How To Beat Defenders With Dribbling Tecniques In FIFA 23


Dribbling is a staple in football. Not only is this an aspect of the game that we all love, but it's also a skill in itself that takes dedication and practice for years in and years out. And guess what it's the same for FIFA? I mean you could either be Basin, attempting to dribble an assignment charity match or you could be Defenders and dribbling throughout the defense.

One thing we must come to accept this year in 2023 is the fact that dribbling is non-existent. However, there are specific techniques, which we can use to beat Defenders in FIFA 23. This is the top three methods to beat Defenders with dribbling in FIFA 23.

1. Agile Feint

First of all, we're going to kick things off with Agile Dribbling. To perform it, you just need to hold in one. Essentially, the player will add your dribble. It will increase the touches that he takes when you're going left and right with the left stick and can be super useful specifically to faint a Defender away and beat him.

Now I'm going to compare it to Strafe Dribbling. Although that won't be in this tutorial, I can use it to compare to Agile Dribbling. Essentially, what I like to do is use Agile Dribbling to take it to the side of the Defender and strap your link to draw the defend in. However, that is not the technique I'm talking about.

When the Defender is approaching, you can hold R1 and hold this deck to the left and then hold it briefly to the right to do a faint motion. And what this does is allow you to burst past the Defender. If he hasn't quite fated on the first thing that you perform with the left stick, you can do it again. You can go left-right-left or right-left-left-right. And essentially, the player will faint the Defender away. And you're able to dribble around him and then burst into the space that has been left open. This is specifically how I beat Defenders with Agile Dribbling.

Agile Dribbling in FIFA 23

2. Back Feinting

I find it's the best way to do so in FIFA 23 back fainting the opponent with left stick dribbling. I've done a standalone tutorial on this and how to beat Defenders in the bots, but it's so effective. And especially when you're dribbling with left stick, it's not as agile as previous years as we've determined in the intro.

But, what I will say is, if you keep it back to him and you do small left right movements, what will happen is he will eventually commit to a side that you've thanked him towards which will then allow you to beat him and burst off into the space that he has left open. So, you can essentially hit the Strikers, defeat or you can dribble towards a Defender and turn back to keep it back to him. And not allow him to keep full and then faint him away to a certain side to then open up space to another side and burst into that space. It's a very very good way of beating Defenders with left stick dribbling and I find it's the most effective way this year in 2023.

3. Straffe Touch Dribble

Not many people know about the Agile Dribbling and Touch Dribble technique, but it's very effective. Essentially, when you are dribbling in FIFA 23 and you are approaching the Defender, what you can do is as the player takes touches on the ball. You can tap L1. What this does is a very very Agile Touch to the side as he dribbles. And it can actually allow you to beat Defenders, when you couple this with R2 Sprint Dribbling.

Then you should use the Agile Dribbling technique, where you approach him on the touch. Tap it, take it to the side and then burst with the R2 button to the side of the Defender. It's very hard to tackle and very hard to read. I find it's a very very effective way of beating Defenders this year in FIFA 23. If you just tap it not hold it but just tap it on the touch, and it allows you to do a big quick shimmy to the side. And then burst into the space to the side of the Defender with R2.

If we use these techniques, it'll allow us to best defeat beat defenders in any situation. And if you use FUT Coins to improve your players' strength, you can win more games.