Blight Farming Strategies You Have to Know in POE 3.20 Expansion


Blight is one of the most accessible end game farming strategies for many builds and does not require an exceptionally strong or fast character. It features two major money makers (Oils and Blighted Maps) which sell easily and retain most of their value throughout a challenge league. In this Blight Farming guide you will learn how to maximize your POE Currency, set the strategy up and optimize your play with essential tips and tricks.

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While Blight is not the most profitable mechanic, it is incredibly consistent and offers valuable Currency from:

  • Tier 14-16 Blighted Maps
  • High Grade Oils (Opalescent Oil - Golden Oil)
  • Oil Extractors
  • Miscellaneous League Drops

Blight's small loot table means most of your drops can be sold quickly and in bulk all at once. Blighted maps and oils are always in demand but must be priced correctly to ensure they sell.


Blight does not have extreme character requirements as Blight Towers contribute a substantial amount of crowd control and damage; however a character with high single target damage to manage unique bosses and some form of monster explosions makes things a lot easier.

Blight requires the use of Scarabs, the Atlas passive tree and an end game Atlas in order to be a competitive currency strategy. Having access to a pool of Tier 16 maps is preferred, but the strategy works as soon as you can access suitable Map layouts and atlas passive points. Note that higher Tier maps award higher Tier Blighted maps and Oils which are worth substantially more.


Blight should always be used on enclosed map layouts as it greatly increases the quality and quantity of loot you receive.

Here's how to run Blight maps:

  • Clear the map normally until you encounter the Blight.
  • Open a Portal Scroll to open a portal to town in case you die.
  • Click the Fast Forward Button to start the Fight encounter faster.
  • Keep the pump safe at all times.
  • Build towers to win.
  • Collect your loot and finish the map if you haven't already.

Tips And Tricks

Blight Reward Tendils

When a Blight spawns its tendrils one tendril will always contain only Blighted reward chests, which drop all of the most valuable items we are after. Blights in enclosed layouts spawn less tendrils, but still offer the same amount of reward chests. The result is more guaranteed Blighted reward chests concentrated on the tendril with guaranteed Blight rewards. In extreme cases you can have all reward chests be Blighted rewards on one tendril.

Minion Towers

All resources you accumulate should be spent on minion towers to distract enemies and slow down their advance on the purification pump. Once you reach a decision point for upgrading your towers, turn them into Sentinel towers (Flying Robot Swarms) as they provide fantastic single target damage that can help deal with unique blight bosses.


Atlas State

Before farming Blight, have the following Atlas objectives completed:

  • The Grasping Voidstone
  • The Omniscient Voidstone
  • 70 Atlas passive points
  • 7 Favourite Map Slots

For seamless gameplay, infinite sustain of the best layout maps and maximum profit, you need:

  • The Grasping Voidstone
  • The Omniscient Voidstone
  • The Ceremonial Voidstone
  • The Decayed Voidstone
  • 70 Atlas passive points
  • 10+ Favourite Map Slots

Map Choice

Closed layout maps are essential since they give additional Blighted rewards. Any closed and narrow layout map can be used for Blight farming, but the ones below have extra merit or are particularly well suited for it. When favoriting maps or moving toward infinitely sustaining one map, these should be your top picks:

*Core is considered the best Blight layout map in the game. It is narrow and finicky so you always get 1-3 Blight tendrils. The map doesn't have the best natural mob count, but is reasonable for map sustain due to the 3 additional mini bosses you can kill every run.

*Toxic Sewer/Waste Pool are two of the best map layouts in Path of Exile and are a reasonably strong pick for Blight. They are not as strong as Core or Flooded mine for tendrils, but are much faster and more fun to run. (Waste Pool is Not Available in 3.20)

*Flooded Mine is widely considered one of the worst layouts in Path of Exile due to how cramped and winding it is to run, which is exactly what makes it good for Blight and getting the lowest amount of tendrils possible. In leagues where Core is not available, Flooded Mine is a reasonable choice for maximizing Blights if you can stand the layout.


Filtering Oils

Oils are such a common drop during Blights that it can be tedious to loot the lower tier ones from every chest you open. Low tier oils can be hidden at your discretion to avoid dealing with them every map you run. Oils that are completely safe to hide are:

  • Clear Oil
  • Sepia Oil
  • Amber Oil

Using Your Oil Extractors

As mentioned above, Oil Extractors can be used by players to acquire expensive oils from anointed jewelry. Due to Blight Atlas passives anointed jewelry drops consistently from Blight encounters.

If you are able to identify which anoints on jewelry are worthy of using extractors on, you can accumulate more high tier oils from your farming sessions. Unfortunately though, learning which pieces of jewelry to use extractors on is very challenging.

Orbs of Horizon

If you are struggling to sustain high tier maps with layouts good for Blight you can use Orbs of Horizons to transform maps you don't have a use for into good layouts. Each tier of maps will transform into a specific set of map layouts which change each league. Use Orbs of Horizons on the following tiers of maps you don't have a use for to re-stock your map pool for Blight.

  • Tier 16 - Toxic Sewer
  • Tier 15 - Grotto