Final Fantasy 14: Mogstock 2023 Is Coming Back On July 14-16


I'm sure you're as excited as I am about the return of popfest this weekend!

In this summer, with the lazy days and nights that follow, you can choose to relax with friends, enjoy a refreshing drink to relieve the heat of the hot summer, and join FFXIV's music festival to have a good time together through these nights. According to social media sources, MogStock is back for Final Fantasy 14, July 14-16, 2023, occupying Sector 22 of the Crystal Mateus Lavender Bed. This information fascinated many FFXIV fans.


Composition Of Mogstock Campaign

This year's MogStock event is expected to feature more than 30 acts, with a mix of talented dance and music acts featuring bands such as The Song Birds, The Wiggles and Final Fantasia. Artists, photographers and cosplayers will also entertain players with a special art show, Camp Cloudtop Ice Creamery and the return of the Tonberry Tavern RP venue, as well as last year's popular Kitty Twister honky ton venue. During the event, players can also get similar rewards such as FFXIV Gil, I believe you are also looking forward to it.

FFXIV The Wiggles

The new content of MogStock this year is the cooperation between various role-playing sparring clubs to demonstrate their fighting skills and strength in sparring competitions. Players also have a variety of ways to participate during the event, such as a large beach volleyball game. The festival is all about having some summer fun for everyone, so it doesn't matter if you're a cosplayer or not, you'll find something to your liking at the event.

Development Of Mogstock Campaign

I also recently spoke to the organizers at MogStock, who told me that this Woodstock-inspired event first kicked off in 2021, when everyone was adjusting to a new paradigm and life was changing due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Original Inspiration For Mogstock

"During this time, we've been brought together by our shared love of in-game systems," the team told me. "The original inspiration for MogStock came when we got together in the cozy space of a TinyClub. The environment of this party allowed us to socialize, share music and dance together, which was very relaxing."

Clayde Who Originally Came Up With The Idea

Clayde was the first to come up with the idea for the event, and it didn't take long for the rest of the team to get interested and join in. Since there is also a lot of fan-led activity in the game, the team wanted to make sure MogStock was unique, so they incorporated some of their shared experiences into MogStock activities, including the following:

  • Bard Show
  • Emoji Choreography
  • DJ
  • In-Game Festival Management Skills
  • Site Design Experience

Due to the existence of these people, the team's new project was officially launched.

MogStock's Success Analysis

"Because our team's professional knowledge and experience are very strong, our novel ideas have also attracted many people who are interested in our project, and they also hope to join us." This is what the team told me during the conversation. "But we are also very lucky, because the team has a famous bard and orchestra at the beginning of the event, including The Songbirds, Moogle Troupe and Broken Wings, so as the festival continues to grow, we have a variety of stunning ideas, constantly generating sparks on the road of research and development, making our festival more and more famous."

FFXIV Cosplay

Every year, thanks to FF14 community's enthusiasm for the festival, MogStock continues to grow in size and the team keeps getting bigger and better. Attendance has grown as more creatives, sponsors, venues and FCs sign up for the event, prompting the team to extend the duration of the festival even further this year.

"We are very confident and proud of MogStock's diverse community, as all sides of the community are coming together to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. It is this mutual collaboration and the support is what makes this event so special. It is exciting to witness the seamless integration of these community events and the synergy created between the communities, which we cherish very much.”

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Preparations For Mogstock Event

This year's event team has been preparing for several months, and each member will be responsible for the division of labor to ensure that everything can go smoothly. Bringing many community events together presents many challenges, such as ensuring the participation of performers, sponsors, artists, venues and volunteers, while coordinating everyone to ensure that there is no conflict between each other's performances.

FFXIV Preparation

The team also told me, "All the hard work and dedication are worth it, because at the end the members will also be proud of what they have achieved." When it comes to MogStock, there are several aspects that make us very proud as an organizing team. Especially the overwhelming support and high turnout from the community is truly enviable.

"Whether you're a performer, a volunteer or a participant, you'll find people at the event who support the event and it's a symbol of the energy and enthusiasm that FF14 community is full of. Seeing so many people come together in such a positive and we can all take great pride in enjoying music, art and cosplay together in an inclusive environment."

From my conversation with MogStock team, I found that they are very well prepared for this event, and I look forward to the success of the event!