A Breakdown Of The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Event In Elder Scrolls Online 2024


Elder Scrolls Online holds an in-game anniversary event each year, known as the Jubilee, which is beloved by the community for its accessibility to earn fantastic rewards. I am confident in saying that this year’s event might just be the best one yet. It’s no surprise considering the Elder Scrolls Online is marking its 10th anniversary.

In this guide, I’ll showcase my findings and share some relevant trading tips that you can implement when the event is active! With much to discuss, let’s dive straight in.

A Breakdown Of The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Event In Elder Scrolls Online 2024

New Cake & Event Tickets

There are some subtle changes to your anniversary cake keepsake this year. The cake this year is said to be made from 100% pure Black Marsh chocolates with bright blue toxic marsh slug dye, and I’ve heard from a few sources that eating this will cause instant death to non-Argonians. So consume it at your own risk.

The Jubilee is no exception, as you’ll no longer need to eat your Jubilee cake every couple of hours. Just to maintain their experience boost. However, this bonus is passive. You will still have to eat the cake once each day to obtain your 3 daily allotted Event Tickets.

Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box

Though how the Jubilee Event has been structured has varied over the years, this year, if you complete any daily quest in Tamriel, you’ll receive an Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box. A daily quest giver can be easily recognized by the iconic glowing light blue quest marker that floats above their heads.

The most common daily quests that come to mind for a lot of players are the DLC world boss, world event, and Delve Dailies that you can get from ESO’s DLC zones, as these dailies are already well-known because of their decent ESO Gold farming potential.

Some other popular dailies include crafting dailies, also known as writs, which you can obtain from writ boards in major cities. PvP dailies like the Battlegrounds dailies or the Cyrodiil town quests or conquests or everyone’s favorite pledges.

Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box

Not only will you obtain the event reward boxes from completing any daily quest, but you’ll also be able to get Jubilee boxes from the following activities: killing and looting any final dungeon boss, trial boss, or world boss. Completing any incursion event, also known as a world event, such as dolmens, geysers, dragons and more.

Opening up the Tales of Tribute reward bag and claiming your rewards for the Worthy mails. This is pretty neat since you won’t necessarily have to go out of your way to earn Jubilee boxes the way you often have to go out of your way to earn other event reward boxes.

You can log in and do whatever you normally do, whether that’s carrying your entire raid team with your roleplay builds, making your opponents and Tales of Tribute last 2 hours, or having your hairline removed by some Nightblade. These activities will all yield reward event rewards.

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Event Rewards

The anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes can drop a variety of rewards, such as crafting materials, recipes, transmute crystals, motifs, and style pages for the new Earthbone Ayleid armor style. The first reward box that you receive every day will be a glorious version of it, distinguishable by its color in your inventory, and it has a significantly higher chance of dropping valuable things.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique goodies that we can get from this event that we’ve never been able to earn before. The Glorious Reward Boxes are guaranteed to reward you with a bound, untradeable fragment for the brand new Jubilee Steed that’s unique to this event. You can earn these from the Glorious boxes, but you can also spend your Event Tickets to purchase them. They can be bought from the Impresario for 3 Event Tickets each.

Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Jubilee Steed

Abyssal Geysers in Summerset has a chance to drop a style page for the Ul'Vor Staff, as this staff is also prevalent in the Summerset chapter story. It’s important to note that these rare style pages were bind-on-pickup items on the Public Test Server and they were not available for purchase from the Impresario.

About Impresario

The Impresario is an event merchant that is located in all the major cities across Tamriel. You can find them anytime an event is active by checking out your map and looking for their event icon. During the Jubilee events, the Impresario will offer the following: a Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear that offers event goodies from the previous year’s Jubilee Anniversary Events that you don’t already own.

It won’t reward you with a style page or motif that you’ve already collected. This grab bag can drop items from the Bonemold, Saberkeel, Worm Cult, Jephrine Paladin, Imperial Champion, Prophet, Lyris Titanborn, Sai Sahan, and Abnur Tharn styles or motifs. It also has a chance to give you an additional Worm Cult motif. If you still purchase a grab bag after owning absolutely everything, it will reward you with a Group Repair Kit.

Bound Cake Furnishings for all the Jubilee Cakes over the years will be available for purchase, and you’ll also be able to purchase these new little individual Cake slice Furnishings that represent all the major cake visual styles that you’ll be able to place in your homes. Fortunately, only cost one Event Ticket each. You’ll be able to purchase bound style pages for the Earthbone Ayleid armor style and all 3 fragments for the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet.

Elder Scrolls Online 2024 Bound Cake Furnishings

Gold Farming Tips

This event is well known among veteran traders for being one that significantly affects the market, as well as one that also provides a lot of great investment opportunities for players who plan to stick around for a while. In fact, I encourage you all to farm Jubilee boxes if you can. Farm as many boxes as you can to earn valuable items that you can then sell for gold.

I’d also like to suggest another more long-term strategy: investing in items during the event to sell at a later time. Because the Jubilee event always floods the motif and crafting material market thanks to the sheer amount of event boxes that are being earned, the average values for these kinds of items tend to experience a drop during this event.

Consider buying up items that you believe will be worth significantly more if you were to sell them later in the year, items whose prices you think will recover within a reasonable time frame because of how sought after they are or how tricky they are to get. Crafting materials that are difficult to obtain but fairly valuable because of their prevalence in crafting, like Dragon materials or Perfect Roe or Powdered Mother of Pearl, could also be decent investments.