How to Farm Gold In Diablo 4? & The Best Way To Farm It


Almost any action in the game is inseparable from Gold, and it has gradually become the most inseparable part of the game players, which is why Gold is important.

But many players are very distressed that you cannot quickly accumulate a large amount of Gold, and some players may find it difficult to Farm Gold. Of course, you have a very convenient way, that is to buy Diablo 4 Gold directly. In addition, there are many ways to Farm Gold, but the most effective ways are selling equipment and killing enemies, both of which may not make you very rich right away, but you can do both activities at any time.

Diablo 4 How to farm gold

So how do you get Gold in the game? The following methods are particularly important.

How to Farm Gold?

In Diablo 4, the easiest way to get coins is to sell items. You can pick up all valuable items in the game, return to Town when your inventory is full, and sell them all. In this way, you can quickly get a lot of Gold, but you can't get any materials.

In fact, this is a choice, and you need to judge at this time:

  • If your materials are sufficient and you need Gold very much, you can choose to sell the loot you brought back;
  • If your material inventory is not enough, the suggestion to you is to salvage Rare items first, you can sell your Magic ones to get Gold.

Diablo 4 Gold

The above mainly refers to selling items to get Gold, but if you want to change it, killing monsters to Farm Gold will be a good choice. When monsters die, they drop Gold, but you can also do any events, shrines or goblins that spawn while you're there.

In other words, you can also do some events in Diablo 4 that end up with the fact that they drop a ton of items. Here's what you can learn about these activities:


During Helltide event, you'll find a lot of monsters. At this time, when you kill them in the past, you can get a lot of loot. At the same time, you can also get some valuable materials in Helltide events, such as Forgotten Souls and even Legendary and Unique equipment. But you need to pay attention to your item drop probability.

Diablo 4 monsters

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are good for collecting lots of loot, especially in Champion's Demise or Guulrahn Canals, where monsters are concentrated and numerous.

Tree of Whispers

Tree of Whispers is also a good choice, because it lets you do a lot of different kinds of activities, all of which give you drops when you complete them. When you're done with the event, remember to go back to Town and sell your items for a ton of Gold.

In general, as long as you master the method of Farm Gold, your game experience will be better!