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WOTLK Classic: Views On WoW Token And Level 70 Boosts

Today, I want to talk about a recent Wowhead post. It is mainly about the issue of WOTLK Classic player character level 70 unlimited boosts and the upcoming WoW Token, which may be a very controversial topic.

Article by Rockman on Wrath classic. We can see a rough overview of Wowhead’s classic patch and character enhancements in Wild Turkey. Meanwhile, two new services and a level 70 beast were recently updated in Wild Turkey. This time, they do not limit you to one per account.

The previously provided Tokens and character enhancements only existed in Chinese Realms operated by NetEase. With the closure of this Chinese World of WarCraft Realms, many Chinese players have found a new home in Taiwanese Realms. Probably why Blizzard enabled these services for the region.

Here you can see a level 70 beast instead of a level 68 or anything that’s just a regular level 70 boost. That’s really a different story, but then again, it might just be offered because Chinese Realms closed and those Chinese players went into the Taiwanese Realms.

WoW Tokens

But the key difference here is that this time it’s not being run by NetEase. They are pushing WoW tokens and character boosts into a new area. While Chinese players may have migrated there, it’s still implied this time around. It’s not easy. Blizzard pushes WoW Token to their website to handle Token relations in different regions. This is at least one step closer to making it available to everyone.

In my opinion, I can’t help but think it’s a precursor to what they’re considering offering to everyone. Therefore, it is our desire to face such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a Taiwan robotic classic store. That’s why in WOTLK Classic, these Classic players can now use WoW Token to exchange WOTLK Classic Gold for a game time in a convenient and secure way.

Personally, I don’t really mind how players get free game time. But then again, I don’t want Hurricane at all. I think it’s just a Wafer Blister to deal with bots differently. I cannot transfer these WoW Tokens between worlds in WOTLK Classic, and there are certain restrictions. But you can get these WoW Tokens through WOTLK Classic Gold, which would be a great way to protect your game time.

So, once again, unlimited boosts for level 70 characters speed your heroes up to each hero’s quest when they need to boost their gear to tide them over and get back into action right away.

You can instantly grant a level 17 onetime booster to a non-dead character, so they’re ready for your new adventure in Northrend, and this isn’t limited to one per account. You can basically get any amount of level 70 boosted gear with WOTLK Classic Gold now.

Now, bots are also booming, and there are many people on the black market who are also trying to get WOTLK Classic Gold. Blizzard definitely wanted to take advantage of them as well, and get the player character out of control as much as possible by triggering Hurricane and other unexpected situations.

Level 70 Boost in WOTLK Classic

They are working on the final mechanics that will allow them to launch WoW Token smoothly and make sure people embrace it as much as possible. Because if they allowed both teams to be really bad, they could say they implemented battle tokens as a way to deal with bots and gold trades. Also, make sure they can take advantage of the gold market and GDPK market and ultimately profit where these bots are banned.

They won’t even improve Boss problem, they’ll pull it out of Token, reducing the motivation for robots to go out and get gold and trade gold. Because now people can legally get gold through circular tokens. I also think the infinite boost at level 70 might be there, like when we were talking about gear boosts. Obviously, this will be another big deal for Blizzard.

But then again, I’m not so sure about this one. But there have been leaks in the past. Both cover infinite upgrades, infinite deliveries and battle origins, and based on those leaks about Hurricane should be in the middle of WOTLK Classic.

If we’re in the middle now, the middle of WOTLK Classic will be in the middle of the second phase, so basic in a few months, maybe two to four months. So we’re really close to that point.

Anyway, this is speculation, but bots are still rampant right now, and tokens would be one way to counter them. This is what Blizzard is doing now, and they have now pushed these WoW tokens to other similar plates. There is indeed already some signal in Taiwan. That’s why this time is a bit different from last time, but either way, it’s still roughly the same.

In fact, there has not been a big change in WOTLK Classic recently, but they have made some adjustments. These will also more or less affect the player’s game experience. I hope this will also help the player. Hope you have a great day.

D2 Resurrected: Why Double TC87 Is Important

Double Treasure Class 87, or what I like to call TC87 plus. It exists in this Lord Of Destruction and D2R 2.4, but players can only get it by killing monsters in area 85.

However, with the drop and release of Terror Zones in patch 2.5. Bosses, Super Uniques, and Standard White Mobs in non-85 areas have achieved this for the first time with monster level scaling.

You may recall that in Hell Terrorized Zones, normal monsters have a cap level of up to 96, Elites up to 98, and Bosses and Uniques up to 99. The top Desecrated its trigger once Treasure Classes the monster reaches or exceeds level 96. This is where this Double TC87 becomes easy to use and important.

To demonstrate this, I want to paint on the canvas and show how it uses Maxroll as an effective Drop Calculator. If we think about Super Unique’s Summoner, he’s usually a level 80 monster. You can find him in Arcane Sanctuary, and his treasure level is Summoner H.

Now let’s watch him jump into game data in horror. So I’m going to manually upgrade him here and push him to a level 90 monster. You’ll notice that at Desecrated D level, he’s one level below Treasure Class 87, and he’s currently on his way to level 84.

Now, the moment I get to Desecrated E, you’ll notice his monster level is now 93. This means my character level has to be 88, while using that plus 5 levels of the Terror Zone modifier.

At this point, we’re now officially in TC87, but the focus here is on the only time you’ll ever roll Arms and Armor 87. But when we level up and push this Summoner to monster level 96 or higher, use the plus 5 modifier. The important thing to focus on here is that you now see weapons and armor twice on 87.

That’s where it starts to get super interesting and important, like the impact when you think of Farming Bosses, and Super Uniques, and Elites.

Let’s go a little deeper and unpack an example of Andariel. To understand the significance of this TC87 plus, we must first delve into the statistics. When we compare this Andariel Desecrated G and H, we’re looking at the single roll and double entry TC87.

When you look at the baseline for a single roll, you only have a 0.045% chance of rolling an item from a Desecrated G in TC87. But when we upgrade Andariel to double bottom, you have varying degrees of intersection because of slightly different armor and weapon percentages. You now have a 0.22% chance to roll over from armor and a 0.45% chance to roll over weapons.

Now we know at face value that these percentages are significantly higher due to double-valley sorting, but how important is that? Let’s look at the difference in probabilities. When we actually break down what this means to compare the armor to the baseline, you have a 400% increased chance of rolling it in this TC87 plus Treasure Class. This is again comparing 0.225% to 0.045%.

But where this really gets interesting and exciting is looking at the differences in weapons. When you pull this Weapon 87 again from this TC87 Treasure Class, the chance of throwing items from this Weapon 87 increases by an astounding 900%. It is your refuge.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

TC87 plus is clearly the new metadata. It is undoubtedly a diamond hidden in the rough. It is one of the main notable advantages of Terrorized Zones. Now the ability to expand to bosses, especially Super Uniques, is quite interesting.

When we think about Super Uniques, they don’t have NoDrop, so they definitely drop items. But they also have two skills. This effectively means that you have four times the chance of actually falling from this Super Unique since you have two chances to bottom out and have the option to roll twice. For example, we also consider characters like Baal, since Baal is already monster level 99, so it doesn’t matter what level your character is.

After Baal is Desecrated, he will also get a double dip immediately. So you don’t have to worry about your character level when you’re killing Baal on this throne, Worldstone, of course, in the Chamber of Secrets.

After you successfully kill Baal, you will get corresponding D2 Resurrected Items rewards, including Enlightenment, Fortitude, Bane Ash and so on. These items will help you greatly increase your character level.

I hope more players can understand the importance of Double TC87 and help more players to upgrade quickly. Sure, hope you find a useful sanctuary. Also hope that all tweaks in D2 Resurrected will meet your needs. Please enjoy the rest of Season 3, and I’m sure I’ll hook many of you on Diablo 4.


Best Build For Chaos Theme In POE 3.20

Here today, in our picks for the best builds, we’re going to highlight three builds. They use all Corrosive Tanks of Chaos, leaving three corpses where they pass.

The first spot we chose was Essence in Witch Class. Essence consumes this ability. It also consumes the life of the enemy, and can even restore your life by a certain percentage of damage. But they can only use it on one enemy.

This time we also use Contagion for damage propagation, resulting in amazing Crease and clear speed. The advantages of this patch, I will start with its ease of play. It casts Contagion Ancestry Combo and then watches as enemies all over the screen melt before your eyes. This character is also easy to put together, as it doesn’t require any mandatory unique items.

Most importantly, it is very safe to play, and it has a lot of defensive. For Chorizo Cons, the first thing that comes to my mind is boss damage. Even though it’s a very cheap build, you’ll need to throw in a few Divine orbs first to do a lot of damage to a single target.

But don’t worry too much about the budget. As a Red Map Farmer, it’s easy enough to kill crazy bosses, even on a low budget. On a budget, this patch is very cheap. You can make it destroy the game map easily, only about 35 Chaos. Yellow Maps event You need to use about 100 Chaos to successfully complete your AdWords.

I recommend investing around four Divines, but you can definitely do it with less POE Currency. You can find a list with all the equipment you need to get for this build via the direct link. When you have a large effect on your Contagion, you can kill enemies with just one cast, even if you are far from the site.

On the other hand, the damage of the boss is 7 points. Killing Guardians and Pinnacle bosses takes longer than usual. But with the normal boss, you don’t have any problem because its survivability is not high.


This build has an effective ATP of over 100,000. Because high Armor high Evasion and spell suppression Max Chaos Resistant amazing live regeneration. It uses your Life Flash to deal massive damage to enemies. To illustrate the benefits of this build, I’ll start with the simplicity of the upgrade. It turns out to be a very powerful fast and a safe process investment, making it the perfect build that beginners can now reach.

The whole point of this concept is that even though it’s an inexpensive build, the cost of activating us all can be prohibitively high. This is because you need an Enlightened Gem to do so. But don’t worry, it’s not mandatory at all. As for the budget, you can get a destroyer Game map for only 85 Chaos. To advance to Yellow Maps, you also need to use 120 Chaos.

You’re fast, and you’ve fired off a lot of Projectiles. These projectiles poison enemies and cause nearby enemies to be poisoned as well. But the surrounding boss damage values ​​are high, which is a big fear.

Projectiles can deal with a lot of poison damage to Shotgun Bosses for increased survivability. This patch comes with many Defensive Layers. For example, High Arm or High Evasion Spell Suppression and 50 chance to Block Attacks and spells. All of this gives the build the effect of over 100,000 HP.

Finally, we have a Tax Key Ring Raider and also Ranger Class with this build. Use all of Raider’s attack speed to deploy multiple points that drain the health of enemies to defeat the merits of this build.

I’ll start with the simplicity of putting it together. You don’t need any mandatory unique items, and leveling is so simple, this build is great for beginners. Because you end up with great speed, boss damage and survivability for a low investment.

Best Build For Chaos Theme

Now coming to the cons, the main issue with this build is Mana. Damage over time prevents us from upgrading Mana. Due to this problem, we need to reduce Rare Rings consumed by the skill of Mana according to the budget. You can destroy your in-game maps with Advanced to Yellow Maps, which use about 100 Chaos.

You need to use about 150 Chaos. To easily complete your quest, I recommend investing around four Divines, but you can definitely do it much faster.

With this build as a Raider, you move and attack fast. You also don’t need to deploy the pods, they will deplete around enemies, providing smooth gameplay for you to kill bosses.

Combining your powers with the toxic Ring Totems Bosses will just flood countless places. With this survival build, even the biggest builds will melt like butter before your eyes. This is because this patch has High Evasion High Armor and Spell Suppression.

On top of that, you can also use the toxicity Ring from a safe distance, where it will seriously slow down enemies. That’s all. What do you guys think of Chaos build options and which one is your favourite? I wish you all the best and don’t forget to keep building.

MLB The Show 23: What Is The Role Of Captains Added In The Diamond Dynasty Mode?

Currently, baseball season has arrived. As part of MLB 2023 Spring Training, the players have already taken the field, and you should already see your favorites. New rules were also implemented this year, such as making shifts illegal and pitch clocks. You should have noticed this by now. Just as new rules are added to the sport, Sony San Diego has been working on adding new features to their annual baseball game. So, you can look forward to the same on MLB The Show 23.

This time, MLB The Show 23 will feature some new features that will make a difference, including the addition of "Captains" to the Diamond Dynasty mode just this year. If you're new to Diamond Dynasty, this mode is for you. In this mode, through player cards, you can collect the players you need, and try to build the best baseball team in MLB history. In fact, this game mode is somewhat similar to Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL and Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL games of EA. If you build an all-star team, you can choose to battle other custom teams to see whose team is better.

More Synergies

MLB The Show 23 Willie Mays

This year, Captains are brand new. In a team, Captains allow you to create more synergies in your team. If you implement these synergies, your player stats will boost. Since the card is marked "Captain Patch", then you can select Captains from the players. After meeting the requirements, each Captain will show you different stat boosts.

To let you know more about how Captains work in MLB The Show 23, I'm going to use the Willie Mays Diamond Dynasty Captain card. If you have a Willie Mays Captain card like this one, and he is also the Captain of your Squad, you have the potential to get three tiers of boosts.

  • Tier 1: +5 Power vs R, +5 Speed, +5 Fielding Ability

Requires: At least 3 hitters from the 1950s or 1960s on your squad.

  • Tier 2: +10 Power vs R, +10 Speed, +10 Fielding Ability

Requires: At least 5 hitters from the 1950s or 1960s on your squad.

  • Tier 3: +15 Power vs R, +15 Speed, +15 Fielding Ability

Requires: At least 8 hitters from the 1950s or 1960s on your squad.

If you want the Willie Mays Captain card to help you boost your stats, you'll have to choose from players who played in the 1950s and 1960s to build your ideal team. You can get these players by using MLB The Show 23 Stubs. If you can successfully build such a team, your stats will get a nice boost. The more and more players you add to your squad who meet this requirement, the higher and higher the stats you can boost.

More Dynamic

When Captains are added to Diamond Dynasty, then you can create your team based on different themes and the chemistry that can be generated. One thing about Captains is quite dynamic: different Captains have different rules that need to be followed to reach each level, and the number of players is not the same. For Willie Mays, he needs eight players to reach Tier 3. However, this does not mean that other Captains also need 8 players to reach Tier 3. Some other Captains may need 11 players to reach Tier 3.

At Least 6 Innings

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty

One more thing you need to make sure: the Captains you choose have played at least 6 innings. If the Captains you choose have played less than 6 innings, they will not be able to boost your Tier. Affected by this aspect, you need to come up with more strategies before selecting Captains, instead of simply choosing to add Captains and delete Captains after the first inning.

Out of a total of 30 teams, each team will have at least one player who can have the Captain ability in Diamond Dynasty. As MLB The Show 23 progresses, more and more Captains will appear in the game. But, among those 30 teams, there are always some Captains looking to start Diamond Dynasty from MLB The Show 23.

In Diamond Dynasty, with the presence of the Captains feature, there will be a lot of players who love the game like you to create all kinds of cool combinations of players. Rather than having you create a squad of players that are best used in the game, Captains give you a lot of incentives to create a team around a particular theme. In Diamond Dynasty, you can still create a squad of the best players. However, you may not get the extra Tier boosts, and those Tier boosts may be more useful than you think. So, I think the emergence of the Captains feature is very good, and it is worth your various attempts.

Elden Ring: 3 Enemies That Shouldn't Appear In Shadow Of The Erdtree

A year after the release of Elden Ring, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco finally announced to you an expansion for the open-world RPG. This expansion is called Shadow of the Erdtree, and I believe you have been looking forward to it for a long time like me. Via social networks, the Japanese company announced to you the existence of the Elden Ring expansion, as well as the first official art of the DLC. At present, only an announcement has been made to the DLC. We don't know exactly when the DLC will be released and what you'll experience in this new adventure.

At The Game Wards, when Hidetaka Miyazaki took the stage to pick up 2022 GOTY, he has already indicated that the latest FromSoftware experience would be extended. So, this DLC will come sooner or later. Compared to the method the company has been using since the first Dark Souls, it doesn't look like much has changed with this DLC. In the future, it may somehow take you to other places in the Lands Between, and it may even take you to another reality or time. Thus, those Elden Ring enemies that make you feel uncomfortable won't show up again. So, next, I'm going to introduce you to 3 annoying enemies that shouldn't appear in Shadow of the Erdtree.

1. Giant Crayfish

Elden Ring Giant Crayfish

Usually, they are called Giant Lobster and Railgun Crustacean. And, they also have an abbreviation called Lobster. In fact, these fearsome enemies are called Giant Crayfish. They have the most effective attack, which is a stream of poison. This attack can travel far, and you'll be knocked unconscious after a few hits. However, Giant Crayfish can also fire a lot of projectiles at you in quick succession, leaving you with little chance of dodging these attacks. Since these enemies have hard shells, fast speed and powerful strength, and they will attack you suddenly in groups, they are very difficult to take damage. They have many powerful attacks, including a grapple that can kill you quickly.

These enemies can be easily avoided if you enter a partially submerged form. However, later in the game, if you're in a smaller space, it's possible to run into them and never know how to beat them. One thing I need to remind you here is: In fact, there is a variant of this monster. And this variant is infected with parasites, has red eyes and more powerful power, and has a disgusting creature that wriggles in its stomach.

2. Fingercreepers

Elden Ring Fingercreepers

In Elden Ring, there are many enemies that are very scary. Among them are Fingercreepers, one of the most difficult and disturbing horrible creatures. If you have a phobia of spiders, they may make you feel uncomfortable. Fingercreepers are giant, grotesque hands that are very good at playing hide-and-seek. In close combat, they only need a few swipes to knock you out. Fingercreepers bother you mostly because of their basic visual design. Since they are huge disembodied hands with an unnatural number of fingers, it is very hard to read their movements.

While playing the game, if you're not cautious, you're easy to fall into the trap of these horrible beasts. Some Fingercreepers will even lure you with shiny objects in order to get you into their trap. Even if these beasts don't ambush you, they will actively attack you, and even use gravity magic to paralyze you.

3. Revenants

Elden Ring Revenants

For many players who enjoy playing Elden Ring as much as you do, multilimbed creatures like Revenants are the bane. As one of the most aggressive enemies in Elden Ring, they move much faster than you might expect. Not only can Revenants jump very far, but you will be surprised at the high hit rate of many of their basic attacks. To make matters worse, Revenants also like to fire attacks, spew poison, and even teleport. That way, you have very little chance of escaping their clutches. If you want to increase your chances of escaping these monsters, you can use Elden Ring Runes to get stronger gear and improve your character's combat abilities to help you escape them. These monsters have a wide range of abilities that can kill you.

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Actually, another arachnid-inspired horror show is Revenants, and you might have a hard time beating them. It's like one of the most annoying bosses in Elden Ring is the enemy's version of the boss, the Royal Revenant, and even if all you encounter are some normal Revenant, they can be very annoying. In addition to those just mentioned, sometimes Revenants will appear in your vicinity in groups. In this way, an already difficult battle will become even more difficult.

Revenants have erratic movement setups and a lot of limbs, so they can turn into a fighting nightmare for you. Even if you are the most experienced warrior, you may not be able to survive a battle with them. In Shadow of the Erdtree, Revenants should be the least common enemy.

Lords of the Fallen is a game more like Elden Ring than expected

Lords of the Fallen shares many of the FromSoftware games with its predecessors. The game heavily emulates the original Dark Souls from 2014. While the references are understandable, the role-playing game has more similarities to Elden Ring than developer Hexworks predicted, such as a boss that almost resembles Malenia.

Lords of the Fallen

In fact, development on The Lords of the Fallen began long before we announced Elden Ring. Recently, the game’s production director, Cezar Virtosu, told Edge Magazine that his team is ready for the onslaught that FromSoftware will take when it reveals its latest game to everyone.

Elden Ring

In the magazine’s 381st issue, Virtosu said that the game developers were very disappointed with a certain production content, which is the "breakthrough weapon" in the game, the flail. Because the weapon also appeared in the promotion of Elden Ring. The team also discovered that a boss in the game was almost identical to the one in Malenia. Because Miquella’s Blade is powerful in Elden Ring, if there is a similar boss in Lords of the Fallen, I believe it will be very simple to eliminate them.

Some have called Lords of the Fallen one of the highest-rated action RPGs of all time, which is certainly an enormous compliment to the developers of the game, but Lords of the Fallen is also under tremendous pressure from all directions. Many fans hope that the scope and mechanics of the game can be as close as possible to Elden Ring. For example, Elden Ring runes & items, so that Elden Ring players can have better game experience. “There was some pressure.” admits Virtosu. Some people ask "Do you have horse racing? Do you have an open world?"

Hexworks is as happy to share the FromSoftware game’s inspiration for Lords of the Fallen as previous developer Deck 13. In an interview with the magazine, Virtosu expressed his love and awe to the father of Elden Ring "Hayao Miyazaki", and said with a smile, “Without him, we would have no jobs.”

Lords of the Fallen shares a lot of similarities to Elden Ring from so far, but it will take time to see if it will be as entertaining as FromSoftware's masterpiece. The official claims it will land on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC one after another this year. Although the specific release date has not yet been determined, this will undoubtedly further increase the expectations of fans.

Elden Ring: May Take Inspiration From Escape From Tarkov In The Future

In my opinion, Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki loves the Extraction shooters genre as much as I do. I think he is really a man of great taste. In a recent interview with the award-winning director, he revealed how much he loves Escape From Tarkov. In addition, along with other innovative multiplayer games, it provides rich material for future FromSoftware games. It sounds really exciting.

On February 25, 2022, developer FromSoftware released Elden Ring, and it was a huge success. It's by far one of the best games in Soulsborne. Therefore, last year's title of Game of the Year at the Keighley’s is none other than it. Recently, the official also announced to you the game's first major expansion, I believe you must be looking forward to its arrival. Normally, you might think of Elden Ring as a difficult solo RPG, like other Soulslikes. In fact, FromSoftware games generally include multiplayer components. In addition to those cooperative games, you can actually "invade" another player's game, posing a new and wittier threat to them.

Elden Ring

While they're completely different genres, escape shooters like the recent Call of Duty's DMZ and Escape From Tarkov give you a similar gaming experience. As a PvPvE game, your risk from hostile AI is as much as your risk from other players. However, it is still different from Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. In a multiplayer escape shooter, you're constantly at the risk, which is "invasion" by players occupying the same game instance, bringing you with all sorts of difficult and unpredictable challenges.

What Escape From Tarkov Is And The Reason It Is Similar To Elden Ring

Escape From Tarkov

In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki talked about FromSoftware's future games, saying, "As a fan and one of the game's creators, I'm very interested in the multiplayer element, which includes game design and technology. Especially Escape From Tarkov, I really liked it. So, I generally focus on the multiplayer elements as a fan and a creator of the game."

Since its release in 2016, Escape From Tarkov has been in Early Access. What makes the game so popular is that it's a tactical shooter with brutal tech. First, you need to collect quest items or basic equipment. Then you need to escape the map. And in the process of escaping, you will face some challenges. These challenges can be from hostile AI or from players spread across an open world full of collectibles and unlockables. The most important thing about this game is that it has a set of inventory management duties and a very detailed health system. If you end up escaping alive, you can keep everything you find. If you die in the end, you lose everything, including the things you found. Do these two sentences sound familiar to you?

For other escape shooters, like The Cycle: Frontier or Call of Duty's DMZ, while dialing back loot management and survival a bit, both keep the same PvPvE elements. Although the main loop in the game is entering one area and leaving another, everything that happens along the way is determined by the competing interests and unpredictable chaos of uncertainty. If you've ever played an escape shooter, it's really striking how similar it is to the cycle from campfire to campfire in Elden Ring or Dark Souls. Hope you're alive and taking all the souls you recovered along the way. In this way, Miyazaki may indeed be a fan.

Miyazaki Is Interested In Using Other Players "As A Resource For Gameplay"

Escape From Tarkov

For the games like Escape From Tarkov, Miyazaki is very interested in one thing: how this multiplayer arrangement uses other players "as a resource for gameplay." In a multiplayer extraction shooter, you can object or cooperate with others, which can lead to more tense standoffs and a broader debate about the difficulty of the game and the morality of player behavior. Likewise, when it comes to Souls games, the debate of the game's difficulty is not too dissimilar .

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When you're a solo player, the opposing players are the game's blockers for you, and they create a lot of unpredictable, ever-changing difficulty and behaviors that rely on social dynamics, just as much as they do real game mechanics.

Whether that inspiration will be in Elden Ring's recently announced and upcoming expansion, we'll have to wait and see. However, the thought that these two worlds may merge some content in the future makes me very excited, and I believe you will too.

FIFA 23: 6 Excellent Goalkeepers

On the soccer field, the position of the goalkeeper is the most professional, so their job can never go unnoticed. For a goalkeeper who can save the ball and kick the ball with his feet, the team is very willing to buy him, even if he costs a lot of money. Since some teams have their own style of play and specific formations, the goalkeeper has to pass the ball between the other players during the set-up play.

In FIFA 23, there are many excellent goalkeepers. Every good player can have enough ability to turn the situation of the game. They can make assists, make huge saves and sometimes even score goals. Also, they have high stats in some aspects, including Reflexes, Positioning and Handling. In addition, in the game, they can quickly complete a strike or a penalty shot. Next, I will introduce you to 6 excellent goalkeepers:

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Paris Saint-Germain

FIFA 23 Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma has a lot of potential as Paris Saint-Germain's starting goalkeeper despite his 88 overall. In FIFA Career Mode, his overall is likely to reach a shocking 92, so he is a golden prospect. As a superstar in Italy, he always makes all kinds of saves look very easy.

For Donnarumma, he can reach to either side of the net and do so with ease. We can see this from his 90 Diving. In addition, he has this very good 85 Positioning. Then, if you pick him, you can count on him to make regular saves on top of the more threatening ones. Moreover, his Reflexes among the highest Reflexes is 89.

Alisson Becker, Liverpool F.C.

FIFA 23 Alisson Becker

Both Liverpool F.C. and the Brazil national team have played Alisson on the team sheet. I think you can get his card in Ultimate Team with FUT 23 Coins or choose any squad in Kick-Off mode. As a good goalkeeper, he is well-rounded.

His 87 Reactions is not only good for his save potential, but it also allows him to get passes to teammates very quickly. In an organized game, this is very important and essential if you want to use a goalkeeper. In addition, he has 85 Handling. Not only does this reduce his rebounding opportunities, but it also allows him to reduce the need for multiple saves.

Ederson, Manchester City

FIFA 23 Ederson

In the Brazilian national team, there are many outstanding players, including goalkeepers. For now, Ederson has been fighting for a starting spot at international level. However, he is the first choice for Manchester City's starting eleven. And, in order to build Ligue 1 and English Premier hybrid Ultimate Team, he is also a unique choice.

According to his numerous high-level statistics, including 93 Goalkeeper Kicking, he has an overall rating of 89. He can kick or punt the ball to the other half of the pitch and not make a mistake, making for building up games quickly. He also has 88 Positioning, which allows him to be almost in the right position to save when he is in the net.

Jan Oblak, Atletico Madrid

FIFA 23 Jan Oblak

In fact, there are few opportunities for players to shine at the international level, but in the La Liga show, Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak is a shining star. Currently, his overall ranking is 89. However, in Career Mode, it is very possible to reach 91. As a solid goalkeeper, Oblak has all-around stats. If you choose him, then he can help you stop the humble Strikers.

In terms of Handling, Oblak is also very good. Not only does he never give up the rebound, but he's always able to make a save as well. His already impressive stats are further solidified as he has 87 Reactions. He knew where the ball was going before it was hit, as if he had the ability to see into the future.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich

 FIFA 23 Manuel Neuer

In football, the most well-known name of the goalkeeper should be Manuel Neuer. He has achieved excellent results in both club competitions at Bayern Munich and international competitions in Germany. He has been playing for Germany since 2011. He is also consistently named among the highest rated players in FIFA.

You can only be considered one of the best when you have the stats to back it up, and Neuer did just that. As an excellent goalkeeper, he has an overall rating of 90 and has very high stats in Positioning, Handling and Kicking. And, for most Bundesliga Ultimate Teams, he is still the main option.

Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid

FIFA 23 Thibaut Courtois

What is the epitome of goalkeeping? The answer is Real Madrid and Belgium international Thibaut Courtois. In the game, he is the best due to his ability to get +1 in Career Mode and high base stats. If you pick him up, with the highest Reflexes he has at the goalkeeper position, you don't need much else.

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After being loaned to Atletico Madrid, he spent several seasons there. He then started his new career at Real Madrid in 2018 after transferring from Chelsea F.C. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a true top goalkeeper and has become one of the best goalkeepers of all time.

The above are the 6 excellent goalkeepers I introduced to you. Hope they will help you.

FIFA 23: 6 Outstanding Wingers You Can Choose From

There are so many amazing players in FIFA 23, wingers are some of the most enjoyable. The position of winger is so famous because of its ability to change the position of the game. Whether with or without the ball, the winger needs to play according to his skill, pace, crossing ability and finishing. The same goes for wingers in FIFA 23.

Regardless of the mode, these wingers can bring you very impactful and exciting signings. Eventually, you'll have to use one or even more wingers to get into the game. Alternatively, choose a formation for one of your Ultimate Team rosters that just needs to fill the winger position. That being the case, you definitely need to know which wingers are worth adding to your roster. Next, I will introduce 6 outstanding wingers to you:

Raheem Sterling, Chelsea F.C.

FIFA 23 Raheem Sterling

For England's national team, the national team would be complete without Raheem Sterling. In FIFA 23, Sterling has an overall score of 85 as a Chelsea left winger, and his all-around stats are also impressive. The reason he gets a chance to play in every game is because his Attacking Work Rate is very high, which makes him an offensive threat.

If you can choose Sterling, then his 80 Shooting, 86 Dribbling and 90 Pace can bring you a lot of goals for your Ultimate Team or Career Mode squad. If you also want to build a very good Ultimate Team, and a team that can produce very good chemistry, then he will be a wonderful choice for you as a Premier League player and an England international.

Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City

FIFA 23 Riyad Mahrez

As an Algerian player, Riyad Mahrez is currently playing for English Premier League Manchester City. He's a silky right winger with excellent footwork, first touch, finishing and unforgettable agility that's why he's so famous.

Apart from this, Mahrez is a star. At this point, there are not many players who can do what he has done. Mahrez's overall score is 85, with 83 Passing, 84 Finishing and 90 Dribbling. Usually, he moves on the right side of the field, and then uses his amazing 83 Passing to pass the ball to his teammates, forwards and midfielders.

Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid F.C.

FIFA 23 Vinícius Jr

For Real Madrid, the young superstar Vinícius Jr is the perfect long-term Career Mode signing. With a Potential of 92, he has the possibility to be one of the highest rated players in the game after a few seasons. Not only that, but he will still be a top player.

You can call him Vinícius Jr, or Vini Jr. As a Brazilian left winger, he has an overall rating of 86. And, in FIFA 23, he has some best offensive statistics, including an unstoppable 90 Dribbling and 95 Pace. If you like to go fast in your game, Vinícius Jr is a great option.

Heung-Min Son, Tottenham

FIFA 23 Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son is the healthiest player in English Premier League. And at Tottenham Hotspur, he is not only a hard-working winger and a strong-willed man, but also a wicked goalscorer and even a great player.

With his own quick burst and a few tight strides, Heung-Min Son is able to take defenders out of the game. Then, facing a helpless goalkeeper, he will roll the ball straight into the top corner of the net. Overall, Heung-Min Son's Positioning and 91 Finishing are unmatched.

Neymar Jr, Paris Saint-Gemain

FIFA 23 Neymar Jr

Among the best players of this generation is Neymar Jr. He had been playing for Santos FC in Brazil before, during which many clubs paid great attention to him, and finally he signed for F.C. In 2013, he cemented himself as a player for the football history books at Barcelona.

For you, it's also well worth using some FUT 23 Coins to get Neymar into your Ultimate Team. Not only did he have a total score of 89, but he also has five-star Skill Moves, five-star Weak Foot and 93 Dribbling. In addition, Neymar can not only score his own goals, but also cut the opponent's defense in order to pass the ball to his teammates.

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool F.C.

FIFA 23 Mohamed Salah

In Liverpool F.C. there is such an elite right-wing player, who is Mohamed Salah. Like many talented players of this generation, his name is known by many people. If you're lucky enough to see Salah's name when you open your player pack in Ultimate Team, then you can really enjoy the game.

Salah is one of the most well-rounded players in this position, with nearly all attacking stats over 80. I believe you will be very happy when you see this. With 93 Finishing and 85 Long Shot, he can score anywhere.

The above is the relevant information of the 6 outstanding wingers. I hope it will be helpful to your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23: Most Deserving Players In Team Of The Year

In the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team calendar, as one of the most popular promotions and one of the highlights, Team Of The Year is able to offer the highest rated editions of the best players in the world. In the meantime, there's some items that FIFA 23 released earlier this year with them. Items here refer to World Cup Icons and normal Icon cards with game legends. In addition, for the 12 best players, by voting you have the opportunity to choose them and let them advance.

Historically, Lionel Messi was responsible for leading the way as World Cup Hero after one of the greatest players finally claimed the ultimate award. In FIFA 23, he as Argentine has the highest rated joint card currently, with a rating of 98, which is quite shocking. Messi's card is played on the right wing, with a top 99 dribbling, 97 passing and 98 shooting. Previously, in FIFA 23, the World Cup Team of The Tournament card had his name on it.

FIFA 23 Lionel Messi

Two Players Sit Behind Messi With 97 Overall Ratings

After Messi, there are 3 players with 97 overall ratings following him. Among them, PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe is inside. In addition to that, he was the best player in this promotion. Although his rating is not very high, compared to the number of games played by Messi, the French striker played more games. And in the transfer market, Kylian Mbappe's card is worth more than 10 million coins.

Usually, Mbappe's position is a striker. With his 98 dribbling and 99 top speed stats, he's hard to stop. However, compared with his teammates, his 87 physical stat will be more advantageous. Recently, in FIFA 23's latest "Team Of The Week", those players who performed well on the real pitch will appear on it.

Ballon d'Or winner Karim Benzema, as the last striker selected for this year's Team Of The Year, has won the Champions League title for Real Madrid once before, and won it again this time. Benzema is the most well-rounded striker of the three forwards, and he has all five key stats in the 90s. Among them, his hit rate is as high as 97, which makes him deadly in front of the goal. This time the upgrade allows him to truly replace those common players in Ultimate Teams, and the price is much lower than other players.

Three Good Midfielders

With another stellar season at Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne is the highest rated midfielder at the time with a rating of 96. Although his performance in World Cup was not very good, it didn't affect him. In FIFA 23, the highest rated midfielder so far is Belgian star Zinedine Zidane. In the future, FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges, more and more TOTY flashback stars will appear there. Croatian Luka Modric, who follows De Bruyne in Qatar, has made another big run for his country in World Cup. For you, he would be a good option because of his high stats across the board, although the veteran is not as quick as other midfielders in midfield.

The only Englishman to advance was Jude Bellingham. Because of his potential, you can expect to see him in a lot of Team Of The Years. In FIFA 23, Bellingham is the best all-round midfielder as he has a default midfield position, has very good overall statistics and has a high rating of 95. Currently, there is a card that can generate great chemistry for Ultimate Team. Through this card, you will know why his price has been rising in the transfer market. At the same time, it is also letting players return more than 2 million coins. On top of that, Bellingham is also able to use most of the new skill moves in FIFA 23, thanks to his 4-star skill stat.

This year, in FIFA 23, Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has improved a lot from his previous best rated 90 card and is now rated at 96, making him one of the best strikers in the game. And these huge changes are all because many players voted for him. If you can find him in your bag, with his physical stats among the top strikers in the world, you can use this card to bully opposing defenders. In FIFA 23, one of the most effective players executing the new power shots is Haaland.

Eder Militao Can Replace Virgil Van Dijk

In FIFA 23, Liverpool centre-back Virgil Van Dijk is the highest-scoring defender despite a poor year on the pitch. He has a speed of 88, a physical rating of 94 and a defensive rating of 97. Another Real Madrid star who has reached the top 11, Eder Militao, is Virgil Van Dijk's partner. Although the other statistics of the Brazilian Eder Militao are not very high, but his speed class is higher than that of Van Dijk and can really replace Van Dijk.

At full-back, two of the World Cup's standouts also make the squad with PSG's Achraf Hakimi and AC Milan's Theo Hernandez. Recently, Neymar was available as Moroccan's PSG team-mate in FIFA 23 promotion Centurions. The joint fastest player in the game, Hakimi has a top speed stat of 99. In making him stand out for his country en route to the semi-finals.

Usually, in Team Of The Year, it is difficult to see the goalkeeper's name. But in FIFA 23, another key player in Real Madrid's squad, Thibaut Courtois, has won the honor. To add to an Ultimate Team squad, Belgian will only set you back a fraction of the price, unlike the other stars in the promotion. Still, the best goalkeeper card to date is Thibaut Courtois.

Once again, Team Of The Year has the best cards in FIFA 23 so far. However, in the transfer market, the prices of these cards are very high.

Path of Exile 3.21 + 3.22 + POE 2 VS Diablo 4?

As we all know, every Expansion release of Path of Exile will inject new vitality into MMOARPG. Grinding Gear Games has added four Expansions to Path of Exile every year since its release in October 2013.

The currently ongoing POE Expansion is titled The Forbidden Sanctum, which released in December 9, 2022 for PC/Mac. Calculated according to the progress of three months, POE 3.20 will end in early March 2023, and at that time, 3.21 will follow the pace of 3.20 in the near future and provide new content for players.

POE 3.21

However, unfortunately, some time ago, there were rumors that "POE 3.21 makes way for Diablo 4" on the Internet. For this situation, GGG also made a corresponding reply, that is, they really want to postpone the release schedule of POE 3.21 by one month. It also left four months of development time for the devs of the Path of Exile 3.21 Update. Let's make a bold prediction, have they started working on 3.22 in these four months?

Diablo 4

For a highly anticipated new game like Diablo 4, whether it is a player who has joined the Diablo fan base in recent years or a hardcore player of the Diablo series, it has a strong attraction. It's been over a decade since Blizzard last officially released Diablo 3. Diablo 4 is expected to be released in June 6th, 2023. This timing coincides with the expected end of POE 3.21 Expansion, which was originally scheduled to be released in March. If GGG insists on going its own way, then the release of Diablo 4 is bound to divert away most POE fans during the window period before the release of 3.22.

After all, both belong to the field of MMOARPG, and they have competed for many years. The influence of the Diablo series is still much greater than that of POE Expansion. Now it seems that if the news that GGG postponed the release date of POE 3.21 is true, it has to be said to be a wise decision. If they want to release 3.22 shortly after the end of 3.21, the two Expansions will form an angle with Diablo 4 and block it to a certain extent. In addition, at that time, GGG will also release the trailer of Path of Exile 2 The film will also bring about a wave of enthusiasm among old POE fans. If you look at it this way, the situation is three against one, and it is not certain who will win.

Let us wait and see what will happen in June and July this year.

FIFA 23: Future Stars Release Date, Token Swaps And Leaks

On February 3, 2023, FIFA Ultimate Team announced the 12th Man and FIFA 23 Team of the Year squad with multiple honorable mentions. However, relevant insiders said that a promotional video that old fans love most, namely Future Stars, will be released that day.

We'll list everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Future Stars start date, duration, Token Swaps and players.

FIFA 23 Future Stars

FIFA 23 Future Stars Promo's Meaning

Many people should know what FIFA 23 Future Stars promo is. Generally speaking, Future Stars will pay more attention to those young players with unlimited potential, because their careers are still very long. These young players then receive upgrade cards that reflect their performance for years to come when their careers are at their peak. Therefore, only those players who must be 23 or younger are likely to be considered for Future Stars.

When Does FIFA 23 Future Stars Start?

According to the above, FIFA 23 Future Stars may start when TOTY ends on February 3, 2023, at 10:00 am PT, 1:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm GMT or 7:00 pm CET.

Some speculate that Future Stars will last roughly two weeks, with two squads:

  • Future Stars Team One: February 3-10, 2023

  • Future Stars Team Two: February 10-17, 2023

Token Swaps

EA Sports has officially announced that FIFA 23 Future Stars can continue to conduct Token Swaps in the future. From now until February 17, 2023, you can exchange your collected 30 Future Stars Swaps Tokens for some rewards, and use FUT 23 Coins to get stronger favorite players cards to win more games.

FIFA 23 Token Swaps

All FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Rewards Full List

  • 3x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x Future Stars Team 1 Pack (1 Player)

  • 5x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x Base Icon Gianfranco Zola

  • 10x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x 84+ X20 Pack

  • 10x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x Moments Coutinho

  • 15x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x 87+ X10 Pack

  • 20x Future Stars Swaps Token: 1x Mid Icon George Best

  • 25x Future Stars Swaps Token: 2x 85+ X10 Pack

  • 27x Future Stars Swaps Token: Prime Icon Player Pick (1 Player out of 3)


We now know that Brazilian player Coutinho who signed with Manchester City is one of the Future Stars, and this has been confirmed. We have no information on any other Future Stars other than him.

FIFA 23 Leaks

Finally, we will keep you posted if there's any information about FIFA 23 Future Stars.

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