How Budget Builds Are Crafted In Path Of Exile 3.24?


Greetings and welcome to my top budget builds for Necropolis League. Let’s get into it.

Let’s start this budget selection, Righteous Fire Chieftain with Marauder class. This is probably the easiest way to have such a strong presence. You just need to walk past the enemies and they will melt and explode without even touching you.

How Budget Bulids are crafted in Path Of Exile 3.24

Righteous Fire

To visit the pros of this build, I would start with how simple it is because of Chieftain Ascendancy.

You only need to stack fire resistance to have all Elemental Resistance because of that you can also easily cap your chaos resistance keeping on that topical because of Chieftain Ascendancy.

You can also easily have 90% resistance to all elements. Making you very nice without much investment above all of that right’s fires a super fun and smooth build to play. Because you just run and shield your way through many Maps per hour.

Now to visit the cons, start saying that this build doesn’t have a big single target damage without a lot of POE currency investment. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to kill map bosses easily. Even on a low budget, this build is an amazing League started, and it’s meant as a cheap and fast current farmer as for budget.

This build is cheap. You can get it is try early game maps with only around 70 chaos orb to complete Maps. I recommend investing around 120 chaos orb. You need to invest around four divines, mostly in your survivability.

The first is Rise of the Phoenix that grants up to 200 life regeneration per second and most important plus 5% to maximum fire resistance.

Next, we also need Flames Armor that grants 40% of the physical damage you take to be received as fire damage. This is great because we have 90% fire resistance.

For Clear Speed, I will give you 10 out of 10. You just need to run through the maps and enemies will die just because of your presence. It’s super smooth and one of the best clear speed experience you’re going to have on POE.

The boss damage on the other hand is not great. I’ll give it only 7 out of 10 because you need a lot of currency to scale single target damage. But as I mentioned before, this is meant as a farmer and you can kill map bosses easily on a low budget.

For this survivability, I’ll give it 9 out of 10. Thanks to the shift in ascendance, you can get 90% of all element resistance and even easily get maximum chaos resistance.

All of that combined with over 2,000 life regeneration, I only took one point out because it needs more investment to be able to face tank physical bosses.

Arc Totem

Next we have the most beginner Arc Totems, friendly of all Arc Totem Hierophant also with Templar class on this build. We use many Totems that cast Arc skill for a fast and safe clear speed.

To list the pros of this build, I would start with how cheap and easy it is to complete your Atlas using this build with almost no investment. You have a powerful safe and fast character that will be the perfect currency fer for this and future build.

Show the cons, this build doesn’t have the right to evasion or spell suppression. But do not be frustrated about Totem. Builds are very safe to play. And another issue is that some players might find this game play to be a little dull and too uninteresting. But as you know. This is just a matter of taste as for Budget.

You can get a destroying early End Game Maps with only around 35 chaos orb. To comfortably advance to Yellow Maps, you need to invest around 90 chaos orb. and for easily completing your Atlas, recommend investing around three divines.

This build needs three mandatory unique items.

But they are normally very inexpensive and easy to get. The first one is Soul Mantle Armor that causes sake Gem Tags to be supported by a level 20 spell Totem. This grants us an extra support skill Gem.

We also need a Kikazaru ring to counter the effect of curses. This is because of the side effect of Soul Mantle that we apply a random curse on you whenever a Totem dies.

Finally, we also need a Self-Flagellation Jewel that grants up to 20% increase damage for each curse on you.

You’ll be often with around nine curses for Soul Mantle. And causing 180% upgrade hurt for Clear Speed. In my opinion, this build gets 9 out of 10. Arc is a marvelous skill that chains for a lot of enemies and so easily clear big packs. This build counts with four Totem casting this significant skill.

The boss damage deserves 9 out of 10 with the right debuffs and all four totems summoned. This build can take even big bosses down without any issue for this survivability.

I’ll also give it 9 out of 10 as a Totem build. You always will become far from action when your Totems do all the work. I hope you can mind your position carefully and you can easily complete maps with gold grade gear.

To sum up, this build still comes with high Armor and high block chance.

POE 3.24 Budget Bulids Craft


Lastly, we have this unbelievable Boneshatter, Tanky Melee build Boneshatter Juggernaut with Marauder class. This build is too much perfect for melee enthusiasts out there.

Boneshatter hits the enemy so hard that it hurts your own character accumulating trauma stats for each trauma you’re going to deal with and take on more damage. That’s why it’s so essential to gather both attack speed and Armor to stack many traumas and sustain their damage.

To read the pros of this build, I would start at its survivability. Even if you do damage to yourself. This build has too much Armor that you won’t feel a thing now. Due to you may think this build had to sacrifice speed of Boss damage but no instill super fast and can kill Guardians in just a few seconds.

Now to all the cons, the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to keep an eye on your accuracy. This is because Precise Technique Keystone. That grants 40% more damage if your accuracy is bigger than your life.

As for budget, this build is cheap. You can get it destroyed early in Game Maps with only around 60 chaos to comfortably advance to Yellow Maps. I recommend investing around the 120 chaos and for easily completing Atlas.

I recommend investing around four divines for Clear Speed. Give it 9 out of 10. Boneshatter also creates a big pulse of damage when stunning enemies.

It means that a single blow can eradicate a whole pack of monsters other than that you stack a lot of attack speed. That causes your leap land to almost teleport through the map.

The boss damage is also significant and deserves 9 out of 10 using Berserk on bosses, make you to accumulate too much trauma stacks and do considerable amounts of damage for this survivability.

This build is absolutely 10 out of 10 and I would even like to declare 20 out of 10. If I could, this build achieves almost 200,000 Armor and over 83% of all element resistance. And all of that combined with Juggernaut grant this character over 300,000 effective HP. That’s amazing.

It’s crazy, and that’s it, guys. What did you think about those budget builds? I wish you guys an amazing day and don’t forget to keep building in.