Best Build For Chaos Theme In POE 3.20


Here today, in our picks for the best builds, we’re going to highlight three builds. They use all Corrosive Tanks of Chaos, leaving three corpses where they pass.

The first spot we chose was Essence in Witch Class. Essence consumes this ability. It also consumes the life of the enemy, and can even restore your life by a certain percentage of damage. But they can only use it on one enemy.

This time we also use Contagion for damage propagation, resulting in amazing Crease and clear speed. The advantages of this patch, I will start with its ease of play. It casts Contagion Ancestry Combo and then watches as enemies all over the screen melt before your eyes. This character is also easy to put together, as it doesn’t require any mandatory unique items.

Most importantly, it is very safe to play, and it has a lot of defensive. For Chorizo Cons, the first thing that comes to my mind is boss damage. Even though it’s a very cheap build, you’ll need to throw in a few Divine orbs first to do a lot of damage to a single target.

But don’t worry too much about the budget. As a Red Map Farmer, it’s easy enough to kill crazy bosses, even on a low budget. On a budget, this patch is very cheap. You can make it destroy the game map easily, only about 35 Chaos. Yellow Maps event You need to use about 100 Chaos to successfully complete your AdWords.

I recommend investing around four Divines, but you can definitely do it with less POE Currency. You can find a list with all the equipment you need to get for this build via the direct link. When you have a large effect on your Contagion, you can kill enemies with just one cast, even if you are far from the site.

On the other hand, the damage of the boss is 7 points. Killing Guardians and Pinnacle bosses takes longer than usual. But with the normal boss, you don’t have any problem because its survivability is not high.


This build has an effective ATP of over 100,000. Because high Armor high Evasion and spell suppression Max Chaos Resistant amazing live regeneration. It uses your Life Flash to deal massive damage to enemies. To illustrate the benefits of this build, I’ll start with the simplicity of the upgrade. It turns out to be a very powerful fast and a safe process investment, making it the perfect build that beginners can now reach.

The whole point of this concept is that even though it’s an inexpensive build, the cost of activating us all can be prohibitively high. This is because you need an Enlightened Gem to do so. But don’t worry, it’s not mandatory at all. As for the budget, you can get a destroyer Game map for only 85 Chaos. To advance to Yellow Maps, you also need to use 120 Chaos.

You’re fast, and you’ve fired off a lot of Projectiles. These projectiles poison enemies and cause nearby enemies to be poisoned as well. But the surrounding boss damage values ​​are high, which is a big fear.

Projectiles can deal with a lot of poison damage to Shotgun Bosses for increased survivability. This patch comes with many Defensive Layers. For example, High Arm or High Evasion Spell Suppression and 50 chance to Block Attacks and spells. All of this gives the build the effect of over 100,000 HP.

Finally, we have a Tax Key Ring Raider and also Ranger Class with this build. Use all of Raider’s attack speed to deploy multiple points that drain the health of enemies to defeat the merits of this build.

I’ll start with the simplicity of putting it together. You don’t need any mandatory unique items, and leveling is so simple, this build is great for beginners. Because you end up with great speed, boss damage and survivability for a low investment.

Best Build For Chaos Theme

Now coming to the cons, the main issue with this build is Mana. Damage over time prevents us from upgrading Mana. Due to this problem, we need to reduce Rare Rings consumed by the skill of Mana according to the budget. You can destroy your in-game maps with Advanced to Yellow Maps, which use about 100 Chaos.

You need to use about 150 Chaos. To easily complete your quest, I recommend investing around four Divines, but you can definitely do it much faster.

With this build as a Raider, you move and attack fast. You also don’t need to deploy the pods, they will deplete around enemies, providing smooth gameplay for you to kill bosses.

Combining your powers with the toxic Ring Totems Bosses will just flood countless places. With this survival build, even the biggest builds will melt like butter before your eyes. This is because this patch has High Evasion High Armor and Spell Suppression.

On top of that, you can also use the toxicity Ring from a safe distance, where it will seriously slow down enemies. That’s all. What do you guys think of Chaos build options and which one is your favourite? I wish you all the best and don’t forget to keep building.