. They deal 36 damage with basic attacks.


  • Magic Amplification
  • Deadly Poison Seed
  • Elite Summoning

Effects At Maximum Level

  • Increases Attack power +44.4% for 5 seconds and increases MP cost +50%.
  • Changes Elcid's attack to piercing poison seeds that inflict poison on enemies for 5 seconds, dealing +14% damage.
  • Decreases Elcids to one, increases damage dealt to +490%, increases attack range +40%, and inflicts Paralysis on normal enemies.

Water Elemental

The Water Elemental skill allows the player to summon a water elemental. This elemental will inflict water damage on the enemies over the course of 2 seconds.


  • MP Recovery
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Water Canon

Effects At Maximum Level

  • During summoning, MP recovery speed is +158.2%.
  • Damage to Push-Immune enemies increases +80%.
  • Elemental's Attack angle decreases by -50%. Attack range increases by +100%. In PVE, +150% Ancient Energy is obtained on hit.

Sticky Moss Swamp

With this skill, the player can summon a sticky, mossy swamp to aid them. It takes 0.5 seconds to generate and will last for 5 seconds, inflicting 26 damage on enemies every second. It also decreases enemies' move speed by -60% for 2 seconds.


  • Ready Attack
  • Corrosion Diffusion

Effects At Maximum Level

  • Increases Attack power 44.4% and increases MP cost 50%.
  • Creates Moss Swamp immediately and adds benefit of -12% enemy defense for 16 seconds on hit.

Electric Storm

Electric Storm is a skill for players who want to create massive damage among the ranks of their enemies. It concentrates energy over the course of 1.5 seconds, then unleashes it for 5 seconds in a barrage of 10 hits, inflicting lightning damage. It packs a punch with 981 damage.


  • Swift Cast
  • Sustain Enhancement
  • Guiding Storm

Effects At Maximum Level

  • Increases casting speed +36%.
  • Increases storm duration +3 seconds, increases number of hits +3, increases MP cost +43%.
  • Ancient Energy obtained is +150% on hit and the electric storm moves slowly, chasing the target,

Earth Collapse

For massive earth damage, players will need Earth Collapse in their Summoner's arsenal. This skill will summon an earthquake in the target area that sends enemies flying, causing 441 earth damage.


  • Flame Collapse
  • Shake
  • Earth Manipulator

Effects At Maximum Level

  • The element changes to fire and the damage output increases by +40%
  • During casting, nearby enemies will be attacked 4 times, dealing +60% of base damage
  • Damage output increases +120% but MP cost increases +50%

Steed Charge

With Steed Charge, magical energy is summoned in the form of a horse. This summon will cause 143 damage as it attacks enemies, sending them flying through the air.


  • Stormlike Gallop
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Destruction Charger

Effects At Maximum Level

  • Changes the Element to lightning, increases the Crit Rate by +40%, and includes a 30% chance to inflict Electric Shock. This will cause 4 damage each second for 5 seconds.
  • Increases Crit Damage on Push-Immune enemies by +160%.
  • Changes the skill so that 5 horses charge in succession. These cause damage, but also increase cooldown by 8 seconds.

Flash Explosion

Flash Explosion creates a condensed blast of energy that is sent at the chosen target location. It will cause 176 damage.


  • Energy Control
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Great Explosion

Effects At Maximum Level

  • On hit, Ancient Energy will be obtained at +75%.
  • Increases damage to Push-Immune enemies by +70%.
  • Delays explosion release, increases damage +80%, and increases explosion area +30%.