Lords of the Fallen is a game more like Elden Ring than expected


Lords of the Fallen shares many of the FromSoftware games with its predecessors. The game heavily emulates the original Dark Souls from 2014. While the references are understandable, the role-playing game has more similarities to Elden Ring than developer Hexworks predicted, such as a boss that almost resembles Malenia.

Lords of the Fallen

In fact, development on The Lords of the Fallen began long before we announced Elden Ring. Recently, the game’s production director, Cezar Virtosu, told Edge Magazine that his team is ready for the onslaught that FromSoftware will take when it reveals its latest game to everyone.

Elden Ring

In the magazine’s 381st issue, Virtosu said that the game developers were very disappointed with a certain production content, which is the "breakthrough weapon" in the game, the flail. Because the weapon also appeared in the promotion of Elden Ring. The team also discovered that a boss in the game was almost identical to the one in Malenia. Because Miquella’s Blade is powerful in Elden Ring, if there is a similar boss in Lords of the Fallen, I believe it will be very simple to eliminate them.

Some have called Lords of the Fallen one of the highest-rated action RPGs of all time, which is certainly an enormous compliment to the developers of the game, but Lords of the Fallen is also under tremendous pressure from all directions. Many fans hope that the scope and mechanics of the game can be as close as possible to Elden Ring. For example, Elden Ring runes & items, so that Elden Ring players can have better game experience. “There was some pressure.” admits Virtosu. Some people ask "Do you have horse racing? Do you have an open world?"

Hexworks is as happy to share the FromSoftware game’s inspiration for Lords of the Fallen as previous developer Deck 13. In an interview with the magazine, Virtosu expressed his love and awe to the father of Elden Ring "Hayao Miyazaki", and said with a smile, “Without him, we would have no jobs.”

Lords of the Fallen shares a lot of similarities to Elden Ring from so far, but it will take time to see if it will be as entertaining as FromSoftware's masterpiece. The official claims it will land on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC one after another this year. Although the specific release date has not yet been determined, this will undoubtedly further increase the expectations of fans.