Elden Ring: The Strongest Weapon You Need To Try And Get!


Today I'm going to show you why I considered to be the best weapon, that you definitely have to go ahead and obtain, because it is just a weapon that works magic.

Elden Ring

A Must-Have Weapon For You

It is overpowered when it comes to boss battles clearing out areas or in general, just killing enemies. It is a must-have weapon and if you still haven't got it, I don't know what you're waiting for you have to go and obtain this weapon, because it is just a game changer.

How To Farm This Weapon?

We'll be showing you where to go, so you can actually go ahead and try your luck with farming this weapon, because this is in fact going to be a weapon, that you are gonna have to go ahead and farm.

Step 1 - Make Your Way To This Rest Point

So you're gonna open up your map and you're gonna go towards the lava area, if you have this rest point open right here, you're gonna come to it this is where you have one of the bosses in this area here, but you're gonna come and make your way to this rest point.

Elden Ring Map

Step 2 - Two Enemies You're Gonna Farm

Now from here, you're gonna follow the exact same pathway as I think you're gonna go through these doors, and then you're gonna go and make your way up this elevator. Once you make it all the way to the top of the elevator, there's going to be two enemies that you're gonna farm, and that is it they're literally only two enemies you can actually obtain his weapon from. After you kill them, you will still get your Elden Ring Runes reward, of course you can also choose to buy it, and you can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF at iggm.com.

So the first location of the first enemy is gonna be right down here. Now this is the weapon that you actually gonna be farming right here, Magma Blade. This is the weapon that in my opinion is probably the best weapon in the game, or one of the best weapons. But it is probably quite hard to farm, because it's a one percent drop rate, and that means you have a chance obtaining it in like 50 runes.

Elden Ring Blade

Now the second enemy that has a chance of dropping this weapon, also isn't too far from the first guy. He was simply just gonna instead of running to the right side, you're just gonna run all the way straight and there's only two enemies like I said I can drop these weapons.

Elden Ring Another

Some Tips When You Are Farming

So it is going to be a farm, if you're incredibly lucky you can get it on your first try. But it would take you a while, because it took me about three or four hours of constant farming, to just have a chance of getting this weapon. I was fortunate enough, because after I got my first drop within like 10 minutes I got my other drop, and I do recommend you try and obtain two of these if you can, because again if you have two, you can actually combo them and just do a lot more damage.

But if not one is enough the farm will take a while, you know it is going to be a grind and if you're lucky or a very unlucky, then all I can say is good luck, because you're gonna spend some time here trying up to these two weapons.

One More Thing I Recommend You Get

Now if you do have these two weapons there is one more thing I recommend you get, and don't worry this isn't going to be a random drop. This is in fact going to be a charm that is located in this Castle right over here, so just simply come over to this location, and then just follow the same pathway.

You're gonna make your way instead of the castle, go through the back doors go past the enemy you don't have to engage with them. Up the stairs and then you're gonna go towards this wall right here, if you jump on the other side of the wall, there will be a deceased enemy just sitting in the corner right here, and on him he's gonna have Fire Scorpion Charm, this will benefit you if you are doing these weapons or in general just using these weapons that you basically do more damage so definitely.

Elden Ring Fire Scorpion Charm

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The Effect Of Combining Weapons

Try and obtain this Medallion, combine this with Magma Blade and you are basically Unstoppable, against bosses the awesome thing about Magma Blade is that actually stuns, and makes the enemies not move. Basically makes them vulnerable gives you more time to attack, and because you leave massive splashes of lava, you do damage over time as well.

Elden Ring Effect Of Combining Weapons

Just a little bit but it's still good enough because you can start these enemies, and just again wielding these weapons is a game changer it makes entire game easy, you can kill any type of boss. Keep in mind if you do come across enemies that are you know doing damage will fire them so valve, you are going to struggle because you do significantly, you need less damage because you know fire against fire isn't really going to work.

But against other enemies it is overpowered, it's powerful, and it is definitely. A weapon that I tend to use very often in my afternoon, I do recommend you try and Max this weapon out if you can. Get it to level 10 that's basically it you don't have to go to level 25, because this one, only goes up to level 10.


It is definitely worth doing and if you can get both of them, if you do have to god help you because you are literally going to be unstoppable nothing will come against you and have any chances, honest it would fire. Of course this weapon just definitely go ahead and try obtain it with Medallion, you are going to be slaying every enemy.