How To Craft This Mendeln Summoner Necromancer Endgame Build In Diablo 4 Season 3?


I'm excited to share my T100 Summoner Necromancer build for Season 3 of Diablo 4. You'll find that even without any Uber unique items or top-tier gear, reaching T100 is quite achievable. I delve deep into the Summoner Necromancer Skills, explaining how they function and what you need to grasp about the build's mechanics.

How To Craft This Mendeln Summoner Necromancer Endgame Build In Diablo 4 Season 3?

The concept revolves around being a lazy summoner, where your summons do the heavy lifting, eliminating the need for much manual intervention. Essentially, the effectiveness of this build hinges entirely on the prowess of your summoned creatures, rather than any inherent damage capabilities of your character.


We’ll be using skeletons, Golem Decrepify in order to reduce our cooldown, Blood Mist to be unstoppable, unhealable, but also to reduce the cooldown. Because when you do a pack with Corps Tendril, you need to curse them and use your Blood Mist in order to reduce the cooldown of Blood Mist but also of your ultimate Army of the Dead. This one will be very good at boosting the attack speed and the damage of our monsters and also to make them almost unkillable.


If you have an Uber unique, you can use the Grandfather or the Shako. But you’ll see that even with this stuff, it’s quite easy to do T100 Nightmare Dungeons and start killing Uber Lilith.

Helm: I recommand you to use Godslayer Crown, which in order to boost your damage, get some cooldown reduction, and some life.

Armor: You can use the Blood Getter's Boneweave Armor. With this piece, you can increase damage armor, damage reduction while fortified or life. Also, you should get increased summoning damage instead of bone skill damage.

Gloves: You can use the Warlord Gauntlets Of Grasping Veins, which can increase Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike damage. You’ll want intelligence, Critical Strike Chance, Lucky Hit chance, and lastly, Dexterity. Don’t forget that you have 30%, which is transferred to your minions for the critical stat, so it’s important to have them.

Boots: You can choose the Adventurer's Boots of Occult Dominion. I think you may want increased skeletal movement, speed, intelligence, and some resistances.

Ring: My reliance is solely on the damage output of my summonings, particularly the Skeletons and Golems, augmented by the unique ring, Mendeln.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Ring of Mendeln

Amulet: I will choose the Chain of Frenzied Dead, with intelligence, some minion skill damage, some cooldown, and, if possible, attack speed for your minions. You’ll also want the fact that they gain attack speed when your minions attack.

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For the weapon, you’ll want intelligence, Critical Strike damage, and damage to Shadow-affected enemies because we apply Shadow effect with Dusk Support and will help you to boost your overall damage. If you want, you can also go for a 2-handed weapon. You’ll also want Melee in order to have this boost of damage.

A bit with summoning, which is this one a bit low but should be better. And with that, it’s still quite easy to do Tier 100, but you have some ways of improvement. For the initial, you’ll want the barrier, the fact that you have some cooldown reduction on the barrier, increased duration, and damage reduction.

Paragon Boards

First, I made a larger change to paragon board for this build. I realized it was important that we scale damage to get more Minions damage. Because there are more damage nodes, and their damage output is larger, its damage path is more efficient.

Because this Minion Board has a separate Warriors and Mages cluster. So we need to note that Mendeln doesn’t proc inside the shield. We actually need to do the damage myself. We still have to use Cult Leader Board, but it’s mostly for Minions damage reduction.

Legendary Nodes are still good because it’s a multiplicative modifier. I also put a lot of Diablo 4 Gold on Blood Board, since the build can use Blood Mist to spawn Blood Orbs for healing. Because of Transfusion Passive, Minions survived. So, I don’t need to cast Skeletal Priest manually.

Finally, all level 5 glyphs deal multiplied damage, and some also deal bonus damage. I think this works better than using 2 separate Minion glyphs, which only deal additional damage.

Boss Fight

Now for the boss fight, you want to use your ultimate when you see a pack of allit and otherwise. Your can cast Blood Mist in order to reduce your cooldown. It’s quite easy to do. Since we don’t have any AOE, it will be longer to kill big packs, but since you’ll have more chance to have a lucky hit since you have more enemies.

The Mendeln will do the job and that it’s easy to kill. The only boring thing is when you have a champion and your Minion, don’t attack it. But otherwise, it’s quite simple.