FIFA 23: 6 Outstanding Wingers You Can Choose From


There are so many amazing players in FIFA 23, wingers are some of the most enjoyable. The position of winger is so famous because of its ability to change the position of the game. Whether with or without the ball, the winger needs to play according to his skill, pace, crossing ability and finishing. The same goes for wingers in FIFA 23.

Regardless of the mode, these wingers can bring you very impactful and exciting signings. Eventually, you'll have to use one or even more wingers to get into the game. Alternatively, choose a formation for one of your Ultimate Team rosters that just needs to fill the winger position. That being the case, you definitely need to know which wingers are worth adding to your roster. Next, I will introduce 6 outstanding wingers to you:

Raheem Sterling, Chelsea F.C.

FIFA 23 Raheem Sterling

For England's national team, the national team would be complete without Raheem Sterling. In FIFA 23, Sterling has an overall score of 85 as a Chelsea left winger, and his all-around stats are also impressive. The reason he gets a chance to play in every game is because his Attacking Work Rate is very high, which makes him an offensive threat.

If you can choose Sterling, then his 80 Shooting, 86 Dribbling and 90 Pace can bring you a lot of goals for your Ultimate Team or Career Mode squad. If you also want to build a very good Ultimate Team, and a team that can produce very good chemistry, then he will be a wonderful choice for you as a Premier League player and an England international.

Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City

FIFA 23 Riyad Mahrez

As an Algerian player, Riyad Mahrez is currently playing for English Premier League Manchester City. He's a silky right winger with excellent footwork, first touch, finishing and unforgettable agility that's why he's so famous.

Apart from this, Mahrez is a star. At this point, there are not many players who can do what he has done. Mahrez's overall score is 85, with 83 Passing, 84 Finishing and 90 Dribbling. Usually, he moves on the right side of the field, and then uses his amazing 83 Passing to pass the ball to his teammates, forwards and midfielders.

Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid F.C.

FIFA 23 Vinícius Jr

For Real Madrid, the young superstar Vinícius Jr is the perfect long-term Career Mode signing. With a Potential of 92, he has the possibility to be one of the highest rated players in the game after a few seasons. Not only that, but he will still be a top player.

You can call him Vinícius Jr, or Vini Jr. As a Brazilian left winger, he has an overall rating of 86. And, in FIFA 23, he has some best offensive statistics, including an unstoppable 90 Dribbling and 95 Pace. If you like to go fast in your game, Vinícius Jr is a great option.

Heung-Min Son, Tottenham

FIFA 23 Heung-Min Son

Heung-Min Son is the healthiest player in English Premier League. And at Tottenham Hotspur, he is not only a hard-working winger and a strong-willed man, but also a wicked goalscorer and even a great player.

With his own quick burst and a few tight strides, Heung-Min Son is able to take defenders out of the game. Then, facing a helpless goalkeeper, he will roll the ball straight into the top corner of the net. Overall, Heung-Min Son's Positioning and 91 Finishing are unmatched.

Neymar Jr, Paris Saint-Gemain

FIFA 23 Neymar Jr

Among the best players of this generation is Neymar Jr. He had been playing for Santos FC in Brazil before, during which many clubs paid great attention to him, and finally he signed for F.C. In 2013, he cemented himself as a player for the football history books at Barcelona.

For you, it's also well worth using some FUT 23 Coins to get Neymar into your Ultimate Team. Not only did he have a total score of 89, but he also has five-star Skill Moves, five-star Weak Foot and 93 Dribbling. In addition, Neymar can not only score his own goals, but also cut the opponent's defense in order to pass the ball to his teammates.

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool F.C.

FIFA 23 Mohamed Salah

In Liverpool F.C. there is such an elite right-wing player, who is Mohamed Salah. Like many talented players of this generation, his name is known by many people. If you're lucky enough to see Salah's name when you open your player pack in Ultimate Team, then you can really enjoy the game.

Salah is one of the most well-rounded players in this position, with nearly all attacking stats over 80. I believe you will be very happy when you see this. With 93 Finishing and 85 Long Shot, he can score anywhere.

The above is the relevant information of the 6 outstanding wingers. I hope it will be helpful to your Ultimate Team.