Honkai Star Rail: Building and Ascension Guide - Luocha


In a Honkai Star Rail game, if you have the best Luocha build, your teammates will have an easy time. In addition to Imaginary Damage that Luocha has, it can also be a damage maker and a healer for teammates, so Luocha is a hybrid role.

Honkai Star Rail

Introduction of Luocha

Prayer of Abyss Flower is one of Luocha's powerful abilities. This skill can restore vitality immediately according to the attack attribute, and produce Abyss Flower, which is very spectacular. In addition, when the teammate's vitality is lower than 50%, such an effect will appear, and this skill does not consume skill points.

And Luocha's ultimate skill is called Death Wish, which will eliminate the enemy's gain and cause Imaginary Damage to the enemy according to the character's own attack power, so that he will also get Abyss Flower.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha

Abyss Flower can trigger Luocha's talent. When Luocha has two layers of Abyss Flower, Luocha can consume them and surround all enemies. When the enemy is attacked by Luocha, they can restore their own health according to Luocha's attack power. This effect will disappear when Luocha is knocked down.

Luocha's Eidolon Levels

Field effect of Luocha's Eidolons 1 and 4 has been enhanced, which can increase the damage value of his teammates by 20%, also has a weakening effect on the enemy, and it reduces the damage value of the enemy to himself by 12%.

Eidolons 2 has also enhanced Luocha's skills. If the target's HP is below 30%, Luocha's output healing can be increased; if the target's HP is above 50%, Luocha can create a shield.

Eidolon 6 enhances Luocha's ultimate skill. It can reduce Resistance of enemies against all damage types by 20%. It is very powerful and can last for two rounds.

Luocha is considered by many players to be a very powerful support character, which worth investing in for many players, if you want to know more you can visit Honkai Star Rail Accounts, especially for players who lack healers or imagine damage.

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Best Light Cones

Echoes of the Coffin is Luocha's iconic Cone in Honkai Star Rail. When the game character wears it, the corresponding wearer's attack power can be improved, and it also has an attack effect on the wearer's opponent. When the wearer successfully activates Cone's ultimate ability, Light Cone will increase the movement speed of all teammates for one round.

Honkai Star Rail Light Cone Luocha

Attack power is also a decisive stat for Luocha's healing abilities, so players will also invest in this stat. Yet apart from Luocha's iconic Light Cone, there are currently no other Cones that can play to such an advantage.

Best Light Cones for Luocha:

  • Echoes of the Coffin (5 - Star)
  • Time Waits for No One (5 - Star)
  • Quid Pro Quo (4 - Star)
  • Post - Op Conversation (4 - Star)
  • Shared Feeling (4 - Star)
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights (4 - Star)

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: best Relics

Luocha can also be specialized as a healer, which can further strengthen its healing ability and protect the team's healing effect better. Luocha also can take a comprehensive development route, focusing on improving its own attack power, of course, this will not affect its ability to support teammates.

Best Relic Sets for Luocha:

Cloud Walker (4) - Adds 10% healing effect and restores skill points immediately at the start of the battle.

Wild Rifleman (4) - Character's Attack Power is increased by 12%, Base Attack Power is increased by 10%, and Speed is increased by 6%.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats:

Head - HP (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, Attack

Hands - Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Body - Outgoing Healing or Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Feet - Speed (Primary), Attack, Effect Resistance, HP

Planar Sphere - Attack (Primary), Break Effect, Effect Hit Rate, Speed, Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Rate

Link Rope - Energy Regeneration or Attack (Primary), Attack, Speed, Effect Resistance, HP

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Best Team

Luocha fits almost every team perfectly, and it can do some Imaginary Damage. If you have Luocha in your team, the team advantage is also very large, provided it is well constructed. And Luocha's Imaginary Damage is very powerful for other elites and bosses.

Honkai Star Rail - Luocha: Ascension Materials

The following will list the materials needed to upgrade Luocha to the highest level and upgrade all of Luocha's talents:

In order to reach level 80, Luocha needs the following upgrade materials in addition to the necessary XP:

1. Credits x 308,000

2. Artifex's Module x 15

3. Artifex's Cogwheel x 15

4. Artifex's Gyreheart x 15

5. Golden Crown of the Past Shadow x 65

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Ascension Materials

Artifex's Modules, Cogwheels and Gyrehearts, which you can collect from enemies in Entranced Ingenia or Simulated Universe.

You can get Artifex's Modules by completing the daily tasks of the character. The process is relatively easy, and it is also the basic material. Golden Crowns of the Past Shadow You can obtain by exchanging rare materials.