Grasp These Key Techniques To Quickly Level Up In Night Crows


Undoubtedly, a significant number of players are excited to delve into the captivating world of Night Crows, the beloved MMORPG adventure. Join in today's guide as we unveil insider tips and tricks for leveling up like seasoned players in Night Crows.

Two Systems

If you’re looking to make your character stronger, there are 2 systems can help you do just that. The first system is called Crit Inheritance. It allows you to increase your character stats required for growth. You earn Crit Inheritance by leveling up, so keep an eye on that XP bar. By allocating these points to your character stats, you can make them much stronger. The stats that Crit Inheritance can raise include strength, dexterity, intelligence, endurance, spirit, and vitality. Just remember to choose the inheritance points that suit your character class to see substantial growth.

The second system is called Spell Infusion, specialized in raising stats important for combat. Spell infusions are unlocked progressively after reaching certain levels. Each stage has three stat boosts, and each stage grants different stats. An additional stat boost is activated when all three stats in a spell infusion are at maximum. So, don’t forget to keep those stats balanced!

Bulletin Board

In the Night Crows world, every village has a bulletin board that leads to the request station. It’s a place where crews can help each other and earn rewards in return. Requests are divided into three categories: region request, dungeon request, and crafting request, each with its benefits.

When requesting help with monster hunting or crafting, you will need to pay a small commission fee with Night Crows Diamonds. But the rewards you get in return are worth it. By working together, you get to meet new allies, grow your character, and earn those precious in-game currencies that can make a huge difference in your gameplay.

When playing the main story of the game, you might also get some other quests. This might not give you as many XP points as the main quests, but they can still help you grow your character by giving you useful items or abilities.

Night Crows

Side Quests & Daily Quests

If you're short on time, consider tackling side quests alongside your daily quests. Daily quests typically involve hunting monsters in various parts of the game world. If a side quest aligns with a daily quest, completing both simultaneously is efficient.

Forming a party is key to efficiently completing quests. For beginners aiming to progress swiftly, focusing on daily quests is advisable. These quests entail hunting monsters in specific areas and yield rewards like experience points, gold, and special coins for valuable items.

To access daily quests, navigate to the menu and select Quests. Click on the daily tab to view available quests and their objectives. You can complete up to 30 daily quests a day, with the count resetting each day. Completing these quests also earns you contribution points and coins, enhancing your standing in the game. Accumulating contribution points in a specific location raises your contribution rank, unlocking buffs for hunting in that area.

Daily quests yield contribution coins, exchangeable for various rewards such as crafting materials. Prioritize completing as many daily quests as possible to reap these rewards and enhance your performance in the game.

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Skills Utlization

Skills play a crucial role in many games, offering various ways to utilize them effectively. One method is through the quick slot feature, enabling swift activation of skills when needed. Alternatively, players can employ the Skill Use Sequence function, which offers distinct advantages.

To utilize the Skill Use Sequence, begin by clicking on the skill icon, followed by the Skill Use Sequence icon, and then the register quick slot icon. This allows players to arrange a sequence of skills in their preferred order, including basic attacks to craft custom combos. When activated, the Skill Use Sequence executes the skills in the specified order, enhancing strategic gameplay.

Employing the quick slot is a simpler approach, although it may pose challenges in MP management as skills activate immediately upon cooldown recovery. Players should consider their class and play style when deciding whether to utilize the Skill Use Sequence, as it has the potential to enhance their overall gaming experience.

Class Advancement

Becoming stronger is crucial in Night Crows, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through class advancement. This process allows you to enhance your stats and acquire new combat skills. However, preparation is key before embarking on this journey.

Access the menu and select the Class option. You can explore the available classes for advancement and proceed with the process. There are 4 standard classes: Warrior, Swordsman, Hunter, and Witch, each offering 2 distinct paths for advancement.

By meticulously preparing for your class advancements, you can expedite your progression and emerge as a formidable force in the world of Night Crows.

Essential Stats

When delving into the world of Night Crows, it's vital to understand 3 essential stats: accuracy, defense, and basic damage. These metrics wield considerable influence over your character's performance, significantly impacting gameplay dynamics.

Accuracy: Accuracy dictates your likelihood of successfully landing attacks on opponents. Higher accuracy reduces the chances of missing strikes, enabling you to engage a broader spectrum of monsters effectively. A robust accuracy stat enhances your hunting prowess and overall combat efficiency.

Defense: Defense governs your ability to evade incoming enemy attacks. Elevated defense levels offer greater resilience against opponent accuracy, bolstering your survivability during encounters. By maintaining superior defense, you can prolong hunting sessions without excessive reliance on health potions, optimizing gameplay efficiency.

Basic Damage: Basic damage measures the potency of your offensive capabilities, determining the damage inflicted on adversaries. Amplified basic damage facilitates swifter elimination of monsters in combat and hunting scenarios.

However, achieving optimal effectiveness requires a harmonious balance between basic damage, accuracy, and defense. While prioritizing basic damage is essential, a well-rounded approach encompassing accuracy and defense is paramount for sustained success. Striking a delicate equilibrium among these key stats ensures formidable combat prowess and expedited progression in Night Crows.