New Druid Shred Bulwark Build in Diablo 4 - Spin To Win


I think shredwark the spin to win is the most fun build in Diablo 4, and it’s really powerful. Many people have pushed up to tier 14 with it, and now I think we can go further. We’ll see how that goes, and we’ll see what Blizzard does. They announced some changes. This build is more powerful than the previous one, but a few lucky guys who have all the Uniques can only play it. That’s why I’ve made this build after because very few people are going to play it. If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold to purchase Uniques, you can also experience this new play style.

Let’s go over the abilities and how the build works. The first thing is that this build is very similar to Bow builds as it plays with Nature's Fury, which talks Earth and storm scales. And we take this because we want to be using the symbiotic aspect. With the symbiotic aspect, we’re going to be resulting in the cooldown of our Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir.

New Druid Shred Bulwark Build in Diablo 4 - Spin To Win

This promotes two things. First, it promotes survivability because we get defense, a massive amount of defense, but also the Unstoppable gives us the ability to get a lot of resources back with Tibault Will. And that makes the build a lot easier to play. In fact, this build is incredibly faceroll. It’s kind of weird because the higher gear requirement makes the build more casual-friendly, and it’s less casual-friendly because people can’t play it.

Heightened Senses and Quickshift provide both incredible amounts of damage and also defense, especially Quickshift with this build where we spam a lot more abilities. It’s very valuable.

We take full points Envenom. Then we take Toxic Claws and Neurotoxin. We take full points for Trample, plus it also gives us Unstoppable, which will give us resources with Tibault Will. Because we play with a shield, this build is very tanky, meaning that we can play with Tibault Will and not a rare pant with a Hurricane.

We do not take ranks in PS. We take Debilitating Roar, and I like the healing. We take off a few points in Cyclone Armor, gives us some tankiness. Full points in Earthen Bulwark with Fortify as our generation, which makes Fortify upkeep really good. Full points in Vigilance and Fortitude and also three points in Iron Fur. For 9% more damage reduction, this build is really tanky.

Diablo 4 Spin To Win

We get a Digitgrade and the Predatory Instinct for the crit chance. Only one point in Shred because that does not increase Blurred Beast damage, but we take three points in Wild Impulses because horse kill damage does increase damage to Blurred Beast. One point only in Clot. This build does not play a basic skill, has no need for it, has zero Spirit issues.

For the Boons, we take Masochistic. We do not play an ultimate, and we take Energize, which gives us a lot of resources because we have a lot of extra damage procs. Iron Feather with Crit chance, we take Wariness for the damage reduction.

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Let’s go over the gear requirement for the build. First, first unique, Hunter's Zenith. Very important to get the ranks to Heighten Senses are here. Then we take Tibault's Will. And we have the last one, the key part of the build, Andariel's Visage, which is how we apply poison. We do not play Poison Creeper. We apply Poison with Ander Visage, making the build really hard to play for most people.

I like to play my chest plate without any defensive aspect because I am geared and I’m really tanky. But if you want to be 15% more tanky, you can have the Werewolf damage reduction aspect here and not have move speed on your boots. So you can put the symbiotic aspect here.

I got Stormclaw on my gloves, which also the gloves do not have ranks for Shred because it does nothing for us. We have Willpower instead. The other aspect is, of course, the Nature's Savagery, which allows us with Shred to proc Nature’s Fury and to proc the symbiotic aspect by spamming Shred.

But also, it does some interesting things. For example, by using Debilitating Roar and Trample, you push enemies away with Cyclone because you can activate Cyclone with your defensive skill ability in Roar. And with Trample, you can proc Boulder. Pushing enemies away is amazing because then you activate Shred and Blurred Beast, turning the worst feature in the game, they pushback into the best one.

Diablo 4 Debilitating Roar

I take my core skill damage on my Amulet. You can also use the Poison Lightning Shred damage. They’re very similar. And then for the last thing, we can take Blurred Beast on our two-ended weapon. Playing with one-ended weapon, if you have a good totem with two defensive stats, is also something you can do.The two defensive stats, 30% more defense if you can get that, it’s pretty good. You lose a bit of damage, but personally, I think that killing things fast is the best way to stay safe.

For our Vampiric Power, it’s going to be interesting, as we do not play Metamorphosis. We do not play Metamorphosis because we do not want to get Unstoppable. We want to get Unstoppable with perfect Bulwark.

Then if we need more Unstoppable, we have Trample to save our ass. Bulwark only lasts 3 seconds and often less than that because mobs will hit you, meaning that you get a lot more Tibault Will procs without having to wait the 4 seconds of Metamorphosis. We have to play Accursed Touch and Prey on the Weak because vulnerability is an incredibly strong damage multiplier, even though this could be changed for more defense.