6 Quick Tips For Skill Points In Elder Scrolls Online


In the Elder Scrolls Online, Skill Points are the currency to unlocking abilities and passives.

Skill Points are unique to each character you create, meaning you will have to collect them on every character you make.

With over 500 of them to collect, you don't have to worry about how many you spend. Comfortably, you should have at least a hundred skill points to purchase all the skills and passives needed for a basic build.

But don't fret we are going to cover all the details about how to get, spend, and redistribute all Skill Points.

6 Quick Tips For Skill Points In Elder Scrolls Online

Tip 1

Currently, in ESO, there are over 500 Skill Points you can get. The most common way to get Skill Points is through Skyshards. It takes collecting three Skyshards to receive one Skill Point.

There are 181 Skill Points available from Skyshards located in Overland content:

  • 147 Skill Points are available upon completion of Zone Quests.
  • 32 Skill Points are available for completing Public Dungeon Group Events.
  • 52 Skill Points are available for completing Group Dungeon Quest.
  • 64 Skill Points are awarded during character leveling from 1 to 50.
  • 50 Skill Points are awarded while ranking up in the Alliance War Ranking 1-50.

Tip 2

In ESO, skills are abilities that your character can use to perform various actions, such as dealing damage, healing, or controlling enemies.

Elder Scrolls Online Skills

Skills are square in shape in the Skillbook. There are several types of skills in ESO, including:

  • Class Skills. These skills are unique to each of the game's classes and are unlocked as you level up your class
  • Weapon Skills. These skills are tied to specific weapon types and are unlocked by using those weapons in combat.
  • Armor Skills. These skills are tied to specific armor types, such as light, medium, or heavy, and are unlocked by wearing at least three pieces of that armor in combat.
  • Guild Skills. These skills are tied to various in-game guilds such as Mages and Fighter guilds and are unlocked by completing quests and advancing in rank.
  • Alliance War Skills. These skills are tied to the game's player versus player system and are unlocked by participating in these activities.

Tip 3

Passives in ESO are skills that provide constant effects or bonuses to your character without needing to be activated during gameplay or slotted on your Action Bar.

Passives are indicated as circles in the Skillbook passives can be obtained from various sources, such as Class Skills, Weapon Skills, Armor Skills, Guild Skills, Racial Skills and more.

Passives can provide bonuses to attributes like maximum health, Magicka or Stamina, reduced resource costs, increased damage, improved healing, enhanced critical hits and more.

Each skill line in ESO has its own set of passive skills that can be unlocked and improved as you level up your progress in the game. There's no limit to how many passives you can have, so make sure to grab them when you have Skill Points to spend.

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Tip 4

In ESO, skills have to be manually purchased using Skill Points. The base version of each skill costs one Skill Point.

Players are able to purchase more of the skills within a skill line as they increase their level for that skill line. Once a skill is purchased, it must be slotted on the active skill bar to be cast and to level up. Once enough experience is gained for that skill, a base skill is able to be morphed with the use of another Skill Point.

Along with skills, passive can also be purchased and cost one Skill Point each.

Tip 5

In ESO, each skill has two morphs. Morphing a skill allows you to choose an advanced version of the base skill that offers different effects or benefits.

Elder Scrolls Online Morphing

To morph a skill, you must have the skill at rank 4 and spend a Skill Point to unlock the morph. Morphs can change the resource cost, damage, duration, or other aspects of a skill.

Some morphs can also change the type of damage dealt or the way the skills interact with each other. Each skill can only be one morph at a time, but players can change the morph. So, don't be afraid to try out different morphs.

Tip 6

One of the best features about ESO is the ability to change your skills and morphs at any point.

Never is any player locked into their skill choices. With a bit of ESO Gold, players can change their skills and morphs at any time, following these steps:

  • First, locate a 'Shrine to Stendarr' in any major city. They will always look like this.
  • Select either skills to adjust whole skills or morphs to adjust just the morphs of skills.
  • Select minus to remove Skill Points from a skill and unmorph or unpurchase that skill. You can also purchase additional skills or passives while in this window.
  • Once you are satisfied with your changes, select 'Accept'.

Do note: any Skill Points taken out of skills that are not spent while in the shrine are not lost. You keep them and can spend them again at any other time.