What Are The Most Recommended Consumables For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3?


Get ready for the upcoming Phase 3 in WoW Season of Discovery! Let’s explore the essential consumables in Season of Discovery before starting the Sunken Temple raid, so you can prepare for Phase 3. This guide has you covered if you want to maximize your leveling speed, dominate the Blood Moon PvP event, or increase your chances of Sunken Temple clear.

What Are The Most Recommended Consumables For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3?

Consumables are really important for Phase 3 performance, especially because Blizzard is offering way more than we could have expected this time around. There are more than a dozen consumables to add to your shopping list if you want to maximize performance and leveling and PvP in the new raid.

Blasted Lands Consumables

Starting things off, there’s a crucial new consumable that’ll be out on day 1, and you should already be farming it in the Northern Blasted Lands. Blood Mage NPCs offer a new repeatable quest to kill and loot nearby mobs.

If you obtain items like Vulture Gizzard and Blasted Boar Lung, you can bring them back to the blood mages for very strong buffs. There are 4 consumable buffs in total to consider:

  • R.O.I.D.S. - It’s an obscenely strong 25 Strength, perfect for Warriors.
  • Ground Scorpok Assay - It provides 25 Agility for Hunters.
  • Cerebral Cortex Compound - It brings 25 Intellect to the party to keep Priest heals rolling.
  • Lung Juice Cocktail - Tanks don’t get left out either with 25 stamina. That being said, most will opt for one of the other DPS options since 25 stamina isn’t that great.

The key to understanding these new consumables is that the rewards are unique in your inventory still. You can pop one with a 1-hour cooldown and have a second in your inventory ready to go.

The other thing to understand is that the farming area for Blasted Lands buffs is extremely crowded. You’ll definitely want to start farming now as quickly as you can. Alternatively, just farm a large amount of gold because all the quest items are tradable.

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Physical DPS Consumables

Next, we’re going to talk about the new buffs and consumables you can’t afford to miss out on. Starting off with one of the best DPS consumables in the game, we have the Elixir of Agility. It’s a must have for any physical damage dealer. The recipe itself is about a 5% drop rate from satyrs in Felwood, so I definitely recommend farming yourself instead of buying it at the auction house.

We’ve also got to talk about the Elixir of Giants with 25 flat Strength. It’s just for Warriors. Even though the Giants recipe is a rare world drop, the materials required are very cheap and much cheaper than the Elixir of Mongoose.

Another must-have consumable for physical damage dealers is the Winterfall Firewater. What makes it stand out is that it can be stacked with your other consumables. Definitely recommended if you want to min-max your Sunken Temple.

WoW Classic SOD Phase 3 Consumables

Caster DPS Consumables

Let's break down the key Caster DPS consumables for optimal damage output:

  • Greater Arcane Elixir: These elixirs represent an upgrade from the Lesser Arcane Elixir. However, obtaining the recipe poses a challenge as it's quite rare and drops from specific mobs numbering more than 50. For now, it's advisable to stick with the Lesser Arcane Elixir, at least for the initial lockouts.
  • Elixir Of Shadow Power: Offering an additional 40 Shadow damage, this elixir is highly sought after. However, acquiring its recipe requires patience, as its often heavily camped in Undercity and Stormwind. Investing time in these locations can be rewarding for snatching up this valuable recipe.
  • Elixir Of Firepower: Despite the passage of time, this elixir remains our best-in-slot option for fire damage consumption.
  • Elixir Of Frost Power: As an affordable option for frost damage, these elixirs are currently available at low prices.
  • Wizard Oil: This weapon buff stands out as our top choice for caster consumables, providing a substantial 24 spell damage.
  • Nightfin Soup: For sustaining abyssal casters, Nightfin Soup serves as a reliable option. The recipe is conveniently purchasable in Steamwheedle Port, while the required fish can be readily found in the auction house for those seeking early preparation.

Weapons Consumables

As for your weapons, most melee are going to prioritize Shadow Oil and Dense Sharpening Stone. Those will be cheap since Dense Stone is easy to get from mining.

For our main consumable food, we have Grilled Squid. The crazy thing about Grilled Squid is that the key ingredient, the Winter Squid, won’t be available again until September. That means the price will just keep going up unless Blizzard steps in and adds a new food.

WoW Classic SOD Grilled Squid

One last melee consumable that everybody forgets about is Elixir of Coalesced Regret. These cost about 2 WoW SOD Gold on the auction house, but they give +1 to all stats plus they persist through death.

Survival Consumables

Now, let's delve into the consumables crucial for maximum survivability. Phase 3 introduces a lot of greater protection potions, offering defense against various elements such as Arcane, Nature, and Fire. Acquiring these recipes is essential, as they significantly enhance raid survivability.

  • Elixir Of Superior Defense: While highly effective, obtaining its recipe from Othmar in Ironforge can be challenging because of heavy camping.
  • Gift Of Arthas: It not only slightly boosts raid damage but also provides free Shadow damage. However, acquiring its recipe involves facing formidable enemies in the Western Plaguelands. It’s prudent to wait until around Level 50 before venturing into these high-risk areas.
  • Mighty Troll’s Blood Potion: It remains a staple for health regeneration. The Major Troll’s Blood Potion won’t be available until the Zul’Gurub patch.
  • Greater Stone Shield Potion: Offering a substantial boost of 2,000 armor, this potion is invaluable in certain situations, particularly in encounters like Sunken Temple.
  • Rumsey Rum Black Label: It remains a top choice, providing a separate bonus of 15 free stamina. Its unique benefits make it a staple addition to any survivability-focused load out.