WOTLK Classic: Views On WoW Token And Level 70 Boosts


Today, I want to talk about a recent Wowhead post. It is mainly about the issue of WOTLK Classic player character level 70 unlimited boosts and the upcoming WoW Token, which may be a very controversial topic.

Article by Rockman on Wrath classic. We can see a rough overview of Wowhead’s classic patch and character enhancements in Wild Turkey. Meanwhile, two new services and a level 70 beast were recently updated in Wild Turkey. This time, they do not limit you to one per account.

The previously provided Tokens and character enhancements only existed in Chinese Realms operated by NetEase. With the closure of this Chinese World of WarCraft Realms, many Chinese players have found a new home in Taiwanese Realms. Probably why Blizzard enabled these services for the region.

Here you can see a level 70 beast instead of a level 68 or anything that’s just a regular level 70 boost. That’s really a different story, but then again, it might just be offered because Chinese Realms closed and those Chinese players went into the Taiwanese Realms.

WoW Tokens

But the key difference here is that this time it’s not being run by NetEase. They are pushing WoW tokens and character boosts into a new area. While Chinese players may have migrated there, it’s still implied this time around. It’s not easy. Blizzard pushes WoW Token to their website to handle Token relations in different regions. This is at least one step closer to making it available to everyone.

In my opinion, I can’t help but think it’s a precursor to what they’re considering offering to everyone. Therefore, it is our desire to face such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a Taiwan robotic classic store. That’s why in WOTLK Classic, these Classic players can now use WoW Token to exchange WOTLK Classic Gold for a game time in a convenient and secure way.

Personally, I don’t really mind how players get free game time. But then again, I don’t want Hurricane at all. I think it’s just a Wafer Blister to deal with bots differently. I cannot transfer these WoW Tokens between worlds in WOTLK Classic, and there are certain restrictions. But you can get these WoW Tokens through WOTLK Classic Gold, which would be a great way to protect your game time.

So, once again, unlimited boosts for level 70 characters speed your heroes up to each hero’s quest when they need to boost their gear to tide them over and get back into action right away.

You can instantly grant a level 17 onetime booster to a non-dead character, so they’re ready for your new adventure in Northrend, and this isn’t limited to one per account. You can basically get any amount of level 70 boosted gear with WOTLK Classic Gold now.

Now, bots are also booming, and there are many people on the black market who are also trying to get WOTLK Classic Gold. Blizzard definitely wanted to take advantage of them as well, and get the player character out of control as much as possible by triggering Hurricane and other unexpected situations.

Level 70 Boost in WOTLK Classic

They are working on the final mechanics that will allow them to launch WoW Token smoothly and make sure people embrace it as much as possible. Because if they allowed both teams to be really bad, they could say they implemented battle tokens as a way to deal with bots and gold trades. Also, make sure they can take advantage of the gold market and GDPK market and ultimately profit where these bots are banned.

They won’t even improve Boss problem, they’ll pull it out of Token, reducing the motivation for robots to go out and get gold and trade gold. Because now people can legally get gold through circular tokens. I also think the infinite boost at level 70 might be there, like when we were talking about gear boosts. Obviously, this will be another big deal for Blizzard.

But then again, I’m not so sure about this one. But there have been leaks in the past. Both cover infinite upgrades, infinite deliveries and battle origins, and based on those leaks about Hurricane should be in the middle of WOTLK Classic.

If we’re in the middle now, the middle of WOTLK Classic will be in the middle of the second phase, so basic in a few months, maybe two to four months. So we’re really close to that point.

Anyway, this is speculation, but bots are still rampant right now, and tokens would be one way to counter them. This is what Blizzard is doing now, and they have now pushed these WoW tokens to other similar plates. There is indeed already some signal in Taiwan. That’s why this time is a bit different from last time, but either way, it’s still roughly the same.

In fact, there has not been a big change in WOTLK Classic recently, but they have made some adjustments. These will also more or less affect the player’s game experience. I hope this will also help the player. Hope you have a great day.