Enhance Your Defensive Skills With These 4 Essential Strategies In EA FC 24


I will offer you the chance to explore 4 crucial aspects that form the foundation of defending in EA FC 24. Mastering these fundamentals is essential for your progress, so let‘s delve into them as soon as possible!

Enhance Your Defensive Skills With These 4 Essential Strategies In EA FC 24

Choose Right Spots

I will start with positioning. Your main goal in defense is to prevent dangerous opportunities. You can achieve this by moving your Defenders into the right spots. The perfect positioning depends on different points.

First, you need to remain between the attacker and the goal. If you open up that line, then it will be very easy for the opponent to go through. While staying in front of him, remain at a safe distance and observe his intentions. A distance around 1 meter is very optimal in most situations because you can directly react right after his move without getting punished. Finally, the potential targets that he can pass to and try to take 1 or 2 steps towards that area without losing your original intention.

However, you are not controlling only one Defender on the pitch. While the opponent passes around and switches the direction of the game, you will need to switch to another player and position him accordingly. The faster you switch, the more time you have. So, this player switches have to be on time. Otherwise, the opponent can become much more dangerous just because you’re late.

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Intercept Balls

If you become fast enough with the player switches, this will take you to the next level. You can see the potential passing opportunities, pre-switch to your Defender, and intercept the ball. Doing this could be huge. However, remember while you’re going for the passing lane, don’t over-commit and push your player out of his position because this will open up the backyard. Try to stay as close as possible to the potential target while controlling the passing lane.

One mechanic that is very helpful with interceptions is jockeying. While pressing the L2/LT button, you will realize that your player has a different defensive stance. With this stance, he slows down, but his defensive hitbox becomes larger. However, one very nice trick about jockey is that you can use it with the sprinting button so that the first slowing effect becomes less effective on this mechanic.

In wider spaces, you can use the jockey mechanic anywhere on the pitch. Make sure to get a suitable defensive position with your left stick and then use the jockey button to become defensively huge and contest the opponent. Jockeying can even allow you to get the ball without actually tackling. Jockeying in the right spot in front of the opponent. Once you get close, you will automatically retrieve the ball. Same with the interceptions, try to get in between the passing lane by positioning your player. Hold on to your jockey button to slow down and steal the ball away from the opponent.

EA FC 24 Jockey

Pressure Opponents

These 2 basic steps lead to another, which is to apply pressure. You might have realized that it has become even more important than ever before. But like mentioned before, you can’t just pressure the opponent whenever you want because whenever you pressure, you take a risk and most likely move a Defender out of his position. Before you do that, you have to make sure that you’re securing all the other options safely. Otherwise, you can give away easy chances in the back. So ensure you have plenty of EA FC 24 Coins to improve your players effectively.

There are a couple of ways to apply pressure while the opponent is passing. You can get close to the receiver with an early player switch and get the ball from him while he is still vulnerable or while he’s dribbling. See all of his potential moves, close all of them down at the same time with good positioning, and get close to the opponent.

You can use tackling while applying pressure to win those ball backs. However, do only use them whenever you’re guaranteed to get the touch on the ball. Using or spamming them carelessly will mostly be punished either by the game or the opponent. Get a safe tackle in. Wait for the opponent to push the ball out away from his feet.

If the opponent is running wildly forward, you can select the Defender from the back and slide surprisingly in, which can break down a potential Counter Attack, especially when you’re pressing at the opponent. Make sure to only use tackling once you’re 100% sure that you’re getting the ball.

1V1 Defending

Even if you do everything right, there will be times when you will end up in a 1 versus 1 defensive situation against the opponent. In the open, the opponent receives the ball, and my Central Back is the only one who can defend her. Get yourself directly close to the opponent, and meanwhile, look around to the potential targets that she can pass to, which is why you need to move your player a bit towards the downside while jockeying to cut off the passing lane if that happens. But as soon as she takes the ball towards the upper side, stop jockeying and read her to apply pressure. She pushes the ball away from her feet, and this is the exact moment to get physical and retrieve the ball.