Which Is The Best Assassin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected?


Diablo 2 Resurrected has one of the most mysterious classes, lurking in the shadows and manipulating them for their own benefit, and that is Assassin. Assassin is also the most elusive class in the game, but if you read this guide, you will solve the mystery.

On top of that, she has an arsenal of deadly weapons and elaborate traps. But she’s also an integral force in the game. Her equipment has been tailor-made so that each attack can cause a large amount of damage or even kill her in one hit. And by defeating those enemies, you can get some Diablo 2 Resurrected Items.

Which Is The Best Assassin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Before starting, some players may ask themselves if they are suitable for playing Assassin. I can say responsibly that if you are the kind of fearless player who likes to kill in one hit and leave no cloud behind, then Assassin is perfect for you.


Assassin has two build trees, Trassassin and Martial Artist. The former focuses on traps and equipment, while the latter focuses more on close-range hand-to-hand combat. In addition, there are other builds that you can choose from today. In addition, each skill has its own optimal allocation in each build.

Martial Artist

If you want to get up close and personal with the power of Hell, it is highly recommended that you run Dragon Talon Kicksin build. This is more suitable for players who are new to Assassin. This build can easily deal with terrifying enemies like Über Tristram.

You only need to invest 20 points in Dragon Talon and Death Sentry, and don’t forget to take either Venom or Burst of Speed. Between the two, I recommend Venom because it slowly deals with poison damage. For Secondary skills, you can invest a point in Fade and some points in Cobra Strike to get more health in the early game.


If you don’t want to fight the enemy in close combat and just want to lure the enemy to their doom, then Trap Assassin is perfect for you. The two most powerful weapons are Lightning Trapper and Shockbringer.

If you put 20 points into Lightning Sentry, Death Sentry, and Wake of Inferno, you can deal a lot of AOE damage and knock back enemies with electric shocks. In addition, you can also put one point into Burst of Speed ​​and 10 points into Cloak of Shadows to distract enemies.

It should be noted that before you increase the other skill attributes, just like Martial Arts Assassin, you must make sure that Dexterity and Strength are at the highest level. The remaining points can be added to the skills just mentioned.


Besides the two builds mentioned above, there is another one that allows you to hide in the shadows and be ready to pounce at any time. That is Assassin Vampire build. She mainly relies on draining the health of the enemy to deal damage, which is perfect for when you want to get close to the hordes of Hell.

The fundamental skills in this build are Shadow Master and Claw Mastery, and you need at least 20 points in each skill. You can also choose to enhance the Assassin by adding 3 points of Cobra Strike, 7 points of Burst of Speed, and 10 points of Weapon Block.

You also need to make sure to reach the optimal level of Strength and Dexterity in this build, and then you can spend the remaining points on Vitality.

Hybrid Assassin

If you can’t choose the best build for you between Martial Artist and Trassissin, why not try Monk? It’s a hybrid build, but don’t confuse it with Monk from Diablo 3! If you like to deal AOE damage, he is a perfect match for you.

In this build, Phoenix Strike and Dragon Talon both require a fixed 20 points, while Death Sentry, Shadow Master, and Claw Mastery require 19 points, 17 points, and 16 points, respectively. In addition, you can add Fade, Burst of Speed, and Cloak of Shadows.


The last build to be introduced is Elementalist. For players who really want to channel the wrath of nature, Druid or Sorceress is actually more recommended. But it does not mean that Assassin cannot play elemental games. However, this profession does not cause as much damage as other professions here, so it ranks lower.

In this build, players can freely allocate points between Fists of Fire, Phoenix Strike, Blades of Ice, and Claws of Thunder. There is no particular rule here. Or you can add the common skills of Burst of Speed, Weapon Block, Fade, and Claw Mastery.

After reading these four builds, do you know more about Assassin profession? I hope this guide can be of great help to you in exploring the game content. Have fun in playing!