An Unstoppable Strength Build In Lords Of The Fallen - The Harambe's Revenge Build


Hammering, sundering, and quite literally crushing your enemies under a slab of stone is an immensely fun way to spend your time in Lords of the Fallen. If you want to play as a relentless strength inferno maul character that can one and two-shot even the toughest of enemies via uninterruptible colossal hammer swings, all while doing so in the image of the great Harambe, then this unstoppable, relentless undead primate is the build for you.

This is a Harambe’s Revenge build. I will break down what is one of the best 2-hander harambe builds in the game. It consistently deals with high damage and maintains a frightening ability to dismantle even the toughest mobs in the game. I will go over the stats, weapons, armor, rings, pendant, umbral eye, and rune choices that make this build an absolute joy to play. So, if you have plenty of Lords of the Fallen Vigor, let’s get into it.

An Unstoppable Strength Build In Lords Of The Fallen - The Harambe's Revenge Build

Weapons And Runes

For the primary weapon, I am 2-handing the Queen’s Head Hammer. This choice centers around its exceptionally high damage output at plus 10, its ability to reliably stagger enemies on its opening attack, and the fact that it also does very respectable fire damage. This gives the weapon another dimension to its damage output. It’s also a hybrid scaling weapon, which makes it more reliable in an NG+ environment. This weapon primarily focuses on physical damage, opening up interesting interactions when considering our rune off-hand.

In the off-hand, I use Jeffrey’s Dagger. This gives us 3 meta rune slots and allows us to gain a flat 30% physical damage increase, which I will cover in a moment. The combination of 5 Graphics and one Balago rune is the approach I take here across the two weapons. 5 Gravic runes give us a flat 50% damage increase when two-handing a weapon, and the Balago rune temporarily lowers the target’s physical defense when struck, making this a lethal synergistic combination. Other options include a Tumul rune for life on kill, Shon for increased elemental damage, or a Dhalwe or Mhakev rune for increased scaling potential.


In terms of stats, the main focus is on Strength and Inferno for damage scaling and Vitality for survivability. Initially, you’ll require around 20 points in Endurance to have ample stamina to utilize in the early to mid-game. My advice here would be to get strength to 75, Inferno to 50, and vitality to around 40, and then fill in the rest in any order of your choosing.


For rings, the choice is straightforward. 2 Adyrqamar Rings increase our damage output when 2-handing a weapon, making this a no-brainer alongside our other physical damage buffing choices. Combining all the additional physical damage buffs from eight different sources results in an incredibly high-damaging brute undead primate.


Our pendant of choice is the Warrior’s Claw. This increases our physical damage and physical defense, optimizing the physical damage output when striking enemies.

Umbral Eye

The Umbral Eye choice is to socket it with the Umbral Eye of Loash into your main lamp socket. This grants the ability to charge heavy attacks, and in that window of time, all damage received is taken as wither damage. It also makes your posture unbreakable, ensuring that charged heavy attacks can’t be interrupted, and any damage taken becomes wither, which is simply regained back when you land your heavy attack.


In terms of catalysts, I’m using the Queen Sophesia's Catalyst at Plus 10. This comes with S-tier Inferno scaling and spell power just shy of 700, with 5 spell slots. This is an excellent choice.

Lords of the Fallen Adyr's Rage


For spells, we use three Adyr's shout sorceries. Adyr's Endurance gives us an insanely quick stamina regen. Adyr's Rage provides a flat 10% damage increase for 90 seconds. Adyr's Hardiness gives a flat 25% damage reduction for 90 seconds. These 3 spells provide a powerful combination for damage and survivability. Infernal Weapon is the fourth spell choice, imbuing our weapon with even more fire damage. The fifth spell slot is flexible, with choices like Infernal Slash for high posture damage, Infernal Guardian for a summoned fire spirit, or other ranged spells.


In terms of mechanics, buff yourself with all 3 shout sorceries, imbue your weapon with Infernal Weapon, and pop a Manastone Cluster and a Briostone. Select your target and gauge whether it’s better to get your attacks in before your enemy or bait the enemy’s attacks first. You’re likely to one or 2-shot most enemies, so the question is about when you can achieve this without taking damage or as little as possible. The aim here is simple: try to get the opportunity to land either one huge charged heavy strike or seize the opportunity to land 2 successive strikes via the use of the weapon special attack move set.

This build is all about finding damage windows and taking the opportunity as soon as possible. Sometimes it will actually benefit you to duck and weave between offensive and defensive approaches. This utilizes a duck and weave playstyle along with causing insane damage amounts via leveraging status effect build up. It’s extremely fun to play.