Discover This 10 Novel Class Builds In WOW Season Of Discovery


With the introduction of Season of Discovery, there are new abilities and fascinating class builds to explore. In this guide, I am going to be counting down the top 10 I think are the most interesting in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Having enough SOD Gold will go a long way in helping you play with these builds later on.

Discover This 10 Novel Class Builds In WOW Season Of Discovery

Imp Cannon Build

Firstly, we have the Imp Cannon build, a build with a simple purpose: turn the Imp into a machine gun. This build exploits the Improved Firebolt talent, Improved Imp, and Lake of Fire. Improved Imp provides a 30% damage increase while Improved Firebolt takes the cast time down to 1 second, and this can actually be sped up even more with a little macro.

Lake of Fire leaves a 40% fire damage-increasing debuff on the target, and you only need to cast it for a split second, meaning the imp’s damage is effectively increased by 70%. You will also need to use a Minor Recombobulator on the Imp to give him mana.

One-Button Warrior Build

This probably be one of the most stupid builds, a one-button Warrior build. This is for Warrior tanks, and weirdly, playing more stupid actually provides more DPS. What the Warrior does is they wait until they have 80 rage to obviously get the Consumed by Rage buff, providing a physical damage increase of 20% on melee attacks. Then he pops Bloodrage with the Flagellation buff for another 25% increased damage buff.

And then, they just simply spam Devastate and do more DPS than most classes in the game. This is largely made possible by the fact that the Wrath version of Deep Wounds is active in SoD, meaning the crits that trigger the Deep Wounds pull into each other for very strong damage.

WoW Classic SOD One-Button Warrior Build

Scorpid Build

Thirdly, we have a build so strong it had to be nerfed. Since Hunter pets were out DPSing other DPS with their pet alone, we’re obviously talking about the Scorpid build here. Scorpid Sting is supposed to do 10 damage over 10 seconds, stacking 5 times for 50 damage. That’s how it originally worked anyway. But with the new rune Kill Command plus pets have proper scaling with the Hunter in Season of Discovery.

On top of this, they had a bug that meant the first-tier Scorpid Sting fully benefited from scaling. So, long story short, the ramp-up time on Sting was literally insane. It’s why so many Hunters were dominating raids and PvP with scorpions. Fortunately, now scaling only occurs on the last stack to reduce the ramp-up time of Sting, and pets don’t scale as strongly with the Hunter on armor and stamina.

Shaman Farming Build

Shamans are definitely establishing themselves as a top-tier tank in SoD. In fact, that many players think that they will be as competent as the Protection Paladin was for AOE instance farming. Molten Blast, Shield Mastery, and Earth Shield combined, along with Fire Totems, make Shamans already really good at farming small groups and instances. So in the future, with the level cap increased and Shaman has access to new talents and runes, they will easily be able to do big DPS in dungeons and, therefore, able to boost people.

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Justice Build

With the addition of Divine Storm and Crusader Strike, room for the Paladin has created a unique interaction with the Seal of Justice ability. Originally, the Paladin didn’t actually have any melee special abilities to increase the chance of Seal procing. But now, they do because this will proc on Divine Storm and Crusader Strike, making stuns very frequent and a really good strategy for PvP.

Sunfire Cat

Now, for one of the most irritating builds that you’re probably going to come across in PvP, the Sunfire Cat. It’s an Sunfire ability for Druids, is a ranged ability costing energy and totally usable in cat form. So, what Druids are doing is speccing to get increased speed in cat form and just casting people and spamming Sunfire. It’s pretty stupid and makes them a formidable enemy in World PvP because you just can’t even catch up to them.

WoW Classic SOD Sunfire

Mage God Build

Mages have always been the hero class with their insane AOE farming ability and portals. And Blizzard has decided to make them even stronger than they already were. So, now Mages have a healing ability called Regeneration for a 3-second cast that they can put on themselves, and it means they heal for 80% of the arcane damage they deal.

Now, it’s reduced by 50% on themselves and 80% on Arcane Explosion, but that doesn’t matter because of his attack mobs together. They are doing insane damage and, therefore, insane healing. The rune Living Flame can count as arcane damage and lasts on the ground for ages. So, it’s a great combo. Mages no longer have to kite as much to do AOE farming. It’s become even easier for them.

Priest Immortal Build

If you’ve ever once entered Wailing Caverns, you probably come across a Priest and quickly realized they just don’t die. And the reason for this is Priests at this level are already pretty OP because, unlike other healers, they don’t rely too heavily on hard-casted heals because of Shield and Renew. Now even at this very low level, they have Prayer of Mending and Penance, which just heal a truckload. Not to mention how counter-classes like the Warrior don’t get half a kick or Mortal Strike to take down the Priest.

Rogue Slaughter Build

One alternative off-meta build for Rogue is to play with daggers instead of any other one-handed weapon. But to be honest, if you so have a better dagger than all your other weapons, this build will actually parse higher. The new Rune Slaughter from the Shadows reduces the energy cost of Backstab from 60 down to 40, making it a much less expensive energy spend. Rogues will still use Saber Slash, but only to maintain the bleed debuff on free stacks while also maintaining Slice and Dice. It’s definitely much more interesting than the original classic sword Backstab Rogue.

Druid Hybrid Build

Lastly, we have another Druid build. Honestly, Druid builds are so diverse. One of the interesting ways of playing a Druid is becoming a hybrid DPS healer with the Fury of Stormrage. Wrath has become a totally mana-free spell, which means you can just spam it while also fully benefiting from the 5-second mana regen rune.

It has a chance to cause your next Healing Touch to be an instant cast. The DPS isn’t comparable to a typical DPS, but this is the key strategy for people try-harding passes and speed running because having that little extra damage is better than nothing.