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Elden Ring is an Action RPG set in the fantasy world of Lands Between, developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with renowned author George R.R. Martin. Incorporating elements from FromSoftware, the game has become a hit with players by bringing an immersive story, using challenging elements, and employing Martin’s craft of creating complex narratives.

Elden Ring Simon Belmont

Gamers’ imaginations are boundless in Elden Ring, a game that not only captivates players with its popularity but also empowers players with freedom of choice through the character customization system. This gives gamers the opportunity to transform into a variety of impossible characters, from playing in-game invasion characters to living pop culture icons, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Spider-Man.

Players are full of creativity in the gaming community. Using their fertile imagination and creativity, Elden Ring players create beloved vampire hunter Simon Belmont, protagonist of Castlevania series and iconic vampire from Castlevania series killer. This legendary figure is known for his superior ability to hunt vampires with the whip in his hand. Since his debut in the Castlevania game, he has become an icon in the gaming industry.

JayzRebellion15 embodies the very essence of Simon Belmont in their Elden Ring character creation. It added a touch of nostalgia to the game by incorporating the retro music of Castlevania. At the same time, the iconic health bar and player UI also illustrate the score, time and stage of the classic game. It cleverly blends of elements and pays homage to the origins of Metroidvania genre, and retro charm evokes a unique sense of nostalgia that comes from a fondness for classic games.

Elden Ring The Birth of Vampire Slayer

JayzRebellion15 brought the gaming legend to life with the character of Simon Belmont in Elden Ring. This showcases the power of imagination and customization in the immersive world of Elden Ring. The over-the-top homage to Castlevania also showcases the enduring impact and cross-series creativity that captivate the gaming community.

Although this change can indeed improve the game experience of players greatly in a subjective sense, objectively speaking, it does not help you kill more powerful bosses to get better loot. Back on the topic of reality, if you don’t have enough Elden Ring Runes or powerful gears or weapons, then Simon Belmont can only make you happy for a while, that’s all.

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