NBA 2K23: 6 Great Players Who Have Been Overlooked


In NBA, there are many players, but often only the best players get people's attention. So, it's only natural that a lot of great players would be overlooked in this situation. However, this largely shows that there are some problems with the rating system in NBA 2K23, and some players who should have been paid attention have not been paid attention to.

In the past, there have been various discussions about how 2K evaluates players. This is very similar to another situation where several players were evaluated incorrectly at the previous release of 2K23 and got a lot of flak from people as a result. Updating the roster has allowed for more accurate ratings to an extent, but there are still some players who are better at the game than they are. If you want to get them, you can use NBA 2K23 MT. Next, I will introduce you to 6 great players who have been overlooked:

Anfernee Simons - 83

NBA 2K23 Anfernee Simons

Playing alongside Damian Lillard in Portland's backcourt, Anfernee Simons is one of the league's best scoring guards in the 2022-23 season. It was the first time in his career that he averaged more than 20 points per game. Anfernee Simons has always had two great skills, shooting threes and scoring off the dribble. However, he has been consistent in this year's competition to become a near go-to guy. Especially in the games where Lillard missed due to injury.

While his excellent 3-point shooting clip has been consistent, his 83 3-point shot in 2K has been underwhelming.

Josh Giddey - 84

NBA 2K23 Josh Giddey

While top scorer Shai Gilgeous-Alexander dominated the headlines for the Oklahoma City Thunder, his second-in-command Josh Giddey was also notable because he grew so much in the same year. One of the most unique guards in the league currently has his name on it.

As a guard, although his offensive rebounding attribute did not reach 67 on 2K, his rebounding chops are still very impressive.

Devin Vassell - 83

NBA 2K23 Devin Vassell

The Spurs haven't been doing very well this season. However, I think there are a few players who have great promise, including Devin Vassell, one of San Antonio's most important rising stars. During a rookie year, he was mostly on the bench. During a sophomore year, he has been on the field as a fringe starter. After two seasons, Vassell as a reliable scorer is showing you the flashes in him.

In his bag, there are also some underrated skills, mostly because 2K has undersold his true value. His steal rate is 53, but has averaged more than a steal per game in the past two years, so it doesn't match that steal rate. Although he's a good passer, his pass vision is only 65.

OG Anunoby - 82

NBA 2K23 OG Anunoby

OG Anunoby is one of the best two-way players in the league, and he deserves a real reputation despite his underwhelming performances. He's been great as a defender. However, in the previous few seasons, he did not perform very well on offensive repertoire.

However, judging from the current situation, 2K has shown great disrespect for his performance on that side. Originally, he played as a ball-handler, but his ball handling was only 72. When he made rapid progress, he showed his excellent organizational skills, but he only had 37 pass vision and 52 pass IQ. Also, he was good as a finisher, but he only scored 75 layup.

Trey Murphy - 78

NBA 2K23 Trey Murphy

Trey Murphy's stats don't show that for a rising young star in today's NBA. That's because he's on the bench for a very talented team, the Pelicans team. Had his starting job not been replaced by Brandon Ingram, he would have had his name on one of the best young scorers in the league.

In fact, 2K hardly realizes this in many ways that need attention. Trey Murphy's three-point shooting rate, it seems that he is not very good in this area, but in fact his three-point shooting rate is very high. He's also a guy who likes to pass the ball and is very smart, but he only has 64 pass IQ. Judging from his size, he is an excellent ball-handler, but his ball handling is only 50.

Kevin Porter Jr. - 81

NBA 2K23 Kevin Porter Jr.

In the Rockets, Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green are undisputed future stars. In addition to those two, Kevin Porter Jr. proves to you that he can also be a good third-in-command and has a natural scoring skills. At the same time, he is constantly improving himself and making himself a more complete player.

This time, although 2K let his ability show on the stat sheet, 2K still didn't notice it. Usually, when Green is at off-guard, Kevin Porter Jr plays lead guard. It is also because of these experiences that he is a better organizer and ball-handler. However, his pass vision is only 73 and his ball-handling is only 82. Also, his defensive and offensive rebounds in 2K are just 58 and 46, respectively. In fact, for a guard, his rebounding level is already above average, because he averages about 5 rebounds per game.