Diablo 4: How To Improve Your Gear? I Have Some Crazy Crafting Tricks!


Hi Diablo fans! Today I'm going to share with you some tips that can improve your gear.

Diablo 4


Leveling up a new Rogue, I decided to try a Flurry plus Rapid Fire combo. We had this incident here where, I found a potential upgrade for my Gloves, which usually is supposed to have something like a core skill ranks.

Diablo 4 Gloves

In that case two of them Flurry and Rapid Fire, and then stuff like Crit chance attack speeds. These are usually the top stats you have. And I'm gonna show you how I made this kind of Gloves into something actually really good, that I'm probably gonna wear for many levels. You can also choose some other Gear, which can be purchased with Diablo 4 Gold.

Breakpoints And Critical Strike Chance

You see here right now this Glove is nothing really special, it has one revival fire has been a soft Crit and has a little bit of attack speed, so nothing really great. And I decided to try my luck to try to roll the intelligence to Flurry, so that I have the top four stats on my Glove, and you see that this is item power 612.

A few weeks ago I talked about Blacksmith upgrades and Diablo 4 Items power breakpoints, and there is one at 625. And if you upgrade this pair of Gloves to 625, it will re-enroll all the ranges of all the stats in the next here.

Some Examples

For example, Critical Strike Chance right now has four percent it goes from three to six, and this is like a rather low roll so it's like almost a minimum. But this can be completely random it can actually go to maximum, when you reach that 625 threshold, so instead of this four percent it could roll to six plus it goes to the next tier, so there's a bigger range so that will be like probably up to seven percent Crits, and then you also get the extra power from the Blacksmith upgrades.

So there's multiple things happening at the same time, and the same applies to all of those ranges, so for example the attack speed right now you see is also kind of mediocre, and again this could either roll down or it's going to roll up. It gets completely randomized there's no system to it.

A Pretty Hilarious Incident

Then I use some other trick to really make this a special item for me, but you're gonna see it in a second first things.

I try to roll off the interior to try and get Flurry, and they actually had a really funny outcome here. So jumping forward you can see here I managed to roll two times Penetrating Shot once with one rank and once or two ranks.

Diablo 4 Rapid Fire

So that's a pretty hilarious incident, I'm not even sure why this is even possible because it seems very strange to me this must be something particular to Gloves and those skill rolls. Maybe it can happen with other skill rolls on other items, but for the most part, it's kind of hard to roll certain skill. And hilariously enough on the second roll I actually managed to get Flurry and it also holds one and two Flurries.

A Real Mechanic

So there's like the insane RNG, but it doesn't really matter which one I choose, because it is a real mechanic that I just explained. So at 625 I could pick one Flurry or I could pick two Flurries, it doesn't matter because it gets re-randomized again at that 625 threshold. So then I went to the Blacksmith to upgrade it and you're gonna see it as an action here, so I did two upgrades at 622 and then the third one you can actually see the preview.

Diablo 4 625 threshold

Here it will show you those re-randomized values. And you see here we actually got one of those special cases, where you can get a minus from upgrading your item because of this re-randomization process. So this Critical Strike Chance went to minimums is very unfortunate, but it could have also been the maximum or anywhere in between basically.

You see the attack speed actually went up, so quite significantly from this one upgrade 2.9 percent. This is because it rolls to the next tier of stats and it actually rolled to desertly decent. And also Rapid Fire that previously was one is forced to be two now.

And so is the Flurry so no matter what I would have chosen on the previous outcome it wouldn't matter here. Because in this item power range from 625 to 724, in this item bar breakpoint, there is only two there cannot be any other ranks. But now comes another problem with this item, you see here I can only have four upgrades, and this is because this is a normal Legendary and not a sacred or Ancestral Legendary.

Diablo 4 Ancestral Legendary

So I cannot actually get this two to three ranks and this is actually what I try to accomplish here, and I realized this in that moment I was like. But there is a way around that and that is with Imprinting so you see here I have a sacred Legendary Aspect, and Magnus utility aspect that I tried to put in my Glove, I saved this one up for a next upgrade.