Diablo 4: Developers' Response To The Drama Of Stash Tabs And My Personal Opinion


There's currently drama going around about Stash Tabs, I'm going to let you know what the developer's response of that is, as well as my own personal opinion on this, and my take on this because people continue to ask me.

Diablo 4

Current Problems In Season 1

Stash Tabs have had an answer from the developers, both in what is going on and why we've only received one of these Stash Tabs. First let's break down what the issue is, Season 1 is here, which means storage is even worse at the moment, because if you look there's a whole bunch of Caged Hearts.

So by time you get a few Caged Hearts in the inventory, you get some gems, it takes up about half your inventory. These Caged Hearts in Diablo 4 actually go into your standard inventory, and what you should be wanting in your standard inventory is basically your gear and some important Diablo 4 Items. Because of that you are now having inventory issues even larger than what we have into Eternal Realm.

Diablo 4 Stash Tab

Devs' Response To One Additional Stash Tab

As we all know they added one additional Stash Tab in to the last Patch of Diablo 4, that's effectively what they're going to be at here. We have a response as to why it's only one, because if you go to Twitter, it says great to see you guys took what the community said to heart, but why are we only getting one extra Stash Tab, what is the problem to add a load of them or even unlimited, also with the hearts added that's another item to stack up.

This is a very common message I'm seeing both in the live streams, as well as comments like what's the deal with only one Stash Tab. Joseph, he was the gentleman on the far left during the campfire chat and he actually responds to this issue, with some details technical wise, when we say they're expensive what we mean is they create a lot of memory overhead, this is the interesting part. When you see another player in game, you load them and their entire stash fill with all their items. This is what teams are working diligently to improve, so we can have more asap. He continues that basically this isn't a storage concern, it's a performance concern and then you can see when they're responding like.

Diablo 4 Joseph Piepiora

Why Are We Loading Everyone's Stash Tabs?

I have very commonly been asked my opinion on this and how I feel about this once I see the response, and there are two things that I currently feel about this, I'm going to break down my sort of nuanced approach to this.

First and foremost, any communication from a Dev whether it is positive or negative will always be appreciated by me. Because sitting there in the dark not knowing what's going on, for instance not having Stash Tabs and barely getting one. You might think to yourself maybe they're planning to monetize these, maybe they're planning players will need to use Diablo 4 Gold to purchase these, this is a common point I've seen.

So when they come out and say things like, it's a performance concern, it's really what's going on, we know. So it's not necessarily that they're trying to scoop monetization in they just have some bad code or something related to Stash Tab in Diablo 4.

Then there's the gamer side of me that's the second part that's the consumer, I paid for the game and it is not my concern, as to whether or not it is a development issue a development issue is the developer's concern. While this actually this response will factually make me less annoyed, because now I know what's going on have some more empathy for the devs, and give them more time to fix the problem which I'm sure is the response they are hoping for when they come out with a statement like this.

Diablo 4 Issue

My Opinion On This Issue

I still feel exactly the same way that I did prior to the statement, which is it is still an issue in the game, we still need more Diablo 4 Stash Tabs as soon as possible, and it is not my problem whether or not there is a coding side of that. It will give me more patience to fix the coding problem, but now I know the reason that doesn't fix the the it doesn't fix what the actual problem is, it just gives me a reason as to why the problem exists.

For me I still feel it is still an issue, I am willing to be more patient but now that I know what's going on and I appreciate the communication, but we all paid for the game. So for me, it doesn't change my opinion, we still need Stash Tabs, it's somebody else's problem to fix this, and as far as I'm concerned, I appreciate the transparency. But I don't actually know when more Stash Tabs are coming in Diablo 4 and we're still kind of twiddling our thumbs wondering.

That's sort of how I feel about Stash Tab issue, that's their response to it is a performance memory related issue, why we load all of the characters stashes when we see them, I don't know I'm not a coder, I'm a gamer and I went to game and Stash Tabs are still in the middle of me trying to play the game.