Lost Ark: How Rookie Players Can Better Use Ultimate Macro Text In The Game?


Today I’m going to show you something in Lost Ark that’s not only helpful for Artists class but also very useful for auxiliary classes generally, it’s called a Macro.

First, you have to go to the settings in the menu bar. Although Macros can also be used in most DPS classes, the major function is to support characters. You can use it first in team battles. You can use any text settings to make it more suitable for your team mode.

Usually, I have two Macros to support, one for healing and one for DPS buffs. The purpose of the first Macro is to heal. But players still need to be clear about their role, so that they know where they should be in your team.

Sometimes you’re surprised how many players still don’t know how to interact with bubbles to get healed. A lot of players still think that if you place it normally, they can AOE heal, but that’s not the whole point. Even though it’s a pretty light-hearted affair, you’ll also need to interact with it for more energy.

LOSTARK macros that will change your life

Let’s take a good look at DPS. They don’t have to interact with anything. Players just need to motivate them. But I need to remind you that their damage buff will suddenly increase and last for a while. So it is very important to adjust them to team battle mode. This will help you complete group tasks more easily.

The second Macro is mainly to increase my damage buff. Now all we have to do is move on to Hotkeys. Then, in order to use the skill zoom normally, we connect it with the keyboard. But I’m using shift to increase my damage buff, so I’ll use that for Text as well.

I’m going to set this text as my Damage Buff skill. Then, the second X ability is my healing ability. Now when I use my heal or my damage buff skills in a raid. They’ll know it automatically pops up in chat or over my head. You don’t have to do anything.

Now you can do another thing that I don’t usually do, but thought it might help you. Now let’s see, we’re going back to the community. Macro Text 3 set it up for team battle mode again. I’ll name it Large Shield and reapply. Of course, the reason I added this was for my awakening skills.

How To Use Macros in Lost Ark

I’m sure some of you might like it. Although I don’t usually use it, it’s just for demonstration purposes. I’m going to use this Macro Text 3 large shield and set it on my Awakening ability. Then I popped my Awaken ability, and I guess the team knew they got the shield. Even if you can see it, you know it, but sometimes people can’t even see it.

Now I’m going to show you how it looks in the game. We’re going to jump into the vault in the raid and you’ll see how it pops out. If you’re playing a burst class like Igniter Sorceress, it will benefit you a lot.

But like Deathblow Striker every time, they’ll know you popped the damage buff when they see you. They can even schedule it. Using these Macros can be like a big buff to your team. You can even communicate without talking to them. You can sync things, and you can signal them. That it’s time to go crazy for 10 seconds.

You can also use it in DPS classes, just like you do with Synergy. I guess Deathblow Striker forgets to use the skill, but it gives you a buff, either blue crit skill. It’s like a Synergy skill, you can do this with other DPS classes as well, giving your team Synergy.

So when you use it like Maelstrom in Deathblade, you can pre-set a Macro for that. I really don’t recommend it to players, because it can be annoying if you have a lot of Macros. So that’s why I use it for assist while also keeping it to a minimum.

Lost Ark Guide On How To Set Up Macro Text With Your Skills

I don’t want to have too many things. So I usually don’t have awakening skills, but again for this guide. So I can show it to everyone. Now let’s jump into the dungeon. If you end up dead, you can also run Sidereals. We’re in Valtan Gate 1, and once it’s over, this boss pops up.

At this point, I’m going to use my awakening skills to run the damage buff and heal, like that big shield damage buff of prosperity. Maybe I shouldn’t use Macro at all because I know it’s going to get a little annoying. But you know that’s Artists class, and you’re bound to get bored with my Cleanse skill.

I love the fact that Artists class also has such a strong Cleanse skill. I’ve always disliked Paladin and Bard because they don’t have a good Cleanse skill. But an artist is everything you can think of.

The above is everything I know about Ultimate Macro Text. I hope you like it and find it useful, because these Macros will not only help you play better but also allow your team to achieve better results and get rich Lost Ark Gold rewards. Because they will know when to have a heal and when to have a damage buff.

In general, if you like it or have any other opinions, welcome to discuss it in the game community. Hope you have a good life.