Diablo 4: Are These Silent Chests Worth Your Obols To Open? - My Personal Analysis


Today I'd like to ask and answer one simple question, what are Silent Chests? Should you be opening them? Which I guess is actually two questions, now let's talk about that.

Diablo 4

Silent Chests

First, let's talk about Silent Chests. As you can see, we have happened upon a Silent Chest out in the world, it looks just like this it has a very promiscuously locking mechanism. But it is a chest and as far as I know any chest that is out in Overworld has a chance to become a Silent Chest periodically.

Diablo 4 Silent Chest

These will rotate out, and as far as I can tell in all the testing I've done over the last few months, it has been that any time there is a spot in the world, where a chest exists there is a chance that sometimes it will be a Silent Chest. So if you come over to these chests and try to open them, you won't be able to open them at all, they are locked, you can't get into them to get some Diablo 4 Items.

You Need A Whispering Key

It will say that you need a specific item, and that item happens to be this right here a Whispering Key, unlock Silent Chest untamed from Purveyors of Curiosities. So how do you get Whispering Key and why should you care about Silent Chests?

How Do You Get Whispering Key?

You get Whispering Key, by completing events that give you Obol currency. This is a currency you get from doing the orange quests on your map around the world, you can also do special events inside of Dungeons and Nightmare dungeons that drop Obols, whispering Obols as your currency there.

Then you have to go to Obol currency vendor in any major city and you have to buy for 20 Obols as it stands right now, Whispering Keys in order to open these Silent Chests.

Diablo 4 Obols

Is Silent Chest Worth Your Opening?

There's a wide range of results that people have gotten from Silent Chest, many people have opened 10 of them and gotten absolutely nothing a bunch of Blues, maybe occasionally a yellow, nothing good. Some people have opened these and gotten an ancient, we can even open it right now and see what we get, and we get some gold a yellow and a blue item there.

So the question becomes now that we know how to get and open these chests, should we open them? Is it worth using our Obols to open these chests? After having opened dozens and dozens and dozens of these chests I can tell you that it is 100 percent worth it to open these.

Diablo 4 Worth Your Opening

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Some Points You Need Pay Attention

What I would recommend doing is anytime you make a visit over into the cities to go to Obol vendor, when we come to Curiosities vendor we can see that most of these prices are actually quite comparable to buying a Whispering Key. The fact this is as the only 20 Obols when you pick up the key, you grab a couple of them, keep them in your inventory at all times, so you can open chest when you find them.

Then you compare that to something thing else right at Whispering you can get three Whispering Keys, for the price of one ring or one amulet which if we roll it right now, we can see that we get not always something useful. It can be something pretty good, something pretty valuable. It can be a legendary we get something good out of it, maybe you can get some Diablo 4 Gold too.

So even though you may want to look at this, we've got junk coming out of these Whispering chests, these Silent Chests, it's just the same as if you have done. So looking at this if we ran this three times, a whole bunch of variances on this, we can see that out of rolling this five times, three of them were a yellow and two of them were legendary, and they were actually bottom rolling legendaries that we would trash anyway.

Diablo 4 Yellow

So when you open a Silent Chest and you get you know two items that are yellow that you can sell for gold or salvage or materials, every now and then you'll get a legendary or an ancient or a unique, I've had people in chat say they had gotten several uniques from Whispering Keys. I think this is something you don't focus on, you don't go out of your way to go hunt down Silent Chests.

But, you do have these keys in your inventory and you hold on to them, so that when you find a whispering chest, you can actually open it because by the time you go back, to get a key to come back, the chest may have already despawned.


So that's my analysis on Silent Chests in general, they are worth doing, they are worth your Obols, put these in your inventory hold on to them, they stack nicely just have a couple, open the chest when you see them. But otherwise, don't go out of your way to hunt them down, and also don't avoid them either, they can actually give you some really good loot.