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Diablo 4: Developers' Response To The Drama Of Stash Tabs And My Personal Opinion

There's currently drama going around about Stash Tabs, I'm going to let you know what the developer's response of that is, as well as my own personal opinion on this, and my take on this because people continue to ask me.

Diablo 4

Current Problems In Season 1

Stash Tabs have had an answer from the developers, both in what is going on and why we've only received one of these Stash Tabs. First let's break down what the issue is, Season 1 is here, which means storage is even worse at the moment, because if you look there's a whole bunch of Caged Hearts.

So by time you get a few Caged Hearts in the inventory, you get some gems, it takes up about half your inventory. These Caged Hearts in Diablo 4 actually go into your standard inventory, and what you should be wanting in your standard inventory is basically your gear and some important Diablo 4 Items. Because of that you are now having inventory issues even larger than what we have into Eternal Realm.

Diablo 4 Stash Tab

Devs' Response To One Additional Stash Tab

As we all know they added one additional Stash Tab in to the last Patch of Diablo 4, that's effectively what they're going to be at here. We have a response as to why it's only one, because if you go to Twitter, it says great to see you guys took what the community said to heart, but why are we only getting one extra Stash Tab, what is the problem to add a load of them or even unlimited, also with the hearts added that's another item to stack up.

This is a very common message I'm seeing both in the live streams, as well as comments like what's the deal with only one Stash Tab. Joseph, he was the gentleman on the far left during the campfire chat and he actually responds to this issue, with some details technical wise, when we say they're expensive what we mean is they create a lot of memory overhead, this is the interesting part. When you see another player in game, you load them and their entire stash fill with all their items. This is what teams are working diligently to improve, so we can have more asap. He continues that basically this isn't a storage concern, it's a performance concern and then you can see when they're responding like.

Diablo 4 Joseph Piepiora

Why Are We Loading Everyone's Stash Tabs?

I have very commonly been asked my opinion on this and how I feel about this once I see the response, and there are two things that I currently feel about this, I'm going to break down my sort of nuanced approach to this.

First and foremost, any communication from a Dev whether it is positive or negative will always be appreciated by me. Because sitting there in the dark not knowing what's going on, for instance not having Stash Tabs and barely getting one. You might think to yourself maybe they're planning to monetize these, maybe they're planning players will need to use Diablo 4 Gold to purchase these, this is a common point I've seen.

So when they come out and say things like, it's a performance concern, it's really what's going on, we know. So it's not necessarily that they're trying to scoop monetization in they just have some bad code or something related to Stash Tab in Diablo 4.

Then there's the gamer side of me that's the second part that's the consumer, I paid for the game and it is not my concern, as to whether or not it is a development issue a development issue is the developer's concern. While this actually this response will factually make me less annoyed, because now I know what's going on have some more empathy for the devs, and give them more time to fix the problem which I'm sure is the response they are hoping for when they come out with a statement like this.

Diablo 4 Issue

My Opinion On This Issue

I still feel exactly the same way that I did prior to the statement, which is it is still an issue in the game, we still need more Diablo 4 Stash Tabs as soon as possible, and it is not my problem whether or not there is a coding side of that. It will give me more patience to fix the coding problem, but now I know the reason that doesn't fix the the it doesn't fix what the actual problem is, it just gives me a reason as to why the problem exists.

For me I still feel it is still an issue, I am willing to be more patient but now that I know what's going on and I appreciate the communication, but we all paid for the game. So for me, it doesn't change my opinion, we still need Stash Tabs, it's somebody else's problem to fix this, and as far as I'm concerned, I appreciate the transparency. But I don't actually know when more Stash Tabs are coming in Diablo 4 and we're still kind of twiddling our thumbs wondering.

That's sort of how I feel about Stash Tab issue, that's their response to it is a performance memory related issue, why we load all of the characters stashes when we see them, I don't know I'm not a coder, I'm a gamer and I went to game and Stash Tabs are still in the middle of me trying to play the game.

Diablo 4: Some New Insane Barbarian Changes In Season Of The Malignant

Blizzard just released a massive patch detailing huge balance changes coming to Diablo 4 for Season of the Malignant. I want to focus just on Barbarian changes, and they are massive.

I'm going to start with most important stuff, and we're going to skip the stuff that's inconsequential.

Diablo 4

Caused Far More Damage Than Expected

Number one, the most important thing that they just changed was, and I'm going to introduce this directly from the patch notes, fixed an issue where the outer edge of the quakes given to Hammer of the Ancients, Echo of the Ancients was doing far more damage than intended.

Diablo 4 Barbarian

Developers note, we recognize this adjustment is a significant decrease to Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Build, but we do not want its strength to be reliant on an underlying bug.

Now first of all, it's not aspect of Ancestral Echoes that grants quakes to Hammer of the Ancients, it's actually aspect of Ancestral Force.

Second, this is absolutely going to significantly change the power rankings of Barbarian builds, making Hammer of the Ancients less powerful than alternatives, and by the way, Hammer of the Ancients was the only S tier build Barbarians had, no matter how much Diablo 4 Gold you have, it's hard to own. So it seems like developers have nerfed Barbarians best build, and given them no alternative now.

The Change Of Hamstring

That's not the only thing that they have decided to change, one of the biggest changes is actually Hamstring. It now only slows healthy enemies, and the slow amount has been increased. Now of course the slow amount is pointless it's just the fact that it had given a slow, that gives things like No Mercy bonus damage, check out what No Mercy does? Nine percent increase Critical Strike chance, against slowed, immobilized or stunned enemies, sometimes helps you get some Diablo 4 Items loot faster.

Diablo 4 Hamstring

If Hamstring is no longer causing bleeding enemies to become slowed No Mercy, no longer gives you that nine percent Critical Strike chance. However I do think that potentially they are nerfing this, because they're introducing a new aspect for Barbarian, which is called Audacity, this is a Utility Aspect. Which says, when there are at least five close enemies, stun them for two to four seconds. This only happens every 20 seconds, it's much worse than a Hamstring, and it's a less damaging stun.

However it only happens once every 20 seconds, and so I don't think it's actually good enough to give back what Hamstring used to give Barbarians. So if you look at the patch notes, I think Barbarians got hit pretty hard, and the audacity aspect seems to not really give them what they were just what they just lost.

Another Aspect Called Ancestral Charge

Not only that but Barbarians are also getting another aspect called Ancestral Charge, which is an offensive Aspect Charge calls forth four ancients who also Charge, dealing 50 to 100 percent of normal damage. No serious Barbarian Build currently uses Charge, so it seems like Blizzard's attempt to make Barbs use this ability like force them, with this new aspect.

I think this aspect could be good, it sounds like it will do a lot of damage right four multiplied by 50 to 100 normal damage, if that is actually how it works. I think it has some potential, but right now Charge just doesn't fit into any build and so it seems kind of forced, I'm not sure if this is actually going to be beneficial to Barbarians, and finally a generic that was nerfed that.

Aspect of Disobedience Was Nerfed

I think is going to impact Barbarians significantly is Aspect of Disobedience, this was nerfed, the maximum Stacks were reduced from 100 to 60 reducing the mag maximum bonus armor granted, from the max of fifty percent to a Max of thirty percent. This is unfortunate because Barbarians really needed damage reduction in bonus, armor to survive, they're always in melee range and so I this Nerf is going to disproportionately affect Barbarian players really hurting their survivability.

Diablo 4 Aspect Of Disobedience

I'm not sure how viable or how easily Barbarians are going to survive come season one. Now finally a buff, I think this actually could be something enhanced Death Blow damage bonus to bosses increased, from 100 to 150 percent. Death Blow was often used, when leveling using Hammer of the Ancients, so I could see this getting more use in the future potentially.

Especially now that wrath glyphs' bonus effects, all damage instead of just core skills. So maybe there's a glimmer of hope there for Death Blow, but that really wasn't used in any end game builds, so I'm not really sure how much of a difference it's going to make.

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New Unique Item Called Azurewrath

Finally, we learned that Barbarians are getting a new unique item, called Azurewrath.

It's a Unique Sword that has lucky hit your core skills have up to a 20 chance to freeze enemies for three seconds and deal cold damage to them. Developers say that at 820 item power Azurewrath deals between three thousand to seven thousand damage roughly, now Azurewrath hopefully might have a better lucky, hit a fix in the future like lucky hit, developers won't ruin your class.

Anyway, I thought were meaningful, if you're a Barbarian player and what your plans are for Season 1?

Elden Ring: The Strongest Weapon You Need To Try And Get!

Today I'm going to show you why I considered to be the best weapon, that you definitely have to go ahead and obtain, because it is just a weapon that works magic.

Elden Ring

A Must-Have Weapon For You

It is overpowered when it comes to boss battles clearing out areas or in general, just killing enemies. It is a must-have weapon and if you still haven't got it, I don't know what you're waiting for you have to go and obtain this weapon, because it is just a game changer.

How To Farm This Weapon?

We'll be showing you where to go, so you can actually go ahead and try your luck with farming this weapon, because this is in fact going to be a weapon, that you are gonna have to go ahead and farm.

Step 1 - Make Your Way To This Rest Point

So you're gonna open up your map and you're gonna go towards the lava area, if you have this rest point open right here, you're gonna come to it this is where you have one of the bosses in this area here, but you're gonna come and make your way to this rest point.

Elden Ring Map

Step 2 - Two Enemies You're Gonna Farm

Now from here, you're gonna follow the exact same pathway as I think you're gonna go through these doors, and then you're gonna go and make your way up this elevator. Once you make it all the way to the top of the elevator, there's going to be two enemies that you're gonna farm, and that is it they're literally only two enemies you can actually obtain his weapon from. After you kill them, you will still get your Elden Ring Runes reward, of course you can also choose to buy it, and you can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF at iggm.com.

So the first location of the first enemy is gonna be right down here. Now this is the weapon that you actually gonna be farming right here, Magma Blade. This is the weapon that in my opinion is probably the best weapon in the game, or one of the best weapons. But it is probably quite hard to farm, because it's a one percent drop rate, and that means you have a chance obtaining it in like 50 runes.

Elden Ring Blade

Now the second enemy that has a chance of dropping this weapon, also isn't too far from the first guy. He was simply just gonna instead of running to the right side, you're just gonna run all the way straight and there's only two enemies like I said I can drop these weapons.

Elden Ring Another

Some Tips When You Are Farming

So it is going to be a farm, if you're incredibly lucky you can get it on your first try. But it would take you a while, because it took me about three or four hours of constant farming, to just have a chance of getting this weapon. I was fortunate enough, because after I got my first drop within like 10 minutes I got my other drop, and I do recommend you try and obtain two of these if you can, because again if you have two, you can actually combo them and just do a lot more damage.

But if not one is enough the farm will take a while, you know it is going to be a grind and if you're lucky or a very unlucky, then all I can say is good luck, because you're gonna spend some time here trying up to these two weapons.

One More Thing I Recommend You Get

Now if you do have these two weapons there is one more thing I recommend you get, and don't worry this isn't going to be a random drop. This is in fact going to be a charm that is located in this Castle right over here, so just simply come over to this location, and then just follow the same pathway.

You're gonna make your way instead of the castle, go through the back doors go past the enemy you don't have to engage with them. Up the stairs and then you're gonna go towards this wall right here, if you jump on the other side of the wall, there will be a deceased enemy just sitting in the corner right here, and on him he's gonna have Fire Scorpion Charm, this will benefit you if you are doing these weapons or in general just using these weapons that you basically do more damage so definitely.

Elden Ring Fire Scorpion Charm

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The Effect Of Combining Weapons

Try and obtain this Medallion, combine this with Magma Blade and you are basically Unstoppable, against bosses the awesome thing about Magma Blade is that actually stuns, and makes the enemies not move. Basically makes them vulnerable gives you more time to attack, and because you leave massive splashes of lava, you do damage over time as well.

Elden Ring Effect Of Combining Weapons

Just a little bit but it's still good enough because you can start these enemies, and just again wielding these weapons is a game changer it makes entire game easy, you can kill any type of boss. Keep in mind if you do come across enemies that are you know doing damage will fire them so valve, you are going to struggle because you do significantly, you need less damage because you know fire against fire isn't really going to work.

But against other enemies it is overpowered, it's powerful, and it is definitely. A weapon that I tend to use very often in my afternoon, I do recommend you try and Max this weapon out if you can. Get it to level 10 that's basically it you don't have to go to level 25, because this one, only goes up to level 10.


It is definitely worth doing and if you can get both of them, if you do have to god help you because you are literally going to be unstoppable nothing will come against you and have any chances, honest it would fire. Of course this weapon just definitely go ahead and try obtain it with Medallion, you are going to be slaying every enemy.

Diablo 4: Are These Silent Chests Worth Your Obols To Open? - My Personal Analysis

Today I'd like to ask and answer one simple question, what are Silent Chests? Should you be opening them? Which I guess is actually two questions, now let's talk about that.

Diablo 4

Silent Chests

First, let's talk about Silent Chests. As you can see, we have happened upon a Silent Chest out in the world, it looks just like this it has a very promiscuously locking mechanism. But it is a chest and as far as I know any chest that is out in Overworld has a chance to become a Silent Chest periodically.

Diablo 4 Silent Chest

These will rotate out, and as far as I can tell in all the testing I've done over the last few months, it has been that any time there is a spot in the world, where a chest exists there is a chance that sometimes it will be a Silent Chest. So if you come over to these chests and try to open them, you won't be able to open them at all, they are locked, you can't get into them to get some Diablo 4 Items.

You Need A Whispering Key

It will say that you need a specific item, and that item happens to be this right here a Whispering Key, unlock Silent Chest untamed from Purveyors of Curiosities. So how do you get Whispering Key and why should you care about Silent Chests?

How Do You Get Whispering Key?

You get Whispering Key, by completing events that give you Obol currency. This is a currency you get from doing the orange quests on your map around the world, you can also do special events inside of Dungeons and Nightmare dungeons that drop Obols, whispering Obols as your currency there.

Then you have to go to Obol currency vendor in any major city and you have to buy for 20 Obols as it stands right now, Whispering Keys in order to open these Silent Chests.

Diablo 4 Obols

Is Silent Chest Worth Your Opening?

There's a wide range of results that people have gotten from Silent Chest, many people have opened 10 of them and gotten absolutely nothing a bunch of Blues, maybe occasionally a yellow, nothing good. Some people have opened these and gotten an ancient, we can even open it right now and see what we get, and we get some gold a yellow and a blue item there.

So the question becomes now that we know how to get and open these chests, should we open them? Is it worth using our Obols to open these chests? After having opened dozens and dozens and dozens of these chests I can tell you that it is 100 percent worth it to open these.

Diablo 4 Worth Your Opening

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Some Points You Need Pay Attention

What I would recommend doing is anytime you make a visit over into the cities to go to Obol vendor, when we come to Curiosities vendor we can see that most of these prices are actually quite comparable to buying a Whispering Key. The fact this is as the only 20 Obols when you pick up the key, you grab a couple of them, keep them in your inventory at all times, so you can open chest when you find them.

Then you compare that to something thing else right at Whispering you can get three Whispering Keys, for the price of one ring or one amulet which if we roll it right now, we can see that we get not always something useful. It can be something pretty good, something pretty valuable. It can be a legendary we get something good out of it, maybe you can get some Diablo 4 Gold too.

So even though you may want to look at this, we've got junk coming out of these Whispering chests, these Silent Chests, it's just the same as if you have done. So looking at this if we ran this three times, a whole bunch of variances on this, we can see that out of rolling this five times, three of them were a yellow and two of them were legendary, and they were actually bottom rolling legendaries that we would trash anyway.

Diablo 4 Yellow

So when you open a Silent Chest and you get you know two items that are yellow that you can sell for gold or salvage or materials, every now and then you'll get a legendary or an ancient or a unique, I've had people in chat say they had gotten several uniques from Whispering Keys. I think this is something you don't focus on, you don't go out of your way to go hunt down Silent Chests.

But, you do have these keys in your inventory and you hold on to them, so that when you find a whispering chest, you can actually open it because by the time you go back, to get a key to come back, the chest may have already despawned.


So that's my analysis on Silent Chests in general, they are worth doing, they are worth your Obols, put these in your inventory hold on to them, they stack nicely just have a couple, open the chest when you see them. But otherwise, don't go out of your way to hunt them down, and also don't avoid them either, they can actually give you some really good loot.

Try The Following Eight Challenges To Make Elden Ring Even Harder!

In Elden Ring, do you feel that the game content is easier for you? Do you want to challenge yourself? Then try the following challenges, let you experience a different Elden Ring.

Elden Ring

Everyone loves a challenge from time to time, especially one related to your hobbies. This is why Elden Ring and other Soulsborne-type games have so many players every day, and so do I. For example, I used to use Elden Ring Runes to buy some equipment I needed to improve the attribute value, but gradually I found that the game lost its challenge. Of course, You can also buy it and everybody can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF Elden Ring Runes/Items at IGGM.com.

The feeling of trying the challenge will be different from the game style you usually play. You may be invincible in the game before, but the following challenges may change your opinion, and you may even find the following challenges very interesting.

Especially as you explore Caelid and the other lands in between, do you want more of a challenge as much as I do? Whether you've beaten the game before or just want the most challenging experience possible, There are ways to make Elden Ring harder than the normal game. Let's take a look!

8. Use A Different Controller

Have you tried digging into Elden Ring without using the Controller or using a mouse and keyboard alternative? For technologists and computer gamers, this challenge is a good choice.

You can find tons of weird games online that offer a variety of Controller alternatives. Things like dance mats, pianos, and even bananas are used to try and defeat enemies, and many thought it was a hard enough game. It's also an odd challenge, but with a little creativity you might be able to find an alternative Controller that works better for you.

Elden Ring Banana

7. Against Metadata

One thing the developers really did well with Elden Ring is that there isn't a single weapon that breaks the game. That being said, not every weapon is created equal.

Elden Ring 2

For example, you will have better luck with Rivers Of Blood than with Zweihander. You could also do some research to see which weapons are consistently useless even at higher levels, and challenge to only use that weapon. Although this challenge is relatively difficult compared to the previous, you will have a clearer understanding of the importance of dodging attacks during the challenge.

6. Spellcasting Only

For someone with arcane talent in the Elden Ring, the wide variety of spells to choose from seems like a lot of power. But it might not be easy in the middle of a fight when that's all you have in your arsenal.

Players who focus on spells have a lot to overcome because it takes time for you to cast a spell. Especially when fighting from a distance, enemies have different resistances, and many spells can be interrupted when you take damage.

Elden Ring Spell

So it constitutes an interesting but not easy game process. The game does get easier as you get more advanced and different spells, but the first few enemy bosses you face are definitely challenging.

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5. Use Your Least Favorite Playstyle

If you've ever played a game, you've all had an attribute that you like to put in points. So, why don't you take one and focus on putting in attributes you've never used before?

Whether it's intelligence, faith, agility, or any other attribute, it'll be interesting to see how your playstyle differs from what it used to be. It is also a new learning path for you, and you can estimate how long it may take to master, especially if you add attributes to your new weapons.

Elden Ring Playstyle

4.No Death Run

In the game, as long as you master enough skills, it is very easy to survive.

If you beat Grafted Scion without dying, it's certainly possible to defeat other enemies without returning to the Grace, so it's worth a try. But this challenge is sure to take a lot of time, so you might have to be patient with it. If you succeed, it can be a very rewarding experience.

3. Use Mods

Throughout the game you'll find a large selection of mods to give Elden Ring a different experience, and some will even make the game more difficult.

Many mods change the AI or damage output of enemies, making every enemy you encounter that much more difficult. Under the mod's changes, there's nothing worse than being killed by the Soldier of Godrick over and over again, whereas you used to be able to double-hit it. You can check out some of the mods available to see how you can make your game more challenging according to your style.

Elden Ring Mods

2. No Summons

The developers of the game are very kind and give you a lot of Summons that you can use them to help you fight. However, a simple but effective way to make the game harder (especially when facing bosses) is to not use them, which is what makes it truly challenging.

Elden Ring Summons

Trying to take on these bosses alone is a very different challenge. Of particular note is Radahn, which while allowing you to do all Summons, also easily drops your health to zero. It is conceivable how difficult this challenge is, but if you overcome it, your strength will be further proved.

1. Don't Use Runes

This challenge means you won't be buying anything from the merchant, so only weapons and gear will be picked up. This one is definitely an uphill battle when you first start the game, but like many other challenges, it's doable. So you can give it a try!

Blizzard's Response - Does Each Season Need A New Character In Diablo 4?

After the release of Diablo 4, many fans were very interested in Seasons of the series.

Before You Read

  • After the launch of Diablo 4, many fans will ask Blizzard whether Season series of Diablo 4 needs to create new characters;
  • After fans raised questions, Rod Fergusson has made a clear reply on Twitter. If you want to get seasonal Battle Passes, items drop and achievements, you need to create a new seasonal character;
  • This game method can be understood as each player can use the items of this Season and new characters to restart the game instead of using the characters they have been using, which is not conducive to your game experience;
  • Before Season 1, the players' roles will also be transferred to Eternal Realm. The overall game structure and gameplay are not much different from Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Seasons

After the release of Diablo 4, Season 1 has become the focus of most fans, and Season 1 is also scheduled to be released in mid-to-late July. But one thing that players are confused about in different seasons is whether they need to create new characters every season to continue the game. This question has confused the fans for a long time, and Blizzard also paid attention to the doubts of the fans, and specially made a statement on Twitter, and the fans got the answer.

Blizzard's Reply

Rod Fergusson said that if you want to participate in the quest line of each season, understand the mechanism of Season, the journey of Season and get Battle Pass of Season, then you need to create a new season character. Or if you're playing a season game with a new season character's partner, you'll get some rewards as well.

Diablo 4 Response

Blizzard's response is quite unexpected for new ARPG fans or new players, because new players themselves are not very familiar with Diablo 4, and it will be more difficult to use new characters to participate in the game. But on the contrary, for long-time fans of Diablo 4, this is exactly what they want to see. In this way, players will have the opportunity to experience the journey and content of each season, and they can enjoy the feeling of becoming stronger again while experiencing it, instead of using their dominant and powerful characters to defeat each other.

Create a New Season Character

After the release of Diablo 4 Season 1 next month, everyone's existing character in the game will be transferred to Eternal Realm. If you want to participate in Season 1 Journey, you need to create a new game character in the game. And choose your available Seasonal Realm to start your game. You can earn XP and farm Diablo 4 Gold during each season, XP will count toward where your Diablo 4 Battle Pass will be and give you access to Season's new questline, progression options. Then, when Season 1 ends, your Season 1 character will also be transferred to Eternal Realm. After Season 2 is released, you need to create a new game character for the new season, Season 3, Season 4 and so on.

Diablo 4 Items

Players' Thoughts On Seasons

Although Blizzard has confirmed that when each new season comes, gamers want to create their own new characters, but will the points obtained by exploring Diablo 4 map and unlocking the corresponding activities be reset? This is still a question worth exploring. But in each new season, you still need to re-complete Dungeons, Strongholds and Side Quests to improve the Renown of the game character, but the difference is that you don't need to explore every area of the map like in Diablo 4 , or kill all 160 Altars of Lilith again.

For players, Diablo 4 allows players to skip battles corresponding to alternate characters after completing the corresponding mission once. This will make the leveling process of players in the game faster, so you can access and complete a large number of activities faster, and you can get a lot of XP after completing these activities, such as Dungeons, Side Quests and Tree of Whispers missions. When you complete the corresponding Diablo 4 Seasonal Realms, you will also advance Battle Pass and Season Journey challenges, of course, it depends on your choice.

So far, Diablo 4 players have had mixed reactions to the announcement of Season series. There are many players who are very happy about the schedule tour, because they can experience Diablo's schedule repeatedly and be honed continuously during this process. But at the same time, some players expressed concern about the duration of this training. If the time lasts too long, it will also kill players' interest in the game. And some players said that the upgrade speed of Diablo 4 is not as good as that of Diablo 3, but in Season of Diablo 4, every player will be able to get the XP bonus of season promotion.

In general, Diablo 4's Season series does have points that players are very interested in, but I'm still waiting for Blizzard's views on these issues.

Devs Say Information About Seasons In Diablo 4 Will Be Discussed Soon

After the release of Diablo 4, the game has been unanimously recognized by many fans and it has also been well received by the business community. In the latest game update, APRG has hit $666 million in sales, a new all-time record. But unlike Diablo 3, Diablo 4 had fewer bugs in the game, which left a very deep and good impression on the fans.

Diablo 4 when does Season 1 start

But for Blizzard, this is just the beginning. During the pre-release of Diablo 4, Blizzard made it clear that it would provide seasonal content, the purpose of which is to allow players to continue activities after completing corresponding activities.

Devs Response to Season 1 Unreleased

But when Diablo 4 was released, fans weren't able to see the release of Season 1, which disappointed everyone. Devs had promised to do a livestream before, but the focus at that time was on discussing "feedback and action items". But in the face of strong expectations from fans, Rod Fergusson responded clearly on Twitter that he will explain in detail this week, and he promised to explain seasonal content of Diablo 4 live and discuss details, including helping players during the live broadcast solve problems encountered in the game.

Diablo 4 Devs response

Seasons content in Diablo 4

Like me, I believe you are very interested in seasonal content of the game. A year consists of four seasons, and each season consists of three months. During the course of the last live stream, Blizzard mentioned that these seasons will continue through DLC and will not continue the main storyline. Each season is independent, and after the end of seasons, the corresponding characters will be transferred to Eternal Kingdom, where players can snatch as much as they want.

Every season brings new changes, and in the latest quarterly update, Devs shared some information that fans are very excited about. At the start of each season, the game is reset so players can start over. During the reset process, players will choose new characters to play the game, and can obtain new items to enhance the characters, which also provides a new start for everyone in each season. Players can fully experience different characters during the game, which further improves the player's sense of experience in each season.

Another point that fans love is that some of the features that fans loved in Diablo 3 will return this season, and seasons will introduce very detailed task lines, items and game mechanics. Seasons mode is available for every Class in Diablo 4. In addition, Sanctuary world will also be expanded, whether you have game experience or not, you can have enough opportunities to try it.

Release time of Season 1

Fans are currently cheering for Season 1 of Diablo 4, so when is the specific release date? Devs said in another Twitter thread that the release date for Season 1 is in mid-to-late July. We're only a few weeks away from the release date, and maybe we'll get a definitive date in the next stream, but that's just speculation. Whether it's live or via Twitter, fans are eager to get updates on Diablo 4's seasons.

In the face of the upcoming Season 1, as a player, you can learn a lot about Season in advance, such as Seasons Tour and Battle Pass. In the Seasons Journey, if you complete all the objectives, you will get a lot of rewards, such as Diablo 4 Gold and so on. Diablo 4 Battle Pass is a $10 game currency, and Season 1 Battle Pass you can continue to follow for updates content.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass

In general, the release of Diablo 4 is also exciting, and fans are looking forward to seasons. Wonderful but unique seasonal story, let us wait and see together!

Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Tips You Should Know Before You Play - Beginner Guides Updated May 2023

Are you a new player to the Elder Scrolls Online? Are you curious as to what things you should avoid or actively seek after or hopefully I can be of assistance? So, this article is all about tips and tricks, which I think new players would benefit from reading. These things are in no particular order and are also things I wish I knew before I got started all those years ago.

Tip 1: Take The Time To Read Your Abilities

Starting off with the first tip: you should take the time to read your abilities.

I can’t stress this enough. Taking the time to read all your new abilities regardless of active, passive, or ultimate and understanding what it is that particular ability does and if it will even help you in your current play style.

If not, then don’t waste the skill point; if it does, then great. Not only do you have a new skill to purchase, but you have a better understanding of what it does and when best to use it.

ESO 5 Tips You Should Know Before You Play

Tip 2: Start Leveling Up Crafting As Soon As Possible

The second tip I want to talk about is to start leveling up crafting as soon as possible.

New players obviously won’t understand the importance of crafting. Crafting is quite a lengthy process for brand new players to level up and is so important for later on within the game. Not only is it responsible for your gear and armor sets but also your potions and poisons, your enchantments on that armor, your food or drink of choice, and you can also do crafting rates that can offer rip vouchers and upgrade materials.

So, either make sure you have someone in your friend group focusing on crafting or you get on that as soon as possible.

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Tip 3: All Zones Are Available To You At Any Level

Tip number three is to remember that no matter what level you are, all zones are available to you.

Now, apart from DLCs you haven’t purchased, all zones in ESO are open to you at any level. All you need to do is find a way to get there. This can be by manually walking, which can take a bit of time; traveling to a discovered wayshrine or by having another player travel you there. Just ask in zone chat if anyone can ferry you to the zone you want to visit. Everything in that zone will scale to your level.

Even if the zone is not in your alliance, it doesn’t matter. If you started in Auridon but want to visit Skyrim or Morrowind, then go for it. The game won’t stop you in any way.

Tip 4: Check Out The Activity Finder

Tip number four is you should check out the in-game Activity Finder as soon as you reach the required level. Group content like Dungeons and PVP will be open to you. But how do you get started with all that?

ESO Activity Finder

That’s where the helpful Activity Finder comes into play. By using this tool, the game will automatically find you a group of players close to your level and place you inside a group dungeon or whatever it is you’re using the tool for.

This makes a really simple and easy way to meet up and play with others quickly. If you’re a social gamer, then this tool will become your best friend.

Tip 5: Don’t Get Sucked In By The Crown Store

The last tip I want tell you is that don’t get sucked in by the Crown Store.

Let’s get something straight. I know that all of this is completely optional. If you don’t want to purchase it, then don’t. If you have the money and want to purchase it, then go for it.

ESO Crown Store

Honestly, I don’t care either way and I’m guilty of purchasing Crown Crates from time to time. But my aim here is to spread awareness to new players in regard to the Crown Store.

More than 50 percent of what is sold in the Crown Store at the crazy prices that it’s listed for can be obtained in game with in-game currency, like ESO Gold or by simply farming. Things like Motifs, XP Potions and Scrolls, Potions and Poisons, Respecification Scrolls, the majority of houses...... The list goes on and on.

So, before you think that the Crown Store is the only way to get a particular item, just stop for a minute and give it a quick Google. Chances are you’ll find that the Crown Store is there for convenience only.

ESO: Welcome to New Companions in Necrom

As a passionate Elder Scrolls Online player, I am thrilled with the upcoming release of the Necrom chapter. The idea of encountering new companions with the power to command the undead is both exhilarating and slightly unsettling.

I am curious to discover how these new characters will fit into the vast world of Tamriel, and how they will enhance my adventures.

Moreover, I am excited to delve into the main story of the expansion and discover the fresh challenges that await me to get more unique reward and Elder Scrolls Online Gold. With each passing day, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Necrom chapter, eagerly waiting to explore all it has in store for me.

Azandar Al-Cybriades

Azandar Al-Cybiades is a Redguard Arcanist who is available as a companion during the Necrom expansion in Elder Scrolls Online. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he has delved into some of the darker aspects of magic, earning him a reputation as a bit of a mad scientist.

Players can expect an interesting and complex character as they embark on adventures with Azandar in the Necrom expansion.

ESO Azandar

To learn more about Azandar Al-Cybiades and how to unlock him as a companion during the Necrom expansion in Elder Scrolls Online, players will probably have to wait until the expansion launches.

While his backstory and specific abilities are still shrouded in mystery, his reputation as a Redguard Arcanist with a penchant for the darker aspects of magic is sure to make for an intriguing addition to the game. So get ready to explore the darker corners of Tamriel with Azandar as your companion in Necrom.


One of the new companions in the Necrom expansion of Elder Scrolls Online is Sharp-As-Night, an Argonian Warden with a unique backstory. Suffering from amnesia, Sharp-As-Night has no recollection of his past or how he arrived in his current situation.

Despite this, he has been able to survive as a mercenary. With little information to go on, players will have the opportunity to discover more about Sharp-As-Night as they venture forth in the Necrom expansion.

ESO Sharp-As-Night

Players who choose to have Sharp-As-Night join their party in Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom expansion will embark on a side quest to uncover his mysterious past and recover his lost memories.

As an Argonian Warden with amnesia, he is initially very introverted and quiet, but players can help him come out of his shell by accompanying him on his journey of self-discovery. This compelling aspect of Sharp-As-Night's backstory is sure to provide an interesting and immersive experience for players in the upcoming expansion.

In the upcoming Necrom expansion of Elder Scrolls Online, players will have the opportunity to meet two new companions, Azandar and Sharp-As-Night.

While it's still unclear how exactly to add Sharp-As-Night as a member of the party, fans of the game will have to remain patient as more details will probably be revealed closer to the expansion's release date.

Release Date

A fan of Elder Scrolls Online is eagerly looking forward to the Necrom expansion, which will introduce new features such as a seventh class, captivating story, and an intriguing new location. They express excitement about how these new elements will shape the game's landscape and eagerly await the release date on June 5th 2023 for PC.

Added Trial

Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom expansion brings with it the highly anticipated "Sanity's Edge" trial. Players will have the opportunity to engage in an intense 12-player challenge where they enter the mind of a tormented Mages Guild recruit and attempt to save their life while simultaneously earning valuable rewards.

Whether adventuring solo or with friends or guild members, any Elder Scrolls Online fan worth their salt will want to take on the daunting "Sanity's Edge" trial in the Necrom expansion.

Oblivion Raids World Event

Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom expansion introduces an exciting World Event for players to complete. In the form of Oblivion Raids, players will have the opportunity to open a portal to Oblivion and defend the Prince of Knowledge from wicked Daedric forces.

As with previous expansions, the addition of a World Event is a staple and provides players with a spectacle to experience together. Overall, the Oblivion Raids will be an exciting and welcomed addition to the game's content offerings.

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I am particularly looking forward to the new companions that will be a part of the Necrom expansion in Elder Scrolls Online. The idea of being able to command the undead is both thrilling and scary at the same time. I can't wait to see how the introduction of these unique characters will add to the richness of the world of Tamriel and how they will assist me during my quests.

The main story of the expansion is also something I am eagerly anticipating, and I am excited to discover the challenges that await me. As the release date of the expansion draws near, I find myself growing ever more eager and excited to dive into this new chapter of the game.

Lost Ark: How Rookie Players Can Better Use Ultimate Macro Text In The Game?

Today I’m going to show you something in Lost Ark that’s not only helpful for Artists class but also very useful for auxiliary classes generally, it’s called a Macro.

First, you have to go to the settings in the menu bar. Although Macros can also be used in most DPS classes, the major function is to support characters. You can use it first in team battles. You can use any text settings to make it more suitable for your team mode.

Usually, I have two Macros to support, one for healing and one for DPS buffs. The purpose of the first Macro is to heal. But players still need to be clear about their role, so that they know where they should be in your team.

Sometimes you’re surprised how many players still don’t know how to interact with bubbles to get healed. A lot of players still think that if you place it normally, they can AOE heal, but that’s not the whole point. Even though it’s a pretty light-hearted affair, you’ll also need to interact with it for more energy.

LOSTARK macros that will change your life

Let’s take a good look at DPS. They don’t have to interact with anything. Players just need to motivate them. But I need to remind you that their damage buff will suddenly increase and last for a while. So it is very important to adjust them to team battle mode. This will help you complete group tasks more easily.

The second Macro is mainly to increase my damage buff. Now all we have to do is move on to Hotkeys. Then, in order to use the skill zoom normally, we connect it with the keyboard. But I’m using shift to increase my damage buff, so I’ll use that for Text as well.

I’m going to set this text as my Damage Buff skill. Then, the second X ability is my healing ability. Now when I use my heal or my damage buff skills in a raid. They’ll know it automatically pops up in chat or over my head. You don’t have to do anything.

Now you can do another thing that I don’t usually do, but thought it might help you. Now let’s see, we’re going back to the community. Macro Text 3 set it up for team battle mode again. I’ll name it Large Shield and reapply. Of course, the reason I added this was for my awakening skills.

How To Use Macros in Lost Ark

I’m sure some of you might like it. Although I don’t usually use it, it’s just for demonstration purposes. I’m going to use this Macro Text 3 large shield and set it on my Awakening ability. Then I popped my Awaken ability, and I guess the team knew they got the shield. Even if you can see it, you know it, but sometimes people can’t even see it.

Now I’m going to show you how it looks in the game. We’re going to jump into the vault in the raid and you’ll see how it pops out. If you’re playing a burst class like Igniter Sorceress, it will benefit you a lot.

But like Deathblow Striker every time, they’ll know you popped the damage buff when they see you. They can even schedule it. Using these Macros can be like a big buff to your team. You can even communicate without talking to them. You can sync things, and you can signal them. That it’s time to go crazy for 10 seconds.

You can also use it in DPS classes, just like you do with Synergy. I guess Deathblow Striker forgets to use the skill, but it gives you a buff, either blue crit skill. It’s like a Synergy skill, you can do this with other DPS classes as well, giving your team Synergy.

So when you use it like Maelstrom in Deathblade, you can pre-set a Macro for that. I really don’t recommend it to players, because it can be annoying if you have a lot of Macros. So that’s why I use it for assist while also keeping it to a minimum.

Lost Ark Guide On How To Set Up Macro Text With Your Skills

I don’t want to have too many things. So I usually don’t have awakening skills, but again for this guide. So I can show it to everyone. Now let’s jump into the dungeon. If you end up dead, you can also run Sidereals. We’re in Valtan Gate 1, and once it’s over, this boss pops up.

At this point, I’m going to use my awakening skills to run the damage buff and heal, like that big shield damage buff of prosperity. Maybe I shouldn’t use Macro at all because I know it’s going to get a little annoying. But you know that’s Artists class, and you’re bound to get bored with my Cleanse skill.

I love the fact that Artists class also has such a strong Cleanse skill. I’ve always disliked Paladin and Bard because they don’t have a good Cleanse skill. But an artist is everything you can think of.

The above is everything I know about Ultimate Macro Text. I hope you like it and find it useful, because these Macros will not only help you play better but also allow your team to achieve better results and get rich Lost Ark Gold rewards. Because they will know when to have a heal and when to have a damage buff.

In general, if you like it or have any other opinions, welcome to discuss it in the game community. Hope you have a good life.

WOTLK Classic: Views On WoW Token And Level 70 Boosts

Today, I want to talk about a recent Wowhead post. It is mainly about the issue of WOTLK Classic player character level 70 unlimited boosts and the upcoming WoW Token, which may be a very controversial topic.

Article by Rockman on Wrath classic. We can see a rough overview of Wowhead’s classic patch and character enhancements in Wild Turkey. Meanwhile, two new services and a level 70 beast were recently updated in Wild Turkey. This time, they do not limit you to one per account.

The previously provided Tokens and character enhancements only existed in Chinese Realms operated by NetEase. With the closure of this Chinese World of WarCraft Realms, many Chinese players have found a new home in Taiwanese Realms. Probably why Blizzard enabled these services for the region.

Here you can see a level 70 beast instead of a level 68 or anything that’s just a regular level 70 boost. That’s really a different story, but then again, it might just be offered because Chinese Realms closed and those Chinese players went into the Taiwanese Realms.

WoW Tokens

But the key difference here is that this time it’s not being run by NetEase. They are pushing WoW tokens and character boosts into a new area. While Chinese players may have migrated there, it’s still implied this time around. It’s not easy. Blizzard pushes WoW Token to their website to handle Token relations in different regions. This is at least one step closer to making it available to everyone.

In my opinion, I can’t help but think it’s a precursor to what they’re considering offering to everyone. Therefore, it is our desire to face such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a Taiwan robotic classic store. That’s why in WOTLK Classic, these Classic players can now use WoW Token to exchange WOTLK Classic Gold for a game time in a convenient and secure way.

Personally, I don’t really mind how players get free game time. But then again, I don’t want Hurricane at all. I think it’s just a Wafer Blister to deal with bots differently. I cannot transfer these WoW Tokens between worlds in WOTLK Classic, and there are certain restrictions. But you can get these WoW Tokens through WOTLK Classic Gold, which would be a great way to protect your game time.

So, once again, unlimited boosts for level 70 characters speed your heroes up to each hero’s quest when they need to boost their gear to tide them over and get back into action right away.

You can instantly grant a level 17 onetime booster to a non-dead character, so they’re ready for your new adventure in Northrend, and this isn’t limited to one per account. You can basically get any amount of level 70 boosted gear with WOTLK Classic Gold now.

Now, bots are also booming, and there are many people on the black market who are also trying to get WOTLK Classic Gold. Blizzard definitely wanted to take advantage of them as well, and get the player character out of control as much as possible by triggering Hurricane and other unexpected situations.

Level 70 Boost in WOTLK Classic

They are working on the final mechanics that will allow them to launch WoW Token smoothly and make sure people embrace it as much as possible. Because if they allowed both teams to be really bad, they could say they implemented battle tokens as a way to deal with bots and gold trades. Also, make sure they can take advantage of the gold market and GDPK market and ultimately profit where these bots are banned.

They won’t even improve Boss problem, they’ll pull it out of Token, reducing the motivation for robots to go out and get gold and trade gold. Because now people can legally get gold through circular tokens. I also think the infinite boost at level 70 might be there, like when we were talking about gear boosts. Obviously, this will be another big deal for Blizzard.

But then again, I’m not so sure about this one. But there have been leaks in the past. Both cover infinite upgrades, infinite deliveries and battle origins, and based on those leaks about Hurricane should be in the middle of WOTLK Classic.

If we’re in the middle now, the middle of WOTLK Classic will be in the middle of the second phase, so basic in a few months, maybe two to four months. So we’re really close to that point.

Anyway, this is speculation, but bots are still rampant right now, and tokens would be one way to counter them. This is what Blizzard is doing now, and they have now pushed these WoW tokens to other similar plates. There is indeed already some signal in Taiwan. That’s why this time is a bit different from last time, but either way, it’s still roughly the same.

In fact, there has not been a big change in WOTLK Classic recently, but they have made some adjustments. These will also more or less affect the player’s game experience. I hope this will also help the player. Hope you have a great day.

D2 Resurrected: Why Double TC87 Is Important

Double Treasure Class 87, or what I like to call TC87 plus. It exists in this Lord Of Destruction and D2R 2.4, but players can only get it by killing monsters in area 85.

However, with the drop and release of Terror Zones in patch 2.5. Bosses, Super Uniques, and Standard White Mobs in non-85 areas have achieved this for the first time with monster level scaling.

You may recall that in Hell Terrorized Zones, normal monsters have a cap level of up to 96, Elites up to 98, and Bosses and Uniques up to 99. The top Desecrated its trigger once Treasure Classes the monster reaches or exceeds level 96. This is where this Double TC87 becomes easy to use and important.

To demonstrate this, I want to paint on the canvas and show how it uses Maxroll as an effective Drop Calculator. If we think about Super Unique’s Summoner, he’s usually a level 80 monster. You can find him in Arcane Sanctuary, and his treasure level is Summoner H.

Now let’s watch him jump into game data in horror. So I’m going to manually upgrade him here and push him to a level 90 monster. You’ll notice that at Desecrated D level, he’s one level below Treasure Class 87, and he’s currently on his way to level 84.

Now, the moment I get to Desecrated E, you’ll notice his monster level is now 93. This means my character level has to be 88, while using that plus 5 levels of the Terror Zone modifier.

At this point, we’re now officially in TC87, but the focus here is on the only time you’ll ever roll Arms and Armor 87. But when we level up and push this Summoner to monster level 96 or higher, use the plus 5 modifier. The important thing to focus on here is that you now see weapons and armor twice on 87.

That’s where it starts to get super interesting and important, like the impact when you think of Farming Bosses, and Super Uniques, and Elites.

Let’s go a little deeper and unpack an example of Andariel. To understand the significance of this TC87 plus, we must first delve into the statistics. When we compare this Andariel Desecrated G and H, we’re looking at the single roll and double entry TC87.

When you look at the baseline for a single roll, you only have a 0.045% chance of rolling an item from a Desecrated G in TC87. But when we upgrade Andariel to double bottom, you have varying degrees of intersection because of slightly different armor and weapon percentages. You now have a 0.22% chance to roll over from armor and a 0.45% chance to roll over weapons.

Now we know at face value that these percentages are significantly higher due to double-valley sorting, but how important is that? Let’s look at the difference in probabilities. When we actually break down what this means to compare the armor to the baseline, you have a 400% increased chance of rolling it in this TC87 plus Treasure Class. This is again comparing 0.225% to 0.045%.

But where this really gets interesting and exciting is looking at the differences in weapons. When you pull this Weapon 87 again from this TC87 Treasure Class, the chance of throwing items from this Weapon 87 increases by an astounding 900%. It is your refuge.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

TC87 plus is clearly the new metadata. It is undoubtedly a diamond hidden in the rough. It is one of the main notable advantages of Terrorized Zones. Now the ability to expand to bosses, especially Super Uniques, is quite interesting.

When we think about Super Uniques, they don’t have NoDrop, so they definitely drop items. But they also have two skills. This effectively means that you have four times the chance of actually falling from this Super Unique since you have two chances to bottom out and have the option to roll twice. For example, we also consider characters like Baal, since Baal is already monster level 99, so it doesn’t matter what level your character is.

After Baal is Desecrated, he will also get a double dip immediately. So you don’t have to worry about your character level when you’re killing Baal on this throne, Worldstone, of course, in the Chamber of Secrets.

After you successfully kill Baal, you will get corresponding D2 Resurrected Items rewards, including Enlightenment, Fortitude, Bane Ash and so on. These items will help you greatly increase your character level.

I hope more players can understand the importance of Double TC87 and help more players to upgrade quickly. Sure, hope you find a useful sanctuary. Also hope that all tweaks in D2 Resurrected will meet your needs. Please enjoy the rest of Season 3, and I’m sure I’ll hook many of you on Diablo 4.


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