Conversation With Newb World: His Story With New World


Dear adventurers, hello everyone! We all know that you can meet other fellow adventurers through Community Convergence. Today I would like to introduce you to a long-time player who is passionate about the story of Aeternum - Newb World. He has been sharing his legends, guides, and unique community events with a wider audience of adventurers on his YouTube channel.

When he’s not updating material for series like New World, he’s also running daily missions, working toward top tier trophies, or posting whatever the mood strikes him. Let’s talk to Newb World about his story with New World.

Conversation With Newb World: His Story With New World

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Meet New World For The First Time

Newb World recalled that New World itself found it interesting during the preview period. At first, he was just a game console player. When he got a relatively good computer, he took advantage of a New World discount to get this game, but he didn’t expect to become addicted to it. 

He said that he has now played 2,000 hours of gameplay, but he still feels that he has not finished it yet. He looks forward to logging in every day and finds it easy to come up with video ideas.

The Beginning Of Creating A Channel

Talking about the beginning of Newb World channel, he said that he had never thought about creating this kind of content until he discovered that he really liked the game. He humbly said that he felt that he was not good enough to make a wonderful guide. So now he starts more with different small projects. For example, before the transmog was released, his videos would show the effect of each element on each weapon type.

Newb World bluntly stated that New World’s viewing data is much better than his other previous channels. He found his own joy in working on capturing footage, editing and experimenting with different content for over a year. His current goal is to create at least one video a week on his day off. He added that the positive comments in the community were the biggest motivation for my decision to stay and continue creating.

About Transmog’s Competition

When Transmog was released, Newb World held a competition with some random people. The fun and unique look these guys bring inspired Newb World to take video creation to the next level. He also said he would like to collaborate with some content creators he likes, which shows that he also needs to better integrate into the community.

He sincerely thanks DannehTV, itsGlaive, BDLG, TrickTrick, Goddess009, Savvvo, JoshsTip, and vXBlackSwanXv for participating in the competition. 

From the time the idea for Transmog competition came up, Newb World built an enormous stage and judging system at home. He also needs to coordinate everyone’s schedule, receive all submissions, tally judges’ scores, and finally start editing. That sounds like a lot of work. He would also like to thank some people at Maramma who provided him with additional video footage.

He was proud to work with these guys and make such a great video together. He will never forget the emotions he felt with everyone and the entire community.

Story With New World

After the game showed the end of the main story quest (MSQ), Newb World realized that he was just rushing through the story in order to get through it faster. Sometimes he doesn’t remember what happened on Aeternum, so he wants to lead other adventurers in the community to dig deeper into the legend.

For his series, Newb World said he often needs to stop to avoid going too far. After he clears the level, he is always eager to go to the community and tell other adventurers, and wants to take them to explore other updated regional stories. What impressed him most was Ebonscale and Shattered Mountain.

Connection To New World

Since Newb World started this channel, he initially wanted to make the story more personal, so in the first episode he used the first person narrative. But then he felt something was not right, and now, in order to get a deeper understanding of the character’s heart, the story should be narrated in the third person.

Newb World gave us an example to show the importance of the third person. When he received Barkimedes’ Puppy as a reward for an Amrine Excavation quest, he thought about how it could fit into the character’s narrative. Because it was mentioned before that Jin-Jae gave the protagonist a house, Newb World naturally connected this puppy with the previous main plot.

Favorite Part Of New World

He said his favorite part was Isabella arc. Isabella is made more human after a recent update in which her backstory with Father Russo was fleshed out in the main story quest (MSQ). 

New World Isabella

When he first walked into the old version of the main story quest (MSQ), all he could think about was defeating her. But this time, he and some of the other adventurers began to empathize with her and feel sorry for her. “I can only imagine how much I will feel as I learn more about this legend.” he lamented.

We look forward to Newb World launching more New World stories and new series in the future, which we will focus on throughout the community integration. Thank you for your support and see you in the game.