What Need To Know About Scribing In Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road?


New ways to play are what keep players going, and this is true for Elder Scrolls Online players as well. With the release of Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road, adventurers will begin to explore a new region located in Southern Cyrodiil. In it, players can explore dungeons, fish, ride mounts, and save the world from the evil Daedra.

Every decision players make for their characters will lead to a new skill line to be discovered. If you think learning new abilities and spells in Tamriel isn’t fun enough, you might consider trying your hand at creating skills yourself with Scribing, a new feature in Gold Road.

This article will provide you with information on how to get started with Scribing in Gold Road and how to do Scribing Quests.

What Need To Know About Scribing In Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road?

What Is Scribing?

In Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road, Scribing is the ability to create spells with custom effects. Developed by Archmage Ulfsild the Evergreen, this rare ability requires the help of Scribing altars, certain materials, and magical creatures called Luminaries.

Scribing allows you to personalize your character’s magic, and each spell crafted with Scribing is written on Grimoire. You can edit spells in Grimoire, which requires adding three different types of Scripts with unique effects.

How To Start Scribing Quest?

To unlock Scribing, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Get and install Gold Road Chapter.
  • You must have your character at least level 30 or have access to the Champion system.
  • You must complete Elder Scrolls Online Scribing Quest, specifically the first two quest lines: The Second Era of Scribing and The Wing of the Indrik.

Elder Scrolls Online Scribing Quest consists of six questlines:

  • The Second Era of Scribing
  • The Wing of the Indrik
  • The Wing of the Gryphon
  • The Wing of the Netch
  • The Wing of the Dragon
  • The Wing of the Crow

Since The Second Era of Scribing and The Wing of the Indrik will help you learn about the ancient history of Scribing and perform Scribing with the same proficiency as its creator, Archmage Ulfsild the Evergreen, it is a prerequisite quest.

You can access the other four questlines only after completing the first and second questlines. However, with the exception of The Wing of the Crow, you can do them in any order. These quests will reward you Elder Scrolls Online Gold and provide you with more ways to obtain Scripts.

The First Scribing Questline

To access the first Scribing questline, you need to accept the request of Irnard Rirnil.

Before that, you need to find Irnard Rirnil. You need to teleport to the Wayshrine in the West Weald, reach a large vineyard outside the walls of Skingrad, and then enter Skingrad to find Mages Guild building in the southwest. You will then find Irnard Rirnil, a man with glasses, standing near the entrance to the guild building.

When you speak to Irnard, you will find that he is investigating a mysterious magical anomaly found in Sunnamere and specifically needs your help. Irnard will then direct you to Scholarium Ruins, where you will be trained for the first Scribing questline.

The Second Scribing Questline

You need to complete the first Scribing quest to clear The Second Era of Scribing questline, and then unlock The Wing of the Indrik questline by speaking to Ulfsild’s crow familiar.

By exploring the first quest, you should have a good understanding of the history of Scribing in Tamriel. The second Scribing questline is then fairly easy to complete by simply following the instructions of the crows and the “echoes” of Ulfsild himself.

At the end of The Wing of the Indrik quest, you will receive Indrik’s Sigil, an item that allows you to get Grimoires and Scripts from Chronicler Firandil in Scholarium.

The Other Remaining Scribing Questlines

It is up to you to choose which Scribing questlines you want to complete next. These quests require you to read fables, dispel magic wards, and complete a series of challenges to obtain luminary sigils.

How Does Scribing Work?

You can only perform Scribing at the altar of Scholarium on the island of Eyevea. To craft a skill through Scribing, you will need three things: a Grimoire, a set of three Scripts, and some Luminous Inks.


Elder Scrolls Online Grimoires

Grimoires can be thought of as containers for Scribing. In Elder Scrolls Online, each Grimoire represents a skill under one of the existing skill lines. This means that if you scribe a Vault Grimoire, the skills you gain in the process will automatically appear in your list of bow-related skills.

There are currently 11 Grimoires in Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Elemental Explosion (Destruction Staff Skill Line)
  • Mender’s Bond (Restoration Staff Skill Line)
  • Shield Throw (One Hand and Shield Skill Line)
  • Smash (Two Handed Skill Line)
  • Traveling Knife (Dual Wield Skill Line)
  • Vault (Bow Skill Line)
  • Wield Soul (Soul Magic Skill Line)
  • Soul Burst (Soul Magic Skill Line)
  • Torchbearer (Fighters Guild Skill Line)
  • Ulfsild’s Contingency (Mages Guild Skill Line)
  • Trample (Assault Skill Line)

You can get all of Grimoires except Soul Burst and Wield Burst at the shop of Chronicler Firandil in Scholarium.


The items that you want to put in Grimoires for abilities and effects when Scribing are Scripts.

There are three types of Scripts, and each type of Script can only be placed in one Grimoire. They are:

  • Focus Scripts: Define the main function of a skill to be crafted.
  • Signature Scripts: Provide unique effects in addition to what Focus Script can do.
  • Affix Scripts: Scripts that provide buff and debuff abilities, which can stack with Focus and Signature Scripts.

Some Scripts can be obtained from Chronicler Firandil, while others can be obtained by visiting various branches of Mages Guild and claiming quest rewards.

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Luminous Inks

Luminous Inks are the final requirement to complete Scribing process. Since each Script you change costs one Luminous Ink, writing a new skill costs three Luminous Inks.

If you already have all the materials required for Scribing, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the altar in Scholarium.
  • Step 2: Select a Grimoire.
  • Step 3: Select a Focus Script, a Signature Script, and an Affix Script from Script list.
  • Step 4: Check if you have enough Luminous Inks, view the overall effect of the skill you are about to Scribe, and make changes before completing Scribing process.
  • Step 5: Press Scribe button.

Reminders When Scribing

You need to understand the effects of various Scripts and how to combine them to form powerful skills.

However, you may not be able to create the unique skills you want through Scribing, because every Script in the game is not compatible with every Grimoires, which limits your creativity. But you can always re-scribe one of your Grimoires to change specific Scripts.

However, it should be noted that changing a Script requires a Luminous Inks. But Luminous Inks are farmable in the game. You need to make sure you have enough Luminous Inks so that you can test and change your Scribing skill multiple times.

That’s all the information we have about Scribing in Elder Scrolls Online. Hopefully this helps you create unique skills in the game for a better gaming experience!