How To Cause Insane Damage With This Kinetic Bolt Of Fragmentation Build In POE 3.23?


Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation is the alternate version of Kinetic Bolt that has lower damage but enables the 'shotgun' effect for its secondary projectile in Path of Exile 3.23. So we can capitalize on it big time by converging all the projectiles into a single spot where the enemy is. To cause these to hit the same enemy, you need a returning projectile support gem or Nimis Ring.

By standing on top of your target, projectiles will come back to you. It will be damaged by all of them. This damage is improved by Far Shot, as Returning Projectiles have traveled a fair distance. Deadeye is an obvious choice on account of the perfectly tailored passives - Far Shot, Focal Point, and Endless Munitions for 2 more projectiles. The powerful Tailwind effect of Gathering Winds enhances both mobility and DPS.

How To Cause Insane Damage With This Kinetic Bolt Of Fragmentation Build In POE 3.23?

How It Works

The build is a power charge stacker. The new Ralakesh's Impatience boots will keep you at maximum charges. While we’re at it, Badge of the Brotherhood, Graven's Secret, and Malachai's Loop seem like the best in slot POE Items to expand on this charge gimmick. It’s a ton of Elemental recoup, crit chance, and attack speed. To generate a lot of secondary projectiles, simply invest in additional projectiles.

Another major improvement is brought by Sniper's Mark & Focal Point passive - this mark splits your projectiles. It is the most prioritized interaction which comes before forking, chaining, and so on. Its durability is low. It is especially vulnerable to big physical damage hits, as we have no armor at all. The significant evasion rating, spell suppression, life recoup, and Life Leech offer a substantial defense against frequent deaths while mapping.

Clear speed is good even if you’re shooting at random. You have a lot of chaining projectiles. Single target damage is the main feature of this build. It is high. There are no overly expensive core items here, so the starting price is reasonable. You don't need to spend lots of POE Currency by using this build.

Unique Items

This specific variant of the build utilizes power charges alongside unique Malachai's Loop, Ralakesh's Impatience, Graven Secret, and Badge of the Brotherhood. Nimis as a ring we deem mandatory too. Instead of it, Replica Hyrri's Ire is another unique item that is probably the best pick for this build. Malachai's Loop is used for 2 additional maximum power charges with no downside on account of Ralakesh's Impatience boots. It boosts spell damage for each power charge and provides additional energy shield (ES).

Rathpith Globe Shield is good if you have a somewhat high maximum life. You will sustain the life drain with instant Life Leech mastery. It grants a lot of crit chance and spell damage, which is 200% as effective on Kinetic Bolt. Replica Hyrri's Ire is what we deem the best armor. It’s perfectly suited for this build with its added lightning damage and tons of suppression.

Path of Exile 3.23 Rathpith Globe Shield

We have used Ralakesh's Impatience boots to be always on maximum power, frenzy, and endurance charges as they’re all influential in this build. With Graven Secret, you’re able to generate absorption charges to recoup Elemental damage as life, which is a potent defensive layer. The extra maximum power charge and a lot of lightning resistance are extremely fitting as you have a lot of frenzy charges.

Badge of the Brotherhood amulet seems like one of the strongest options. Frenzy charges will improve your DPS and the cooldown recovery rate will enhance your Frost blink. Nimis causes your projectiles to return to you, and it’s far better than the returning projectile support gem, which lowers the damage of returning projectiles by 60%.

Dance with Death from Brutal Restraint causes your hits to be lucky, which is good with your low minimum and high maximum damage. It also makes your critical hit chance lucky, which is useful if you’re not limited to 100%. The downside, an inability to wear a helmet and taking more damage from critical strikes, is hindering, so you may consider not using it after all.

Ancestral Vision is excellent if your spell suppression is capped at 100%. You can then gather the remaining 50% chance to avoid Elemental ailments from your boots or jewels. Lightning penetration, attack speed, and critical strike mods from wrath, haste, and precision are of great value. Grace offers some defensive perks on the Watcher's Eye Jewel.

Rare Items

A wand, ring, and gloves are of rare quality. It is necessary for these to be adequate to restrict resistance, have enough precision and possess sufficient attributes. Following that, consider attack speed, bonus lightning damage, and critical strike modifiers. We have also used Dance with Death, and you can’t use a helmet with that keystone. It is optional. You will probably need it for resistances. Our version of this build uses no helmet, but you may want to wear one still to gain various defensive and offensive mods listed here.

Path of Exile 3.23 Dance with Death

Get a wand with a lot of increased spell damage, attack speed, added lightning damage, and lightning penetration. Critical Strike mods would be great too. You can wear a rare body armor as well if you strive for more maximum life, Elemental resistance, lower mana cost of skills, or higher Critical Strike Chance.

You can also use rare boots if you have a reliable source of Frenzy and power charges, and it would require you not to use Malachai's Loop or Graven Secret. Look here for movement speed, suppression chance, and basic defensive stats, with eldritch implicits for brittle ground cooldown recovery rate for movement skills or chance to avoid Elemental Ailments.

On your gloves, look for maximum life, Resistances, Spell Suppression, and attack speed. Added lightning damage, extra evasion, Accuracy, and Chaos Resistance are great additions. For Eldritch mods, get increased attack speed, rage on hit, or increased effective marks.

On a ring, seek maximum life, increased Elemental damage, attributes, especially Strength, Resistances, Accuracy, added lightning damage, and reduced mana cost of skills if needed. Jewels shall get you increased maximum life, missing attributes, and resistances, attack speed, and Critical Strike Chance with crit multiplier. Added lightning damage can be found on Abyss Jewels.

The 2 additional projectiles from Dying Sun Flask are undoubtedly a major boost to your damage. For magic flasks, use a diamond, silver, Jade, and a Life Flask with bleed immunity. Utility Flasks shall increase your Critical Strike Chance, attack speed, and reduce the mana cost of skills with their suffixes.

Skill Gems

Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation has lower damage and fires fewer projectiles than the original, but it excels at killing bosses. It’s affected by spell damage modifiers despite being an attack, mainly results from Lightning Strikes and has a broad impact on damage. It’s where the extra maximum damage from volatility will be especially good. It’s even better if your damage is lucky. You shall also use the power charge on critical, increased critical damage, lightning penetration, and fork for clearing swapped with Elemental damage with attacks for Pinnacle Bosses.

Wrath adds lightning damage to attacks and grants more spell lightning damage for your magnetic bolt. To prevent attacks, Grace enhances and lowers the evasion rate. Precision increases accuracy rating and increases critical chance. Link 3 auras with Enlighten to make them reserve less Mana. Use haste as a temporary aura to boost your movement and attack speed. After linking it up with the Guardian's Blessing Support, cast haste on a minion to activate it. The minion will take a lot of damage because of that.

Dark Marionette Spectre is a self-free summoning minion that can host your haste Aura. Link your Spectre to Meat Shield Support. It will stay close to you. You can also choose the usual combination of Eldritch Battery and Divine Blessing, as long as you have enough energy shields.

Immortal Call vastly reduces physical and Elemental damage taken for a brief moment. Link it to a cast when damage taken to trigger it after taking a lot of damage. Frostblink is a simple mobility spell to travel faster and dodge attacks. Shield charge can also be used instead. Enemy marked with Sniper's Mark receives increased projectile damage, and projectiles hitting them split on impact. Link it with Mark on Hit and Life Tap support gems. Berserk is an optional skill if you have one extra gem socket and a way to generate rage. It enhances the rage effect on you.

Path of Exile 3.23 Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation & Sniper's Mark

Bandits & Pantheon

For Bandits and Pantheon, while slay all the bandits in ACT 2, you will need the 2 extra passive skill points the most. For a major God, you can either pick Lunaris or the Brine King. Lunaris will improve your pace and Brine King renders you immune to freeze while also preventing getting stunned multiple times in a row. Soul of Abberath for 60% less duration of ignite is quite likely the best candidate for a minor God.

Passive Tree

The passive skill tree aims to provide you with power charges, Critical Strike mods, and W passives, which are located roughly at the top of the tree near your starting location. You will go for Spell Suppression, evasion, reservation efficiency, life, and mana, Accuracy, Elemental damage, multi-shot, notable, missing strength, and of course, maximum life. For a keystone, pick Ghost Dance and something to transform into Dance with Death. It’s acrobatics in our case.

For masteries, get 50 extra life as Life Mastery, Elemental Mastery of a chance to treat enemies' resistance as inverted, reduced extra damage taken from critical strikes is Critical Mastery, increased damage per any charge is charge Mastery, Mana reservation efficiency is Mana Mastery, 10% of Leech as instant is Leech Mastery, and 2 wand masteries, one for an additional projectile and another to make your spell damage affect wand attacks. If your Spell Suppression is not capped, get lucky Spell Suppression is Suppression Mastery.