Joined FO76 Newbies Due To Fallout TV Series Would Better Know How You Get Started Well


Have you ever imagined the end of the world? I’ve thought about it. Because I have watched too many TV series about it. I would imagine how I would survive in the apocalypse, such as finding food, hunting monsters, protecting the people I love, etc. The recently popular Fallout TV series must have aroused your desire.

Yes, there is such a game. It is Fallout 76, the prototype of the Fallout TV series. This is a game with limited appeal because it combines the gameplay of different types of games. But if you like survival and crafting, then this game will be very suitable for you. If you hate Bethesda games, then just pretend I didn’t tell you.

Joined FO76 Newbies Due To Fallout TV Series Would Better Know How You Get Started Well

Fallout 76 is co-produced by DC-area studio and a newer, Austin, Texas-based studio. DC-area studio has produced Skyrim and Fallout 4. I believe everyone has heard of it.

This game is like a sieve in the early stage. Its gameplay and content will filter out emotional players and retain some calm and stable players. So the environment in the late game is very comfortable and friendly.

This game is not simple. In order to make it easier for you to get started, I decided to give you some advice here. In fact, finding strategies is also a major feature of our game. I don’t know what your MBTI is? But whether you’re a social person or an introvert, this game has something for you. If you like socializing, then your first step could be to join a casual party. You can get many benefits from doing this, such as Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, Weapon and Ammuntion

“House” & “Eat” In Fallout 76

Be note, the crafting system of this game is very rich. Basically, most of the equipment must be gained through crafting. Most buildings require wood to make cooking ingredients. As you have nothing in the early stage, you need to find a lot of wood in order to survive. There is a place called Helvetia in the northern part of the map. There is plenty of wood there, which is enough for you to transition to the early stage.

After talking about where to stay, let’s talk about food. Food is essential in doomsday survival. Also on the north side of the map you need to find Mama Dolce’s Food Manufacturing, where the “Feed the People” event will be held. The food gained can not only fill our stomachs, but also increase our XP. You must not miss it. In addition, you can find cranberries everywhere on the map, just use it to make food.

Once shelter and food are provided, then the basic living conditions are in place, and the next thing is very simple.

The Correct Development Steps For A Normal Player

When you first enter the game, you only need to follow the major mission and complete it. After completing specific tasks, you will receive a backpack to hold supplies. Supplies are also very important and precious in this world. For example, stimpaks, which are used as therapeutic agents, were very scarce in the early days. When you get stimpaks, don’t just use them randomly. You can go to a chem station and dilute it to get more small stimpaks.

Speaking of lack of supplies, we have to mention the existence of donation boxes in this world. We can say it is very friendly to novice players. There are usually some things in the donation box that are necessary for beginners, although these things may not seem worth mentioning in the later stage.

Fallout 76 donation boxes

If you feel that this way of opening up wasteland is too slow and you want to get stronger equipment and become stronger, then you can learn about Uranium Fever. This is the fastest way for you to gain wealth and loot. You can join a team of other players to play. The main content of the activity is to protect generators from damage and gain valuable weapons by killing Mole miner. A legendary enemy may appear every few minutes, and there is a chance to gain a legendary item after killing it. If you want to kill everyone in the world of Fallout 76, this event is not to be missed.

Fallout 76 Uranium Fever

As your strength and level continue to increase, your demand for difficulty and supplies will also increase. Next, you can go to the Whitespring Resort with the map. This is not a place for you to go on vacation. This is actually a huge trading center. You can buy almost everything you need here. It is a very safe shelter. There are some high-level enemies outside the Whitespring Resort. When you are chased, you can hide inside and they will never find you.

Let me think of what else I can tell you... Oh! Correct. There’s one more thing you need to know about, and that’s the bloodied build. He may appear on your weapon. Its function is that the lower your health is, the higher the damage of your weapon will be, up to 75%.

Fallout 76 bloodied build

Fallout 76 is more like releasing something from reality into the world. So, some people can’t accept this and choose to give up. But if your receptivity is high enough, you will find that there are many interesting and personal things in it. It combines many types of gameplay and is a completely different MMORPGs. It is unique and similar to World of Warcraft. The players in Fallout 76 are also very friendly. If you are interested, now is a good time to try it, because the launch of the TV series has also brought some popularity to the game.