FIFA 23: 6 Excellent Goalkeepers


On the soccer field, the position of the goalkeeper is the most professional, so their job can never go unnoticed. For a goalkeeper who can save the ball and kick the ball with his feet, the team is very willing to buy him, even if he costs a lot of money. Since some teams have their own style of play and specific formations, the goalkeeper has to pass the ball between the other players during the set-up play.

In FIFA 23, there are many excellent goalkeepers. Every good player can have enough ability to turn the situation of the game. They can make assists, make huge saves and sometimes even score goals. Also, they have high stats in some aspects, including Reflexes, Positioning and Handling. In addition, in the game, they can quickly complete a strike or a penalty shot. Next, I will introduce you to 6 excellent goalkeepers:

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Paris Saint-Germain

FIFA 23 Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma has a lot of potential as Paris Saint-Germain's starting goalkeeper despite his 88 overall. In FIFA Career Mode, his overall is likely to reach a shocking 92, so he is a golden prospect. As a superstar in Italy, he always makes all kinds of saves look very easy.

For Donnarumma, he can reach to either side of the net and do so with ease. We can see this from his 90 Diving. In addition, he has this very good 85 Positioning. Then, if you pick him, you can count on him to make regular saves on top of the more threatening ones. Moreover, his Reflexes among the highest Reflexes is 89.

Alisson Becker, Liverpool F.C.

FIFA 23 Alisson Becker

Both Liverpool F.C. and the Brazil national team have played Alisson on the team sheet. I think you can get his card in Ultimate Team with FUT 23 Coins or choose any squad in Kick-Off mode. As a good goalkeeper, he is well-rounded.

His 87 Reactions is not only good for his save potential, but it also allows him to get passes to teammates very quickly. In an organized game, this is very important and essential if you want to use a goalkeeper. In addition, he has 85 Handling. Not only does this reduce his rebounding opportunities, but it also allows him to reduce the need for multiple saves.

Ederson, Manchester City

FIFA 23 Ederson

In the Brazilian national team, there are many outstanding players, including goalkeepers. For now, Ederson has been fighting for a starting spot at international level. However, he is the first choice for Manchester City's starting eleven. And, in order to build Ligue 1 and English Premier hybrid Ultimate Team, he is also a unique choice.

According to his numerous high-level statistics, including 93 Goalkeeper Kicking, he has an overall rating of 89. He can kick or punt the ball to the other half of the pitch and not make a mistake, making for building up games quickly. He also has 88 Positioning, which allows him to be almost in the right position to save when he is in the net.

Jan Oblak, Atletico Madrid

FIFA 23 Jan Oblak

In fact, there are few opportunities for players to shine at the international level, but in the La Liga show, Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak is a shining star. Currently, his overall ranking is 89. However, in Career Mode, it is very possible to reach 91. As a solid goalkeeper, Oblak has all-around stats. If you choose him, then he can help you stop the humble Strikers.

In terms of Handling, Oblak is also very good. Not only does he never give up the rebound, but he's always able to make a save as well. His already impressive stats are further solidified as he has 87 Reactions. He knew where the ball was going before it was hit, as if he had the ability to see into the future.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich

 FIFA 23 Manuel Neuer

In football, the most well-known name of the goalkeeper should be Manuel Neuer. He has achieved excellent results in both club competitions at Bayern Munich and international competitions in Germany. He has been playing for Germany since 2011. He is also consistently named among the highest rated players in FIFA.

You can only be considered one of the best when you have the stats to back it up, and Neuer did just that. As an excellent goalkeeper, he has an overall rating of 90 and has very high stats in Positioning, Handling and Kicking. And, for most Bundesliga Ultimate Teams, he is still the main option.

Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid

FIFA 23 Thibaut Courtois

What is the epitome of goalkeeping? The answer is Real Madrid and Belgium international Thibaut Courtois. In the game, he is the best due to his ability to get +1 in Career Mode and high base stats. If you pick him up, with the highest Reflexes he has at the goalkeeper position, you don't need much else.

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After being loaned to Atletico Madrid, he spent several seasons there. He then started his new career at Real Madrid in 2018 after transferring from Chelsea F.C. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a true top goalkeeper and has become one of the best goalkeepers of all time.

The above are the 6 excellent goalkeepers I introduced to you. Hope they will help you.