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How To Boost Your Scoreboard Fastest In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley? - XP Farming Guide

With the start of a new season in Fallout 76 and the advent of new mechanics, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the best ways to increase your XP gains. If you’re below 100 on the season leaderboard, this guide might help you find a way forward.

Here, let’s talk about XP bonuses you can get, how to get them, and then I’ll cover the methods you can use to accumulate XP, including the best methods for low-level players to start farming.

How To Boost Your Scoreboard Fastest In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley? - XP Farming Guide

Boost Your Intelligence

But before that, let’s cover how to boost your intelligence as much as possible. Because after testing with many players, we found that each point of Intelligence now gives you a 3% XP bonus, instead of the previous 2% XP.

Optimize Armor

The first step is to optimize your armor. A complete Unyielding Set with a +1 intelligence, the second star gives you +4 for each piece, which means that five pieces can help you increase your intelligence by an additional 20. Regardless, focus on getting a complete Unyielding Set so you can play in it.

Then, once you have that, focus on getting Unyielding Set you want for the second or third star, as these will also give you an intelligence bonus. You can get plans from containers, enemies, and events that happen in Cranberry Bog and Mire. However, it is RNG based.

Luckily, most Fallout 76 items are sold by Free States and BOS vendors. But Shield Linning that gives you a +3 bonus is hard to get, and you have a slight chance of getting it from Queen of the Hunt event. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, it’s perfectly possible to use other Linnings to get +1 or +2 intelligence without losing too much.

Fallout 76 Unyielding Set

Equip Mutations

Next, you need to get Egg Head and Herd Mentality mutations, then equip Class Freak to minimize the negative effects, and equip Strange in Numbers to enhance the positive effects. These two mutations will give +10 intelligence.

Join A Casual Group

Of course, you can also choose to join a casual group with a total of four members. Once your relationship is maxed out, you’ll get +4 intelligence.

You can also boost your natural intelligence to 20. The normal max is 15, but you can also equip the legendary intelligence perk to get another +5 intelligence. Keep in mind that you can only have 15 perk slots per attribute, so doing that will waste 5 perk slots. You can change your attributes, though, by pressing R key in your active profile at Punch Card Machine at every train station or camp.

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XP Bonus

Next, let’s look at the methods that can maximize your XP gains.

Inspirational Perk

The simplest and most long-lasting perk is Inspirational perk, which gives you a +15% XP bonus. If you’re still at a stage where leveling is important, you should consider having this perk on all the time.

Double XP Weekends

Fallout 76 occasionally has Double XP Weekends, and when they’re on, every player gets a 100% XP boost. You don’t have to do anything other than play during these times, so these weekends are an ideal time to grind for XP and a season score.

Mothman Tome Camp Items

If you also participated in Mothman Equinox event that took place a few weeks ago, you may also have Mothman Tome Camp items, which will give you a 5% XP bonus.

You can get the same bonus from Steven Scarberry once a day, and you can also get the same bonus from Path to Enlightenment event. Note that they will overwrite each other, and you can only have one active. So if you have Mothman Tome, then you should use it.

Fallout 76 Mothman Equinox Rewards


By far, the biggest and most important XP bonus item is Lunchboxes. Each one gives you a 25% XP boost, and you can stack up to four, which means you can get up to 100% extra XP. You can get them at Foundation or Crater Gold vendors.

Leader Bobblehead

Finally, there is Leader Bobblehead, which gives you an extra 5% XP, but it can’t be used with Intelligence Bobblehead. They are either one or the other, with Intelligence one being slightly better. But the difference is not huge.

Running West Tek

Okay, now that we know how to maximize XP per enemy, let’s talk about how to get the most XP in the shortest amount of time, and that’s running West Tek.

Once you’ve completed the quest to uncover the secrets of West Tek, the location will become instanced, and enemies will reappear every time the instance is reset. This means you can run through, kill every mutant, walk out for 1 minute or so, and then come back to kill again. Basically, you can kill an unlimited number of high-level enemies.

But if you use Nuka Grenades, you can get more XP per minute. The secret is that Nuka can walk through walls, so they are most effective at killing enemies in areas with obstacles and walls. This isn’t something new players can do easily, though.

Best West Tek XP Farming Route in Fallout 76

Best Way To Grind XP For Low-Level Players

Low-level players sometimes also need to grind XP to move up the scoreboard. This is obviously not possible with West Tek, but you can use Atlantic City Expeditions instead. The reason for this is that XP rewards here are not scaled by level. After completing a full team Expedition, everyone gets 20,000 XP, even level 1 players.

20,000 XP isn’t amazing for a high level character, but for a level 1 character, it will skyrocket your level. Even better, enemies in Atlantic City Expeditions scale by level. So you can leave Vault as a level 1 character, join an Expedition, and do a fair amount of damage to the enemies.

Fallout 76 Atlantic City Expeditions

Regardless, if you have to grind for XP or want to get through the scoreboard faster, I hope this guide helps. Good luck, and I hope your brain doesn’t get tired from grinding over and over again.

How Budget Builds Are Crafted In Path Of Exile 3.24?

Greetings and welcome to my top budget builds for Necropolis League. Let’s get into it.

Let’s start this budget selection, Righteous Fire Chieftain with Marauder class. This is probably the easiest way to have such a strong presence. You just need to walk past the enemies and they will melt and explode without even touching you.

How Budget Bulids are crafted in Path Of Exile 3.24

Righteous Fire

To visit the pros of this build, I would start with how simple it is because of Chieftain Ascendancy.

You only need to stack fire resistance to have all Elemental Resistance because of that you can also easily cap your chaos resistance keeping on that topical because of Chieftain Ascendancy.

You can also easily have 90% resistance to all elements. Making you very nice without much investment above all of that right’s fires a super fun and smooth build to play. Because you just run and shield your way through many Maps per hour.

Now to visit the cons, start saying that this build doesn’t have a big single target damage without a lot of POE currency investment. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to kill map bosses easily. Even on a low budget, this build is an amazing League started, and it’s meant as a cheap and fast current farmer as for budget.

This build is cheap. You can get it is try early game maps with only around 70 chaos orb to complete Maps. I recommend investing around 120 chaos orb. You need to invest around four divines, mostly in your survivability.

The first is Rise of the Phoenix that grants up to 200 life regeneration per second and most important plus 5% to maximum fire resistance.

Next, we also need Flames Armor that grants 40% of the physical damage you take to be received as fire damage. This is great because we have 90% fire resistance.

For Clear Speed, I will give you 10 out of 10. You just need to run through the maps and enemies will die just because of your presence. It’s super smooth and one of the best clear speed experience you’re going to have on POE.

The boss damage on the other hand is not great. I’ll give it only 7 out of 10 because you need a lot of currency to scale single target damage. But as I mentioned before, this is meant as a farmer and you can kill map bosses easily on a low budget.

For this survivability, I’ll give it 9 out of 10. Thanks to the shift in ascendance, you can get 90% of all element resistance and even easily get maximum chaos resistance.

All of that combined with over 2,000 life regeneration, I only took one point out because it needs more investment to be able to face tank physical bosses.

Arc Totem

Next we have the most beginner Arc Totems, friendly of all Arc Totem Hierophant also with Templar class on this build. We use many Totems that cast Arc skill for a fast and safe clear speed.

To list the pros of this build, I would start with how cheap and easy it is to complete your Atlas using this build with almost no investment. You have a powerful safe and fast character that will be the perfect currency fer for this and future build.

Show the cons, this build doesn’t have the right to evasion or spell suppression. But do not be frustrated about Totem. Builds are very safe to play. And another issue is that some players might find this game play to be a little dull and too uninteresting. But as you know. This is just a matter of taste as for Budget.

You can get a destroying early End Game Maps with only around 35 chaos orb. To comfortably advance to Yellow Maps, you need to invest around 90 chaos orb. and for easily completing your Atlas, recommend investing around three divines.

This build needs three mandatory unique items.

But they are normally very inexpensive and easy to get. The first one is Soul Mantle Armor that causes sake Gem Tags to be supported by a level 20 spell Totem. This grants us an extra support skill Gem.

We also need a Kikazaru ring to counter the effect of curses. This is because of the side effect of Soul Mantle that we apply a random curse on you whenever a Totem dies.

Finally, we also need a Self-Flagellation Jewel that grants up to 20% increase damage for each curse on you.

You’ll be often with around nine curses for Soul Mantle. And causing 180% upgrade hurt for Clear Speed. In my opinion, this build gets 9 out of 10. Arc is a marvelous skill that chains for a lot of enemies and so easily clear big packs. This build counts with four Totem casting this significant skill.

The boss damage deserves 9 out of 10 with the right debuffs and all four totems summoned. This build can take even big bosses down without any issue for this survivability.

I’ll also give it 9 out of 10 as a Totem build. You always will become far from action when your Totems do all the work. I hope you can mind your position carefully and you can easily complete maps with gold grade gear.

To sum up, this build still comes with high Armor and high block chance.

POE 3.24 Budget Bulids Craft


Lastly, we have this unbelievable Boneshatter, Tanky Melee build Boneshatter Juggernaut with Marauder class. This build is too much perfect for melee enthusiasts out there.

Boneshatter hits the enemy so hard that it hurts your own character accumulating trauma stats for each trauma you’re going to deal with and take on more damage. That’s why it’s so essential to gather both attack speed and Armor to stack many traumas and sustain their damage.

To read the pros of this build, I would start at its survivability. Even if you do damage to yourself. This build has too much Armor that you won’t feel a thing now. Due to you may think this build had to sacrifice speed of Boss damage but no instill super fast and can kill Guardians in just a few seconds.

Now to all the cons, the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to keep an eye on your accuracy. This is because Precise Technique Keystone. That grants 40% more damage if your accuracy is bigger than your life.

As for budget, this build is cheap. You can get it destroyed early in Game Maps with only around 60 chaos to comfortably advance to Yellow Maps. I recommend investing around the 120 chaos and for easily completing Atlas.

I recommend investing around four divines for Clear Speed. Give it 9 out of 10. Boneshatter also creates a big pulse of damage when stunning enemies.

It means that a single blow can eradicate a whole pack of monsters other than that you stack a lot of attack speed. That causes your leap land to almost teleport through the map.

The boss damage is also significant and deserves 9 out of 10 using Berserk on bosses, make you to accumulate too much trauma stacks and do considerable amounts of damage for this survivability.

This build is absolutely 10 out of 10 and I would even like to declare 20 out of 10. If I could, this build achieves almost 200,000 Armor and over 83% of all element resistance. And all of that combined with Juggernaut grant this character over 300,000 effective HP. That’s amazing.

It’s crazy, and that’s it, guys. What did you think about those budget builds? I wish you guys an amazing day and don’t forget to keep building in.

Enhance Your Defensive Skills With These 4 Essential Strategies In EA FC 24

I will offer you the chance to explore 4 crucial aspects that form the foundation of defending in EA FC 24. Mastering these fundamentals is essential for your progress, so let‘s delve into them as soon as possible!

Enhance Your Defensive Skills With These 4 Essential Strategies In EA FC 24

Choose Right Spots

I will start with positioning. Your main goal in defense is to prevent dangerous opportunities. You can achieve this by moving your Defenders into the right spots. The perfect positioning depends on different points.

First, you need to remain between the attacker and the goal. If you open up that line, then it will be very easy for the opponent to go through. While staying in front of him, remain at a safe distance and observe his intentions. A distance around 1 meter is very optimal in most situations because you can directly react right after his move without getting punished. Finally, the potential targets that he can pass to and try to take 1 or 2 steps towards that area without losing your original intention.

However, you are not controlling only one Defender on the pitch. While the opponent passes around and switches the direction of the game, you will need to switch to another player and position him accordingly. The faster you switch, the more time you have. So, this player switches have to be on time. Otherwise, the opponent can become much more dangerous just because you’re late.

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Intercept Balls

If you become fast enough with the player switches, this will take you to the next level. You can see the potential passing opportunities, pre-switch to your Defender, and intercept the ball. Doing this could be huge. However, remember while you’re going for the passing lane, don’t over-commit and push your player out of his position because this will open up the backyard. Try to stay as close as possible to the potential target while controlling the passing lane.

One mechanic that is very helpful with interceptions is jockeying. While pressing the L2/LT button, you will realize that your player has a different defensive stance. With this stance, he slows down, but his defensive hitbox becomes larger. However, one very nice trick about jockey is that you can use it with the sprinting button so that the first slowing effect becomes less effective on this mechanic.

In wider spaces, you can use the jockey mechanic anywhere on the pitch. Make sure to get a suitable defensive position with your left stick and then use the jockey button to become defensively huge and contest the opponent. Jockeying can even allow you to get the ball without actually tackling. Jockeying in the right spot in front of the opponent. Once you get close, you will automatically retrieve the ball. Same with the interceptions, try to get in between the passing lane by positioning your player. Hold on to your jockey button to slow down and steal the ball away from the opponent.

EA FC 24 Jockey

Pressure Opponents

These 2 basic steps lead to another, which is to apply pressure. You might have realized that it has become even more important than ever before. But like mentioned before, you can’t just pressure the opponent whenever you want because whenever you pressure, you take a risk and most likely move a Defender out of his position. Before you do that, you have to make sure that you’re securing all the other options safely. Otherwise, you can give away easy chances in the back. So ensure you have plenty of EA FC 24 Coins to improve your players effectively.

There are a couple of ways to apply pressure while the opponent is passing. You can get close to the receiver with an early player switch and get the ball from him while he is still vulnerable or while he’s dribbling. See all of his potential moves, close all of them down at the same time with good positioning, and get close to the opponent.

You can use tackling while applying pressure to win those ball backs. However, do only use them whenever you’re guaranteed to get the touch on the ball. Using or spamming them carelessly will mostly be punished either by the game or the opponent. Get a safe tackle in. Wait for the opponent to push the ball out away from his feet.

If the opponent is running wildly forward, you can select the Defender from the back and slide surprisingly in, which can break down a potential Counter Attack, especially when you’re pressing at the opponent. Make sure to only use tackling once you’re 100% sure that you’re getting the ball.

1V1 Defending

Even if you do everything right, there will be times when you will end up in a 1 versus 1 defensive situation against the opponent. In the open, the opponent receives the ball, and my Central Back is the only one who can defend her. Get yourself directly close to the opponent, and meanwhile, look around to the potential targets that she can pass to, which is why you need to move your player a bit towards the downside while jockeying to cut off the passing lane if that happens. But as soon as she takes the ball towards the upper side, stop jockeying and read her to apply pressure. She pushes the ball away from her feet, and this is the exact moment to get physical and retrieve the ball.

Experience This Optimal Firewall Sorcerer Leveling Build In Diablo 4 Season 3

The Firewall Sorcerer stands out as one of my preferred leveling builds within the Diablo 4 gameplay. Unlocking its potential at Level 10, this build boasts substantial Area of Effect (AOE) capabilities and excels in single-target engagements. Remarkably user-friendly, it presents an exceedingly low entry barrier, making it accessible to a wide range of players.

If you want to play this build more easily in Diablo 4 Season 3, it is necessary to prepare plenty of Diablo 4 Gold!

Experience This Optimal Firewall Sorcerer Leveling Build In Diablo 4 Season 3

Skill Tree

Starting with the skills, the things that I like to use is Arc Lash just because you get some movement speed out of it. Some people only put 2 points into the basic. It’s really up to you.

On the second segment, you have 1 point into Fireball. This is something that you’re going to enchant, eventually. Then, I went for max mana and doing more damage when you have more mana. I found that to be super helpful. In the end, there’s Prtent Warding. this is going to give you a bit more defensives and stuff.

They go hand in hand with which it’s called Prodigy. But I have Flame Shield as a wonderful button. And I have the one that gives you all your life back when you use it, shimmering teleport to reduce your damage whenever you use teleport, and then Ice Armor with the extra mana regen from the Ice Armor. Obviously, we have a bunch into Glass Cannon and Frost Nova with the vulnerability add-on.

In the next tab, I’m not 100% certain that this works, but I do it anyway and it seems like it does. I have 3 into Lucky Hit because when you enchant Firewall, the Lucky Hit chance spawns more firewalls on your target, which is a kind of insane. So it’s like free damage. 2 defensive ones that you have: Align the Elements and then Protection.

Protection is amazing. Just like Prodigy, every time you use a cooldown, you gain a barrier. So not only are you getting mana back, but you also get a barrier. Then, we get down to Firewall, and you need to max out Firewall. But the one that I use is Mage's Fireball because it makes things burn even after they leave it. So instead of having to kite things specifically in your Firewall, you can kind of just keep running around, and they’ll keep taking damage through the entire fight.

Diablo 4 Season 3 fire snake

For the supporting ones, many people go through all 3 of these things. For this specific run leveling up, I only went to Inner Flames and Crippling Flames. This just helps CC a couple of things and you do a bit of extra damage. It’s really nice to get up to that Level 50 area so that then you can play whatever else you want to play. For the ultimate, we obviously go fire snake.

And then a couple of supporting passives: Warmth is going to give you a lot of life every time you have Firewall up. Fiery Surge gives you mana regen when something dies from your Firewall. And then Endless Pyre just gives you more burning damage. Then for the key passive, we have Combustion, which increases your damage by like another 20%, if I’m not mistaken, it will goes between 20%-25%.

You can choose whatever you want to do. It’s just about what you want to play.

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Now there are 2 major thresholds for this build. One of them is at Level 15 when you unlock enchantments. Fireball is the one that I recommend for everything because that makes you do so much more AOE damage. It’s actually unfair to every other character. Now the second major threshold is at Level 25 when you unlock your aspects.


Only few offensive ones that I think are necessary, number 1 is Prodigy's Band because you gain mana, and we were talking about this earlier. You gain mana every time you use any cooldown on your bar, which is basically your entire bar. Then there’s a few others like Aspect of Control, which is really nice. It gives you bonus damage to crowd-controlled targets. And then, there’s Necklace of Disobedience that gives you more armor every time you do damage. I’m sure that’s used on every single build in the game as well.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Aspect of Control


But for the main offensive stats, all you really need are mana cost reduction and cooldown reduction because cooldown reduction equals more mana, and mana cost reduction equals more mana. And that’s everything that this build uses. The defensive ones that you want to use are just simple things: life and armor. This is pretty much the only things you’re going to need for your defensive stats as you’re leveling up.


But the playstyle of this build, this is what I mean by it got a very low barrier of entry. You just throw down a couple of Firewalls. It’s just a matter of using cooldowns whenever you need mana and burning everything to the ground. This build can easily get you into World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 to really set you up for whatever build you truly want to play. I think that’s still going to be the reigning champion this season.

How To Cause Insane Damage With This Kinetic Bolt Of Fragmentation Build In POE 3.23?

Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation is the alternate version of Kinetic Bolt that has lower damage but enables the 'shotgun' effect for its secondary projectile in Path of Exile 3.23. So we can capitalize on it big time by converging all the projectiles into a single spot where the enemy is. To cause these to hit the same enemy, you need a returning projectile support gem or Nimis Ring.

By standing on top of your target, projectiles will come back to you. It will be damaged by all of them. This damage is improved by Far Shot, as Returning Projectiles have traveled a fair distance. Deadeye is an obvious choice on account of the perfectly tailored passives - Far Shot, Focal Point, and Endless Munitions for 2 more projectiles. The powerful Tailwind effect of Gathering Winds enhances both mobility and DPS.

How To Cause Insane Damage With This Kinetic Bolt Of Fragmentation Build In POE 3.23?

How It Works

The build is a power charge stacker. The new Ralakesh's Impatience boots will keep you at maximum charges. While we’re at it, Badge of the Brotherhood, Graven's Secret, and Malachai's Loop seem like the best in slot POE Items to expand on this charge gimmick. It’s a ton of Elemental recoup, crit chance, and attack speed. To generate a lot of secondary projectiles, simply invest in additional projectiles.

Another major improvement is brought by Sniper's Mark & Focal Point passive - this mark splits your projectiles. It is the most prioritized interaction which comes before forking, chaining, and so on. Its durability is low. It is especially vulnerable to big physical damage hits, as we have no armor at all. The significant evasion rating, spell suppression, life recoup, and Life Leech offer a substantial defense against frequent deaths while mapping.

Clear speed is good even if you’re shooting at random. You have a lot of chaining projectiles. Single target damage is the main feature of this build. It is high. There are no overly expensive core items here, so the starting price is reasonable. You don't need to spend lots of POE Currency by using this build.

Unique Items

This specific variant of the build utilizes power charges alongside unique Malachai's Loop, Ralakesh's Impatience, Graven Secret, and Badge of the Brotherhood. Nimis as a ring we deem mandatory too. Instead of it, Replica Hyrri's Ire is another unique item that is probably the best pick for this build. Malachai's Loop is used for 2 additional maximum power charges with no downside on account of Ralakesh's Impatience boots. It boosts spell damage for each power charge and provides additional energy shield (ES).

Rathpith Globe Shield is good if you have a somewhat high maximum life. You will sustain the life drain with instant Life Leech mastery. It grants a lot of crit chance and spell damage, which is 200% as effective on Kinetic Bolt. Replica Hyrri's Ire is what we deem the best armor. It’s perfectly suited for this build with its added lightning damage and tons of suppression.

Path of Exile 3.23 Rathpith Globe Shield

We have used Ralakesh's Impatience boots to be always on maximum power, frenzy, and endurance charges as they’re all influential in this build. With Graven Secret, you’re able to generate absorption charges to recoup Elemental damage as life, which is a potent defensive layer. The extra maximum power charge and a lot of lightning resistance are extremely fitting as you have a lot of frenzy charges.

Badge of the Brotherhood amulet seems like one of the strongest options. Frenzy charges will improve your DPS and the cooldown recovery rate will enhance your Frost blink. Nimis causes your projectiles to return to you, and it’s far better than the returning projectile support gem, which lowers the damage of returning projectiles by 60%.

Dance with Death from Brutal Restraint causes your hits to be lucky, which is good with your low minimum and high maximum damage. It also makes your critical hit chance lucky, which is useful if you’re not limited to 100%. The downside, an inability to wear a helmet and taking more damage from critical strikes, is hindering, so you may consider not using it after all.

Ancestral Vision is excellent if your spell suppression is capped at 100%. You can then gather the remaining 50% chance to avoid Elemental ailments from your boots or jewels. Lightning penetration, attack speed, and critical strike mods from wrath, haste, and precision are of great value. Grace offers some defensive perks on the Watcher's Eye Jewel.

Rare Items

A wand, ring, and gloves are of rare quality. It is necessary for these to be adequate to restrict resistance, have enough precision and possess sufficient attributes. Following that, consider attack speed, bonus lightning damage, and critical strike modifiers. We have also used Dance with Death, and you can’t use a helmet with that keystone. It is optional. You will probably need it for resistances. Our version of this build uses no helmet, but you may want to wear one still to gain various defensive and offensive mods listed here.

Path of Exile 3.23 Dance with Death

Get a wand with a lot of increased spell damage, attack speed, added lightning damage, and lightning penetration. Critical Strike mods would be great too. You can wear a rare body armor as well if you strive for more maximum life, Elemental resistance, lower mana cost of skills, or higher Critical Strike Chance.

You can also use rare boots if you have a reliable source of Frenzy and power charges, and it would require you not to use Malachai's Loop or Graven Secret. Look here for movement speed, suppression chance, and basic defensive stats, with eldritch implicits for brittle ground cooldown recovery rate for movement skills or chance to avoid Elemental Ailments.

On your gloves, look for maximum life, Resistances, Spell Suppression, and attack speed. Added lightning damage, extra evasion, Accuracy, and Chaos Resistance are great additions. For Eldritch mods, get increased attack speed, rage on hit, or increased effective marks.

On a ring, seek maximum life, increased Elemental damage, attributes, especially Strength, Resistances, Accuracy, added lightning damage, and reduced mana cost of skills if needed. Jewels shall get you increased maximum life, missing attributes, and resistances, attack speed, and Critical Strike Chance with crit multiplier. Added lightning damage can be found on Abyss Jewels.

The 2 additional projectiles from Dying Sun Flask are undoubtedly a major boost to your damage. For magic flasks, use a diamond, silver, Jade, and a Life Flask with bleed immunity. Utility Flasks shall increase your Critical Strike Chance, attack speed, and reduce the mana cost of skills with their suffixes.

Skill Gems

Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation has lower damage and fires fewer projectiles than the original, but it excels at killing bosses. It’s affected by spell damage modifiers despite being an attack, mainly results from Lightning Strikes and has a broad impact on damage. It’s where the extra maximum damage from volatility will be especially good. It’s even better if your damage is lucky. You shall also use the power charge on critical, increased critical damage, lightning penetration, and fork for clearing swapped with Elemental damage with attacks for Pinnacle Bosses.

Wrath adds lightning damage to attacks and grants more spell lightning damage for your magnetic bolt. To prevent attacks, Grace enhances and lowers the evasion rate. Precision increases accuracy rating and increases critical chance. Link 3 auras with Enlighten to make them reserve less Mana. Use haste as a temporary aura to boost your movement and attack speed. After linking it up with the Guardian's Blessing Support, cast haste on a minion to activate it. The minion will take a lot of damage because of that.

Dark Marionette Spectre is a self-free summoning minion that can host your haste Aura. Link your Spectre to Meat Shield Support. It will stay close to you. You can also choose the usual combination of Eldritch Battery and Divine Blessing, as long as you have enough energy shields.

Immortal Call vastly reduces physical and Elemental damage taken for a brief moment. Link it to a cast when damage taken to trigger it after taking a lot of damage. Frostblink is a simple mobility spell to travel faster and dodge attacks. Shield charge can also be used instead. Enemy marked with Sniper's Mark receives increased projectile damage, and projectiles hitting them split on impact. Link it with Mark on Hit and Life Tap support gems. Berserk is an optional skill if you have one extra gem socket and a way to generate rage. It enhances the rage effect on you.

Path of Exile 3.23 Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation & Sniper's Mark

Bandits & Pantheon

For Bandits and Pantheon, while slay all the bandits in ACT 2, you will need the 2 extra passive skill points the most. For a major God, you can either pick Lunaris or the Brine King. Lunaris will improve your pace and Brine King renders you immune to freeze while also preventing getting stunned multiple times in a row. Soul of Abberath for 60% less duration of ignite is quite likely the best candidate for a minor God.

Passive Tree

The passive skill tree aims to provide you with power charges, Critical Strike mods, and W passives, which are located roughly at the top of the tree near your starting location. You will go for Spell Suppression, evasion, reservation efficiency, life, and mana, Accuracy, Elemental damage, multi-shot, notable, missing strength, and of course, maximum life. For a keystone, pick Ghost Dance and something to transform into Dance with Death. It’s acrobatics in our case.

For masteries, get 50 extra life as Life Mastery, Elemental Mastery of a chance to treat enemies' resistance as inverted, reduced extra damage taken from critical strikes is Critical Mastery, increased damage per any charge is charge Mastery, Mana reservation efficiency is Mana Mastery, 10% of Leech as instant is Leech Mastery, and 2 wand masteries, one for an additional projectile and another to make your spell damage affect wand attacks. If your Spell Suppression is not capped, get lucky Spell Suppression is Suppression Mastery.

An Easy Way To Win The Lightreaper Boss Fight In Lords Of The Fallen

We’re going to be checking out the Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen. For many people, this was a wall that could not be climbed, and he serves as a challenging boss guarding the way to the final area of the game. The Lightreaper makes use of lightning-fast speed, devastating fire attacks, and a three-headed dragon, which can be intimidating. With a few tips and tricks, though, we’ll have him down in no time. Of course, having a sufficient amount of Lords of the Fallen Vigor is also essential in this fight.Lords Of The Fallen: An Easy Way To Win The Lightreaper Boss Fight

Lightreaper Secret

The first thing to know about the Lightreaper is that at the beginning of the fight, you can’t hurt him. He’s flying the massive dragon, which will perform two different attacks, each one twice, before the fight really starts. The first thing that this dragon will do is fly across the arena, breathing fire down as it goes. This looks a lot worse than it is. All that you have to do is sprint sideways and dodge at the very last moment before the fire touches you. It leaves a trail of Lava, so be sure to avoid that. Try not to lock onto the boss because that makes it harder to dodge the fire.

Next is the ground slam. The dragon will hover for a moment before landing on you with a massive slam. This is quite easy to avoid by simply dodging forward at the last moment. The dragon will then breathe fire again and finish up with the final ground slam, after which you can position yourself behind it in time to get some quick damage in on the Lightreaper, who will jump off the dragon and land behind it next to you. Note that when the boss loses a quarter of his health, the dragon cycle will begin once more.

Before we get down to how to beat the Lightreaper, let’s deal with one very important factor to make your life a lot easier. Now you may have noticed that the Lightreaper constantly has a slow health regen effect with no parasite in sight. It’s actually hidden in the grate in the middle of the room, but you can’t kill it. To resolve this issue before you enter the boss fight, go into Umbral outside the door. Nearby is an umbral ladder, which you can climb. After navigating over the walkway, you will find an Umbral Tumor. Slay this, and the Lightreaper’s parasite will die, removing the health regen effect.

Lightreaper Moveset

Then the Lightreaper Moveset. The fight begins. The Lightreaper’s standard melee attacks are not dissimilar to the Skinstealers that you fought in the past. He performs swift slashes, often in extended combos of up to four or five hits, designed to catch you as you come out of dodging the subsequent hit. The trick is to stay locked on and try to dodge around to the Lightreaper’s left side, after which you can get a hit or two in while he recovers from his attacks.

Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper

When the Lightreaper crouches slightly with his swords to his sides, he’s about to perform a long-distance slash, which comes out very quickly and deals high damage, knocking you down. You must dodge at the very last moment, but sprinting to the side can work as well. Sometimes, this attack actually comes at the end of a combo. The Lightreaper’s attack combos can include a jump and slam, which has a small area of effect. It can also charge this attack to create a larger explosion and may even spam it a few times to catch you off guard.

If you see him holding his arms close to his chest and glowing red, he is charging a fast-moving explosion that will expand outwards from his location across the whole arena. You can block this, but it is better to dodge forwards at the very last moment, as it actually deals with very high damage.

The firebomb throw occurs when the Lightreaper spirals up into the air and is often followed up by an explosive slam at your location. This is a good attack for the boss to perform, as it leaves him recovering on the ground for a very long time, allowing for heavy retaliation.

One of the more annoying things this boss can do is his ranged Crescent Projectile. This is a fast-moving and has a really dodgy hitbox, often dealing high damage even if it doesn’t actually look like it’s touched you. The trick is to dodge forwards at the very last moment to avoid both the Crescent and its small fire trail.

On occasion, the Lightreaper will stay at a distance and perform some peculiar taunting action, which I’m assuming stems from being an unbridled psychopath. When he draws his sword and pulls you, do some ranged attacks on him. One attack, which is designed to be a bit more of a trickster’s misdirection, is the fire trail. He’ll drag his sword along the floor sideways to create a burning area on the ground while it looks like he is missing you entirely and going in the wrong direction. He will then quickly slash at you, dealing with moderate damage.

New Druid Shred Bulwark Build in Diablo 4 - Spin To Win

I think shredwark the spin to win is the most fun build in Diablo 4, and it’s really powerful. Many people have pushed up to tier 14 with it, and now I think we can go further. We’ll see how that goes, and we’ll see what Blizzard does. They announced some changes. This build is more powerful than the previous one, but a few lucky guys who have all the Uniques can only play it. That’s why I’ve made this build after because very few people are going to play it. If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold to purchase Uniques, you can also experience this new play style.

Let’s go over the abilities and how the build works. The first thing is that this build is very similar to Bow builds as it plays with Nature's Fury, which talks Earth and storm scales. And we take this because we want to be using the symbiotic aspect. With the symbiotic aspect, we’re going to be resulting in the cooldown of our Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir.

New Druid Shred Bulwark Build in Diablo 4 - Spin To Win

This promotes two things. First, it promotes survivability because we get defense, a massive amount of defense, but also the Unstoppable gives us the ability to get a lot of resources back with Tibault Will. And that makes the build a lot easier to play. In fact, this build is incredibly faceroll. It’s kind of weird because the higher gear requirement makes the build more casual-friendly, and it’s less casual-friendly because people can’t play it.

Heightened Senses and Quickshift provide both incredible amounts of damage and also defense, especially Quickshift with this build where we spam a lot more abilities. It’s very valuable.

We take full points Envenom. Then we take Toxic Claws and Neurotoxin. We take full points for Trample, plus it also gives us Unstoppable, which will give us resources with Tibault Will. Because we play with a shield, this build is very tanky, meaning that we can play with Tibault Will and not a rare pant with a Hurricane.

We do not take ranks in PS. We take Debilitating Roar, and I like the healing. We take off a few points in Cyclone Armor, gives us some tankiness. Full points in Earthen Bulwark with Fortify as our generation, which makes Fortify upkeep really good. Full points in Vigilance and Fortitude and also three points in Iron Fur. For 9% more damage reduction, this build is really tanky.

Diablo 4 Spin To Win

We get a Digitgrade and the Predatory Instinct for the crit chance. Only one point in Shred because that does not increase Blurred Beast damage, but we take three points in Wild Impulses because horse kill damage does increase damage to Blurred Beast. One point only in Clot. This build does not play a basic skill, has no need for it, has zero Spirit issues.

For the Boons, we take Masochistic. We do not play an ultimate, and we take Energize, which gives us a lot of resources because we have a lot of extra damage procs. Iron Feather with Crit chance, we take Wariness for the damage reduction.

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Let’s go over the gear requirement for the build. First, first unique, Hunter's Zenith. Very important to get the ranks to Heighten Senses are here. Then we take Tibault's Will. And we have the last one, the key part of the build, Andariel's Visage, which is how we apply poison. We do not play Poison Creeper. We apply Poison with Ander Visage, making the build really hard to play for most people.

I like to play my chest plate without any defensive aspect because I am geared and I’m really tanky. But if you want to be 15% more tanky, you can have the Werewolf damage reduction aspect here and not have move speed on your boots. So you can put the symbiotic aspect here.

I got Stormclaw on my gloves, which also the gloves do not have ranks for Shred because it does nothing for us. We have Willpower instead. The other aspect is, of course, the Nature's Savagery, which allows us with Shred to proc Nature’s Fury and to proc the symbiotic aspect by spamming Shred.

But also, it does some interesting things. For example, by using Debilitating Roar and Trample, you push enemies away with Cyclone because you can activate Cyclone with your defensive skill ability in Roar. And with Trample, you can proc Boulder. Pushing enemies away is amazing because then you activate Shred and Blurred Beast, turning the worst feature in the game, they pushback into the best one.

Diablo 4 Debilitating Roar

I take my core skill damage on my Amulet. You can also use the Poison Lightning Shred damage. They’re very similar. And then for the last thing, we can take Blurred Beast on our two-ended weapon. Playing with one-ended weapon, if you have a good totem with two defensive stats, is also something you can do.The two defensive stats, 30% more defense if you can get that, it’s pretty good. You lose a bit of damage, but personally, I think that killing things fast is the best way to stay safe.

For our Vampiric Power, it’s going to be interesting, as we do not play Metamorphosis. We do not play Metamorphosis because we do not want to get Unstoppable. We want to get Unstoppable with perfect Bulwark.

Then if we need more Unstoppable, we have Trample to save our ass. Bulwark only lasts 3 seconds and often less than that because mobs will hit you, meaning that you get a lot more Tibault Will procs without having to wait the 4 seconds of Metamorphosis. We have to play Accursed Touch and Prey on the Weak because vulnerability is an incredibly strong damage multiplier, even though this could be changed for more defense.

Everything You Need To Know About WOW Classic SOD Phase 1!

WOW Classic Season of Discovery has been released, and if you are getting ready to start the journey of Phase 1, then you must not miss this complete guide with all the information about Phase 1 of Season of Discovery. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Content Phases

There are currently four content phases planned for Season of Discovery. Each phase will have a new level cap and new challenges in the form of revamped vanilla content.

The level cap for Phase 1 will be 25. For Phase 2, it will be 40, Phase 3 will be 50, and Phase 4 will bring us to 60, which is the max level in vanilla WoW. We may eventually see additional phases featuring Molten Core and other classic raids.

WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1: Everything You Need to Know

Level 25

For Phase 1, a level cap of 25 means that many classes will be missing key abilities, such as Divine Shield for Paladins and Chain Heal for Shamans. It also means that many Talents will not be accessible in Talent Trees.

We’ll only have 16 talent points to spend at level 25, and Capstone Talents require 30. That means no Moonkin Form for Balance Druids and no Shadowform for Shadow Priest.

It will also cap skills at skill level 225, or Expert level. That includes Weapon skills, Professions, and Lockpicking for Rogues. This will limit the kinds of items you can gather and craft.

Rune Engravings

Also, they are adding new abilities through Rune Engravings to make up for some abilities we are missing.

Rune Engravings are abilities that can be applied to your gear like Enchants. In Phase 1, we’ll have Rune Engravings available for Chest, Hands, and Leg slots, with more Rune slots to be added in future phases.

Each slot will have between 3-5 Runes that can be applied. You can apply Runes any time you’re out of combat and are not restricted to any particular role or specialization.


The abilities being added by runes will expand the roles that are available to play, including a brand new building never before seen in World of WarCraft, Mage Healer. Rogue, Shaman, and Warlock Tanks will also be fully viable for the first time.

Several builds that were previously weak in vanilla WoW will get an enormous boost from Runes, including Paladin Tanks, Melee Hunters, and pretty much all Druid specs.

Race And Faction Abilities

Efforts are being made in Season of Discovery to equalize the different factions and races so you can play what you want without sacrificing key abilities.

Through the new Rune Engravings, Horde will gain access to Blessing of Kings through Hunter and Alliance will get Windfury Totem through druids. In addition, Priests will gain access to all Priest Racial abilities. They are also plans to compensate for racial differences in weapon skills through new gear items.

WoW Classic SOD: How Faction Balance Affects The Season Of Discovery?


Once you reach level 25, you’ll need to run around on foot, as mounts aren’t available until level 40. The exception is a special mount you’ll be able to earn through Ashenvale PVP, which can only be used in that zone.

Mages won’t be able to make portals for other players until level 40, although they will be able to teleport themselves. Warlocks will summon people, although doing so requires farming Soul Shards and having two other characters to click on the portal.

Since you’ll be hoofing it all across Azeroth in this phase with no mounts and no portals, class abilities that help you get around faster will be at a premium. In particular, abilities like Shaman’s Ghost Wolf and Rogue’s Sprint will undoubtedly see a lot of use. Even abilities like Slow Fall can be useful for getting across the map more efficiently.


As well as getting around, managing your inventory will also be a little harder. The biggest bag available will have 12 slots, and it requires Mageweave Cloth, which is going to be tough to get since it mainly drops from enemies above level 40.

Most players will probably be stuck with Small Silk Packs for Phase 1. Tradeable backpacks will be in the game, but they also only drop from higher-level mobs, so don’t expect to see too many of those.

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Since you won’t be able to level past 25, you’ll be spending a lot of time and WOW Classic SOD Gold in lower-level zones, completing quests, farming materials, and hunting for Rune Engravings.

Then, you will enter higher-level zones, but there isn’t much reason to go there, and you’ll probably have a bad time if you try.

Nevertheless, we’re sure that we’ll see some clever strategies for acquiring higher level items and materials from those areas.

Here’s a look at all the zones you’ll be able to find quests in at level 25. Some zones will be harder to reach or have very few quests for you depending on your faction. For example, Redridge Mountains is considered contested, but only Alliance characters will find quests there.

WOW Classic SOD: Best Questing Zones


Exploring these zones will be necessary in order to make discoveries. Discoveries are the core feature of this season and are the method by which you will unlock your class’s Rune Engravings.

With no PTR or beta for this season, we won’t know where any of these discoveries can be found until after launch. That should make for a fun launch experience, with players exploring every nook and cranny and sharing what they find.


All the dungeons that are available at this level are located in single-faction zones, which could make it tricky to get to some of them. I hope you like Shadowfang Keep, because you’ll probably be running it a lot.

There are a few dungeons that you’ll technically be able to enter at this level, but they will only have a few usable items in them, and fighting your way through them will be extremely difficult.

Keep in mind, you can bring up to 10 players into dungeons in vanilla WoW. Meeting Stones in vanilla WoW could not be used to summon other players, but they added Summoning Stones in Season of Mastery, so it’s possible they will be present in Season of Discovery as well.

WOW Classic SOD: Dungeons Overview


Each phase of Season of Discovery will have new content in the form of level-up raids. You may have noticed Blackfathom Deeps was missing from that last list. That’s because they have revamped it as the first raid for Season of Discovery. This will be a 10 player, level 25 raid with 7 bosses and all new loot.


Two PVP battlegrounds are available at level 25: Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Ashenvale will also offer some new PVP content in the form of region-wide events.

Players will earn WOW Classic SOD Gold through this event and reputation with their Warsong Gulch faction, which will allow them to access some of the best level 25 gear in the game.

This event will also unlock the only mount that is available in Phase 1, which will increase your movement speed by 50% and will only be usable in Ashenvale zone.

WOW Classic Season of Discovery Looks Insane! - New Raids, Class Rework & Open World Content

Future Phases

Beyond Phase 1, Developer has hinted at some of the content they have planned for future phases. At BlizzCon, they teased a few more revamped vanilla dungeons that could become raids. They will also be adding new world PVP events in each phase. They have also mentioned dual talent specialization as a possibility for the future.

That’s it for our Phase 1 overview! We’ll see you in Azeroth!

Top 10 Deadliest Things In WoW Classic Hardcore Azeroth

WoW Classic Hardcore went live on August 24th. And so far, Death has claimed 2,961,039 player characters. Around the clock, that’s about one death every 1.5 seconds.

There are plenty of ways to become a ghost, but the top 10 causes of death are doing work, claiming one soul every 10.6 seconds. So, who are these killing machines? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Deadliest Things in Azeroth.

Top 10 Deadliest Things In WoW Classic Hardcore Azeroth

#10: Kobold Tunneler

Kill count: 28,437.

These guys are found near the Fargodeep Mine, to the south of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.

A quest sends you out, looking for Gold Dust and Large Candles that these kobolds carry. This is pretty basic stuff. But it can be tough when you’re just starting out.

We’ve all been there. No judgement.

#9: Porcine Entourage

Kill count: 29,039.

Two of these can be found accompanying a boar named Princess in the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch in Elwynn Forest.

A quest from Ma Stonefield sends you in their direction. All three pigs have a charge attack that stuns.

So, for a lot of players, this is their face-first introduction to the joys of getting stun-locked.

#8: Drowning

Kill count: 33,277.

Water can be found just about anywhere, and good, old-fashioned non-sentient lakes, ponds and streams are not to be underestimated.

Breath can run out quickly if you’re not paying attention. So, maybe think twice before accepting a summons from that warlock with a grudge.

WoW Classic Hardcore 2961039 Permadeaths

#7: Other Players

Kill count: 34,894.

By default, PvP is disabled on Hardcore servers, but unless you’re a coward, immediately turn it on.

Battlegrounds are disabled as well, but you can still die for your flag carrier by assembling a pre-made group for war games.

For settling loot disputes, defending one’s honor, or just to prove superior combat prowess, the time-honored tradition of Mak’gora cannot be overlooked.

Duels to the Death are a new feature in Hardcore. Lose, and it’s all over. But win, and you get a stacking buff called String of Ears that keeps count of how much better you are than everyone else is at PvP.

#6: Defias Pillager

Kill count: 35,070.

Found in the western part of Westfall, these range-casters are not to be taken lightly. Even Ragnaros himself gets jealous about how hard their fireballs hit.

Plus, they spawn pretty fast. So, it might be a good idea to get off their lawn before you sit down for a drink. However, if you want to farm more WOW Classic Hardcore Gold, you can do it quickly here!

#5: Wendigo

Kill count: 35,091.

These Yeti-like snow monsters can be found in the mountains of Dun Morogh, just southwest of Ironforge, and, actually, not far from the starting area for Gnomes and Dwarves.

They’re found in fairly dense packs, where attacking one probably means gaining the attention of at least a pair at a time.

And their Frost Breath is a frontal AoE that can hit multiple targets at once, so at least you get to die with your friend.

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#4: Defias Trapper

Kill count: 40,715.

These melee mobs can be found all over central and northern Westfall. They’ve got a Backstab ability that hits like a truck if they get behind you.

It is great for them. Because you’ll probably pull too many and try to run away, at which point they get to crit you in the back and post their sick parse in the Defias guild chat.

#3: Voidwalker Minion

Kill count: 44,891.

Voidwalker Minions can be found alongside their Burning Blade Apprentice summoners in Skull Rock, Durotar.

There are two things about them: One, they don’t de-spawn when their apprentice dies. Surprise! And two, they tend to re-spawn right as you leave the cave.

#2: Kobold Miner

Kill count: 67,717.

Kobold Miners can be found in the Fargodeep Mine and the Jasperlode Mine in Elwynn Forest.

Their Pierce Armor ability reduces armor by 50%. But their environment is really what makes them deadly.

These are some of the first enclosed areas new players come across, and many just aren’t prepared to maneuver safely when fighting.

WoW Classic Hardcore Kobold Miner

#1 Falling

And finally, what is the deadliest thing in Azeroth? The answer is Falling!

The kill count of Falling is 74,273.

At about one bone-crushing splat per minute, the ground is the deadliest thing around.

It’s actually pretty easy to fall from lethal heights in Azeroth, and most classes can’t do anything to save themselves once they’ve mis-stepped.

Descending cliffs is a lot harder than it looks. And, yes, the data really does prove that the elevator boss is incredibly OP.


There you have it, the 10 deadliest things in Classic Hardcore by kill count.

Take a moment to /cry for the 2,961,039 fallen noobs, plus the 182 that died while you watched this, but then rolled a new character and got back in it.

Remember to party-up, watch your step, and stay safe out there. For Azeroth!

How To Create A Magic Find Build In POE 3.22 With A Budget Of Only 1 Divine Orb?

When I look at cheap Magic Find builds, they all have huge issues. So here I want to share with you a great Magic Find built on a 1 Divine Orb budget.

The goal of this build is to farm the level 10 Crimson Temple Map. Because at this level you can drop Mageblood or Cemetery to get Brother’s Gift or any good Divination card.

Of course, you can make tier 16 maps with this, but I think it would be faster to get into tier 10 maps with this level of investment. To get better results from our builds, we need good clear skill and single target skills. The investment build with only 1 Divine Orb has an item quantity of 55% and a rarity of 129%. Without damage, item rarity and quantity are almost worthless.

POE 3.22: How To Create A Magic Find Build With A Budget Of Only 1 Divine Orb?


Let’s see what we get in terms of damage. First, we need to build with 2 active skill gems. One for mapping and one for bossing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to switch any links.

The first skill is Caustic Arrow. When you fire a bow, it created Caustic Ground where the projectile lands. Over time, this can cause chaotic damage. This skill alone is not suitable for leveling because we have added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster.

Our bossing skill is Toxic Rain. Fire a projectile with your bow, which will spawn Spore Pods where it lands. Over time, this will start to cause chaos damage in an area, and they can overlap each other. This will cause Wither to the boss, which increases Chaos damage by 90% by default.

In addition, we also get an ascendancy node that will increase this Wither effect and give us the chance to cause a Wither. Since there is no good uptime on hit, we need to use Withering Step, which will instantly add 6 layers of Wither on the target.

POE: Caustic Arrow


On the defensive side, we convert almost all physical damage taken into elemental damage, a total of 77%. Lightning Coil alone accounts for 50%, and the unique Taste of Hate flask accounts for 20%. Because we added flask effect nodes distributed on the tree. Another 7% comes from our helmets.

Because we convert so much damage into elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction bottles. For example Ruby Flask, Topaz Flask and Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask. This way, we can reduce the damage we take when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

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In this build, we also get health gain on killing. When you kill an enemy, you regain 2% of your health. We also regain 4% of health when you use a flask.

This build has very high Flask Charges Gain. So most of the time, our flask will instantly activate again, giving us at least 16% health back.

This build also has chill, and freeze immunity and we can avoid other diseases as well. But it is impossible for us to get 100% ailments immunity through such a low POE Currency investment. You can use a Purity of Elements, but I don’t think you need it. Because most monsters die almost instantly when you see them, and they can’t hit us.

PoE 3.22: Magic Find Low Budget Build Farming guide


Next, let’s take a look at the weapons required for this build. You can get a 6-link Thicket Bows from Porcupine, or just spend 10 Chaos Orbs to get it.

You can then use a single Essence of Dread to get +2 socketed bow gems. And you need to have open suffixes that can deal chaos damage to multiple crafts.

Our quivers are simple. All you need is a basic one. The gloves are the same. I just paid 1 point of Chaos Orb for it and crafted the pierce for better clarity, that’s it.

The belt is a little expensive. I paid 20 Chaos Orbs for it because I needed Flask Charges Gain, Energy Shield mod and high Life.

The helmet is a little trickier. You need to buy a base with Energy Shield and Evasion. Then use a Chaos Resistance Essence. If you’re lucky, you can deal with physical damage as fire damage.

Since we need strength in the build, Amulet can do multiple damage to this Energy Shield.

For Chest, you just buy one as a 5-link, or if you’re feeling lucky, you can try to link it yourself. If you have a higher budget, choose 6-link.

POE 3.22: Magic Find Pathfinder Passive Tree Preview

Passive Tree And Ascendancy

There’s nothing fancy about this build. You must use an Abyss Jewel to avoid being frozen. We use Pathfinder as Ascendancy.

  • In your first lab, we took Nature’s Reprisal and enhanced it with Toxic Rain. So this node was a game changer in its early behavior.
  • The second lab uses Nature’s Adrenaline to help you generate Flask Charges.
  • In the third lab, we will use Nature’s Boon. If you have a full life, Master Surgeon will keep your Magic Find Flask active.

Overall, Magic Find Pathfinder is a unique and powerful Path of Exile build. With the right selection of gear, gems, and passive skill trees, you can create a character who excels at clearing maps, farming currency, and defeating tough bosses. Adjust the build to your own liking and enjoy the thrill of playing with it!

7 Essential Tips That Every Diablo 4 Player Should Know

In this guide, we’re diving deep into some of my favorite game-changing tips and tricks that every Diablo 4 player needs to know.

7 Essential Tips That Every Diablo 4 Player Should Know

Tip 1

For my first tip, the cost of enchanting is directly impacted by the items selling value.

Everyone in Diablo 4 knows that the endgame enchanting can be extremely expensive. It’s extremely disappointing to find yourself wasting 5 million gold on an item that just turned out to be trash.

Here’s the best way to enchant Diablo 4 Items in endgame: If you’ve come across a rare item that has 3 out of 4 affixes that are decent, you’re not going to want to imprint a legendary aspect on it just yet.

The cost of enchanting is based on the selling value of an item. Imprinting an aspect on an item makes it legendary and will therefore increase its selling value.

Selling Value will also increase if you upgrade the item at the Blacksmith and add sockets to it at the Jeweler.

Here’s the most cost efficient way of upgrading a rare item: Enchant the item at the Occultist, upgrade the item at the Blacksmith, add sockets at the Jeweler, and then imprint a legendary aspect.

Tip 2

The second tip is how to take advantage of leveling dungeons and strongholds for early XP farming.

If you have a favorite dungeon you like to farm for experience points, you no longer have to wait for the dungeon to naturally reset itself. Instead, once you’ve finished a dungeon, open your emote wheel and hit leave dungeon.

Once you’re outside, open up your map and in the bottom right hit “reset dungeons”. Now when you’re back inside, everything is refreshed and repopulated.

This trick doesn’t work the same for strongholds though, which by the way is my personal favorite to level 20 to 50.

To reset strongholds, you need to not finish the last objective after the boss. Instead, open your settings menu, press leave game, log back in, you’ll be at the stronghold entrance with the stronghold fully reset back to its original state.

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Tip 3

My next tip is the best way to farm Diablo 4 Gold and legendary materials.

In the early game, gold and legendary materials might not seem like a big deal. In the endgame, mobs start getting way stronger, making it more urgent to upgrade more often.

The general rule in endgame is to always pick up every rare and legendary item you find. When your inventory is full, head back to town and follow these rules.

Sell every rare or yellow item at the weapons, armor, or rings & amulets NPC in town. Rare items sell for upward of 20,000 gold per item. If you find 20 rare items per dungeon, that’s around 400,000 gold per run. Not too bad.

For legendary items, you’re definitely wanting to salvage these at the Blacksmith. Weapons can give Baleful Fragments. Armor can give Coiling Wards. And Accessories can give Abstuse Sigils.

These legendary materials are used for upgrading items at the Blacksmith and Jeweler and also imprinting Legendary Aspects at the Occultist.

Tip 4

Every Diablo 4 player should familiarize themselves with helpful online resources.

Mobalytics, Maxroll, and Icy Veins are awesome resources for learning builds and general information about Diablo 4. Fextralife has a Diablo 4 wiki that contains a lot of useful general information. has an interactive map and timers at the top of the page for when events will spawn.

These resources really helped me a lot when I first started playing Diablo 4.

Tip 5

The fifth tip is about target farming specific equipment or even legendary aspects.

We know that certain mob types have a higher chance of dropping specific equipment types, like helmets or boots or hands, etcetera. Here’s the full list.

Diablo 4 certain mob types have a higher chance of dropping specific equipment types

So you can see that if I’m looking for a unique helm gear, my best bet is going to be to focus on Nightmare Dungeons that feature cultists.

On a separate note, we also know that certain legendary aspects only appear on certain equipment types as well. If I’m looking for an offensive type Legendary Aspect, the best way to go about this will be to spend my Obols at the Curiosities NPC.

Weapons can only roll one type of Legendary Aspect, and that type is Offensive. Purchase the weapon with the lowest Obol cost for the most possibilities.

Tip 6

You need to know these item power break points.

If you upgrade a weapon at the Blacksmith where the item power will exceed these item power break points, all of your affixes will reroll themselves. Meaning if you have great rolls on your affixes, upgrading an item past 725 might make them lower than they were before.

Diablo 4 Tip 6

On the flip side, it could also potentially make them better if they were lower to begin with. So, keep this in mind when upgrading any items around these item powers.

Tip 7

My next tip is how to double your damage even in the early game. I won’t bore you with the details, but damage buckets are important in Diablo 4.

If you’re not using Vulnerable, you definitely should. Adding Vulnerable right off the bat gives a 20% increase in damage and it will be multiplicative, not additive.

Also, you need to be using some form of global multiplier, which can be found on things like Legendary Aspects. As an easy example, let’s look at 3 simple multipliers with small numbers: Vs slowed, to close enemies, and to crowd controlled.

Let’s say each of these affixes is 20%. All of these are additive with each other in a singular bucket. If we distribute 20% across Additive, Global, and Vulnerable buckets, we get a much larger benefit.

In this example, we only used 3 multipliers, but if you can imagine with 20 multipliers with larger numbers, the difference is massive.

FIFA 23: Ten Best Shapeshifters Ranked In 2023

FIFA 23's Shapeshifters feature several very famous star players, and each of the best Shapeshifters plays a different position than they usually do in the actual game. Each Shapeshifter brings an unusual quality to their new position, with midfielders given new freedom and former goalkeepers dominating the center of the pitch. Some of the best FUT Icons (like Pele) also received Shapeshifters cards, and today I'm going to introduce you ten of the best Shapeshifters.


10. Vitinha - 94 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Four - Star Weak Foot
  • High/Med Work Rates

Vitinha's new position is forward, and he makes the most of his quickness while dribbling with his left stick. His outside shot, flair and skill just astounds you.

FUT Vitinha

Vitinha's meta - survivability will only increase with his PSG links, allowing Mbappe to play alongside him to enhance the chemistry. Since his Squad Builder Challenge (SBC) only costs less than 200,000 FUT 23 Coins to complete, Vitinha might be one of the best strikers in FIFA Ultimate Team at this price.

9. Gianluigi Buffon - 93 Overall

  • Four - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • Med/High Work Rates

I believe that the appearance of Gianluigi Buffon surprised you and shocked everyone. Buffon is a high - level Shapeshifter, which means he will automatically be able to get the most chemistry on your team no matter who else is in your lineup.

FUT Gianluigi Buffon

Aside from his senior bonus, Buffon is certainly no slouch, with excellent attribute distribution and a 6'4" body that allows him to deny opponents scoring opportunities before they arise. His new position is centre - back due to his size being bulkier than some. Available for less than 50,000 coins in SBC, this card is a must have.

8. Toni Kroos - 97 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • High/High Work Rates

While the selection of seasonal rewards at level 30 is tempting, once you've honed your XP, Toni Kroos is easily the smartest reward choice. Apart from an absolutely ridiculous set of attributes, Toni Kroos maintains a similar position in midfield, where he is best suited to play anyway.

FUT Toni Kroos

Kroos can play well as a CDM or CAM, but be aware that if you put him in a high - level role, he will tire early in the second half. His high work rate ensured that Kroos was always drawing the ball, but it did wear him down. Overcoming stamina issues, Kroos can do a lot at an elite level, and his Passing and Shooting are his standout qualities. If you need a midfield maestro, look no further than Kroos.

7. Bruno Fernandes - 97 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Four - Star Weak Foot
  • High/High Work Rates

Bruno Fernandes is also a Manchester United star, with the size and speed best suited to running around the touchline. At 5'10", Fernandes has the size and speed to be an elite winger. His passing, shooting skills and speed are all very good, so he is rarely in trouble on the pitch.

FUT Bruno Fernandes

In addition to the above outstanding attributes of this card, Fernandes has some key traits that suit his position, such as Outside Foot Shot and Flair, which make him stand out among his seven cards. While his market price makes him a luxury player that many cannot afford, his excellent quality and 99 per stat make Bruno a joy to use, so you can give it a shot.

6. Frenkie De Jong - 96 Overall

  • Four - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • High/High Work Rates

FUT Frenkie De Jong

Frenkie De Jong is a very well-rounded Shapeshifters, because his attributes are balanced in all aspects, and he can play well in both midfield and defense. However, De Jong is not just a defensive player, his high offensive efficiency is perfectly combined with his talent, so you can also transfer him to other positions, his attributes are very adaptable to the position.

5. Riyadh Mahrez - 95 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • High/Med Work Rates

Riyadh Mahrez moved from wide to central and excelled as a striker, taking dangerous shots. What attracts you the most is Mahrez's ability to shoot efficiently from all areas of the pitch.

FUT Riyadh Mahrez

He has all the skills a striker needs, and his attributes basically guarantee a skillful shot every game.

4. Ousmane Dembele - 97 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • High/Med Work Rates

FUT Ousmane Dembele

Dembele's price makes him one of the most expensive Shapeshifters in FIFA 23, so you'll need to be lucky or save a lot of gold to get him. At the same time, he is also an excellent Shapeshifter, and his technical movements on the court are perfect.

3. Vanja Milinkovic - Savic - 93 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Four - Star Weak Foot
  • Medium/High Work Rates

FUT Vanja Milinkovic - Savic

Vanja has easily claimed the title of biggest surprise in FIFA 23, with the goalkeeper receiving a transformation card that terrorizes midfielders of all skill levels. With his 6'8" height, Vanja's unrivaled size allows him to intercept passes with no problem. Despite his mediocre agility, his size makes him perfect for playing a defensive role and plugging holes in front of the centre - backs when needed.

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2. Paul Pogba - 97 Overall

  • Five - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • High/Low Work Rates

FUT Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is another Shapeshifter who has his size advantage in his new forward position. Pogba’s 6'3", 95 stamina and 95 speed make him one of the most lethal attackers this year. All of these qualities help Pogba be in a good position to capitalize on his 97 shots, with everything he has to make him an unstoppable force.

1. Virgil Van Dijk - 98 Overall

  • Four - Star Skill Moves
  • Five - Star Weak Foot
  • Medium/High Work Rates

Like Frenkie De Jong, Virgil Van Dijk possesses unbelievably high quality which, combined with his incredible combination of size, speed and technique makes him a threat in all three areas of the pitch.

FUT Virgil Van Dijk

While his main characteristic is a powerful header, few qualities can overshadow the importance of Van Dijk's 6'4" height and unique size, allowing him to dominate other players. Although he is programmed as a CDM, you can also move him to the fullback position and you will find no better defender than Van Dijk.

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