Explore The Unnoticed Details Of The Elden Ring DLC Trailer


If there’s one thing about Elden Ring community that I can really appreciate. It’s the ability to never stop seeking out all the answers we can find. As we all know, the Elden Ring DLC will be released on June 21st, 2024, which is so exciting. Now, let’s revisit the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Gameplay Trailer.

And believe it or not, even more things are being discovered in this Trailer, new Gameplay elements that we had failed to spot some Mind-Blowing possible Lore connections and much more.

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Now let’s get into it.

Deep Explore The unnoticed Details Of The Elden Ring DLC Trailer

Martial Arts Weapon

One of the biggest highlights of Elden Ring DLC Trailer and the aspect that a lot of people are most excited about are the new various Weapons and Armor. That we’ll be able to get and use in DLC and potentially out of all of those. The most interesting is a new type of weapon that involves hand-to-hand combat.

Now we got a taste of this back in Sekiro, but that game played much differently than Elden Ring.

So the big question is, how is that going to work in a game? That’s much more reliant on build variety and what exactly is this new quote weapon type that this will be. In my opinion, that this new weapon type may actually be a Belt or Crest that the player wears.

There are only a few frames where this is visible in Trailer but if you look closely, you can see this big Crest hanging on their Belt. It’s pretty hard to make out and this part of the Trailer in particular is fairly blurry, but over on the official website we do have another image that shows the character using this ability.

But very prominently on their waist, we can see this same Crest. It’s got a very fluid at least design much like many other things we see throughout Trailer. But what stands out is how different it looks to the actual Armor the player character is wearing.

One point of contention to this, though, is that it does look like in both shots they’re wearing the same top Armor although the character on the left does appear to have some sort of necklace.

That’s not visible in the character on the right, so that does mean there are some inconsistencies here. However, neither of them are wearing anything out of the ordinary on their hands or boots and this Crest stands out so much and is the common denominator between both shots.

So chances are that is our new weapon type. Now I bet varying ability to ability and combat style. To combat style, Crest on the Belt will look different because I imagine a PVP scenario where you’re going up against somebody that’s using these hand-to-hand combat skills.

But if Crest or Belt was all the same, you’d have to sit there and guess what kind it’s going to be. Now that’s pure speculation on my part. It’s possible that you could just assign the different skills to this one Belt. But for the fashion sense, I hope we get some different ones. Now that being said, it’s not a guarantee that this is what it is.

This could just be a coincidence that they both happen to have this Crest. But chances are I think this Belt is our new weapon type based on the fact that champions of boxing or MMA are represented by a Belt. But for as big as Elden Ring already is, it’s hard to imagine just how much new content we’re going to get with DLC, which means that in the next month before it comes out. You’re going to need to make sure you have the right Hardware to handle this Behemoth of a game.

Hidden Painting Details

Another very evocative shot in Trailer that has been the source of a lot of speculation is the short pen of a painting. Depicting an old man seated with a pregnant woman standing beside him. Later on in Trailer, we do see this man again.

Impaled with this sort of Golden Elden Spike, but another interesting observation was made about the painting itself. Take a look at this, up at the top of the painting right there in the middle, is an interesting symbol, the same symbol as his brooch fastening his Cloak together, but if we draw a line down the middle here. We realize we’re only seeing 2/3 of the painting.

There’s a whole section of the painting here. There appears to be some sort of table next to him with a bowl and then some kind of column in the background. With the middle of all of that very smudged as if the paint has been rubbed off.

Now you’re probably thinking, why does that matter? It’s probably just darken for the sake of cinematic effect with no important details in that section. Back in the day, we had the original Summer Games Fest Trailer for Elden Ring, our first look at Gameplay.

And in that Trailer we had a similar shot with a zoom in of Tanith and Crucible Knight in Volcano Manor. Panning ckground and everything seems normal.

This was very deliberately hidden and you can see that the painting on the left appears much darker and much more smudged, just like we see the one in DLC Trailer.

So I think the painting we see in Trailer is missing some very important details that have been edited out. We have this massive section of smudging on the left and then a bit in his lap, as if he could be holding something. I mean, first of all, why would you paint a painting like this and have all that negative space, with the subjects off to the right.

Elden Ring DLC Trailer Details

Miquella And Messmer

We’re going to get a bit outlandish with this next one. As is one of our favorite things to do so as I’m sure you all are well aware. In the intro Cuts scene of Mohg boss fight, after he emerges from Cocoon alongside Miquella. He takes the hand and pulls it close. But one thing you’ll notice about the hand is that it has a ring on it.

Now all of that is old news, but now that we know for a fact that this is our DLC entrance. People have been giving this spot and ring. Some much needed second looks. When taking a close look at Ring itself, we can see that the design is made up of three segments, three interconnecting Rings that break apart at the top.

Now overall, the Ring is not very detailed, it’s pretty Low Res. But are we crazy, or does this look like a ring made out of snakes? We can see two out of the three segments and in a very snake-like look with open mouths.

But the third extends out in three ways kind of defeating the pattern. Now I’m not 100% sold on the idea that these are snakes on Miquella’s Ring, but it’s enough of a resemblance that I think it potentially could be. We have Miquella hand that takes us to Land of Shadow. That much is confirmed.

That the body inside Cocoon is not actually Miquella, and that stems from a Miyazaki quote. Saying that the body has a strong relation to Miquella, but he doesn’t just outright say that it is Miquella. And we have Messmer here, symbolized by snakes, cursed and thrown away from the history books. Maybe there was some Miquella 4D chest going on and the true body of Messmer was placed in Cocoon.

It makes for an interesting thought and I’m not sure I’m buying it yet, but there are some other fascinating observations about Messmer. That I think could play into that a little. Take a look at this fire that he wields and how these black Tendrils emerge before being engulfed in flame. Some of you guys pointed out to me that it looks pretty similar to the way Mohg the Omen emerges.

Before the fight down in the Shunning-Grounds, where we see this sort of cloud of Shadow and then little red particles of Cinders coming off of them. And I do think there’s something interesting. Here, it’s also hard not to notice a similarity between Bloodflame and certain instances of Messmer flame.

In this shot here, we can see the fire go outward but also what looks like Blood trail a little beforehand. It’s a very oily look, but Messmer‘s Flame as a whole is very weird to me. It’s almost like it has aspects of every kind of fire we see in Elden Ring. That has that sort of orange tint. It’s got Black underglow of Destined Death, Bright orange of giant flame and also that sort of liquid red that we see in Bloodflame.

And we have a whole different kind of mysteries to contend with be all I know. What you think about all these observations down below. Most importantly, give a big thank you.