Unmissable Farming Locations To Earn Massive Gold In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3


As the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 unfolds, players' demand for new gear, fresh enchantments, updated consumables continues to increase. However, these essentials don't come cheap, and some can even drain your gold quickly.

So, this time, I'm going to show you some new farming locations where the wealth returns will be much higher than in the previous stage.

Unmissable Farming Locations To Earn Massive Gold In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Legashi Encampment

The first location I'm going to talk about is the Legashi Encampment in the northern parts of Azshara. The demons here boast an extensive loot table, offering valuable items such as Runecloth, Felcloth, and various patterns like Enchant Gloves - Greater Agility, and Elixir of the Mongoose. Additionally, you can find coveted treasures like Librams of Constitution and Voracity.

However, the spot's popularity poses a challenge. The PvP encounters there are frequent. Despite this, there's a strategic advantage: the proximity of the Spirit Healer to the farming spot. This proximity allows for swift retaliation against any assailants, fostering an environment where conflicts can be resolved peacefully.

During an hour of farming, you can acquire about 5 stacks of Runecloth and 5 Felcloths, each fetching around 4 gold on the server. Besides that, we can also get a valuable blue item, which is called the Enchant Gloves - Greater Agility, selling for 30 gold, and a Libram of Voracity, which sells for more than 200 gold.

Despite the challenges, the average gold yield at this location ranges from 50 to 100 gold per hour, a testament to its profitability. Furthermore, the high prices of materials and drops make it an attractive option for aspiring players. Its rich rewards and strategic advantages make it a prime destination for gold farming.

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Feralas & Hinterlands

The second gold farming recommendation actually consists of two locations, the Feralas and the Hinterlands, where the Nightmare Invasion takes place. These incursions allow you to share quests with a group of 5 people and complete them continuously, focusing only on pickup quests rather than kill or boss quests.

WoW Classic SOD Nightmare Incursions

In Feralas, a dedicated adventurer can accumulate a full amount of 60 gold in an hour. However, the appeal of the area was somewhat marred by the presence of bugs affecting certain missions, resulting in lower than expected gold rewards.

Contrastingly, the Hinterlands offer a more lucrative prospect, with quests boasting the potential to yield up to 100 gold per hour. However, these risky endeavors are not without their drawbacks. They represent a transaction of time for gold, devoid of the enjoyment typically associated with exploration and adventure.

The key to maximizing profits lies in the establishment of a well-organized group, where quests are efficiently shared and completed. Through coordinated efforts, we can obtain generous returns of 5 to 12 gold, significantly augmenting the overall earnings of the group.

If you have the Tank and the Healer class in the group, consider tackling bosses for additional gold, as they have about 100,000 to 150,000 HP but can be dispatched quickly with coordination. Looking ahead, it’s hoped that Blizzard will address quests that currently offer insufficient gold rewards. Feralas quests may offer more reputation, while Hinterlands quests may yield more WoW SOD Gold.


Let's move to the last farming location, which was the one that I was most excited for because it's pure grind. For the third spot, we need to head to the Silithus in the northwestern part of the map, where we can hunt the Dust Stormers. They are the Air Elements at levels 55 to 57, and the goal is to drop the Essence of Air.

WoW Classic SOD Molten Core

Lately, enchanters have been farming their Timbermaw Reputation and the Thorium Brotherhood Reputation to unlock the ability to enchant weapons with 15 agility on one-hander and 25 agility on two-handers, costing 2 and 4 Essence of Air, respectively.

On the server, these essences currently sell for 55 gold each, but on other servers, they can fetch even higher prices, sometimes exceeding 100 gold. The drop chance for Essence of Air is about 4 in 100 mobs killed. You can come here solo with Hunter, but other classes like Enhancement Shaman can also farm here effectively, especially with their 16% hit rating.

However, I recommend taking it in pairs to be more efficient. On your own you can kill around 35 adds per hour, but 2 players work together with the same amount of Essence of Air, you can double that to 70 or 80. Over the course of 3 hours, you can kill about 110 mobs, with the second hour yielding the best results, where you can obtain 6 Essence of Air.

In addition, you can obtain Waylaid Supply Boxes, greens, and most importantly, Hydraxian Waterlord Reputation, required for Molten Core access. In 3 hours, you can obtain a total of 7 Essence of Air, adding to the approximately 400 gold that earned from the first spot with the demons.