WOTLK Classic: What Should We Prepare for Phase 3 Crafted Gear


In many games, a new tier of content often means new crafting recipes. When Phase Three is released for the Crusader class in this game, it will come with new patterns for blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking. These patterns are specific to those three professions and are not available for other professions like enchanting or alchemy.

It's a good idea to prepare for the new content by stocking up on crafting materials or even making a profit by selling them on the auction house. By doing so, players can take advantage of these new patterns and craft valuable items that can help them progress in the game for more unique rewards and WOTLK Classic Gold.

The new recipes for crafting in the game include chest and braces that are very useful for players. To craft these items, you will need tight and still bars, as well as Crusader orbs.

These orbs are similar to Rune orbs from a previous phase but can now be found in Trial of the Crusader instead. You can also spend the new emblems on them, but it's not recommended unless you are hoping to make a profit on the auction house. The same applies for leatherworking, where Arctic fur and Crusader orbs are needed, and tailoring also has new patterns available.

WOTLK Classic: What Should We Prepare for Phase 3 Crafted Gear

The type of armor that you need to craft will depend on the role of your character, whether it is geared towards DPS, healing, or tanking. For example, for tanks, you may need to use a combination of typical crafting materials like tight and still bars, as well as Crusader orbs.

However, there may also be some unusual materials that you need to prepare for. It's important to check the specific requirements for each piece of armor that you want to make and start stocking up on the necessary materials.

In the game, certain armor pieces like the Breastplate of the White Knight and Saronite Sword Breakers are highly sought after due to their excellent stats. The braces, for example, have bonuses to hit, defense, and dodging, while the breastplate offers defense, dodge, and parry stats as well as multiple sockets.

To craft the braces, you'll need eight Titan steel bars and four Crusader orbs along with a stack of twenty saronite bars. As for the chest, it's a bit trickier as it requires 12 Titan steel bars and eight eternal lifeswitch, so you'll need to prepare accordingly by stockpiling the necessary materials.

To craft certain armor pieces in the game, like the Breastplate of the White Knight and Saronite Sword Breakers, you'll need to gather specific materials. For the breastplate, this includes 12 Titan steel bars and eight eternal lifeswitch, while the braces require eight Titan steel bars, four Crusader orbs, and twenty saronite bars.

Additionally, for some items, like the breastplate, you'll also need two Majestic zircons, which are Epic gems that will become available in phase three of the game. To prepare for this, you can stock up on Titanium to prospect for the gems or simply save up emblems or honor to purchase the gems directly. However, you'll still need the craft recipes to create these items.

In the game, crafting armor pieces like the Sunforge Braces and Sunforge Breastplate require a bit of luck as you'll need the crafting recipe. These items are especially beneficial for Holy Paladins, with the braces providing bonuses to haste, mana, spell power, and a yellow socket, which is useful if you haven't been able to obtain Binding of Winter Gale from Hodir 25 Hard Mode. Be aware that Crusader orbs are also required to craft these items.

In the game, you can obtain everything you need to craft the Sunforger Braces and Sunforger Breastplate. To craft the braces, you'll need 12 eternal life, eight titan steel bars, and four Crusader orbs. For the chest, you'll need 20 eternal life, ten titan steel bars, and four Crusader orbs.

These items are good for Plate DPS and have bonuses to crit and armor penetration, making them desirable for Frost DKs and Warriors. However, crafting the chest also requires four Deadly Saronite Spurs, which are created through blacksmithing using two crystallized air and seven saronite bars. It's a good idea to start stockpiling these materials now, along with the required titan steel and Crusader orbs.

In the game, crafting the Sunforger Braces and Sunforger Breastplate is not too difficult, but can require some preparation. These items can be reliably sold on the Auction House, especially the braces which only require one Vengeance Binding to craft (along with 12 saronite bars and one Eternal Fire).

The chest and braces, along with the other Sunforger armor pieces, also require enchanting materials like Nerubian chitin or Abyss crystals, which can get expensive. The chest requires four Crusader orbs, Arctic fur, and ten eternal life, but does not require Abyss crystals. Consider stockpiling materials to craft and enchant these sought-after items, as they can fetch high prices in the game's economy.