Master These 4 Shooting Techniques To Win More Games Post Patch In EA FC 24


Following the recent update in EA FC 24, several adjustments have been made. In this comprehensive guide, I'll unveil 4 key shooting techniques aimed at enhancing your scoring opportunities. I'll delve into the optimal scenarios for employing these techniques, identify situations where they may not be needed, and provide illustrative examples for better understanding. Let's embark on this journey to elevate your gameplay!

Master These 4 Shooting Techniques To Win More Games Post Patch In EA FC 24

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Circle Shot

Introduction: The initial shooting mechanic we'll explore is the regular Circle Shot, a technique widely employed by most players. This shot is particularly effective when utilized in close proximity to the goal, typically within a range of 11 to 16 meters. It's most advantageous when one corner of the goal is left exposed, providing your player with a favorable shooting angle. This scenario often yields successful results and is a go-to strategy for many players.

Example: We got the ball with Kane. We’re dribbling from step overs. The right side of the goal is opening up. We are at a good angle right in front of the goal. Just a regular shot into the right corner of the goal. This regular shot is even better when you green time it.

We are again with Kane, ball roll inside, Sprint Boost into the space. Now we keep running straight at the goal. We have a good angle, green timed, across the body, far post finish.

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Finesse Shot

Introduction: Let’s talk about the Finesse Shot. Now, a Finesse shot for most players is effective really close to the goal when you have a lot of space or one side is totally open. However, with players who have the Finesse Plus, you can shoot long-range shots with them or even from the edge of the box. You can shoot from a lot more angles than with no Playstyle Plus.

Example: Finesse plus, you can shoot from a lot of places, and in this case, we got a pretty good Long Shot. We got the ball with Alexia, Team of the Year, who has the Finesse Plus. We’re dribbling, Sprint Boosting, and from big distance, we tried to finesse it, not even green, and it hits pretty much top bins. So if you got the Finesse Plus, you can try some long shots using the Finesse shot. You perform the Finesse by just pressing R1+Circle at the same time.

EA FC 24 Finesse Shot


Introduction: Let’s take a look at the Trivella. The Trivella is one of the best, if not the best way to finish this year in FC 24 because with Trivella, you can shoot from a long distance, it plays with not that high of shot power. You can shoot inside the box with Trivella from everywhere. You just have to get yourself into a good angle.

You shoot the Trivella by pressing L2 and the shooting button, so circle at the same time. This way, most of the times from Trivella, if the ball is not in a suitable position for your player to Trivella. Make sure the ball is always in the right place where you press L2. Using the ball roll before Trivella also helps for the accuracy or the chances, at least, to go in.

In this case, you’ve got players with Trivella plus like Modric, and you’ve got players that don’t have Trivella. Of course, with Trivella plus, it’s a bit more accurate, but it doesn’t even make that much of a difference.

Example: We are with Bruno Fernandes. This defender doesn’t know what to do. We ball roll, Trivella, green timed, nice finish. Basically guarantees you a goal every time. The Trivella has been good for already 2 years, and inside the box. When you got space, Trivella gives a lot of power to the ball, accuracy is fine, you got to use it.

Power Shot

Introduction: Last but not least, we got the Power Shot. And I’m going tomention that don’t use the Power Shot unless you got players with Power Shot Plus. So, team of the and men and mention skin, the way you got players like that, make use of the Power Shot. You perform the Power Shot by pressing L1, R1, and the shooting button at the same time.

EA FC 24 Power Shot

Example: Get players with Power Shot Plus if you want to do this. In this case, Harry Kane opens up will do the Power Shot. Harry Kane I think from that’s like maybe 20 meters, Power Shot into the near post. I don’t think it’s possible to score in any other way than a Power Shot at that place, from that distance. When you do have players in your team who can perform it, just use it.