Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Tips You Should Know Before You Play - Beginner Guides Updated May 2023


Are you a new player to the Elder Scrolls Online? Are you curious as to what things you should avoid or actively seek after or hopefully I can be of assistance? So, this article is all about tips and tricks, which I think new players would benefit from reading. These things are in no particular order and are also things I wish I knew before I got started all those years ago.

Tip 1: Take The Time To Read Your Abilities

Starting off with the first tip: you should take the time to read your abilities.

I can’t stress this enough. Taking the time to read all your new abilities regardless of active, passive, or ultimate and understanding what it is that particular ability does and if it will even help you in your current play style.

If not, then don’t waste the skill point; if it does, then great. Not only do you have a new skill to purchase, but you have a better understanding of what it does and when best to use it.

ESO 5 Tips You Should Know Before You Play

Tip 2: Start Leveling Up Crafting As Soon As Possible

The second tip I want to talk about is to start leveling up crafting as soon as possible.

New players obviously won’t understand the importance of crafting. Crafting is quite a lengthy process for brand new players to level up and is so important for later on within the game. Not only is it responsible for your gear and armor sets but also your potions and poisons, your enchantments on that armor, your food or drink of choice, and you can also do crafting rates that can offer rip vouchers and upgrade materials.

So, either make sure you have someone in your friend group focusing on crafting or you get on that as soon as possible.

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Tip 3: All Zones Are Available To You At Any Level

Tip number three is to remember that no matter what level you are, all zones are available to you.

Now, apart from DLCs you haven’t purchased, all zones in ESO are open to you at any level. All you need to do is find a way to get there. This can be by manually walking, which can take a bit of time; traveling to a discovered wayshrine or by having another player travel you there. Just ask in zone chat if anyone can ferry you to the zone you want to visit. Everything in that zone will scale to your level.

Even if the zone is not in your alliance, it doesn’t matter. If you started in Auridon but want to visit Skyrim or Morrowind, then go for it. The game won’t stop you in any way.

Tip 4: Check Out The Activity Finder

Tip number four is you should check out the in-game Activity Finder as soon as you reach the required level. Group content like Dungeons and PVP will be open to you. But how do you get started with all that?

ESO Activity Finder

That’s where the helpful Activity Finder comes into play. By using this tool, the game will automatically find you a group of players close to your level and place you inside a group dungeon or whatever it is you’re using the tool for.

This makes a really simple and easy way to meet up and play with others quickly. If you’re a social gamer, then this tool will become your best friend.

Tip 5: Don’t Get Sucked In By The Crown Store

The last tip I want tell you is that don’t get sucked in by the Crown Store.

Let’s get something straight. I know that all of this is completely optional. If you don’t want to purchase it, then don’t. If you have the money and want to purchase it, then go for it.

ESO Crown Store

Honestly, I don’t care either way and I’m guilty of purchasing Crown Crates from time to time. But my aim here is to spread awareness to new players in regard to the Crown Store.

More than 50 percent of what is sold in the Crown Store at the crazy prices that it’s listed for can be obtained in game with in-game currency, like ESO Gold or by simply farming. Things like Motifs, XP Potions and Scrolls, Potions and Poisons, Respecification Scrolls, the majority of houses...... The list goes on and on.

So, before you think that the Crown Store is the only way to get a particular item, just stop for a minute and give it a quick Google. Chances are you’ll find that the Crown Store is there for convenience only.