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Best Starting Classes In Diablo 4 - Class Options, Recommended Builds & Essential Tips

Do you want to know which classes are the best and worst for beginners in Diablo 4?

In this guide, I’ll reveal my rankings. I’ll go over the different builds you can use for each class, how they feel to play, and some tips and tricks for leveling faster.

Best Starting Classes In Diablo 4 - Class Options, Recommended Builds & Essential Tips


First up, we have Necromancer.

For starting out with Necromancer, I only have 1 personal favorite build. This build heavily relies on a mix of Bone Skills and Summoning Skills.

In the early leveling, Bone Splinters, Bone Spears, and Raise Sekeleton will be our bread and butter. Later on, add some utility skills like Decrepify for damage reduction and slow to enemies, Corpse Tendrils to group mobs together, and Bone Storm for survivability and wave clearing.

This build is super powerful at clearing out dungeons, you can even be somewhat lazy using it. Bone Splinters and Bone Spears can both proc vulnerable on enemies, which is helpful for tougher mobs. Skeletal Warriors and Mages are great at first, but they eventually need some micromanaging to survive in the later leveling. And being able to easily group mobs together is just the cherry on top for this build.

Here are some tips and tricks for the new Necromancers out there.

  1. Even when you have max skeletons, get into the habit of pressing Raise Skeleton on corpses. This will summon a Skeletal Priest that will heal them up.
  2. Choose minion options using the book of the dead for a more tailored build based on your playstyle.
  3. For minion survivability, check out the passives Bonded in Essence and Death’s Defense. Armor can also roll an affix for Max Minion Health.
  4. If you’re having an issue getting corpses, switch out Bone Splinters for reap, and get the passive Hewed Flesh.

As an added bonus, Necromancer has really great transmogs. Necromancer is definitely my number 1 pick for beginners that are looking for something strong but easy to play. Therefore, I’m giving it an S Rank. Get plenty of Diablo 4 Gold to quickly upgrade your Necromancer and craft powerful builds.


Up next is Barbarian.

For leveling Barbarian, I tried 2 different builds. I was super disappointed with one of them, but the other build was great.

The disappointing build was the Bleed Barbarian. This build uses Flay and Rend for its basic and core skills, Rallying Cry and War Cry make enemies flinch and give you strong buffs.

Here are some extra options to consider.

  • Death Blow deals good damage, it also resets the cooldown if you land a killing blow.
  • Call of the Ancients is my favorite and spawns 3 minions that do special attacks.
  • And Steel Grasp can be used to draw in enemies in a cone and apply vulnerable.

My favorite build is the Whirlwind Barbarian. To play this build, pick up the basic skill Lunging Strike, and the core skill Whirlwind. Use Rallying Cry and War Cry, same as last build. Choose a mobility option like Leap or Charge. And finish it off with Call of the Ancients.

In terms of gameplay, the Bleed Barbarian felt clunky. It was frustrating waiting for mobs to die from bleeding, steel grasp has a super long recovery animation where mobs can get away before you can attack, hitting one or two enemies at a time with Death Blow felt really slow, and using Rupture, which instantly consumes bleed damage just felt redundant.

On the other hand, Whirlwind Barbarian feels weaker, but so much smoother to play. With a combination of Lunging Strike, Whirlwind and Charge, you’ll feel much more mobile. Using Rallying Cry keeps our resource topped off, and Whirlwind is a great wave clear for trash mobs. Using Call of the Ancients is used for when we run into a group of elites.

Here are some tips and tricks for playing Barbarian.

  1. If you’re using shout skills, get the passives Booming Voice for more shout duration, Raid Leader for party healing, and Guttural Yell for damage reduction. The passive swiftness offers a nice movement speed bonus too.
  2. Your goal should be skills or passives that increase resource generation, Barbarian is a resource hungry class. You can find some legendary aspects that help with this, too.
  3. The expertise page offers bonuses to weapons that you’re currently using and an extra bonus that is active all the time regardless of weapon. Popular options for this are using a 2-handed sword for the bleed, and 2-handed axes for the extra vulnerable damage.
  4. Pair the bleed damage with Hamstring to apply slow to bleeding enemies, and No Mercy to increase your crit chance vs slowed enemies.

Bleed Barbarian is getting a C rank for me, and Whirlwind Barbarian is getting a B rank. For me, it just wasn’t as fun as other classes.

Diablo 4 class tier list


Our 3rd class to play is Sorcerer.

Let’s really quick look at 3 build options: Fireball Sorcerer, Ice Shard Sorcerer, and Chain Lightning Sorcerer. Most builds will use the basic skill Frozen Bolt.

On Fireball Sorcerer, our bread and butter skills are Fireball and Firewall. Throw in the ultimate Inferno for even more wave clearing.

Ice Shard Sorcerer can use a combination of Ice Shards for a single target, Blizzard for a persistent area of effect with Crowd Control, and Deep Freeze is kinda just for fun.

Our 3rd build is Chain Lightning Sorcerer. For this build, you can switch out Frozen Bolt for the basic skill Arc Lash. Chain Lightning is a wave clearing core skill that bounces off targets, and the Unstable Currents Ultimate for extra wave clear.

For every Sorcerer build I mentioned, it’s recommended you fit in at least 3 of these utility skills. Flame Shield for a 2 second invincible, movement speed, mana and extra damage. Teleport for mobility, breaks out of CC, and damage reduction. Frozen Nova freezes all nearby enemies and applies vulnerable. And Frozen Armor for a barrier and resource.

Sorcerer is definitely one of the most interesting wave clear classes in Diablo 4. The uniqueness between the Fire, Ice, and Lightning builds make this class really fun. Sorcerer had some changes in recent patches that make it much more fun to play.

The least smooth build for me was the Chain Lightning Build. But this was mostly because I didn’t use the proper legendary aspects. The main problem you’ll come across with Sorcerer is how squishy it feels. To be successful with any of these builds, you’ll need to be quick at using potions, and have quick reactions for using skills off cooldown.

  1. My number one tip for playing sorcerer is to take advantage of your Codex of Power and choose your enchantments wisely. Take time to read them. Your key passives on Sorcerer also makes a huge difference in playstyle.
  2. Earlier I recommended picking 3 utility skills, these are really meant to help keep you alive and add mobility. Ultimate skills might be really cool to look at, but make sure you’re being practical above all else.

I’m giving Ice and Fire Sorcerers an A rank, while Chain Lightning is getting a B rank. Sorcerer overall is difficult to play and squishy, so keep that in mind.


For our next class, we’re playing Rogue.

If you’re looking for a Rogue build that will dominate the leveling process, it’s the Twisting Blades Rogue. Pick up the basic skill puncture for vulnerable, and the core skill Twisting Blades. Twisting blades impales an enemy, and returns to you after 1.5 seconds.

For your mobility options, you have Dash, which naturally has two charges and can be used out of combat for mobility, and Shadow Step, that jumps behind enemies and does some damage. Dark Shroud is a favorite defensive option, each hit depletes an orb and gives you damage reduction based on number of orbs.

Extra options that are great to have are Imbuements, Poison Imbuement for incredible single target boss killing, Shadow Imbuement for extra bursts of area damage, and Cold Imbuement for crowd control and survivability.

In terms of traps, either go poison trap for CC and synergy options, and Death Trap for gathering mobs together with a long cooldown. Rogue, for me, has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game. The fast-paced rhythm of using Puncture and Twisting Blades is hard to get used to.

In the beginning, I felt like I wasn’t making decisions on where to go fast enough, and I had a hard time using my cooldowns appropriately. If you want to learn how to play Twisting Blades Rogue, it’s going to take a lot of practice, so don’t get discouraged.

I found Rogue to be the most versatile class. You can really choose any 4 skills that you really like and do fine with any of them. Rogue also has a lot of movement speed options using aspects, passives, and skills, making it one of the best speed farming classes in the game. As long as you’re good at understanding the damage formula for the game, you’ll do great.

  1. My number one tip for new Rogues is getting the Bladedancer’s Aspect immediately. In the early game, just throw it on your amulet and call it a day. This makes your Twisting Blades orbit around you, making wave clearing so much faster. Get into the habit of doing 2 to 3 Twisting Blades before you dash to a high value target to get the most out of your damage.
  2. To really maxing out the potential of Rogue, look at guides online to find the synergies between passives, aspects and skills. This is something that’s going to take a lot of time researching and understanding how everything compliments each other.

In general, you’ll want to use Inner Sight for resource management, but combo points will eventually give you the most burst damage, but not without the proper build. Twisting Blades Rogue is a firm S rank for me, insanely strong, fast, single target, wave clear. It has everything you’d want.


Lastly, we have the Druid.

Druids are very popular for their Storm Wolf endgame build, but for the leveling process, Pulverize Druid comes out on top.

Our basic skill is Storm Strike for the vulnerable, and Pulverize for our core skill that does overpower damage in a large area.

Extra pick up options are Poison Creeper for better trash clearing, Companion Wolf if you need more single target and sustain, Earthen Bulwark for fortify and survivability, Trample is a mobility option, Grizzly Rage for survivability and damage, Blood Howl is another popular utility option.

The ground pound nature of Druid was kind of boring to me, but it is very strong. Waiting for stacks to guarantee overpower sometimes made the build feel clunky. Poison Creeper is an option that I would recommend that everyone go, as this makes trash disappear. Companion Wolves have an aspect that will give you more damage but are very underwhelming for damage output.

Similar to Rogue, Storm Strike and Pulverize are your wombo combo and pretty much all you need to be successful. The smoothness of the gameplay mostly comes from the legendary aspects that fill in the gaps for the gameplay loop. If you go with Earthern Bulwark and Grizzly Rage, this is a very tanky and strong build.

  1. My personal tips for new Druids are to get the new Shockwave aspect. With Pulverize, this will add an extra line damage area in front of you.
  2. Don’t forget to fully unlock your spirit boon. Having 5 spirit boons instead of 4 is stronger than you think.
  3. Make sure to use 2-handed maces. These will have an inherent affix that adds a huge amount of overpower damage. You can also roll a 2nd overpower affix, vulnerable damage, and gems for more overpower damage. Stacking overpower and vulnerable is going to make your overpowers completely broken.

For me, Druid was easy to play, strong, but kinda boring. Pulverize Druid gets an A rank.

How To Build Your Punisher Slayer In Lost Ark? - Class Engraving, Skill & Preference

To bring you the comfort of Lost Ark life, here I present one of my Slayer build. Maybe you can use these tips as a reference to build your own Slayer build. Now, come with me and I’ll tell you what you need.

Class Engraving

They released this Slayer class on KR on January 18, 2023. It’s now over 8 months since release, so most of the class builds are now formalized. Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Punisher.

Punisher Class Engraving is more like an Igniter Sorceress. While her identity is active, known as Burst Mode, she will have many useful buffs. So, her key or similar core DPS comes from her identity activation.

Lost Ark: How To Build Your Punisher Slayer?

Therefore, like other identity-reliant classes, she requires a high level of specialization to perform better in most raids. So it’s more like a class that dumps everything during identity uptime.

Combat Stat & Engraving

As you might expect, her main combat attributes are Specialization and Swiftness stat. To be honest, she is a back-attack type. Therefore, it’s natural for her to use Entropy Gear set to gain stability and better performance in raids.

But instead of using extra attributes as speed, she has a pretty good Critical Rate on her own. With her Entropy, Back Attack, herself Critical Stat, Adrenaline, Rage or Burst Mode, it guaranteed her to have around 60%-70% Critical Rate. So, you don’t have to worry too much about her Critical Rate.

In Engraving, Critical Rate of Punisher, Grudge, Ambush Master and Raid Captain are fixed. For Cursed Doll, you can also use Keen Blunt Weapon instead.

Personally, if you want your Punisher Slayer to have overwhelming damage, I recommend using Cursed Doll and Adrenaline. And it’s most useful when used right away.

For those who want to use Keen Blunt Weapon. There are some requirements that need to be met in order to receive Keen Blunt Weapon’s Entropy class damage increase factor.

According to my experience, you need to meet the requirements of Critical Rate. If you want to get the same 16% damage boost factor as using Keen Blunt Weapon. Then you need at least a Critical Rate of about 90%-94% to be fully effective. So, if you want to use a sharp blunt instrument on your Slayer, try using Level 3 Adrenaline for a better Slayer performance.

Lost Ark: Class Engraving explained things you must know!

Pros & Cons

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Punisher Slayer. Unlike Specialization build, Slayer is quite capable. In most cases, Slayer can easily clear everything and harvest large amounts of Lost Ark Gold. She had massive damage performance.

Another great thing about Slayer is that she has a nice and simple mechanic. Most of her mechanics are easy to learn and understand, and can be used easily. Therefore, Slayer is also friendly to beginners.

But as you might expect, her performance of harm come through in terms of identity. She is almost nothing without identity. This may be more than you expected, or the mechanism may disappoint you. As the developers say, this is a hindrance to her massive damage performance. Without the identity itself, her damage performance could drop significantly.

The most important thing is that most of her skills rely on Burst Mode. So you must use the fundamental skill to perform Stagger, Destruction, and Counter. You need to remember the timing of gimmicks across the team and use your skills at the exact moment.

Lost Ark: Slayer Punisher Guide

Core Mechanic

The core mechanics of Slayer are Focus and Burst Mode or Rage Mode, which are similar to identity supply classes. So you can fill up your identity meter with Focus Tripod or some hybrid skills and cast all skills while identity is active.

Skill Composition

We can divide her skill composition into two categories, namely identity supply part and damage dealing skill part. One feature of Slayer’s skill set is that her Counter and Synergy are combined into one. So, sometimes you have to choose your next move more carefully.

Ground Smash and Spinning Sword are typical identity supply skills. And Brutal Impact, Volcanic Eruption, Guillotine and Furious Claw are the main DPS skills when the identity is running normally.

We should note that Guillotine is the backbone of Slayer. Guillotine gives you extra damage while identity is active. In order to be safe during identity uptime, you need to be above level 9 gems or have a higher speed stat.

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Also, Furious Claw is a multi-purpose skill. We can use it for identity supply and damage dealing. Wild Rush is a flexible skill. And it’s very convenient in many situations. This is more like a supplementary skill to Slayer’s moves.

In order to get better damage performance, you need to upgrade Tripod in your damage skills first. Then, for smooth identity supply, you also need to upgrade Focus Tripod to get better performance in every attack.

To be honest, Crimson Flame Gem is a pretty good Gem for Slayers with long cooldown skills. The lower the cooldown, the higher the value of Slayer’s skills will be.

Lost Ark: Punisher Slayer Specialization

Skill Combo

There isn’t much to focus on in the skill set. All you need to do is supply your identity to unlock combinations of identity, synergy, and damage. A major part of Slayer’s skill set is flexibility while maintaining an extensive structure. So, most of the show time starts with identity activation.

Anyway, that’s it for this Punisher Slayer build guide. Hope this guide is a little helpful on your journey to Lost Ark. Hope you have excellent results with your Slayer. See you next time.

Diablo 4: More Stash Space Confirmed By Developers! - Season 1 Information

Today we'll be talking about Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4, we know that this is coming out in June 20th.

Diablo 4

What's New With Season Of The Malignant?

We see some gameplay footage here take a look at that giant tumor, that appears to be outside of the tunnels that. We know is the new zone so it seems like the whole world is going to be infested which is really really cool. It looks like they're destructible you can see it takes a little bit of damage there, so it's probably something that might drop, you know related to season so kind of excited to see more about that here.

Season Of The Malignant End Date

We find out that Season the Malignant ends on October 9th 2023, so if we know it starts on June 20th we know that we're going to have it for June July August September October, which is awesome you have plenty of time to get your characters leveled up and farm Diablo 4 Gold, and probably we're gonna see a lot of people hit max level for sure during Season of the Malignant.

Diablo 4 End Date

So this is pretty cool and I like how they're using that same old Leaf to represent these Seasons like the Diablo 3. Here we have little seasoned info card says here Season of the Malignant a new form of Lilith corruption spreads across Sanctuary and you must stop it, this will be unlocked after the campaign is completed, so it is very important for you to complete the campaign in order to play Malignant's season.

Here you can see this next loading screen, here you can choose between an internal realm or the seasonal realm you can see here on the left hand side. In addition to the default gameplay experience, new content will be available, and seasonal content will happen after the campaign is complete, you can see it at the top and it also says that when the season ends the seasonal characters will be transferred to Eternal Realm. So that basically explains it for players who are new who don't understand what seasons are.

Here on this next screen we can see what Season Journey actually looks like it's kind of cool I like this tab. Not a huge fan of the background artwork but I do like the the UI on the left hand side, there says Season the Malignant Season Journey chapter one zero percent you got your different season Blessings, you can see there's five right there, and then right there you have the option to purchase premium. It says premium Battle Pass inactive in red, and at the bottom there you can see all the stuff, you can get there's like a tunic a sword some type of like ore looks like X1, maybe bloodshards or something you can purchase.

There's a picture of the boss there he looks pretty gross with all those tentacles and stuff, that's probably going to be the guy at the end of tunnels you can see more. It's awesome open world and that's the new vendor actually this is the priest that they explained in the open trailer and during the developer campsite fireside chat, so this guy is actually where you're gonna probably buy stuff he's a brand new vendor, we don't know exactly what Diablo 4 Items he offers entirely, but very excited to take a look at, what he has to offer here in Season of the Malignant.

You can see here this is pretty gross, this is what the tunnels are going to look like here. It's saying you know reminder you gotta at least complete the campaign with one character, and then here's that loading screen for you again. You can click skip campaign, and that's usually what you're going to want to do, in order to basically get right into the action.

Diablo 4 Skip Campaign

Season 1 Battle Pass

That's favor those little those little trophies are called favor, or in favor by killing monsters completing quests and completing objectives in Season Journey. So if you think back to those different tiers of Season Journey, those are little favors that you're gonna be able to use to unlock different reward tiers, as part of the Battle Pass.

You can see here, earn favor unlock rewards, Season Journey and Blessings and that's that's how you basically are gonna unlock. All this stuff smoldering ashes are rewards in the Battle Pass use these to unlock season's blessing for XP, gold and more. That's the Battle Pass I hate that word, you gotta be honest I hate the word Battle Pass it just sounds like, pay money and get stuff.

So here's all the different loot that Necromancer looked really cool, and Source first looks alright Rogue looks alright. But not not usually not a fan a lot of the artwork to be totally honest with you I'm not crazy about the different like loot armor like appearances for Diablo 4 from totally honest. Here you can see some more of the things you can purchase premium Battle Pass required for this horse, so I come from wow my first thought was like.

When when you bought Dark Portal Pass, everyone slash spit on anyone with that that mount that you got from it. There is no slash spit emote in Diablo 4 if you see someone with this Mount. I had to mention it, because you have to buy that right that's real money Mount right there. The tunics free of course because who wants to wear this red shirt, and then what do we have it's called a cold iron vessel. This is probably cosmetic, it's a cosmetic Focus. So basically this is for I believe just Sorceresses, like if you want to hold this, but Battle Pass required if you want to be able to hold that thing looks pretty cool honestly.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Mount Trophy Heartglow Lantern just throw that on the side of your horse there, looks all right, looks kind of cool, but again you have to pay real money for that balanced sword that one's free of course. Then Corman this is the guy who is going to progress the storyline for us, which is really cool.

Season Blessings

Here are our Seasons Blessings. We see earn of aggression boost to XP earned from killing monsters, earn of bargaining boost to the amount of gold earned from vendor sales, earn of reclamation boosts the chance of rare materials from Salvage. You know you might want to go earn a Reclamation first, right Salvage as much as you can and then later switch it to something else, and then earn a prolonging boost the duration of all elixirs, that's just really a quality of life thing and then urn of malignance boost to the chance of powerful Mulligan heart drops, heart drops after completing the campaign, so that might that one might be good, depending on the chances right it doesn't say exactly how much.

Diablo 4 Season Blessings

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Confirmed Storage Space Update

We have an update on storage space in Diablo 4. The developer team is trying to move very quickly to improve storage space but it's challenging technically, which is very interesting. Blizzard has heard you and it's moving very very quickly to improve the storage space in Diablo 4. We have an interview from Joe Piepiora saying, that I'll say really quickly we definitely hear everybody on this. We talk a lot about what we need to do about this, we have good plans in place to improve the situation, that said the changes we want may not come soon, as the team said the right thing to do, instead of rushing to do it now.

Now I've noticed that Diablo 4 team has been saying we need to get it right multiple times, whether it's for set items whether it's for Rune words, whether it's for even having Diablo in Diablo 4. Really it seems like this is what they're saying they want to get it right, now by the way, I think this is a good design philosophy. I just hope that's not the catchphrase they use to explain why something is missing in the game, but you know it's better to have a complete game than an incomplete one, Joe continues by saying I know it's frustrating to hear me say.

The reality is that we're moving really really quickly on this, and we're trying to provide more space in the future we're figuring out how we can get that accomplished. There are a lot of different ways to go about this, one example of what we're trying to do to start trying to mitigate this, it's trying to move quickly, and many of these things are more technically challenging than others.

What Does This Mean For Diablo 4 Fans?

According to General Manager Rod Fergusson who may have to wait a little longer as the development team is keen to ensure things are robust and stable, before they roll out. I don't know what keen means but I definitely know that Diablo 4 was not super stable the first few weeks of the launch, a Season of the Malignant is set to start on July 20th, and we probably aren't going to have the stash Space by then. However it is cool that they're working on it, and they know about it, and we can probably anticipate having more stash space in the near future.

Anyways, that's the end of the updates for today, I hope you really enjoyed it.

Final Fantasy 14: Mogstock 2023 Is Coming Back On July 14-16

I'm sure you're as excited as I am about the return of popfest this weekend!

In this summer, with the lazy days and nights that follow, you can choose to relax with friends, enjoy a refreshing drink to relieve the heat of the hot summer, and join FFXIV's music festival to have a good time together through these nights. According to social media sources, MogStock is back for Final Fantasy 14, July 14-16, 2023, occupying Sector 22 of the Crystal Mateus Lavender Bed. This information fascinated many FFXIV fans.


Composition Of Mogstock Campaign

This year's MogStock event is expected to feature more than 30 acts, with a mix of talented dance and music acts featuring bands such as The Song Birds, The Wiggles and Final Fantasia. Artists, photographers and cosplayers will also entertain players with a special art show, Camp Cloudtop Ice Creamery and the return of the Tonberry Tavern RP venue, as well as last year's popular Kitty Twister honky ton venue. During the event, players can also get similar rewards such as FFXIV Gil, I believe you are also looking forward to it.

FFXIV The Wiggles

The new content of MogStock this year is the cooperation between various role-playing sparring clubs to demonstrate their fighting skills and strength in sparring competitions. Players also have a variety of ways to participate during the event, such as a large beach volleyball game. The festival is all about having some summer fun for everyone, so it doesn't matter if you're a cosplayer or not, you'll find something to your liking at the event.

Development Of Mogstock Campaign

I also recently spoke to the organizers at MogStock, who told me that this Woodstock-inspired event first kicked off in 2021, when everyone was adjusting to a new paradigm and life was changing due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Original Inspiration For Mogstock

"During this time, we've been brought together by our shared love of in-game systems," the team told me. "The original inspiration for MogStock came when we got together in the cozy space of a TinyClub. The environment of this party allowed us to socialize, share music and dance together, which was very relaxing."

Clayde Who Originally Came Up With The Idea

Clayde was the first to come up with the idea for the event, and it didn't take long for the rest of the team to get interested and join in. Since there is also a lot of fan-led activity in the game, the team wanted to make sure MogStock was unique, so they incorporated some of their shared experiences into MogStock activities, including the following:

  • Bard Show
  • Emoji Choreography
  • DJ
  • In-Game Festival Management Skills
  • Site Design Experience

Due to the existence of these people, the team's new project was officially launched.

MogStock's Success Analysis

"Because our team's professional knowledge and experience are very strong, our novel ideas have also attracted many people who are interested in our project, and they also hope to join us." This is what the team told me during the conversation. "But we are also very lucky, because the team has a famous bard and orchestra at the beginning of the event, including The Songbirds, Moogle Troupe and Broken Wings, so as the festival continues to grow, we have a variety of stunning ideas, constantly generating sparks on the road of research and development, making our festival more and more famous."

FFXIV Cosplay

Every year, thanks to FF14 community's enthusiasm for the festival, MogStock continues to grow in size and the team keeps getting bigger and better. Attendance has grown as more creatives, sponsors, venues and FCs sign up for the event, prompting the team to extend the duration of the festival even further this year.

"We are very confident and proud of MogStock's diverse community, as all sides of the community are coming together to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. It is this mutual collaboration and the support is what makes this event so special. It is exciting to witness the seamless integration of these community events and the synergy created between the communities, which we cherish very much.”

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Preparations For Mogstock Event

This year's event team has been preparing for several months, and each member will be responsible for the division of labor to ensure that everything can go smoothly. Bringing many community events together presents many challenges, such as ensuring the participation of performers, sponsors, artists, venues and volunteers, while coordinating everyone to ensure that there is no conflict between each other's performances.

FFXIV Preparation

The team also told me, "All the hard work and dedication are worth it, because at the end the members will also be proud of what they have achieved." When it comes to MogStock, there are several aspects that make us very proud as an organizing team. Especially the overwhelming support and high turnout from the community is truly enviable.

"Whether you're a performer, a volunteer or a participant, you'll find people at the event who support the event and it's a symbol of the energy and enthusiasm that FF14 community is full of. Seeing so many people come together in such a positive and we can all take great pride in enjoying music, art and cosplay together in an inclusive environment."

From my conversation with MogStock team, I found that they are very well prepared for this event, and I look forward to the success of the event!

Diablo 4: New Lead In Search For Secret Cow Level! - An Interesting Encounter

Hi, My Diablo fans! Today I’m going to tell you an interesting encounter about Secret Cow Level.

Diablo 4


The search for the secret cow level has gone pretty cold last week, so there hasn't been many new facts come to light. We know the items are in the game, but we still cannot figure out how to get them.

However there has been an interesting encounter discovered that, could be part of the puzzle maybe. That's what I want to show you in this article here today. Just to throw it out there as well, it apparently took Diablo 3 players about four weeks or so to discover Whimsyshire, which also involved collecting a bunch of items to get to the secret level. And we are approaching the four week mark for Diablo 4. So keep that in mind, it's definitely possible that it's in the game, we just didn't see it before.

An Interesting Encounter

First I'm back at Fountain, in Ked Bardu where our search first started and I just want to review something really quick before we move on to the new material. So Oxen God of the East, it wants you to present a worthy offering, cleanse in these waters and then you may gain their Blessing.

Diablo 4 Oxen

Old Tablet says, spill their blood to be deemed worthy. So we've got spilling blood worthy, and it said that one who presents a worthy offering cleansing these waters may gain their Blessing.

Diablo 4 Old Tablet

So where the spilling blood worthy, remember that stuff. So our hunt for America's most wanted brings us to Jirandai, it's in southern dry steps, there's Ked Bardu, so it's south of that down here. We're in town right over here, and we're looking for this little sign here.

Diablo 4 Jirandai

Travelers beware of deadly threats to be found nearby, powerful legends tell of a savage warrior whose bloodlust was so ferocious it terrified even cannibal tribes. It's a rosar spirit, still haunts desolation's reach searching for a worthy challenge. So there's a worthy challenge again and bloodthirst, if you're lucky enough to win, you'll be rewarded with a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and some Legendary items.

But we'll head over to Zerosar, and I'll show you what's going on. Will no one challenge me, so if you guys just saw that it screams out loud well no one challenged me. There are very few NPCs in the game who yell at you, so this guy is looking for a worthy challenge, it will make you feel chills just sitting here, its nickname is "Spiller of Blood".

Is That A Coincidence?

Remember the crumbling stone, that's in Fountain at Ked Bardu, literally says spill their blood to be deemed worthy. And this guy's nickname is Spiller of Blood, and it wants a worthy challenge that it literally yells out into the world, when you get near it. Is that a clue or a coincidence? I don't have a definite conclusion, but it seems likely that they are using the exact same terms, which makes one wonder.

Let's fight this and just see what happens. So it doesn't not really any threat, I mean I'm on World Tier one just because I don't want to die to some, butit's not a threat in World Tier four whatever you just kill it. So it dropped some gravestone pale dust that I picked up, it drops some Diablo 4 Items, and it always drops this Blood Spiller's Helm. That's useful what's that say Blood Spiller's hell.

Diablo 4 Blood Spiller's Helm

Key part, there is nothing better in life, and to stand alone, painted red, atop a hill made from the bodies of your enemies. So it drops and it's one of those rare guys that drops a unique item. But this guy has so many coincidences with it, that we seem to think we're on to something.

Some Questions

So there's a couple things that could be happening here, do we need to wear something unique? Or find a unique item to be in and then fight it? To be deemed worthy? Maybe it'll turn into an unexpected fight, maybe it'll drop something, do we need to use its Helmet? Blood Spiller's Helmet is here, do we need to wear it to kill something?

We've tried cleansing this, we've tried fighting it with all kinds of different things. Do we need to follow the instructions on the helmet? It said there is nothing better in life than standing alone on a hill made of enemy corpses? Is there a hill like that somewhere? is there a certain pile of bodies you could you have to stand on? I'm sure players have many ways to interpret this stuff, but that's what makes it interesting.

Diablo 4 Secret Cow Level

Something I Have Done

I tried taunting it, like getting close to it and taunting. While using every different emote, I've tried just face tanking it, and using different emotes, I wore some of the other items, that you can confined. But they don't seem to do anything it could very well just be a dead end. But I don't mind doing it, it's also a fun way to pass the time, now it's easy to get to level 100.

So that's where we're at right now, it's just a small little interesting side thing with a lot of words, that match with Fountains statues are saying, it kind of fits together with I mean, go look at what happened with Whimsyshire. How they discovered that secret level and all the different pieces that you needed for, We'll most likely need to do something more complex in Diablo 4, and that's certainly part of it.

If you've seen any piles of bodies any unique places with lots of blood, maybe you need to come get this Helmet. Maybe if you stand on bodies, maybe someone else will come fight you or something, we don't know. It's kind of fun to investigate these things.

Diablo 4: How To Improve Your Gear? I Have Some Crazy Crafting Tricks!

Hi Diablo fans! Today I'm going to share with you some tips that can improve your gear.

Diablo 4


Leveling up a new Rogue, I decided to try a Flurry plus Rapid Fire combo. We had this incident here where, I found a potential upgrade for my Gloves, which usually is supposed to have something like a core skill ranks.

Diablo 4 Gloves

In that case two of them Flurry and Rapid Fire, and then stuff like Crit chance attack speeds. These are usually the top stats you have. And I'm gonna show you how I made this kind of Gloves into something actually really good, that I'm probably gonna wear for many levels. You can also choose some other Gear, which can be purchased with Diablo 4 Gold.

Breakpoints And Critical Strike Chance

You see here right now this Glove is nothing really special, it has one revival fire has been a soft Crit and has a little bit of attack speed, so nothing really great. And I decided to try my luck to try to roll the intelligence to Flurry, so that I have the top four stats on my Glove, and you see that this is item power 612.

A few weeks ago I talked about Blacksmith upgrades and Diablo 4 Items power breakpoints, and there is one at 625. And if you upgrade this pair of Gloves to 625, it will re-enroll all the ranges of all the stats in the next here.

Some Examples

For example, Critical Strike Chance right now has four percent it goes from three to six, and this is like a rather low roll so it's like almost a minimum. But this can be completely random it can actually go to maximum, when you reach that 625 threshold, so instead of this four percent it could roll to six plus it goes to the next tier, so there's a bigger range so that will be like probably up to seven percent Crits, and then you also get the extra power from the Blacksmith upgrades.

So there's multiple things happening at the same time, and the same applies to all of those ranges, so for example the attack speed right now you see is also kind of mediocre, and again this could either roll down or it's going to roll up. It gets completely randomized there's no system to it.

A Pretty Hilarious Incident

Then I use some other trick to really make this a special item for me, but you're gonna see it in a second first things.

I try to roll off the interior to try and get Flurry, and they actually had a really funny outcome here. So jumping forward you can see here I managed to roll two times Penetrating Shot once with one rank and once or two ranks.

Diablo 4 Rapid Fire

So that's a pretty hilarious incident, I'm not even sure why this is even possible because it seems very strange to me this must be something particular to Gloves and those skill rolls. Maybe it can happen with other skill rolls on other items, but for the most part, it's kind of hard to roll certain skill. And hilariously enough on the second roll I actually managed to get Flurry and it also holds one and two Flurries.

A Real Mechanic

So there's like the insane RNG, but it doesn't really matter which one I choose, because it is a real mechanic that I just explained. So at 625 I could pick one Flurry or I could pick two Flurries, it doesn't matter because it gets re-randomized again at that 625 threshold. So then I went to the Blacksmith to upgrade it and you're gonna see it as an action here, so I did two upgrades at 622 and then the third one you can actually see the preview.

Diablo 4 625 threshold

Here it will show you those re-randomized values. And you see here we actually got one of those special cases, where you can get a minus from upgrading your item because of this re-randomization process. So this Critical Strike Chance went to minimums is very unfortunate, but it could have also been the maximum or anywhere in between basically.

You see the attack speed actually went up, so quite significantly from this one upgrade 2.9 percent. This is because it rolls to the next tier of stats and it actually rolled to desertly decent. And also Rapid Fire that previously was one is forced to be two now.

And so is the Flurry so no matter what I would have chosen on the previous outcome it wouldn't matter here. Because in this item power range from 625 to 724, in this item bar breakpoint, there is only two there cannot be any other ranks. But now comes another problem with this item, you see here I can only have four upgrades, and this is because this is a normal Legendary and not a sacred or Ancestral Legendary.

Diablo 4 Ancestral Legendary

So I cannot actually get this two to three ranks and this is actually what I try to accomplish here, and I realized this in that moment I was like. But there is a way around that and that is with Imprinting so you see here I have a sacred Legendary Aspect, and Magnus utility aspect that I tried to put in my Glove, I saved this one up for a next upgrade.

Honkai Star Rail: Building and Ascension Guide - Luocha

In a Honkai Star Rail game, if you have the best Luocha build, your teammates will have an easy time. In addition to Imaginary Damage that Luocha has, it can also be a damage maker and a healer for teammates, so Luocha is a hybrid role.

Honkai Star Rail

Introduction of Luocha

Prayer of Abyss Flower is one of Luocha's powerful abilities. This skill can restore vitality immediately according to the attack attribute, and produce Abyss Flower, which is very spectacular. In addition, when the teammate's vitality is lower than 50%, such an effect will appear, and this skill does not consume skill points.

And Luocha's ultimate skill is called Death Wish, which will eliminate the enemy's gain and cause Imaginary Damage to the enemy according to the character's own attack power, so that he will also get Abyss Flower.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha

Abyss Flower can trigger Luocha's talent. When Luocha has two layers of Abyss Flower, Luocha can consume them and surround all enemies. When the enemy is attacked by Luocha, they can restore their own health according to Luocha's attack power. This effect will disappear when Luocha is knocked down.

Luocha's Eidolon Levels

Field effect of Luocha's Eidolons 1 and 4 has been enhanced, which can increase the damage value of his teammates by 20%, also has a weakening effect on the enemy, and it reduces the damage value of the enemy to himself by 12%.

Eidolons 2 has also enhanced Luocha's skills. If the target's HP is below 30%, Luocha's output healing can be increased; if the target's HP is above 50%, Luocha can create a shield.

Eidolon 6 enhances Luocha's ultimate skill. It can reduce Resistance of enemies against all damage types by 20%. It is very powerful and can last for two rounds.

Luocha is considered by many players to be a very powerful support character, which worth investing in for many players, if you want to know more you can visit Honkai Star Rail Accounts, especially for players who lack healers or imagine damage.

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Best Light Cones

Echoes of the Coffin is Luocha's iconic Cone in Honkai Star Rail. When the game character wears it, the corresponding wearer's attack power can be improved, and it also has an attack effect on the wearer's opponent. When the wearer successfully activates Cone's ultimate ability, Light Cone will increase the movement speed of all teammates for one round.

Honkai Star Rail Light Cone Luocha

Attack power is also a decisive stat for Luocha's healing abilities, so players will also invest in this stat. Yet apart from Luocha's iconic Light Cone, there are currently no other Cones that can play to such an advantage.

Best Light Cones for Luocha:

  • Echoes of the Coffin (5 - Star)
  • Time Waits for No One (5 - Star)
  • Quid Pro Quo (4 - Star)
  • Post - Op Conversation (4 - Star)
  • Shared Feeling (4 - Star)
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights (4 - Star)

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: best Relics

Luocha can also be specialized as a healer, which can further strengthen its healing ability and protect the team's healing effect better. Luocha also can take a comprehensive development route, focusing on improving its own attack power, of course, this will not affect its ability to support teammates.

Best Relic Sets for Luocha:

Cloud Walker (4) - Adds 10% healing effect and restores skill points immediately at the start of the battle.

Wild Rifleman (4) - Character's Attack Power is increased by 12%, Base Attack Power is increased by 10%, and Speed is increased by 6%.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats:

Head - HP (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, Attack

Hands - Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Body - Outgoing Healing or Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Feet - Speed (Primary), Attack, Effect Resistance, HP

Planar Sphere - Attack (Primary), Break Effect, Effect Hit Rate, Speed, Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Rate

Link Rope - Energy Regeneration or Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Best Team

Luocha fits almost every team perfectly, and it can do some Imaginary Damage. If you have Luocha in your team, the team advantage is also very large, provided it is well constructed. And Luocha's Imaginary Damage is very powerful for other elites and bosses.

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Ascension Materials

The following will list the materials needed to upgrade Luocha to the highest level and upgrade all of Luocha's talents:

In order to reach level 80, Luocha needs the following upgrade materials in addition to the necessary XP:

1. Credits x 308,000

2. Artifex's Module x 15

3. Artifex's Cogwheel x 15

4. Artifex's Gyreheart x 15

5. Golden Crown of the Past Shadow x 65

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Ascension Materials

Artifex's Modules, Cogwheels and Gyrehearts, which you can collect from enemies in Entranced Ingenia or Simulated Universe.

You can get Artifex's Modules by completing the daily tasks of the character. The process is relatively easy, and it is also the basic material. Golden Crowns of the Past Shadow You can obtain by exchanging rare materials.

How To Build An Awesome Rogue In Diablo 4? - Skills, Stats, Aspects & Specializations

There are five Classes in Diablo 4, among which Rogue is famous for its excellent skills, including trap, agility and damage-dealing. But do you know how to build the best Rogue? Rogue may not be the most popular class, but its high damage output can definitely become one of the most powerful classes.

Diablo 4 rogue build

Rogue is also a great option for new players in Diablo 4. It's very agile and has multiple damage patterns, including raps, Shadow damage, Poison damage and Cold damage. If you are more interested in Rogue, the following notes will help you build:

Note 1 - Best Rogue Build Method in Diablo 4

For Rogue builds, the best without a doubt is Twisting Blades Rogue. Its most powerful point is AoE damage. The technical details you need to master include character positioning and escaping. If you find it difficult, you can improve it through continuous practice, or you can use D4 Gold to buy equipment to increase damage value.

Note 2 - Twisting Blades Rogue in Diablo 4

You'll need to invest your skill points into the following skills that Shadow Rogue build:

Diablo 4 Rogue Skill Type

Note 3 - Effects of Twisting Blades Rogue build

In Diablo 4, Twisting Blades Rogue build has the effect of applying debuffs such as Slow, Dazed, and Vulnerable to enemies when facing enemy attacks. At the same time, it can also perfectly cooperate with Twisting Blade, which can cause more extra damage. If you want to know how to use Twisting Blades Rogue build perfectly, the following attack rotation can help you:

Diablo 4 attack rotation ranking

In the Boss battle in Diablo 4, Shadow Clone Ultimate is also an excellent choice, it can perfectly copy all your actions and can cause greater damage, whether you are a novice or an old player, it is very handy.

Note 4 - Best use of Paragon Board for Twisting Blades Rogue build in Diablo 4

If you want to build the most powerful endgame Rogue, you can refer to the following Nodes and Glyphs to use your Paragon Points:

Best use of Paragon Board for Twisting Blades Rogue build in Diablo 4

The above Nodes and Glyphs will definitely improve your Rogue character, so use the above table as a guide to create a unique path so you know the best timing for different abilities.

Note 5 - Penetrating Shot Rogue build in Diablo 4

Here are Diablo 4 related skills that can be used for Penetrating Shot Rogue build:

Penetrating Shot Rogue build in Diablo 4

Note 6 - How to play Penetrating Shot Rogue build

Penetrating Shot Rogue build's ability effects are very effective against single enemies, and it focuses on dealing single damage in Diablo 4, such as when you're fighting Ashava. Penetrating Shot has a high hit rate, and this skill can also protect your safety .

Note 7 - Best Stats About Rogue Builds in Diablo 4

When building your Rogue character, the first you need to consider are the followings:

  • Dexterity
  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Willpower

In addition to the above points, during the process of creating your Rogue character, you can always research some ways to increase damage and increase defense.

Note 8 - Rogue Specializations

Below you'll find Rogue's character's class traits and best scenarios:

  • Combo Points - When you use it, it can significantly increase the damage value of Rogue's core skills, such as Twisting Blades, Penetrating Shot and Barrage. Combo Points are very important if you want to build the heart of Rogue.
  • Inner Sight - If you want to be a high-energy player, you need Inner Sight. In the battle, some enemies will appear purple eye-icon, after you defeat them, you can increase your energy.
  • Preparation - This is mainly to reduce the cooling time of skills, especially in endgame, the effect is very good. In endgame, your enemies are also very powerful, and their energy consumption will be very high relative to yours, so Preparation is indispensable.

Through the above 8 Notes, I hope it will be of effective help to your Rogue character construction.

Elden Ring: The Birth of Vampire Slayer - Simon Belmont | Fun Topic Recently

Elden Ring is an Action RPG set in the fantasy world of Lands Between, developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with renowned author George R.R. Martin. Incorporating elements from FromSoftware, the game has become a hit with players by bringing an immersive story, using challenging elements, and employing Martin’s craft of creating complex narratives.

Elden Ring Simon Belmont

Gamers’ imaginations are boundless in Elden Ring, a game that not only captivates players with its popularity but also empowers players with freedom of choice through the character customization system. This gives gamers the opportunity to transform into a variety of impossible characters, from playing in-game invasion characters to living pop culture icons, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Spider-Man.

Players are full of creativity in the gaming community. Using their fertile imagination and creativity, Elden Ring players create beloved vampire hunter Simon Belmont, protagonist of Castlevania series and iconic vampire from Castlevania series killer. This legendary figure is known for his superior ability to hunt vampires with the whip in his hand. Since his debut in the Castlevania game, he has become an icon in the gaming industry.

JayzRebellion15 embodies the very essence of Simon Belmont in their Elden Ring character creation. It added a touch of nostalgia to the game by incorporating the retro music of Castlevania. At the same time, the iconic health bar and player UI also illustrate the score, time and stage of the classic game. It cleverly blends of elements and pays homage to the origins of Metroidvania genre, and retro charm evokes a unique sense of nostalgia that comes from a fondness for classic games.

Elden Ring The Birth of Vampire Slayer

JayzRebellion15 brought the gaming legend to life with the character of Simon Belmont in Elden Ring. This showcases the power of imagination and customization in the immersive world of Elden Ring. The over-the-top homage to Castlevania also showcases the enduring impact and cross-series creativity that captivate the gaming community.

Although this change can indeed improve the game experience of players greatly in a subjective sense, objectively speaking, it does not help you kill more powerful bosses to get better loot. Back on the topic of reality, if you don’t have enough Elden Ring Runes or powerful gears or weapons, then Simon Belmont can only make you happy for a while, that’s all.

If you have a tremendous demand for Elden Ring currency items now, you can use the coupon code “CSCCA” to get 5% off at, which would ease your financial burden and speed up your game progress. Those who are interested in it act now!

WOTLK Classic: What Should We Prepare for Phase 3 Crafted Gear

In many games, a new tier of content often means new crafting recipes. When Phase Three is released for the Crusader class in this game, it will come with new patterns for blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking. These patterns are specific to those three professions and are not available for other professions like enchanting or alchemy.

It's a good idea to prepare for the new content by stocking up on crafting materials or even making a profit by selling them on the auction house. By doing so, players can take advantage of these new patterns and craft valuable items that can help them progress in the game for more unique rewards and WOTLK Classic Gold.

The new recipes for crafting in the game include chest and braces that are very useful for players. To craft these items, you will need tight and still bars, as well as Crusader orbs.

These orbs are similar to Rune orbs from a previous phase but can now be found in Trial of the Crusader instead. You can also spend the new emblems on them, but it's not recommended unless you are hoping to make a profit on the auction house. The same applies for leatherworking, where Arctic fur and Crusader orbs are needed, and tailoring also has new patterns available.

WOTLK Classic: What Should We Prepare for Phase 3 Crafted Gear

The type of armor that you need to craft will depend on the role of your character, whether it is geared towards DPS, healing, or tanking. For example, for tanks, you may need to use a combination of typical crafting materials like tight and still bars, as well as Crusader orbs.

However, there may also be some unusual materials that you need to prepare for. It's important to check the specific requirements for each piece of armor that you want to make and start stocking up on the necessary materials.

In the game, certain armor pieces like the Breastplate of the White Knight and Saronite Sword Breakers are highly sought after due to their excellent stats. The braces, for example, have bonuses to hit, defense, and dodging, while the breastplate offers defense, dodge, and parry stats as well as multiple sockets.

To craft the braces, you'll need eight Titan steel bars and four Crusader orbs along with a stack of twenty saronite bars. As for the chest, it's a bit trickier as it requires 12 Titan steel bars and eight eternal lifeswitch, so you'll need to prepare accordingly by stockpiling the necessary materials.

To craft certain armor pieces in the game, like the Breastplate of the White Knight and Saronite Sword Breakers, you'll need to gather specific materials. For the breastplate, this includes 12 Titan steel bars and eight eternal lifeswitch, while the braces require eight Titan steel bars, four Crusader orbs, and twenty saronite bars.

Additionally, for some items, like the breastplate, you'll also need two Majestic zircons, which are Epic gems that will become available in phase three of the game. To prepare for this, you can stock up on Titanium to prospect for the gems or simply save up emblems or honor to purchase the gems directly. However, you'll still need the craft recipes to create these items.

In the game, crafting armor pieces like the Sunforge Braces and Sunforge Breastplate require a bit of luck as you'll need the crafting recipe. These items are especially beneficial for Holy Paladins, with the braces providing bonuses to haste, mana, spell power, and a yellow socket, which is useful if you haven't been able to obtain Binding of Winter Gale from Hodir 25 Hard Mode. Be aware that Crusader orbs are also required to craft these items.

In the game, you can obtain everything you need to craft the Sunforger Braces and Sunforger Breastplate. To craft the braces, you'll need 12 eternal life, eight titan steel bars, and four Crusader orbs. For the chest, you'll need 20 eternal life, ten titan steel bars, and four Crusader orbs.

These items are good for Plate DPS and have bonuses to crit and armor penetration, making them desirable for Frost DKs and Warriors. However, crafting the chest also requires four Deadly Saronite Spurs, which are created through blacksmithing using two crystallized air and seven saronite bars. It's a good idea to start stockpiling these materials now, along with the required titan steel and Crusader orbs.

In the game, crafting the Sunforger Braces and Sunforger Breastplate is not too difficult, but can require some preparation. These items can be reliably sold on the Auction House, especially the braces which only require one Vengeance Binding to craft (along with 12 saronite bars and one Eternal Fire).

The chest and braces, along with the other Sunforger armor pieces, also require enchanting materials like Nerubian chitin or Abyss crystals, which can get expensive. The chest requires four Crusader orbs, Arctic fur, and ten eternal life, but does not require Abyss crystals. Consider stockpiling materials to craft and enchant these sought-after items, as they can fetch high prices in the game's economy.

Lost Ark: You Should Know 8 Things

Lost Ark made a significant impact when it was released in the Western gaming community and has now established a strong position within the MMORPG genre.

Its unique blend of MMORPG and isometric ARPG elements has resonated with players, and the fact that it remains one of the most popular MMOs around speaks to its enduring appeal.

Lost Ark's success sets it apart from other titles in the genre and validates its status as a standout game.

1. Flashy ARPG Combat

Although isometric ARPGs generally have impressive and mesmerizing combat, Lost Ark sets itself apart by offering animations and flow that are even more satisfying to behold and control.
The game's skills and spells provide a weighty feedback, granting them an impact that is often absent in other MMORPGs where players may need to use complex rotations to achieve satisfying gameplay.

The attack damage numbers in Lost Ark are incredibly satisfying to see, especially when they result from critical hits.

The game's movement animations are more lively compared to Path of Exile, and the impact of players' actions feels more weighty than in traditional MMORPGs.

You Should Know 8 Things About Lost Ark

2. Dynamic Visual Presentation

Lost Ark's cutscenes impressed prospective players before its Western release. The game effortlessly transitioned from the dialogue to the gameplay, providing a smooth and seamless experience.

Additionally, the camera angles changed to an overhead view, ensuring players had complete control during gameplay.

The statement highlights how Lost Ark boasts the use of the same graphics for both gameplay and cutscenes, resulting in a more cohesive and immersive story experience for players.

Despite criticisms about the game's storyline, this approach to presentation elevates the game's overall quality and production value.

3. Exploration Content & Rewards

Lost Ark's open-world environment is famous for its numerous islands, each filled with thousands of collectibles, Lost Ark Gold, achievements, and secrets to discover.

With intricate design and attention to detail, every nook and cranny of the islands is filled with surprises, making for endless exploration and discovery opportunities.

4. Satisfying PVP

Lost Ark has successfully integrated a cohesive and enjoyable PVP system without sacrificing its core PVE gameplay, in contrast to other MMORPGs that struggle to balance the two.

This is achieved through thoughtful game design and balancing, ensuring that both PVE and PVP modes are equally rewarding for players.

Lost Ark has successfully implemented a balanced and engaging PVP system that maintains the weight of combat, while flattening performance metrics for fairness.

The game benefits from ARPG combat design which contributes to its superior balancing when compared to other MMORPGs with PVP.

You Should Know 8 Things About Lost Ark

5. Up-To-Date Visuals

Lost Ark sets itself apart from similar games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo Immortal with its adherence to contemporary visual standards.

The game features well-designed, highly detailed characters with more natural animations, contributing to a higher quality of gameplay.

Lost Ark boasts flashier and smoother skill and spell effects compared to other games in the genre, exceeding visual expectations and setting a new standard.

Its superior quality may render older MMORPGs or ARPGs unappealing for players who prioritize visuals and fidelity in their gaming experience.

6. Accessible Gameplay

MMORPGs and ARPGs are often characterized by their complexity, with titles like Path of Exile bombarding players with overwhelming mechanics , gear combinations, and upgrades that are difficult to comprehend without extensive tutorials.

Lost Ark strikes a balance between accessibility and complexity with character builds, catering to both casual and dedicated players.

While the game does have a high skill ceiling, it maintains an approachable learning curve, with a reasonable amount of keyboard inputs required for skill rotations.

7. Stylish Cosmetics

Lost Ark features expansive customization options for characters, providing players with a vast array of aesthetic choices that can be considered a form of endgame in and of itself.

The well-designed default character aesthetics make achieving a fashionable look a desirable goal for many players, leading to a unique "Fashion Ark" experience.

Lost Ark's cosmetics stand out from other MMORPGs and ARPGs with their modern visuals and appealing sense of style, making customization a more enjoyable experience.

Although some cosmetics may break immersion, most of them provide motivation for players to strive for a more polished appearance.

8. Engaging Endgame Raids & Dungeons

Lost Ark stands out from other ARPGs and MMORPGs with its high-quality endgame bosses and dungeons, surpassing the prolonged tutorial stages commonly found in the genre.

Lost Ark's raids and dungeons feature immersive combat and stunning cinematics, with isometric views allowing for easy coordination with teammates.

Recent updates brought high-quality raid bosses that improved the game's content and presentation, making it a great time to jump in.

MLB The Show 23: 3 AL Central Players Should Be Added to Diamond Dynasty Mode

It's been a while since I was able to continue my roster of diamond players. But what else can you expect after San Diego Studios dropped their MLB The Show 23 Tech Test? Right now, I can only leave my PlayStation and come back to this list by turning off my power.

In my opinion, I'm a sucker for Diamond Dynasty mode on MLB The Show. I really want to figure it out on how to improve the strength my online dynasty team with past, present, and future cards, or I won't be able to sleep at night. That being said, there are plenty of great cards to add to MLB The Show 23 to make your gaming experience even better this year. If you want to obtain those awesome cards, you can get them with MLB The Show 23 Stubs to help you build your team and enhance your gaming experience.

With several solid cards already present in MLB The Show 23, the American League Central Division is a bit tricky to deal with. However, we will never back down. There are 3 past AL Central players. In my opinion, they should be added to this year's Diamond Dynasty mode.

Albert Belle, Cleveland Guardians

MLB The Show 23 Albert Belle

Throughout his 12-year career in the major leagues, Albert Belle was a total tank. If you don't believe it, just ask Fernando Vina. In more than 1,500 games he has played in, he has hit 381 home runs with 389 doubles, a .933 OPS, a .295 batting average, and 1,239 RBIs. His career is relatively short, but there are many achievements, including winning 5 Silver Sluggers, finishing in the top 10 of MVP voting 5 times and making 5 All-Star teams.

The best and most impressive aspect of Albert Belle's career was his eight-year tenure in Cleveland. In Cleveland, he hit 242 home runs with 751 RBIs as a righty slugger. In 1995, he hit 50 home runs, 52 doubles, 121 runs, 126 RBIs, and a .317/.401/.690 slash line. In the seven years from 1992 to 1999, he averaged 39 doubles, 40 home runs, 125 RBIs, a.969 OPS and a .302 batting average per season.

This matter is actually very simple. For Albert Belle, a Signature Series diamond card or Face of the Franchise will be an excellent match. If you can give him the connection and the strongest power, you can face him in online matches throughout the season.

Jermaine Dye, Chicago White Sox

MLB The Show 23 Jermaine Dye

For Jermaine Dye's career, you might often overlook it. However, it actually leaves a deep impression. He had a total of 1,779 hits in more than 1,700 matches he has played. Among them, 1,072 RBIs, 363 doubles, 325 home runs and an .826 OPS were included. Through unremitting efforts, he won many honors for himself, including a Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger and two All-Star appearances. His four years with the Chicago White Sox, from 2005 to 2009, were his best years.

Jermaine Dye began his tenure in the White Sox with an impressive campaign. In 145 games he played in, he hit .274 with 29 doubles, 31 home runs, 86 RBIs and an .846 OPS. And, in 2005, he helped the White Sox win the World Series. Then, he ushered in the best season of his career. With 27 doubles, 44 home runs and 120 RBIs, he slashed .315/.385/.622 a lot. At the end of the season, he had a top-five finish for AL MVP. And this isn't his first All-Star appearance, but his second All-Star appearance. And he also won a Silver Slugger Award.

By the end of the year, he won't necessarily be in your endgame lineup. However, I think there should be a card for him in Diamond Dynasty. And, he's a really good fit for a 2006 All-Star Series card.

Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins

MLB The Show 23 Johan Santana

As a Minnesota Twins legend, Johan Santana should have a Diamond Dynasty card in history. Otherwise, I really cannot accept this reality.

In 2000, Johan Santana's major league career officially began, although his first two seasons were not very stable at the beginning. However, two years later, in 2002, the Venezuelan native began to show you his full potential, and it was out of control. From 2002 to 2007, he had a 2.92 ERA as a lefty, along with 1.026 WHIP, 3.11 FIP, 9.8 K/9, a 154 ERA+, 294 walks, 1,289 strikeouts and 90 wins in 166 starts (1,179 IP).

In the three years from 2004 to 2007, Johan Santana followed the Minnesota Twins and has made 3 All-Star appearances, and also won a Gold Glove Award and two Cy Young Awards, and finished the top ten of the AL MVP voting twice. With the New York Mets, he finished his career. Then, he made another All-Star team. In 2012, he threw the team's first no-hitter.

If you're a New York Mets fan, you'll argue with other fans for the Johan Santana diamond card in MLB The Show 23, and that's obvious. However, this card must have a Signature Series version of Twins. Either way, Johan Santana will be your pitcher for the last game in the Diamond Dynasty rotation.

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