D2 Resurrected: Why Double TC87 Is Important


Double Treasure Class 87, or what I like to call TC87 plus. It exists in this Lord Of Destruction and D2R 2.4, but players can only get it by killing monsters in area 85.

However, with the drop and release of Terror Zones in patch 2.5. Bosses, Super Uniques, and Standard White Mobs in non-85 areas have achieved this for the first time with monster level scaling.

You may recall that in Hell Terrorized Zones, normal monsters have a cap level of up to 96, Elites up to 98, and Bosses and Uniques up to 99. The top Desecrated its trigger once Treasure Classes the monster reaches or exceeds level 96. This is where this Double TC87 becomes easy to use and important.

To demonstrate this, I want to paint on the canvas and show how it uses Maxroll as an effective Drop Calculator. If we think about Super Unique’s Summoner, he’s usually a level 80 monster. You can find him in Arcane Sanctuary, and his treasure level is Summoner H.

Now let’s watch him jump into game data in horror. So I’m going to manually upgrade him here and push him to a level 90 monster. You’ll notice that at Desecrated D level, he’s one level below Treasure Class 87, and he’s currently on his way to level 84.

Now, the moment I get to Desecrated E, you’ll notice his monster level is now 93. This means my character level has to be 88, while using that plus 5 levels of the Terror Zone modifier.

At this point, we’re now officially in TC87, but the focus here is on the only time you’ll ever roll Arms and Armor 87. But when we level up and push this Summoner to monster level 96 or higher, use the plus 5 modifier. The important thing to focus on here is that you now see weapons and armor twice on 87.

That’s where it starts to get super interesting and important, like the impact when you think of Farming Bosses, and Super Uniques, and Elites.

Let’s go a little deeper and unpack an example of Andariel. To understand the significance of this TC87 plus, we must first delve into the statistics. When we compare this Andariel Desecrated G and H, we’re looking at the single roll and double entry TC87.

When you look at the baseline for a single roll, you only have a 0.045% chance of rolling an item from a Desecrated G in TC87. But when we upgrade Andariel to double bottom, you have varying degrees of intersection because of slightly different armor and weapon percentages. You now have a 0.22% chance to roll over from armor and a 0.45% chance to roll over weapons.

Now we know at face value that these percentages are significantly higher due to double-valley sorting, but how important is that? Let’s look at the difference in probabilities. When we actually break down what this means to compare the armor to the baseline, you have a 400% increased chance of rolling it in this TC87 plus Treasure Class. This is again comparing 0.225% to 0.045%.

But where this really gets interesting and exciting is looking at the differences in weapons. When you pull this Weapon 87 again from this TC87 Treasure Class, the chance of throwing items from this Weapon 87 increases by an astounding 900%. It is your refuge.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

TC87 plus is clearly the new metadata. It is undoubtedly a diamond hidden in the rough. It is one of the main notable advantages of Terrorized Zones. Now the ability to expand to bosses, especially Super Uniques, is quite interesting.

When we think about Super Uniques, they don’t have NoDrop, so they definitely drop items. But they also have two skills. This effectively means that you have four times the chance of actually falling from this Super Unique since you have two chances to bottom out and have the option to roll twice. For example, we also consider characters like Baal, since Baal is already monster level 99, so it doesn’t matter what level your character is.

After Baal is Desecrated, he will also get a double dip immediately. So you don’t have to worry about your character level when you’re killing Baal on this throne, Worldstone, of course, in the Chamber of Secrets.

After you successfully kill Baal, you will get corresponding D2 Resurrected Items rewards, including Enlightenment, Fortitude, Bane Ash and so on. These items will help you greatly increase your character level.

I hope more players can understand the importance of Double TC87 and help more players to upgrade quickly. Sure, hope you find a useful sanctuary. Also hope that all tweaks in D2 Resurrected will meet your needs. Please enjoy the rest of Season 3, and I’m sure I’ll hook many of you on Diablo 4.