Diablo 4: More Stash Space Confirmed By Developers! - Season 1 Information


Today we'll be talking about Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4, we know that this is coming out in June 20th.

Diablo 4

What's New With Season Of The Malignant?

We see some gameplay footage here take a look at that giant tumor, that appears to be outside of the tunnels that. We know is the new zone so it seems like the whole world is going to be infested which is really really cool. It looks like they're destructible you can see it takes a little bit of damage there, so it's probably something that might drop, you know related to season so kind of excited to see more about that here.

Season Of The Malignant End Date

We find out that Season the Malignant ends on October 9th 2023, so if we know it starts on June 20th we know that we're going to have it for June July August September October, which is awesome you have plenty of time to get your characters leveled up and farm Diablo 4 Gold, and probably we're gonna see a lot of people hit max level for sure during Season of the Malignant.

Diablo 4 End Date

So this is pretty cool and I like how they're using that same old Leaf to represent these Seasons like the Diablo 3. Here we have little seasoned info card says here Season of the Malignant a new form of Lilith corruption spreads across Sanctuary and you must stop it, this will be unlocked after the campaign is completed, so it is very important for you to complete the campaign in order to play Malignant's season.

Here you can see this next loading screen, here you can choose between an internal realm or the seasonal realm you can see here on the left hand side. In addition to the default gameplay experience, new content will be available, and seasonal content will happen after the campaign is complete, you can see it at the top and it also says that when the season ends the seasonal characters will be transferred to Eternal Realm. So that basically explains it for players who are new who don't understand what seasons are.

Here on this next screen we can see what Season Journey actually looks like it's kind of cool I like this tab. Not a huge fan of the background artwork but I do like the the UI on the left hand side, there says Season the Malignant Season Journey chapter one zero percent you got your different season Blessings, you can see there's five right there, and then right there you have the option to purchase premium. It says premium Battle Pass inactive in red, and at the bottom there you can see all the stuff, you can get there's like a tunic a sword some type of like ore looks like X1, maybe bloodshards or something you can purchase.

There's a picture of the boss there he looks pretty gross with all those tentacles and stuff, that's probably going to be the guy at the end of tunnels you can see more. It's awesome open world and that's the new vendor actually this is the priest that they explained in the open trailer and during the developer campsite fireside chat, so this guy is actually where you're gonna probably buy stuff he's a brand new vendor, we don't know exactly what Diablo 4 Items he offers entirely, but very excited to take a look at, what he has to offer here in Season of the Malignant.

You can see here this is pretty gross, this is what the tunnels are going to look like here. It's saying you know reminder you gotta at least complete the campaign with one character, and then here's that loading screen for you again. You can click skip campaign, and that's usually what you're going to want to do, in order to basically get right into the action.

Diablo 4 Skip Campaign

Season 1 Battle Pass

That's favor those little those little trophies are called favor, or in favor by killing monsters completing quests and completing objectives in Season Journey. So if you think back to those different tiers of Season Journey, those are little favors that you're gonna be able to use to unlock different reward tiers, as part of the Battle Pass.

You can see here, earn favor unlock rewards, Season Journey and Blessings and that's that's how you basically are gonna unlock. All this stuff smoldering ashes are rewards in the Battle Pass use these to unlock season's blessing for XP, gold and more. That's the Battle Pass I hate that word, you gotta be honest I hate the word Battle Pass it just sounds like, pay money and get stuff.

So here's all the different loot that Necromancer looked really cool, and Source first looks alright Rogue looks alright. But not not usually not a fan a lot of the artwork to be totally honest with you I'm not crazy about the different like loot armor like appearances for Diablo 4 from totally honest. Here you can see some more of the things you can purchase premium Battle Pass required for this horse, so I come from wow my first thought was like.

When when you bought Dark Portal Pass, everyone slash spit on anyone with that that mount that you got from it. There is no slash spit emote in Diablo 4 if you see someone with this Mount. I had to mention it, because you have to buy that right that's real money Mount right there. The tunics free of course because who wants to wear this red shirt, and then what do we have it's called a cold iron vessel. This is probably cosmetic, it's a cosmetic Focus. So basically this is for I believe just Sorceresses, like if you want to hold this, but Battle Pass required if you want to be able to hold that thing looks pretty cool honestly.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Mount Trophy Heartglow Lantern just throw that on the side of your horse there, looks all right, looks kind of cool, but again you have to pay real money for that balanced sword that one's free of course. Then Corman this is the guy who is going to progress the storyline for us, which is really cool.

Season Blessings

Here are our Seasons Blessings. We see earn of aggression boost to XP earned from killing monsters, earn of bargaining boost to the amount of gold earned from vendor sales, earn of reclamation boosts the chance of rare materials from Salvage. You know you might want to go earn a Reclamation first, right Salvage as much as you can and then later switch it to something else, and then earn a prolonging boost the duration of all elixirs, that's just really a quality of life thing and then urn of malignance boost to the chance of powerful Mulligan heart drops, heart drops after completing the campaign, so that might that one might be good, depending on the chances right it doesn't say exactly how much.

Diablo 4 Season Blessings

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Confirmed Storage Space Update

We have an update on storage space in Diablo 4. The developer team is trying to move very quickly to improve storage space but it's challenging technically, which is very interesting. Blizzard has heard you and it's moving very very quickly to improve the storage space in Diablo 4. We have an interview from Joe Piepiora saying, that I'll say really quickly we definitely hear everybody on this. We talk a lot about what we need to do about this, we have good plans in place to improve the situation, that said the changes we want may not come soon, as the team said the right thing to do, instead of rushing to do it now.

Now I've noticed that Diablo 4 team has been saying we need to get it right multiple times, whether it's for set items whether it's for Rune words, whether it's for even having Diablo in Diablo 4. Really it seems like this is what they're saying they want to get it right, now by the way, I think this is a good design philosophy. I just hope that's not the catchphrase they use to explain why something is missing in the game, but you know it's better to have a complete game than an incomplete one, Joe continues by saying I know it's frustrating to hear me say.

The reality is that we're moving really really quickly on this, and we're trying to provide more space in the future we're figuring out how we can get that accomplished. There are a lot of different ways to go about this, one example of what we're trying to do to start trying to mitigate this, it's trying to move quickly, and many of these things are more technically challenging than others.

What Does This Mean For Diablo 4 Fans?

According to General Manager Rod Fergusson who may have to wait a little longer as the development team is keen to ensure things are robust and stable, before they roll out. I don't know what keen means but I definitely know that Diablo 4 was not super stable the first few weeks of the launch, a Season of the Malignant is set to start on July 20th, and we probably aren't going to have the stash Space by then. However it is cool that they're working on it, and they know about it, and we can probably anticipate having more stash space in the near future.

Anyways, that's the end of the updates for today, I hope you really enjoyed it.