How To Achieve The Perfect Passing In Madden 24? - 4 Passing Tips


For many fans and experts in American football, passing is the core of the game. For those of you looking to do this and be successful in Madden 24, you may be looking for a reliable Madden 24 Passing guide. Improve your game and produce the results you want by getting some helpful tips.

Successfully passing the ball in Madden 24 requires precision and correct timing to execute the throw. The margin for error when passing is small, especially when you crank up the difficulty and play online. And a pass that’s too late or too soft at one point can result in a costly interception or fumble.

With Madden 24 officially on sale, fans are already excited about the new modes it has to offer, from Franchise to Superstar and more. As players start to delve deeper into their passing game, some may try to improve their passing skills. Here we’ll help you become an all-around better passer in Madden 24.

Madden 24: How To Achieve The Perfect Passing?

Throw Type

The best part about passing in Madden 24 is how you throw the ball and the types of throws you can make. Over the years, Madden has continued to incorporate this reality into the game. This allows fans to complete bullet passes, lob passes, and touch passes.

Also, fans have full control over the ball’s position using the left stick and can pitch the ball to a location of their choosing. Whether it’s on the receiver’s shoulders or in front of them.

As you become more familiar with each throw type, it’s important to start using them accordingly during every game you play. Every route and window for a receiver will be different. It takes some type of throw to get your receiver to catch the ball. While some of these levels may be a little difficult to master, learning and mastering them will go a long way in Madden 24.

Madden 24: How to Change Passing Type?

Develop Pocket Awareness

As you start throwing the ball more and more in Madden 24, you will begin to realize that your success depends heavily on your pocket protection of the offensive line. The better the protection, the more time you have to throw it into your chosen receiver.

It can take time for a receiver to complete a route, or sometimes it can take them some time to get away from the opposing cornerback guarding them.

But right now, we’re investing more Madden 24 Coins in our quarterbacks to improve their athleticism significantly. If your offensive line isn’t that strong or gives way to a tough pass rusher. Then it’s easy to use the quarterback’s speed to crawl out of the pocket to complete the throw or jump and run.

In short, developing pocket awareness is crucial. That way, you can tell when you can throw the ball out of the pocket and when you need to roll out and potentially run with the ball.

Madden 24: How To Improve Pocket Presence?

Learning Playbook

It’s easier said than done to find a playbook and get familiar with it, but don’t be shy about trying it. Every NFL playbook is unique, and some are better suited to passing plays than others. Therefore, a good way to get a handle on your preferred playbook is to consider Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator behind the playbook, as well as the team’s quarterback.

For example, Kansas City Chiefs have a variety of passing options in their playbook. The same goes for Aaron Rodgers’ New York Jets and Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to these playbooks, especially if they don’t fit your style.

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When you play Madden 24, it’s all about feeling the game you love. Because when crunch time comes in the game and you need to hit a big shot, having these back-pocket plays is critical to your success. And it all starts with how comfortable you are with the playbook.

Madden 24: Learning Best Playbooks and Schemes for Offense & Defense

Read Data & Calculate Passing Time

A really key part of your growth as a passer in Madden 24 is how well you’re able to read data and time passes. When pitching in Madden 24, timing is very important. A key step to mastering this is how you understand the defense’s strategy and how they cover your receivers on every down.

When you’re faced with a zone coverage scheme, it’s important for you to exploit the gaps and holes between defenders that you can manipulate. If it’s more of a man-based situation, you may need to wait for your perimeter players to get away from their defenders before they can get open. If it’s a blitz, be prepared to spin the ball.

When you better understand the different defensive plays a team can throw at you, you’ll have a better understanding of when to throw the ball and what opportunities are available to you.

Madden 24: Best Passing Tips

Timing is key in the rapid opening and closing of windows in Madden 24. Route windows will come and go, and it’s important to catch them when they pop up.

These are 4 tips you need to pay attention to achieve the perfect pass in Madden 24. Follow this guide and you’ll be a great passer in Madden 24!