Try The Following Eight Challenges To Make Elden Ring Even Harder!


In Elden Ring, do you feel that the game content is easier for you? Do you want to challenge yourself? Then try the following challenges, let you experience a different Elden Ring.

Elden Ring

Everyone loves a challenge from time to time, especially one related to your hobbies. This is why Elden Ring and other Soulsborne-type games have so many players every day, and so do I. For example, I used to use Elden Ring Runes to buy some equipment I needed to improve the attribute value, but gradually I found that the game lost its challenge. Of course, You can also buy it and everybody can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF Elden Ring Runes/Items at

The feeling of trying the challenge will be different from the game style you usually play. You may be invincible in the game before, but the following challenges may change your opinion, and you may even find the following challenges very interesting.

Especially as you explore Caelid and the other lands in between, do you want more of a challenge as much as I do? Whether you've beaten the game before or just want the most challenging experience possible, There are ways to make Elden Ring harder than the normal game. Let's take a look!

8. Use A Different Controller

Have you tried digging into Elden Ring without using the Controller or using a mouse and keyboard alternative? For technologists and computer gamers, this challenge is a good choice.

You can find tons of weird games online that offer a variety of Controller alternatives. Things like dance mats, pianos, and even bananas are used to try and defeat enemies, and many thought it was a hard enough game. It's also an odd challenge, but with a little creativity you might be able to find an alternative Controller that works better for you.

Elden Ring Banana

7. Against Metadata

One thing the developers really did well with Elden Ring is that there isn't a single weapon that breaks the game. That being said, not every weapon is created equal.

Elden Ring 2

For example, you will have better luck with Rivers Of Blood than with Zweihander. You could also do some research to see which weapons are consistently useless even at higher levels, and challenge to only use that weapon. Although this challenge is relatively difficult compared to the previous, you will have a clearer understanding of the importance of dodging attacks during the challenge.

6. Spellcasting Only

For someone with arcane talent in the Elden Ring, the wide variety of spells to choose from seems like a lot of power. But it might not be easy in the middle of a fight when that's all you have in your arsenal.

Players who focus on spells have a lot to overcome because it takes time for you to cast a spell. Especially when fighting from a distance, enemies have different resistances, and many spells can be interrupted when you take damage.

Elden Ring Spell

So it constitutes an interesting but not easy game process. The game does get easier as you get more advanced and different spells, but the first few enemy bosses you face are definitely challenging.

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5. Use Your Least Favorite Playstyle

If you've ever played a game, you've all had an attribute that you like to put in points. So, why don't you take one and focus on putting in attributes you've never used before?

Whether it's intelligence, faith, agility, or any other attribute, it'll be interesting to see how your playstyle differs from what it used to be. It is also a new learning path for you, and you can estimate how long it may take to master, especially if you add attributes to your new weapons.

Elden Ring Playstyle

4.No Death Run

In the game, as long as you master enough skills, it is very easy to survive.

If you beat Grafted Scion without dying, it's certainly possible to defeat other enemies without returning to the Grace, so it's worth a try. But this challenge is sure to take a lot of time, so you might have to be patient with it. If you succeed, it can be a very rewarding experience.

3. Use Mods

Throughout the game you'll find a large selection of mods to give Elden Ring a different experience, and some will even make the game more difficult.

Many mods change the AI or damage output of enemies, making every enemy you encounter that much more difficult. Under the mod's changes, there's nothing worse than being killed by the Soldier of Godrick over and over again, whereas you used to be able to double-hit it. You can check out some of the mods available to see how you can make your game more challenging according to your style.

Elden Ring Mods

2. No Summons

The developers of the game are very kind and give you a lot of Summons that you can use them to help you fight. However, a simple but effective way to make the game harder (especially when facing bosses) is to not use them, which is what makes it truly challenging.

Elden Ring Summons

Trying to take on these bosses alone is a very different challenge. Of particular note is Radahn, which while allowing you to do all Summons, also easily drops your health to zero. It is conceivable how difficult this challenge is, but if you overcome it, your strength will be further proved.

1. Don't Use Runes

This challenge means you won't be buying anything from the merchant, so only weapons and gear will be picked up. This one is definitely an uphill battle when you first start the game, but like many other challenges, it's doable. So you can give it a try!