Elden Ring: May Take Inspiration From Escape From Tarkov In The Future


In my opinion, Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki loves the Extraction shooters genre as much as I do. I think he is really a man of great taste. In a recent interview with the award-winning director, he revealed how much he loves Escape From Tarkov. In addition, along with other innovative multiplayer games, it provides rich material for future FromSoftware games. It sounds really exciting.

On February 25, 2022, developer FromSoftware released Elden Ring, and it was a huge success. It's by far one of the best games in Soulsborne. Therefore, last year's title of Game of the Year at the Keighley’s is none other than it. Recently, the official also announced to you the game's first major expansion, I believe you must be looking forward to its arrival. Normally, you might think of Elden Ring as a difficult solo RPG, like other Soulslikes. In fact, FromSoftware games generally include multiplayer components. In addition to those cooperative games, you can actually "invade" another player's game, posing a new and wittier threat to them.

Elden Ring

While they're completely different genres, escape shooters like the recent Call of Duty's DMZ and Escape From Tarkov give you a similar gaming experience. As a PvPvE game, your risk from hostile AI is as much as your risk from other players. However, it is still different from Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. In a multiplayer escape shooter, you're constantly at the risk, which is "invasion" by players occupying the same game instance, bringing you with all sorts of difficult and unpredictable challenges.

What Escape From Tarkov Is And The Reason It Is Similar To Elden Ring

Escape From Tarkov

In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki talked about FromSoftware's future games, saying, "As a fan and one of the game's creators, I'm very interested in the multiplayer element, which includes game design and technology. Especially Escape From Tarkov, I really liked it. So, I generally focus on the multiplayer elements as a fan and a creator of the game."

Since its release in 2016, Escape From Tarkov has been in Early Access. What makes the game so popular is that it's a tactical shooter with brutal tech. First, you need to collect quest items or basic equipment. Then you need to escape the map. And in the process of escaping, you will face some challenges. These challenges can be from hostile AI or from players spread across an open world full of collectibles and unlockables. The most important thing about this game is that it has a set of inventory management duties and a very detailed health system. If you end up escaping alive, you can keep everything you find. If you die in the end, you lose everything, including the things you found. Do these two sentences sound familiar to you?

For other escape shooters, like The Cycle: Frontier or Call of Duty's DMZ, while dialing back loot management and survival a bit, both keep the same PvPvE elements. Although the main loop in the game is entering one area and leaving another, everything that happens along the way is determined by the competing interests and unpredictable chaos of uncertainty. If you've ever played an escape shooter, it's really striking how similar it is to the cycle from campfire to campfire in Elden Ring or Dark Souls. Hope you're alive and taking all the souls you recovered along the way. In this way, Miyazaki may indeed be a fan.

Miyazaki Is Interested In Using Other Players "As A Resource For Gameplay"

Escape From Tarkov

For the games like Escape From Tarkov, Miyazaki is very interested in one thing: how this multiplayer arrangement uses other players "as a resource for gameplay." In a multiplayer extraction shooter, you can object or cooperate with others, which can lead to more tense standoffs and a broader debate about the difficulty of the game and the morality of player behavior. Likewise, when it comes to Souls games, the debate of the game's difficulty is not too dissimilar .

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When you're a solo player, the opposing players are the game's blockers for you, and they create a lot of unpredictable, ever-changing difficulty and behaviors that rely on social dynamics, just as much as they do real game mechanics.

Whether that inspiration will be in Elden Ring's recently announced and upcoming expansion, we'll have to wait and see. However, the thought that these two worlds may merge some content in the future makes me very excited, and I believe you will too.